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  3. Sinzzu


    Welcome towards redemption.
  4. Aquious


    Hey guys, aquious here. Not much to know about me except that I like house music and love rs. Nice to meet you all!
  5. Last week
  6. Hiyaaaa bud , I'm very sure we talked abit before and glad you enjoyed and wanna stay be part of our lovely community. Hope we can be sharing more in-game! Also good luck on your progress bud.
  7. goodluck on the giveaway tho!
  8. just entering the giveaway. goodluck all
  9. Hey buddy,welcome to redemption if you do ever need any assistance with anything just contact me👍 Hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you ingame soon.
  10. Hey guys! My names LeoVenandi, Im pretty new to redemption but I have already purchased sponsor (The admins talked me into it). I have played for about a week now and I already have 3 days of playtime. I'm loving every minute of it and helping people with the knowledge I've gained and receiving knowledge from others. The community is amazing and I have met quite a few amazing people already! I hope to have a long successful stay with redemption and hope to meet many new great faces along my adventure! If you ever need anything don't be shy to add me and pm me, ill always respond!
  11. Played back in 2015 quit until a few weeks ago getting back into it looking forward to meeting all the new players ign is D0ughb0y some may know me already feel free to add me
  12. Thank you Ace! Thank you for your kind words, I hope I am able to give an idea on how you can progress your gear. Thank you Daniel. On another note, I have updated the original post with slightly more detail on each step during my gear progression. Hope it will help whoever is using this for their own gear progression.
  13. glad to see im not the only one posting videos on forums, looking foward to see more content!
  14. welcome back! - seen you pop up on discord already looking to chitchat ingame aswell
  15. After about 8 months of hell and deployments I'm finally back all! Looking forward to playing with you all again!
  16. Wadup greg, welcome to forum side of things
  17. Welcome back to redemption 🥰 If ya need catching up to do pm me ingame/discord or here.
  18. Come back to me my boy, let's get back into the swing of things on here

  19. Some people may know me from years before or from my last couple of weeks. For those who don't know me, my igname name is Ima Katana. I started playing back in 2015, quit late 2017 but I'm back now, and will be for a while. Look forward to seeing the past dreamers and meeting the current players of Redemption.
  20. Hey bud, my account was also nulled. Hopefully any customs or important items were replaced.
  21. I got paid 250m per mark not 500m
  22. Welcome to the forums side! Sad to hear your original account was nulled. At least you’re enjoying the game on a fresh account.
  23. Glad to see you enjoying the server so far. I wish you the best of luck on completing any goals.
  24. Hey whats up.. My main ingame @Hc Gregbut when i came back to the server back DS switched to Redemption but sadly this account name user got nulled which i don't mind anymore. Irl my name is Gregory, I'm 25 years old and I'm Mexican. Inters long walk on the beach, puppies, and going out to eat.
  25. Sinzzu


    Heya, this server is deffinetly a fine fit for rsps veterans whos looking for something new
  26. Sinzzu

    Hey guys

    Welcome to redemption ❤️ Family man my self aswell looking foward to see you ingame.
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