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[June 2021] Redemptions Delight

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Welcome back to Redemptions Delight, the monthly news going about what has happened (or is happening), the news you might have missed and a possible reward for YOU !

I hope you enjoy the readings, let's get straight into it !


Let us get started with the newest SriVdUY.gifHelpers

Congratulations to @Kloudz @Prosignia, a Well deserved promotion might we say !

Following up, are  @jonsadikuu  and @Rode who have deserved the privilege of becoming a ICON_33.png Community Admin

Let us all hope more Pvming events shall come 😮 


With Promotions, come departures...


Sad to say, but we lost 2 great staff members

Our ICON_33.png Community Admin @1atte has left, aswell as our previous  9aEeedt.png Owner @Adams

They are not gone, but nonetheless this was hard to see 😞 


There are a LOT of new players or players returning towards the game ! Let's take a moment to greet them all ! 😄 

Lets all Welcome @littlesimp back to our lovely server! He played back in the day but is back to check out all that is new! 



A new player @burstinatrix coming to check out our amazing Server! He loads Missiles into fighter jets for a living! 



Welcome back @Zhaza A player that is familiar with the RuneScape scene. He loves to play private servers, hit him up if you see him in game!



Glad to see @diagramatic enjoying the game! He loves the server despite getting cleaned at dicezone!



Welcome back to our old Admin @Flae! It is great to see old school players coming back! Hit him up if you see him in game!


Welcome @fluffyimp420! He has just created his account and is starting out! 



Welcome @beny! He loves blazing up and playing Rsps. Hit him up if you see him in game!



Welcome back @AinzooalgownHe used the play back in the day and has come back to check out the amazing updates! 



Welcome @wow hes big to the server! He is loving the custom content so far! 


Welcome @bounce to the server! He is new and heard that we have great things here!

Welcome @Kaseikei to the server! He has lots of Rsps experience and is eager to see what Redemption has in store!

Glad to see @Bad At Pkng enjoying the game! He hopes to participate in the wonderful events we have!

Welcome @Soul food to the server! He is brand new to the custom Rsps scene so hit him up if you see him and send some tips/tricks!

Welcome @Bankz to the server! He is introducing himself so he can enter in the amazing forums giveaways! 

Welcome @Kaboing to the server! He is new and has high hopes for the community! 

Welcome @butcher14! He is new to the server just wanting to say hello to the community! 

Welcome @Rvonly! He wants to win the flash giveaway and hopes everyone is doing well during this pandemic. 

Welcome @Copium to the server! Be sure to hit him up with tips/tricks!

Welcome @Shaun back to the server! He played back in the day and is excited to get back into it! 

Welcome @edarettahs! He usually plays spawn pk servers but has a new interest for the custom Rsps scene! 

Welcome @IiL0VEBAC0N! He is hoping to win the forum giveaway and wishes everyone the best of luck! 

Welcome @Zeyphix to the server! He usually plays Rs3 and osrs but is enjoying the custom Rsps scene! 

Glad to have @Smells hard back on the server! He played long ago and is excited to come back to check out our amazing new content! 

Welcome @Gamers back to the server! He is an old Admin and loves the new content so far! Hit him up to chat! 

Welcome @Dep to the server! He enjoys the Rsps and Osrs scene. Hit him up to have a nice chat! 

Welcome @randoomnoob back the server! He played back in the day and is back the check out the amazing new content! 

Glad to have @Ottezen back on our server! He played back in the day and is entering the forum giveaway! 

Great to see the Legend @Lil Bowwow back on our server! He is an old Admin and he eager to get back into our amazing community! 

Welcome back @EU Server! He used to play some months ago and now he has come back to us! 

Welcome @Ivoesama to the server! He hopes to meet you in game and chat! 

Welcome @dragonzfire to the server! He is entering into the forum giveaway and hopes to run into you in game! 

Glad to have @kang694 on our server! He is new and looks forward to meeting the community! 

Welcome @UvvR to the server! He loves sushi, ramen, and anything spicy! 

Welcome @Lord Blood to the server! He hasn't played an Rsps in a while but has played RuneScape since Classic! 

Welcome @Cruel On to the server! He has lots of experience on Osrs and looks forward to bossing with the community in game! 

Welcome @mnomno to the server! He has played osrs since 2001 and loves to pk and pvm! 

Welcome @Drainbamage to the forums side of things! This is his first time on the forums so send him a warm welcome! 

Welcome @pizzaexpress back to the server! He hopes to see the community/server still going strong after so long! 

Welcome @GorgonUK to the server! He is a very interesting person and you should check out his introduction! 

Welcome @Neoxx back to the server! He has recently came back to Redemption and is enjoying everything very much so far! 

Welcome @JSea to the server! He has a military background and is willing to help anyone in need! ❤️ 

Welcome @Waylord to the server! Make sure to hit him up and have a friendly chat if you see him in game! 

Welcome @Mihoru! He is loving the custom content and the amazing community! 

Welcome back @Mattie to the server! He has had a little hiatus but he is back with us once summer break is here! 



This month's edition finally has some Goals & Achievements ! Let's get started with them ! 😄 


Let's start with @Sinzzuhis goals! 

Trying to obtain some rare cosmetics 😮 




Up next is @drilladrewby

His goal is to win the giveaway from forums, will he make it? 😮 



Following him is @Shatterade

He's trying to gain those Skilling outfits on an IRONman !!



@Electron sharing with us some goals he has set for himself, will he be able to achieve them?



We wish the best of luck towards @Zyxcd ! He's planning on max skilling a new account 😮 


@Ziz Who has had his share of pure luck ! Achieving the Ferocious gloves on ONLY 42 Killcount !



@deezytxtrying to achieve 25B + ALL achievements !? Is this even possible?



Will @DMW123 break @Hephaistos his record of 58 fails on Emp Set?


Last but definitely not least !

@AwfulIron updating his Goals ! Finally...


Our first interview is with @Kloudz, one of the newer Helpers !

**How did you get to know Redemption?**

I started playing the server November of 2020 when it was previously named Dreamscape and stumbled across it on one of the TOP RSPS websites and decided to try out a 'custom' rsps.


**Have you enjoyed the server so far? + Why?**

Yes! Every moment of it. I've played a lot of different type of servers and never seen such a consistent and passionate group of players/staff. I've met so many friends in these past 8 months, such great people.


**Are there certain aspects that you'd like to see changed / adapted ? -> Which ones + why?**

This server has been out for a very long time and a lot of old items are still in. It can be difficult/overwhelming for a new player. I would like a change a lot of the out-dated items and possibly revamp it into new contents.


**Is there any rank that you'd like to have for a single day? (Can be anything), why this rank?**

Event Manager. What our current event managers do provide such a vital impact to the morale of the server and gives new players an opportunity to meet new people. I would love to do what they do for 1 whole day and would love to run random events as well such as "first rare drop from xx mob gets xx prize" or "hide-n-Seek".


**What do you do in your real life and how long have you been doing it?**

I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force, I've been serving for 9 years.


**Is there a job that is your "dream job"? Which one and for which reasons.**

My dream job would be to Own/Work at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center. Being able to help injured and ill animals is a passion of mine.


** Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?**

Currently serving in the Air Force and be in the same state of happiness that I am currently in.


**Has the "Covid" affected your life a whole lot? (shops-nightlife-...)**

The good ol' "Toilet Paper crisis of 2020"...It affected the way I approached things. I was essential to continuing my job as a Military police and practicing good health behaviors at the same time. I was tested positive after providing CPR to a positive covid individual, at the time was not known and to this day never regret it. After that, Was when it hit me that this pandemic is real and needed to prioritize my health. It took a while adjusting to the new life style, but made do and everything became the new 'normal'.



Our 2nd interview with the person who made this monthly post a thing !

The one and only @Squishy

You have been with Redemption for a long time with certain breaks inbetween, what has made you come back every time?

Well, initially I joined Redemption (Dreamscape) in 2014 under the username Wolf Risker. I played on that for about a month until I quit.

I ended up rejoining in June of 2015, and forgot my password, so I used another name I commonly used, Squishy. That was just me wanted to play Runescape, but being a broke high school student, I didn't have money for the membership.

I ended up quitting several months later. I then joined back for the next serious time in 2017, which was just me checking out what changes had happened to Dreamscape. Ended up meeting some familiar faces and I enjoyed my time, ended up staying until I started getting invested into some other games.

I didn't end up joining again until Dreamscape turned to Redemption, and that was the main reason I wanted to check it out. I wanted to see what the ownership transfer was going to do for the server, and honestly, I've seen a ton of improvements. The game is much more content packed then it used to be, which makes it very enjoyable. Seeing a couple of old friends still around too has also made me stay. Being able to reconnect, and have someone to guide me through this new era was very inviting.


Are there any aspects ingame that you would like to see changed or improved? Which ones?

As my initial interest in the server was the forums, I would love to see them be revived. Right now they have little to no activity and I would love to see that changed. As to ingame content, I'd like to see some quality of life changes regarding a lot of the current content. Worthless drops, certain items added to grinder, soul room dump, etc.



Which moments will you never forget? (Can be positive or negative)

The first one would definitely have to be when I got the Forum Administrator position. I was ecstatic over receiving it. I actually have an old picture from our Teamspeak when the old Co-Owner Prod Dice pulled me in to promote me. (https://gyazo.com/b5018649dbfd9d512f175019e4a418e2) I couldn't really say any negative moments, have had a lot of fun and good memories associated with Redemption.


What was your biggest achievement ingame?

Well, I guess from my olden days I would say obtaining the Game Moderator rank. As of right now, obtaining Sponsor rank was pretty awesome, seeing as back in the day it was very rare and hard to get.



What do you currently do for a living and how long have you been doing it?

Currently I work as a server in a mexican restaurant. I've been working there for about 5 years now



Is there a certain dream car/bike that you'd like to have? Which ones and for which reason?
I don't have to much interest in vehicles, nor do I know a lot about them. Currently I drive a 2013 F150. I'm looking into getting some mods done to it such as a lift kit, bigger tires, and an exhaust/intake added. I'd obviously love to get a brand new F150, but I don't see that happening soon.
Is it possible for you to achieve this life goal ^ ? If not, howcome?
I mean, probably not. My main goal in life is to live comfortably and own a place to live. So that's what I'm aiming for.
How has "Covid" affected your life during these last 2 years in your city/country?
The initial outbreak of Covid put me out of work for about 2, maybe 3 months. As soon as I went back to work we were incredibly busy. Seeing as I live in the United States, as a server I work off of a tip basis. Everyone was happy to be able and go out and drink again, so I was making some great money at the time. Thankfully though, no one extremely close to me came down with covid. So it didn't effect me very personally.




Will Custom summoning be a thing?




With @PoonSlayerツ

Cookies or cake?

Depends on what cake, I’d personally go for Lemon Cake!

Cat or dog?

I’m going for dogs, grew up with them all my life.

Pop music or Rock music?

A combination of both, Rock music mainly.

Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes for life!

Day or night?


French or Spanish?

Spanish, I am Cuban =P

Love or money?

Love! God is Love.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, who doesn't like coffee?

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Coca-Cola! I have friends in the coke business.

Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Hamburgers! I can eat a burger every day of my life!



With @hotelman568

Private School or Community School

Community School
Chocolate or Strawberries

Strawberries, but I do like chocolate on strawberries.
Chocolate Paste or Jam (for sandwiches)

Jam all day
Newspaper or Radio

Radio, for the tunes
Police or Army

Police, domestic protection.
Iphone or Android

Iphone all day baby.
Sofa or Bed

Bed for sure
Cat or Dog

Dogs, Ive had dogs all my life!
Elephant or Tiger

Elephant, it can stomp that Tiger out!
Retro or Old

Warm or Cold

Cold so I can get warm.
Warm food or Cold food

Warm, you are a freak if you eat cold food.



Coming soon












I always have 4 edges, but they're never the same colors.

Only when you take me I exist

I last for as long as you wish

I bring you back to certain places.



What time is the perfect time to start drinking?

Asking for a friend



News Team Adviser - @Adams

 News Team Manager  @Hephaistos

Editor/Reporter -  @PoonSlayerツ

Gfx'er - @peripheral❤️ 

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Glad to have been a part of the newspaper this month! Thank you for including me.


You're doing great work with the paper. I saw some old layouts for the newspaper in my Google Drive if you're ever interested in adding a couple of sections/segments to the paper, just hmu!

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2 hours ago, Squishy said:

Glad to have been a part of the newspaper this month! Thank you for including me.


You're doing great work with the paper. I saw some old layouts for the newspaper in my Google Drive if you're ever interested in adding a couple of sections/segments to the paper, just hmu!


Always interested in Change / Improvements :)  

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