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  1. Damn, it has been ages that we spoke. You left before I left. Good to see you here 😀
  2. Could be a good idea. Maybe you could pin the thread so it's on top. But I think it would be more clear in a section on the forum to find specific guides. And as @Squishysaid there's going to be a general idea on how to do something which will be on the wiki but people will probably find other usefull methods to do something aswell which they could share on the forum then. Edit; I've seen some guides in general discussions already like those could maybe be moved to a 'guides' section on the forums.
  3. Hello, I just joined back and started browsing the forums for guides when I noticed there isn't a section for guides to be posted (or my high ass doesn't see it). So my suggestion is to add a section on the forums where people can post guides about anything. it's going to be easier for new or returning people to get back in the game. hope you'll consider it 😏
  4. Welcome back man! Hope you'll get the nostalgic feeling from a few years ago
  5. Hello everyone 😄 I'm Rob, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Belgium. I used to play a few years ago some of you might remember me. I'm a former forum mod, trusted and legacy host (don't even know if that still exists :p). I used to make quite some guides regarding anything on Dreamscape in the past. You'll mostly find me in the dicezone since I'm a gambling addict. I've seen a few familiar faces and I can't wait to catch up with you guys. Feel free to hit me up in-game or on the discord to chat. ❤️
  6. Eyyy, congratulations to everyone that won! Well deserved
  7. Aww man, Its sad to see you go. #1Discord Take care and goodluck on what you're going to do next!
  8. Aww homie :( Sad to see this happen, hope everything gets sorted. Keep in touch! Ps. U better didnt lose my bow of the death :p
  9. Ethereum


    Hello there welcome to the forums part off the server! Feel free to PM me with question weither ingame or forums related ;-)
  10. Daaamn huge update so sad I cant get on this weekend :(. Love how u added the well of goodwill ! K3 Dicezone looks sick and staff icons re dope *Cough**cough* make TD/Legacy host icons *cough* *cough* Cant wait to get my hands on those new boxes
  11. Good to see you join the forums aswell See you around!
  12. Welcome back man, there's a bunch off new content you'll have some exploring to do :p
  13. Welcome back buddy Love to see you back at making videos
  14. Nice update, love the pet! Thanks for the NPC fixes! Great work in general devs, once again!
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