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    Today we hit you with a massive PVM based update! We have given some old bosses some sweet sweet loving and evaluated a number of the money making ability of PVM with a view to increasing the money you can make from PVM! We also launch a passion project and RSPS first... DS Social! Introducing Dreamscape's most fearsome boss! The god of the underworld and beahmoth of PVM... HADES! We answered your call for a new end game boss and have brought you something very special! Both a difficult boss to fight and a rewarding boss to kill that drops what we expect will be some very high value and tradable loot! Hades has 1,000,000 HP and is in a multi combat zone! There are 3 Hades' for you to fight and the person who does the most damage will get the loot! Hades' will always drop cash but has some of the best drops on the server as ultra rare drops! Hades' Torva becomes the best in slot melee armour, a fully textured and tradable set that packs a massive punch! Hades' Cleaver is the new best in slot melee weapon with a number of juicy effects including: 2 hits per attack (same as the BFG9000) and 9x9 AOE. We have given the Chaos Elementals a bit of a revamp! We have buffed their HP to 20,000 and created a new area for them! You will now also be able to earn new rewards from the chaos elementals! Chaos Tentacles! (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi) You can attach these to Elemental Armour as follows Chaos Tentacle i - Elemental Helm Chaos Tentacle ii - Elemental Platebody Chaos Tentacle iii - Elemental Platelegs Chaos Tentacle iv - Elemental Boots Chaos Tentacle v - Elemental Kiteshield Chaos Tentacle vi - Elemental Brutal Whip The chaos Elemental Pet can now be upgraded to the Enraged Chaos Elemental Pet This pet is upgraded at the ::upgrade chest and has 15% drop rate, 10% double drop rate and 10% luck! Chaos Set (U) The chaos set can now also be upgraded to the Chaos Set (U) Icy Skeletons have had a revamp to try and bridge the gap and provide more PVM based content for mid-level players! The Icy Skeletons now drop the Frost Bite Staff! As well as some new armour pieces! The Blizzard Set! The Blizzard Shield! You can also now upgrade the Glacier Staff (tier 3) Frostbite -> Glacier Staff -> Blizzard Staff f The Blizzard Staff has a series of OP effects to it that take this weapon to the next level! 0.6 Attack Speed (fastest possible) 1 in 8 chance to freeze NPC (so it cannot hit you) Scroll of Fire Effect (static 250 DMG per hit) 2 x hit per attack (same as BFG) We have upgraded everyone's favourite wicked wizard! Magegray now has 1.5x HP making him a more fearsome foe! However this has allowed us to add another Ultra rare drop to Magegray! Introducing... the Magegray Totem! This totem can be attached to a soulflare (u) to create the Soulflare (x) This staff has the same huge stats as the soulflare (u) but with 0.6 x attack speeds (3 times faster then the soulflare (u) - allowing for crazy DPS) We have responded to the call for a brand new home and have totally revamped our home including a juicy custom map! The new home is larger to accommodate our growing player base and has a number of features that should make game play both more intuitive and a nicer experience! To the north we have a large open area for players to meet, events to happen and various objects for day to day DS gameplay (including the altars to change your prayer, donator fountain, immortal stones altar, ironman instance portal and telescope) To the west we have a games room with a number of objects for you to use for our minigames, including the BG portal, scoreboards, arcade and more! To the east are the shops which are split up into sections to reduce congregation and lag in these areas, we have skilling shops, general shops, pvm shops and points shops separated out so you can more easily find what you need! To the south is a large bank area, which contains your collection chests and banks! Today we introduce something revolutionary to the RSPS scene... DS Social! D Boasting a number of extremely innovative features DS social allows you to interact with your friends, players and staff alike in a totally new way! To access DS Social, click the social button in the friends list. Please note: at the time of release, we are launching DS Socials to Sponsor +, this will allow us to monitor DS social and ensure it is working safely and as intended. FEATURES: - Offline Messenging - You can now send messages to players when they are offline! This will show up in their DS Social Inbox and can easily be read, replied to or deleted at any time! No longer will you need to wait for a player to come online to send them a message! this is an extremely cool new feature that we believe is going to make a dramatic improvement to staff and players on dreamscape alike! - Best Friends - You will now be able to see who your best friends are! Rated Gold, silver and bronze, your top 3 friends will show up on DS social with flair! Your best friends are based on the number of messages you have sent them and received from them! - Spectate - You can now watch your friends while they are playing Dreamscape! Simply click the spectate button to witness their gameplay live and as it happens! - Join - You can now teleport directly to your friends! Click the join button to send them a request, they can chose for you to join them or deny your request! This means no more meeting at locations, teleporting or running to meet people, simply click join and you will be up close and personal with your buddies! - Emoji's - You can now send your best friends emoji's Want to cheer up a friend after they lose a big gamble, send them a smiley face! Want to congratulate your friend on a mad drop? send them a dollar eye smiley! Feel like getting back at a mad roast... send your best friends a poop emoji! - Date Added - You can now see when you became friends with a player Please note: this is from the update onwards and friends added before the update will be shown as pre:ETC - Mutual Friend - You can now see whether a player has you added or not! If they have you added you will show as a mutual friend if not it will say you are not a mutual friend! We have made some changes to AFK island to address some concerns from players about the way in which AFK island was effecting both gameplay and the economy. You may now use AFK island for 1 hour per day as a base level. However you can buy additional 1 hour slots of time at afk island from the Arcade Shop! The extra hour pass costs 1000 arcade points and can be used for additional afk island time! Introducing the set maker! Talk to the set maker at home Here you will be able to swap pieces of armour for their sets e.g. Devious helm, body and legs = Devious Set This should make buying and selling sets much more easy and allow for trading of sets to be done in a more orderly fashion! ! We have added a new mechanism that will allow users who have donated that week to get an automatic reward! Admins will now have the ability to set a weekly prize and players who donate during that week will automatically get rewarded with that item! This is just another way for us to extend our tremendous gratitude for those players who have gone out of their way to support us and ensure that we can continue to bring you the hottest updates, coolest content and keep the greatest RSPS of all time running!
  3. Today's update sees an expansion to the minibosses as well as some cosmetic changes to boots and a large number of quality of life improvements! We have added a major expansion to some of Dreamscape's Favourite and oldest content! The minibosses! For a lot of us here at Dreamscape, minibosses were one of the first places we went to train when we started, and we thought it was time that these pesky pals were given an upgraded version for mid-game players! As well as the normal minibosses, extreme donators + will now be able to access the Minibosses (+) 5 new minibosses that are based on some of Dreamscape's most fearsome foes! You may kill 1000 Minibosses (+) per day! These new minibosses have a unique trick up their sleeves! They drop 1-hour items! These items are your chance to get your hands on some end game gear for a limited time to test the items as well as get a major acceleration to your gameplay! Each item will last 1 hour of combat before crumbling to dust! These drops are as follows: Mini Voldemort - 1 Hour Crystal Set Mini Magegray - 1 Hour Soulflare Mini Diablo - 1 Hour Devious Set Mini Vendura - 1 Hour Avery Ring Mini Shredder - Box of Wisdom We hope these new minibosses offer something new and unique as well as the chance to train with some end game gear without paying end game prices! Today we introduce A brand new multi-loot box! The Black Diamond Box! This box contains some of the best pocket slot items in-game and a brand new way to train your DS exclusive skills! Without further ado I present The 5 New Pocket Slot Power Stones! Pocket slot Power Stones are ultimately a brand new way to improve your PVM experience with some insane benefits, from extreme healing to 5x your max hit! these stones will be a vital part of any hardcore PVMers arsenal! The Stone of Healing - Gives you 5 health back per hit, stacking with all other methods of healing! The Stone of Redemption - The Stone of Redemption is similar to the Stone of Healing! but restores 5 prayers points per hit! The Stone of Vengence - This particular stone has a vengeance like effect upon every hit taken to increase your damage output whilst taking a lot of damage! The stone of resurrection - Is absolutely vital if you're heading into that extreme arcade grind, whilst equipping this stone, if you drop below 10 hp! you will automatically be healed back to full health! (1 minute cooldown time) The Stone of Power - Now this stone is absolutely insane! with 1-10 chance to 5x your max hit! How can you go wrong! The Brand New Antique lamps! Today we introduce a new way to level your DS exclusive skills antique lamps will give you 500k exp in a random skill out of the following Karma, Gambling and Scavenger! One of the questions we get asked a lot is regarding the coloring and texturing of items! We wanted to try something new and put some power in your hands... quite literally! Sponsors+ will now have the ability to 're-skin' their quantum boots at the king of sponsors at ::ownercape! Players can pay a 1m fee and have their quantum boots changed from space-themed to one of the following: Inferno Theme Purple Mist Theme Acidic Theme Rainbow Theme As well as the quantum boots getting a modification option, players can also 're-skin' their space boxing gloves! Players can pay a 1m fee and have their Space Boxing Gloves changed from space-themed to one of the following: Inferno Theme Purple Mist Theme Acidic Theme Rainbow Theme We have fixed a number of bugs and ironed out some kinks with the gear viewer interface. This interface should now be more functional and easier to use as well as being able to be opened in the respective allowed areas without fault. We have adjusted the notification from Goodiebag Island so it will now show quantities, as well as the prize, won. We have added a teleport option on all soul keys, slayer keys and raids keys to the soul room! This should make using keys a lot quicker and easier! We have added a 10% drop rate, double drop rate and luck to the Charged infinity gauntlet! This crazy OP magic weapon just got more OP to match other end game weapons! We have added infinity keys to scavenger skill training! they will give the same exp as crystal keys do! We have fixed the platinum partner title color so that it shows correctly in chat. We have made a number of improvements to the way that items are loaded and handled by the client. This update sees significant changes to the 'behind the scenes' handling of items and the way in which they are loaded into the client as well as the way that switching items and interfaces that display items are displayed. This will be most notable in the bank interface with the delay between opening the bank and your items displaying being removed as well as much smoother and delay-free item swapping and tab changing abilities. This also affects the handling of both NPC shops and the player-owned shops with the items loading in much more quickly and enabling for smoother display of items within shop based interfaces! We have made some major improvements to the chatbox handling! These changes should cause a noticeable improvement to the way in which chatbox messages, yells and public chat are viewed and the way in which messages are handled. There is now a lot less delay in time between the messages being sent and then them being displayed in the chatbox. Furthermore, chatboxes should now mirror so that players see messages at the same time! As well as this, players utilizing custom yell tags and yell colors should now have their messages processed as quickly as those without, especially useful for events! This small change should add some behind the scenes quality of life to the gameplay experience as well as allow for some future development we have on the cards regarding chat! ACT I's Cape Custom Donation Fezze's Set Custom Donation The Pride Dubby Reward from the platinum partner loot crates Cyco Gek's Cape Custom Donation Rallen's Cape Custom Donation 420 Killer's Helicopter Custom Donation
  4. What's up Dreamers! Today's update is something a little different! We have focused entirely on Donators at every level in Dreamscape! With something new for everyone to our normal donator ranks to our platinum partners! We have added a new private area for Donators to kill penguins! This new area can be accessed by talking to the NPC on Donator Island (accessible through teleports tab or the ::dz command) This area has 10 Penguins to kill and is fully instanced, meaning that you will not be crashed or have to fight over penguin spawns anyh more! We have revamped Super Donator Dungeon! This dungeon, which is accessible through the ::sdz command or through the teleport interface has had 14 new NPC's added! We have added 10 Olaf spawns to the now accessible side room! Here you will be able to get ahead of the pack and take out some vengeance on these scythe wielding old barbarians in hopes of getting some new sparkly kicks! We have also added 4 Necromancer spawns to the main PVM area of the Super Donator Dungeon! These can be accessed through the portal in the Super Donator Dungeon! FLAME VIRTUS! The long anticipated Flame Virtus is here! Accessible to Super Donator+ the flame virtus' are located in a fully instanced room with 6 spawns. Flame Virtus offers some really juicy mage stats for beginner players and can be accessed through the boss teleports to Super Donator + Flame Pingu Introducing a new boss for Extreme donators + Flame Pingu is an upgraded version of every dreamers favourite animal... the Penguin! Flame Pingu is essentially a clue scroll boss that drops clue scrolls at a much higher level then other NPC's and can be used to more easily farm clue scrolls! To access Flame Pingu, simply talk to the Velrak the Explorer at extreme island! You will be teleported to the Pingu Encampment where you will have 4 Pingus to fight in multi combat You can also use the command ::pingu to teleport to pingu from anywhere on the map! You may kill 1000 Flame Pingus Per Day! Crystal Key (+) Extreme donators will now be able to combine crystal keys to open the crystal key (+) To combine crystal keys you will need to have 1000 crystal keys in your inventory! The Crystal Key Chest (+) is the same as the normal Crystal Key Chest and you can teleport to it by clicking on the key itself! The rewards from the Crystal Key (+) are far improved from the standard crystal keys and include a lot of American armour as well as juicy boxes of wisdom and cash rewards! ::boost - this new command will give sponsors 20% damage boost (lasts 5 minutes with a 30 second cool down) Sponsor zone upgraded! Introducing the new upgrade to Ownercape zone! This zone has all the juicy NPC's and Bosses of the original zone but it is also Fully instanced, meaning it will be your own private zone and it is also Multi-combat, meaning you can use your AOE weapons here for quick multi-kills! To upgrade to Sponsor Zone (+) simply talk to the King of Sponsors and Pay 1B DScoins. When you pay you will be able to use the ::ownercape command to access your own Multi combat private Sponsor Zone. You can now complete up to 5 sponsor skilling tasks per day instead of 3! Icy Pingu We have added a new boss for Sponsor+ As well as being able to access Flame Pingu (see above) Sponsors+ can access the ICY PINGU! Icy Pingu has the same clue scroll mechanic and lower clue scroll drop rate as flame pingu buit also drops super mystery boxes! You can access the Icy Pingu by talking to Velrak the Explorer at Sponsor Zone or by typing ::pingu You may kill up to 1500 Icy Pingus per day (this does not stack with flame pingus so you can kill a total of 2500 pingus in total, 1000 flame and 1500 Icy). ::boost - this new command will give sponsors 30% damage boost (lasts 5 minutes with a 30 second cool down) Red Bull Introducing Dreamscape's Newest Source of Nutrition! This energy drink will restore your HP to 150! This allows you to gain over 99HP and can be very useful in harder multi-combat areas such as the arcade! The food has 1 dose and a 1 minute cool down! This food also gives you wings Lava Pingu We have added a new boss for Executive+ As well as being able to access Flame Pingu and Icy Pingu (see above) Executive+ can access the: LAVA PINGU! Lava Pingu has the same clue scroll mechanic and lower clue scroll drop rate and super mystery box drops as Icy Pingu, but also drops code keys! You can access Lava Pingu by talking to Velrak the Explorer at Executive Zone or by typing ::pingu You may kill up to 2000 Icy Pingus per day (this does not stack with any other pingus so you can kill a total of 4500 pingus in total, 1000 flame, 1500 Icy and 2000 Lava). ::boost - this new command will give sponsors 50% damage boost (lasts 5 minutes with a 30 second cool down) Monster Introducing Dreamscape's Newest Source of Nutrition! This energy drink will restore your HP to 200! This allows you to gain over 99HP and can be very useful in harder multi-combat areas such as the arcade! The food has 1 dose and a 1 minute cool down! This food also summons your demonic side and you are given a gift from the monster within! Space Pingu We have added a new boss for Platinum Partner+ As well as being able to access Flame Pingu, Icy Pingu Lava Pingu (see above) Platinum Partners can access the: SPACE PINGU! Space Pingu has the same clue scroll mechanic and lower clue scroll drop rate, and code key drops as Icy Pingu, but drops Event Boxes instead of super mystery boxes! You can access Space Pingu by talking to the Velrak the Explorer at ::plat or by typing ::pingu You may kill up to 2500 Space Pingus per day (this does not stack with any other pingus so you can kill a total of 7000 pingus in total, 1000 flame, 1500 Icy and 2000 Lava, 2500 Space). We have added a timer to the Arcade! This will record your time in the normal arcade so you can challenge other players to break the Arcade Record! If you beat the record time you will celebrate with a global server alert informing the entire server of your valiant record breaking attempt! There is also a new leaderboard for the 10 quickest Arcade finishers at ::home! We have added a new feature for admins running donations! There is now a new deal on the block! Goodiebag Island! Here rather then picking a number and having the admin trade you, the admin will put all of the prizes into chests on goodiebag island! If you qualify for this deal, you will be teleported to goodiebag island and have to choose between 20 chests! when you open one you will receive the prize and be teleported home! A server notification will let others know what you have won! When this deal is activated, a timer will display in the top left-hand corner of the screen The person with the highest and the lowest Karma (e.g. the person with the most EXP in either the good or bad faction) will now become the Commander of Good or Evil! This comes with a smexy new title in game! As well as access to a new faction wide boost! Once a day the commander of good or evil can activate a 10% drop rate boost for the entirety of their faction! This boost lasts 30 minutes! For example, once a day the Commander of Good can activate a 10% drop rate boost for all players who picked We have added a brand new slot to Dreamscape! The pocket slot! This slot will allow you to equip a whole host of new items (starting with the karma rewards). These items do not show on your character but apply boosts and bonuses! We have done away with the useless arrow slot and replaced it with the Pocket Slot! This new slot can be used to equip a bunch of boosters and juicy new items including the heavily anticipated Karma Rewards! These rewards differ depending on what faction you chose! GOOD REWARDS Lvl 1 - Trail Mix - Food item that heals 50HP - Costs 100 Karma Kismets Lvl 10 - Fitbit, this gives you agility exp as you walk around Lvl 20 - Bag of Redemption - Allows you to automatically bank all soul drops from npc's Lvl 30 - Holy Incense - Gives a 50% chance of gaining 2x slayer exp while on a task Lvl 40 - Prayer Candle - Restores your prayer Lvl 50 - Book of Blessings - 9% Tribrid boost Lvl 60 - Holy Relic - This will heal you while in combat Lvl 70 - Organ - Will add a lamp to your inventory every 10 minutes Lvl 80 - Communion Cup - right click operate this item for muscle milk effect (lasts 60 seconds with 60 second cool down) lvl 90 - Emergency GPS - 2 right click options (save location and operate) Save location saves the location and allows you to TP to this location by operating lvl 99 - Holy Scrimshaw - 50% chance increase of receiving: Xebos Invite, Infinity Key, Treasure hunter chest while pvming lvl 110 - Divine Scrimshaw - 2 x EXP from the item based totem Karmic offerings (karmic kismets stay the same) lvl 120 - Scrimshaw of the Protectorate - While wearing this item you will do an additional hit of 50% of your hit again in Disease (e.g. if you hit 500 damage you will hit another hit of 250 in disease (for a total of 750 damage)) EVIL REWARDS Lvl 1 - Bag of Cheetos- Costs 100 Karma Kismets - heals 50 HP Lvl 10 - Skateboard, this gives you agility exp as you walk around Lvl 20 - Fanny Pack - Allows you to automatically bank all cash drops from npc's Lvl 30 - Vape - Gives a 50% chance that your slayer count will not go down while on task e.g. able to kill more of the same monsters while on task Lvl 40 - Rayban Shades - Restores your prayer Lvl 50 - Gucci Shades - 9% Tribrid boost Lvl 60 - Versace Shades - -This will heal you while in combat Lvl 70 - Electric Guitar - Will add a 1000-5000 DScoins to your inventory every 10 minutes Lvl 80 - P.I.M.P Goblet - right click operate this item for muscle milk effect (lasts 60 seconds with 60 second cool down) lvl 90 - iPhone - Allows you to set a new death location. Right click operate - Would you like to save this location as your respawn point if you die? - if yes, saves this location as your location to respawn after death lvl 99 - Rolex Watch - 50% chance increase of receiving: Xebos Invite, Infinity Key, Treasure hunter chest while pvming lvl 110 - Patek Phillipe watch - 2 x Karmic Kismet's from the item based totem Karmic offerings (EXP stays the same) lvl 120 - Audermars Piguet Watch -While wearing this item you will do an additional hit of 50% of your hit again in Poison (e.g. if you hit 500 damage you will hit another hit of 250 in poison (for a total of 750 damage)) In order to add consistency amongst donation ranks, we have added a static drop rate bonus to all donation ranks (previously it was just sponsor +) Donators will now benefit from the following static drop rate bonuses! Donator - 0.5% Super Donator - 1% Extreme Donator - 2.5% Sponsor -5 Exec - 10 Plat - 15 ! In order to give more information about what benefits are unlocked at certain ranks, we have created a new interface that displays all donator benefits! This can be found by clicking on the donator symbol (to the left of the screenshot button) ! You can view all ranks and benefits at once or choose to filter by donator rank! Demon Stiletto (custom donation) Alpha's Set (custom donation) Senpar's Spunk Shooter (custom donation) Conor's Blanket (custom donation) Conor's Sceptre (custom donation) Kuhlmans Minigun (custom donation) Sponsor / Executive Icons (Obtainable in Donation Zone Shops) 420 Killer Helicopter (custom donation) We have fixed a bug on the Saturday daily global event system We have adjusted the afk times on Karma skill to put it more in line with the intended purpose of training methods We have made karmic kismet's untradable in line with the intended purpose of the kismet's We have fixed a bug on the Karma Task master tasks not completing correctly We have fixed a bug that caused your ELO to temporarily show as 0 We have fixed a bug with the Arcade Global Daily Event We have fixed a bug that meant that upgrading dream armor sets led to a decrease in damage bonus We have fixed a bug with the collectors necklace and item collection items from not allowing you to save a preference We have increased exp and kismets from Karma slayer tasks. The Karma tree now scales on donator rank. The price in the Karma store is now 33% of the base price for ironmen and competitive account. Pingus now have kill count. We have increased the exp rates for the well of goodwill and bad will.
  5. What's Up Dreamers! Today we are proud to introduce a brand new update packed to the brim with new content! A new skill! A new quest! and so much more! Today we are proud to introduce Dreamscape's newest skill! This fully custom skill is an RSPS first and completely changes gameplay on an individualised journey! You, the players have a choice to make, will you be good or will you be evil?! With different training methods, separate guilds and different rewards (coming in the 2nd part of this huge content piece) the time to pick your side is now! In order to teach you a little more about the skill we have created a new quest for you to follow, this will allow you to pick your faction and gain the necessary tool to teleport to your guild! One of the most unique features of this new skill is the ability for you to gain exp in each direction. For those who have chosen to be good, they will train up Karma like any other skill (to lvl 150 cap) For those who have chosen to be evil, they will train their Karma level down (to lvl -150 cap) Please note: Total level remains the same and will increase in levels e.g. lvl -45 Karma would add 45 skill levels to your total level Over the next few updates we will be adding a totally unique reward system based on the karma skill and using the new karma currency... the Karmic Kismet's which you collect while training Karma Skill. Now is a great time to collect these so you can stock up before we launch the rewards! For a full guide on the Karma Skill and information regarding EXP and training please see this guide: In order to teach you a little more about Karma Skill as well as delving into Dreamscape Lore! We introduce Dreamscape's First in what we hope to be a series of quests dealing with the curious and intruging world of Am'orth! To start this quest you will need to obtain a Xebos Invitation (random drop while pvm'ing) Each player is given a choice! This choice is very important! Will you fight Xebos and attempt to gain control (EVIL) Or will you befriend Xebos and attempt to make peace (GOOD) This choice will define your faction and set your path for training the new Karma Skill! Xebos is in his final form and will prove to be a tough opponent, spawning Guardians of Am'orth to try to take you down! You will then be given information about gaining access to Am'orth and will be able to find your way to your respective guild! Upon completing the quest you will be given either the Staff of Evil or the Staff of Good! This item (rather like the Ring of Kinship for Dungeoneering) is used to help train the skill and teleport to each respective guild! You will notice the staff will change as you level up! The higher your karma level, the more charge the staff gains! LVL 1 LVL (+ or -) 150 p In order to centralise Karma skill training we have made 2 new guilds for you to train Karma at! The only requirement for entry is completion of the Karma Quest! Each guild is accessed by using the Karma Staff Here you will find all the necessary tools, NPC's and training facilities to gain your Karma Levels! Including: Lvl 1 - Dogs Lvl 1 - Well of Good/Bad Fortune lvl 5/10/15/20 - Stalls of Giving/Taking Lvl 20 - Altar of Heavenly Grace/Satanic Altar Lvl 40 - NPC who sells offerings for the Altars of Heavenly Grace/Satanic Altar Lvl 50 - Tree of Life and NPC selling Magic Secateurs (to cultivate) and Satanic Secateurs (to cut down) Lvl 60 - Slayer Masters Lvl 70 - Taskmaster Lvl 80 - Totem Sacrifice Lvl 90 - Mad King Raid One of the new training methods for those in the bad faction is truly the most evil of the lot! The well of bad will! This well, much like the well of good will can be used to deposit in game cash into! But unlike the well of good will, which adds server wide bonuses once 25M has been depositied. This does the opposite! Depositing cash into the well of bad will will remove time from the activated bonuses! This is done at a ratio of 1/2 For example, if the well of goodwill contains 25M and 50m is inserted into the Well of Bad will, the bonuses will be removed! The well of good and bad will can be used to collect Karma Exp and Karmic Kismets at lvl 1 Karma We really wanted to include some PVM elements into the new Karma Skill! You can now get a task at lvl 60 Karma from one of two new slayer masters! The Good Slayer Master The Evil Slayer Master These new slayer masters all give Tier 5 Slayer Tasks and upon completion you will be awarded: 1750 Karma EXP and 2500 Karmic Kismets In addition to this at level 85 Karma you can get the Good/Evil slayer masters to assign you an Abbysal Sire task for 100k Coins! This is great for those looking to stock up on Dream Upgrade Crystals and upgrade their dream armour! At lvl 70 Karma, players can now get tasks from the Taskmaster! There is a taskmaster for both Good and Evil! These taskmasters will give you 3 tasks to do from the following list: Kill 25 Magegrays Kill 50 Shadow Kings Kill 50 Sea Troll Queens Kill 50 Tormented Demons Chop 100 Magic Trees Chop 150 Yew trees Eat 100 Sharks Craft 100 Air runes Craft 100 Mind runes Craft 100 Earth runes Craft 100 Water runes Cut 100 Normal logs Cut 100 Oak logs Kill 100 Pikachus Kill 25 Chaos Elementals Mine 75 Tin Ores Mine 75 Copper Ores Catch 75 Dragon Implings Smith 50 Bronze Bars Cut 150 Dragonstones Pick 250 Flax Cook 100 Sharks Catch 150 Monkfish Cook 200 Monkfish Kill 100 Dragonbones Kill 150 Thugbobs Kill 125 Luigi's Kill 50 Icy Skeletons Kill 50 Phoenix Kill 75 Bork Open 125 Mystery Boxes Use 200 Crystal Keys on Chest Bury 300 Penguin Bones Bury 200 Frost Bones Bury 100 Icy Bones Bury 50 Phoenix Bones Once you complete each task you will gain 33% of the reward. Each full deed rewards the player with + 2500 exp & 2500 Karmic Kismets upon completion. Another of the new and unique pieces of content to go along with the Karma skill is the Totem Sacrifice! This hungry totem receives gifts and offers them up to the Gods of Good and evil! At level 80 you can commence your gifting to the gods to gain some substantial Karma EXP and Karmic Kismets! The Totem will take the following offerings: Golden Minigun (+ or - 20k Exp/10k Karmic Kismet's) Eternal Khione Staff (+ or - 50k Exp/25k Karmic Kismets) Icy Glaive (+ or - 500k Exp/50k Karmic Kismet's) Oblivion Scythe (+ or - 25k Exp/5k Karmic Kismet's) Soulflare (+ or - 2500 Exp/500 karmic kismet's) Soulflare (u) (- + or - 10k EXP/1k Karmic kismet's) Minigun (+ or - 10k Exp / 3k Karmic kismet's) Devious Pieces (- + or - 100k exp each/10k karmic kismets) Lava MG (+ or - 1m EXP / 100k Karmic Kismets) Helicopter Pet (+ or - 500k exp/50k karmic kismet's) Crystal pieces (+ or - 100k exp each/10k karmic kismets) Collectors necklace (+ or - 5k EXP/1k Karmic kismet's) Beserker/Seers/Anguish Boots (+ or - 50k Exp/5k Karmic Kismet's) Electronic Katana (+ or - 25k Exp/5k Karmic Kismet's) Ultimate Dream Katana (+ or - 25k Exp/5k Karmic Kismet's) Beserker/Seers/Anguish Gloves (+ or - 25k Exp/5k Karmic Kismet's) Dream range pieces (+ or - 100k Exp/25k Karmic Kismets) Dream mage pieces (+ or - 100k Exp/25k Karmic Kismets) Dream melee pieces (+ or - 100k Exp/25k Karmic Kismets) Yix/Tam/Yam Amulets (+ or - 30k EXP/3k Karmic Kismets) Introducing Raid 8! The Mad King Raid! This raid is only accessible to those with level 90 or lvl -90 Karma There are 4 pesky stages for you to endure in order to complete it! The Mad Prince The Mad Prince Regent The Mad King The Insidious Queen Completing the raid will reward you with 5k Karma Exp and 1k Karmic Kismet's As well as a random drop (using the same drop table as the turtles raid!) Sponsors+ can now use a brand new gambling method! NPC DUELLING! Simply Right Click Gamble a player and click NPC Duel and you will be teleported to the NPC Duel Room! Here each player will be assigned an npc (King Kong VS Godzilla) and whoevers npc wins the duel will win the pot! This fully automated gambling method is sure to put some spice into your wins and losses at dicezone! We have added a new interface to handle Slayer on Dreamscape! Speaking to the slayer task slave at home will now open a juicy new interface instead of the old clunky dialogue based system! This new interface has a tonne of features and information to help you train up your slayer! The home page lists your tasks, prestige level, slayer points, slayer streak, current task and exp/hp from this task, avoided tasks, access to the prestige shops, ability to prestige, an option to cancel your task, a display of the possible ultra rare drops from the slayer task you are assigned an an option to teleport directly to the task! You can click the Prestige Info button to learn more about slayer prestige! As well as access to the prestige shops! A handy new feature has been added! by clicking on the coins you can see the ultra rare drops from the task you are assigned to kill! We have done away with the large graphical squeal of fortune tab that took up a lot of room and did not provide a lot of value and have replaced it with a multi-function button based tab! Here you will be able to access a bunch of features, which should add some major quality of life improvements and reduce the need for pesky commands! In this tab you can now access: Squeel of Fortune Treasure Hunter Grandlottery Tombola Item lottery AFK Island (TP) Elo interface My drops interface (detailing what drops you have achieved over time) Drops interface (detailing what npc's drop what) Prices interface (with the ability to search an items price) As you will now by know, we have made a number of high value items untradable. You can read our reasoning and more information about this here: In order to keep these items still obtainable for players and ensure that non-donators can get their hands on some juicy loot if they want to grind for it we have made a number of additional changes to our drops system! We have added the box of wisdom to turtles raid as common reward We have added box of wisdom to arcade reward shop - 25k tokens We have added Dream mage set pieces as ULTRA RARE reward to Voldemort We have added Dream Range set pieces as ULTRA RARE reward to Diablo We have added Dream Melee set pieces as ULTRA RARE reward to OG Dragon We have revamped the daily events to ensure they give the most value to our players! The new daily events are as follows Monday - 1.25x Afk Island Bonus Tuesday - +10% Avengers Drop Bonus Wednesday - 1.5x Arcade Points Thursday - 3x Battlegrounds Points Friday - +15% Theatre of Blood better loot chance Saturday - 5% Drop Rate and Double Drop Rate Sunday - 5% Raid Luck Increase You can check the current daily event in the quest tab! Due to popular demand we have added a new interface for the monster teleports! Rather like the Boss Teleport interface this new interface gives you both information on the boss and it's drops as well as an easy option to teleport directly to the boss! We have added some new items to the Scavenger shop so you can make use of multiple versions of untradeable items. The following items have been added. The Power Stone - 75 points Puffer Fish - 150 points Space Spirit Shield - 50 points Purple Mist Shield - 75 points Camo Shield - 75 points Acidic Spirit Shield - 75 points Acidic Glaive - 150 Points We have fully revamped the 2k19 Box! Removing some unwanted items and adding in some more popular items! Inspired by the popularity of the Easter box we have made the following changes: We have removed the following items Balloons Noble Frostbite Staff Minigun American Boxing Gloves Collectors Necklace Oblivion Scythe We have added the following items Space Virtus Shields Power stone All Infinity stones Infinity gauntlet uncharged Thanos pet Demon Minigun We have added a bunch of new goodieboxes! These goodieboxes differ from our usual 1-20 goodieboxes as these goodieboxes are either: 1-10 chance of top prize! or 1-5 chance of top prize! You can pick up these super juicy, easy win goodieboxes here https://i.gyazo.com/0fab461e56e2ba74edd2e7ccaca363dd.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/0fab461e56e2ba74edd2e7ccaca363dd.png Many of you will be aware of the hugely popular $22,500 giveaways we have recently been running! In order to enable these to run more smoothly and more frequently as well as offering you even more bang for your donation dollar, we have fully automated these giveaways! You will now gain 1 tombola point for each 1$ spent in the donation store! You can enter the tombola by typing the ::tombola command in game Each number costs 200 tombola points, however unlike before where you would have to donate for $200 in one go, this new system lets you collect tombola points on any donation (excluding ds:go) Once all 100 numbers have been bought the tombola will draw and the prizes you win will be added to your collection chest! We have added in 6 new items to be assigned as code key rewards! After the last 4 code key rewards going within an hour, we are likely to release these over time, with one new reward added at a time. 2 NEW 'FAVOURITES' (WITH 1 HIT STATS) 1 NEW TEXTURED THUMPER (WITH 1 HIT STATS) 3 NEW TEXTURED OFFHAND GLAIVES! We have added a bank button to the client to make it easier to bank without the need for typing ::bank This button is available to use for Super Donator + (same permissions as ::bank command) We have added the Platinum Dragon Pet! This new pet can be obtained by killing the Platinum Dragon! Once obtained and hatched you will be granted 2x Platinum Tokens while at the Platinum Zone! 25% Drop Rate while in Platinum Zone! 15% While outside Platinum Zone! We have also added some juicy new engagement animations to the Platinum Partner Prayers B0wer's Dragon (Custom Donation) Tolose's Centurion Set (Custom Donation) Steroids' Set (Custom Donation) Steroids' Weight Bar (Tombola Prize) Confetti Torva (Competitive Season Reward) Didy's Minigun (Custom Donation) The Mantle (Custom Donation) Tolose's Warhammer (recoloured) (Tombola Prize) Dreamz' Divine + Legendary (Platinum Vacation Participation Prize - Summer 2019) Yoda Purp (Tombola Prize) Mr Candy's Space Offhand Glaive (Tombola Prize) 420 Killer Set (Custom Donation) Rainbow Minigun (Platinum Loot Crate Reward) Steroids Corruption Boots (Custom Donation) Stoppa's Pernix Set (Competitive Season Reward) Lucifer's Gloves and Boots (Custom Donation) Creepy Favourite (Code Key Reward) Space Favourite (Code Key Reward) Space Thumper (Code Key Reward) Purple Mist offhand Glaive (Code Key Reward) Inferno offhand glaive (Code Key Reward) Acidic offhand glaive (Code Key Reward) We have made platinum tokens untradable We have made the instanced Rev cave have 4 spawns just like the public rev cave! We have fixed the Dream Sets tiers 1-3 to have the same drop rate as the normal sets We have removed the easter quest We have made the thumper 1 handed We have fixed a bug that prevented ironmen from using the Emperor's Necklace to it's full potential We have fixed a bug that prevented you from gaining the rewards at lvl 75 of the Endless Arcade We have removed the Quadron Box (+) from the Event Box We have made the Dream Armour Teirs 1-3 untradable (to mirror the un-upgraded sets) We have disabled mage attacks on pinatas to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage We have fixed a bug that affected the FPS when using AOE weapons (most notably the BFG9000) We have removed the now defunct coins from dropping from Luigi and Pointzone We have added a message at MBox to help new players find their way upstairs
  6. Thank you so much for all your kind words! It's always so exciting when it gets to doing updates and it's a pleasure to keep putting out new content, even when circumstances are against you ? Nothing will stop us moving forwards, come rain shine or a broken MacBook we will continue to move Dreamscape forwards in the direction the players dictate! #DSGANG Drax
  7. We are pleased to hit you with the second update in less then a week! Patching a few necessary bugs as well as bringing you some new content! Introducing the arcade's most requested game mode! With huge rewards at waves 75, 100, 125 and beyond you cannot miss out on the Grind! Featuring a cross over between normal arcade and avengers arcade npc's this minigame is not for the faint hearted! You can start the Arcade Endless at the ::arcade machine at home, you must sacrifice an infernal cape to enter Arcade Endless You will require the top gear, tactics and flawless techniques to even get close to waves in the 3 figure range! Waves 1-55 - Same as extreme arcade Wave 65 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by 50% (every other hit) wave 70 - After this wave falling rocks will hit you as you progress hitting 20 damage each time Wave 75 - Reward - Tri-brid cape / Ability to start endless arcade at wave 50 Wave 80 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by another 50% (once every 4 hits) Wave 90 - After this wave you will get hit with poison each new wave Wave 95 - After this wave there are numerous explosions, if you are standing on the explosion you get 1 hit Wave 100 - If you complete this level you will receive a mystery prize. Introducing 3 new goodie boxes for you! The Thumper Goodiebox The Emperor's Necklace Goodiebox The Emperor's Ring Goodiebox These much requested new donation items give you a chance to make absolute bank without paying it! https://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.png We have revamped the Quantum boots to fit more appropriately with our Space texture denoting end game equipment theme! We have added an arrow to let you know where diglet is hiding! We have made it so you will not lose drop rate when you upgrade your Dream Armour Sets We have fixed an issue preventing the number 1 donators pos from displaying We have fixed an issue that prevented type challenges from displaying We have fixed a bug that prevented content that used the alert system from working We have made it so the abyssal sire will respawn (preventing you from teleporting in and out) We have fixed a bug that prevented Cerberus from hitting damage We have fixed a bug that prevented the abyssal sire's drops from appearing
  8. What's up Dreamers! Today's update was a collaboration effort between the development team and the platinum partners! As some of you know we recently had a meet and greet in person with some of our platinum partners and were able to brainstorm some new ideas for development! These ideas are now reality and you can see below some of the juicy stuff we have been working on! Content we worked on together is shown with this icon: One of the hardest thing to keep up with on Dreamscape is item prices! We are aware that prices fluctuate significantly due to supply and demand. Today we introduce a fully automated market tracker that displays real time prices based on recent buying and selling patterns! Simply type ::prices in game and search the item you wish to see the price for! It will display an average buy and sell value based on historic prices. Please note, none of these prices are set manually and therefore it will take a few days for the price guide to have enough data to start giving prices. Furthermore, items that are not regularly traded may not have a price set. There are also a number of safe guards built into the system to prevent price manipulation. We take price manipulation very seriously and will punish anyone found to be attempting to manipulate the price guide (See ::rules - scamming) This new tool should help new players and old players alike and will hopefully be a tool that becomes more accurate over time as people buy and sell items. We are really excited by this new tool and hope to see it grow and help players for a long time! Today we bring back the Abyssal Sire! Now fully working and patched this boss packs a massive punch! We listened to you! This a more complex boss with multiple different combat stages! You can only fight the abyssal sire if you are assigned it as a slayer task! First, you will have to take out his respiratory system. Then you must avoid his spawns and deadly Miasma Pools Fnally you must avoid his Overpowered AOE attacks! Should you successfully take out the Sire you will be rewarded greatly! Not only does the sire always drop 1-5 Crystals that can be used to upgrade Dream armour (see below), but there are also 2 new cosmetic pets (see below) to obtain! One of the things the Platinum Partners were eager to have adjusted was melee! In particular the gap between the dream melee set and the dream range/mage sets! As part of our expansions to dream armors, we have also gone ahead and given the dream melee set an outright buff. One of the areas we discussed at the Platinum Vacation was the ability to upgrade armour! Today we launch a new system where dream armour can be upgraded into 4 tiers Dream Armour - Original set + stats Dream Armour (tier 1) - 1.5 x Original Stats (requires 250 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Dream Armour (tier 2)- 2 x Original Stats (requires 500 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Dream Armour (tier 3)- 2.5 x Original Stats (requires 750 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Please note that these upgrades render the sets untradable You can downgrade your armours at any time for 200m (restore it to it's original tradable status) Crystals are cumulative - for tier 0 -> tier 3 you require 1500 crystals in total Introducing Treasure Hunter! A new way to collect boxes via PVM and open them by collecting loyalty gems for juicy rewards! You will find that you are greeted by a new 'Treasure Hunter' button Clicking this will allow you to see the boxes you have collected, collect your daily gems and open your boxes! Boxes are dropped randomly while PVMing with all monsters dropping the boxes! When you receive a box, it will not show on the ground or in your bank/inventory, but is rather saved in the treasure hunter interface. Different tiers of boxes require different amounts of gems to unlock! The higher the tier of box, the harder it is to get and the more crystals it takes to unlock but also the bigger the rewards! You can claim daily gems to open the boxes or can purchase more from the donator store. You can only hold 3 boxes at one time and must open them or save them for another time (there is no way to get rid of a box without opening it). This means you need two think carefully about which box to open first! If you have 3 or more boxes already you will not receive any more until the first 3 are opened. Furthermore, the only way to gain the treasure hunter boxes is through PVM as these cannot be directly donated for. They said melee was underpowered... We changed that! INTRODUCING: THE THUMPER The hottest, most devastating melee weapon in the game! This weapon has the largest AOE of any weapon (5 x bigger then the BFG9000) and can absolutely decimate in multi combat areas! Duo-extreme Arcade Introducing the duo-arcade Extreme Mode! This new expansion to the Arcade's various game modes allows teams of two players to complete the arcade on Extreme mode! This should allow newer players to team up with an OG and take on the extra waves! As well as giving you a chance to earn more tokens by completing the additional waves! Please note: you do not recieve any final reward/cape when completing the arcade on Duo-mode Introducing 2 new cosmetic pets to collect! Lambo Pet (dropped by Abyssal Sire) Bugatti Pet (dropped by Abyssal Sire) We have reworked the way that the featured shops works at the Player Owned Shops! We found that people very rarely used the featured shops due to the price of featuring your shop. We have therefore repurposed it! The top 10 slots on the pos are now automatically assigned to Platinum Partners and the #1 Donator The first slot is reserved for #1 Donator (permanent) The other slots are assigned based on last login time e.g. The 9 slots are assigned to the 9 platinum partners who logged in most recently We have adjusted the policy on Platinum Partner Elo. Previously we would refund a Platinum Partners Elo should they lose it at no extra cost. We have instead implemented a new system where Platinum Partners have their Elo Saved for 7 days before it disappears. This 7 day period should allow more lee-way and remove the need for manual refunds. We asked what you would like to see added to the emperor ring! You let us know you wanted to Morph into Ninja Turtles! We made that happen! We have updated the dice zone Ranks, due to economic changes. You can now hold a lot more at each relative rank. Please Note: Anyone who obtained their rank before this update will keep their rank at the new rate and can hold the new amount for no extra cost! If you do not have a rank, you can buy your new ranks from the rank shop at ::dicezone Previously, The ranks went as follows: Recruit 450K Corporal 1M Sergeant 2.5M Lieutenant 5M Captain 10m General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) Now with the update: Recruit 1.35m Corporal 3m Sergeant 7.5m Lieutenant 15m Captain 30M General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) For more information on Dice CC ranks see this thread: You can now combine all 3 capes from the Extreme arcade to make the tribrid Infernal Cape! Rainbow Khione Spidey's Sexy Boot's + Gloves We have fixed a bug with arcade token multipliers for Platinum Partners and the Number 1 Donator We have fixed the currency on the gambling leaderboard We have disabled a bug that allowed you to re-instance at the end of ::BG We have fixed a bug with Cerberus and the way in which he was 1hit We have increased the price of the dynamic box in the Arcade Shop to follow recent change in eco prices for boxes Cerberus Drops will now go into your inventory! We have fixed the donation message for the box of wealth! We have adjusted the emperors ring's static damage effect so it works more efficiently We have adjusted the scroll of fire's effect when used with AOE weapons We have adjusted the effect of the corp beast back to it's original defensive effect.
  9. After listening to your suggestions and complaints about rev's being too busy we have decided to add an expansion to revs! The boss teleport version of rev's still functions as it always has, however we have added a new limited access Instanced Rev Area! This private location allows you to kill Rev's at your own pace without being crashed or losing out to AOE weapons! To access this area you will need one of three things... Rev Pass or Trix Amulet (+) or Emperor's Necklace Rev Pass (Limited) This Pass is valid for 1000 kills before it teleports you out and you must buy another one These Rev Passes can be bought from DurkaDurka at home and the passes cost 500k Please note: These passes will disappear after use, so be sure to maximise the time you have available to kill the revs to ensure you make the most of your purchase. Trix (+) This new amulet (not to be confused with the Trix (i) can be bought from the Donator Store It has the stats and effects as regular trix (i) But it has a right click teleport option that allows you unlimited access to the Instanced revs Emperor's Necklace We have also added the above teleport to the Emperor's Necklace (see below for more info) We have also added 2 new rewards to the Wilderness Shop: Donator ticket - 10k points pop protection scroll - 20k points We have brought back achievement category for Competitive Accounts! You will not only win a prize if you are the first account to complete all achievements, but for every achievement you complete you will receive one of the following: Rewards: Easy - Super Mystery Box Medium - Invictus Box Hard - Tactical Box Elite - Dream Mystery Box Please Note: You are only allowed to create 1 competitive account every 24 hours, to prevent box farming. As well as this change we have also added in some new interaction changes to comp mode accounts. The most notable of these changes is as follows: - We have added an invisible buff to comp accounts that should enable them to make use of dynamic drop rates at a quicker rate then other accounts (especially useful in raids) - We have edited the permissions to ensure that players cannot cheat by trading their comp accounts or leave drops on the ground for their comp acc to pick up - We have enabled it so that competitive accounts will gain the same perks if they get a donation rank - We have ensured all tracked competitive categories automatically save on log out, to ensure all categories are recorded accurately - We have increased the drop rates for comp accounts at ::soulroom and chance of beginner cash drops We have reduced the drop rates on the Avengers Arcade! We noticed that the drops from the Avengers Arcade were harder to get then we had hoped for so we have reduced the drop rates of the Avengers Arcade Ultra Rare drops by 10% Introducing a new end game necklace to go along with the emperor’s ring. This necklace will get new benefits and perks over time. Current Effects: Collection Effect Collection to bank (same as collectors necklace) NEW EFFECT - Collection to inventory (right click->operate to toggle) Chargeable – every 1000 kills your Drop rate goes up by 1% (capped a 30% additional DR or 40% max total) This will reset if you go 1 hour without being in combat or if you die! Watch your Drop Rate literally charge before your very eyes! Increased chance of getting an ultra rare drop from the soul room by 25% 30% hybrid boost - 30% range boost - 30% magic boost - 30% melee boost 10% luck 10% drop rate (which grows to 40% when fully charged) 10% double drop rate 25% higher chance of upgrading items successfully Wearing the necklace increases your maximum possible HP by 10(100) - Or 10% higher then your max hp! Necklace when equipped will add cash to your money pouch at a similar rate as AFK island Watch your cash grow no matter where you are on Dreamscape! Earn while PVMing, gambling or simply by logged in! 9 This also stacks with AFK ISLAND meaning that you can get 2x the cash per hour or a maximum of 625K per hour (on bonus afk weekends) We have added a teleport option to the instanced revs! To pick up your Emperor's Necklace checkout the ds ::store Or pick up the Emperor's Bundle to get both the Emperor's Ring + Emperor's Necklace (200$ reduction) To ensure consistency we have also updated the graphical look of the emperor's ring! We have fixed a large number of player reported typos and adaptations to the new currency! Thank you so much for submitting all your typos/bugs/QoL issues with ds-coin! We have enabled you to view upstairs in the battlegrounds mini game! This should allow you to keep track of the battles better as well as interact and spectate with the ongoing game more efficiently. We have added the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged) to the donation store! The infinity gauntlet also has: 9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000 1 in 5 chance of 2.5 x max hit 2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000 We listened to you! We renamed the Quadron box to The Box of Wealth This update: What should we call the new best in slot melee weapon? Vote here: - We have given the pink dildo a secret buff - We have fixed a bug with the minibus leader not taking your money - We have fixed bugs with Slayer masters using old currency - We have fixed the text on the Golden Scratch Card - We have updated the blackjack table to work with DS coins - We have fixed a number of compatibility issues with DSCoin - We have fixed a bug that teleported Platinum Partners to Sponsor Zone instead of Plat Zone - We have fixed bugs with Extreme donator and super donator zone - We have fixed a bug that made old style coins collect in your bank - We have updated a number of drop tables to use the new currency - We have fixed the 'Featured Shops' in the POS - We have updated the Lottery to incorporate DSCoin - We have fixed a bug that caused the Platinum Coin model to appear to large - We have added support for Players to maintain HP higher then 99 (See Emp Neck) - We have fixed a bug that allowed bosses that TP to teleport into unaccessible areas
  10. What's up Dreamers! Today's update focuses on some MAJOR content! Revamps! Bug fixes, quality of life and of course a healthy handful of custom items! Today we bring you one of the most instrumental changes to Dreamscape’s economy since release! For a long while we have been trying to make our economy conform to the restraints of an osrs economy. This has had a number of difficulties and we have decided that as a custom server, an osrs style economy is no longer compatible. As such we have launched a new currency! We are after all a custom server and we believe our players deserve a custom economy. DScoins will replace osrs coins and the more commonly used bil tickets. This will do away with the difficulty of high denomination language, max cash stacks and bugs due to high amounts of currency being lost due to cash limits. The changes have been done putting maintaining value and ensuring that nobody loses value through these economic changes, similar to how OSRS launched ‘Platinum Tokens’ to deal with a similar issue regarding integer limits and max cash. Your bank value before and after the update is exactly the same. We have removed bil tickets and replaced coins, 100m checks and the like entirely. Instead the go to denomination in dreamscape is 1 DS Coin (rather then 1b ticket). You will noticed that when you login your bil tickets have been replaced with DScoins. This will now be the standard currency on Dreamscape. 1b is now 1 coin. The value of items will remain unchanged and the economy as always will remain a lasez faire model, instructed by supply and demand. However the language used and the denomination of currency will change. If we take for example the Golden Minigun. This item at the time of writing fluctuates between 8 and 10 Quadrillion (8,000,000 - 10,000,000 bil tickets or 8,000,000,000,000,000 - 10,000,000,000,000,000 coins) It is plain to see how having bil tickets as a primary currency has it’s difficulties and we felt that this complicated maths as well as extremely high denominations was no longer necessary.. Under this new system where bil tickets are replaced with ds coins, a Golden minigun is worth: 8-10m or 8,000,000 - 10,000,000 DS Coins To this regard: 1B is now simply: 1 DS Coin 1T is now simply: 1000 DS Coins or 1k 1Q is now simply: 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1M 1QU is now simply: 1,000,000,000 or 1B To make currency conversions, trades and gambles simpler to facilitate as well as more user friendly, we have also introduced a number of different coins. (Similar to an IRL Economy e.g. Cents, Dimes, Quarters, Dollars) 1 DS Coin - Bronze Coloured Coins = 1 DS Coin 1 DS Coin (Silver) - Silver Coloured Coins = 1,000 DS Coins or 1K Ds Coin (previously known as 1T or 1 Trillion) 1 DS Coin (Gold) - Golden Coloured Coins = 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1m DS Coins (previously known as 1Q or 1 Quadrillion) 1 DS Coin (Platinum) - Platinum Coloured Coins = 1,000,000,000 DS Coins or 1B Ds Coins (Previously known as 1QU or 1 Quintillion) In order to ensure smooth and easy to understand implementation and adaption we ask that players kindly refer to currency using it’s new denominations 1-999 Coins - Referred to as: Coins - 1-999 DS Coins 1,000-999,000 Coins - Referred to as K - 1k-999k DS Coins 1,000,000 - 999,999,999 - Referred to as M - 1M - 999m DS Coins 1,000,000,000 - Referred to as B - 1B-999b+ e.g. Selling Soulflare 300k Or Buying Devious Set 30m Or Dice Dueling 100m+ Or Selling 50$ donation 50m+ In order to ensure that the new currency works smoothly with every aspect of the game we have made some additional changes: Shops at home have had their prices changed. The minimum price of an item from a shop is now 1 Coin. Achievement rewards, starter packs, box rewards, level up rewards, mini game rewards, clue scrolls will now all give DS Coins Rather then Bil Tickets The Well of Fortune now requires 25m (25,000,000 coins) to activate rather then 25,000,000,000,000,000 coins (25Q or 25 Quadrillion) Gamble games are now automated to function with the new currency. AFK Island now gives the equivalent DS Coin conversion per hour. We have updated thieving you will now receive DS coins from thieving stalls at a rate of: Crafting Stall - 1 Ds coin - takes 10 seconds to thieve Food Stall - 1 ds coin - takes 5 seconds to thieve General Stall 1 ds coin - takes 2 seconds to thieve Magic Stall 1 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve Scimitar Stall - 2 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve As this is a major change, there may well remain some outdated language (B, T, Q or Bil, Tril, Quad) We ask you report any instances of this being around at: www.Dreamscape317.net/bugs If you are he first person to report a Typo you will receive a reward! We also want to remind you of Dreamscape’s Bug Bounty! Anyone who finds a way to duplicate currency or a serious bug (Read: Serious) may be eligible for a bug bounty which can, depending on the severity of the bug include an IRL financial reward. Should you find a bug that fits the aforementioned description please report it to a member of staff for full Amnesty and rewards! Our rules are quite clear on bug abuse and we ask you to be aware that you will always amass more riches by reporting a bug and being handsomely rewarded then trying to bug abuse your way to unfair in game advantages. THE ENDGAME HAS ARRIVED! We have taken your suggestions and totally revamped the avengers mini game! The old mini game was clunky, unnecessarily complicated and the team requirements made it unpopular. Avengers now functions as an extension of the Arcade! Bosses now come in waves 1 by 1 and the raid is now a solo raid. Wave 1 - Black Panther Wave 2 - Drax the Destroyer Vision Wave 3 - Vision Wave 4 -Dr. Strange Wave 5 - Ant Man (with nerfed self-heal) Wave 6 - Captain America Wave 7 - Iron Man Wave 8 - Spider Man Wave 9 - Hulk Wave 10 - Ultron/Thanos (Final Boss) Players are rewarded arcades tokens rather then avengers points Wave 1 - 20 tokens Wave 2 - 40 tokens Wave 3 - 60 tokens Wave 4 - 80 tokens Wave 5 - 100 tokens Wave 6 - 125 tokens Wave 7 - 150 tokens Wave 8 - 250 tokens Wave 9 - 350 tokens Wave 10 - 500 tokens We have removed the Avengers shop at home and added the rewards that were in that shop to the arcade shop! Including: Batman Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Thor's hammer (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain America Shield (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman Body - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain American Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain American Body - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain America Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens New Rewards: You can now get the Spiderman Noir Set, a beautiful black and white cosmetic set! Spiderman Noir Helm - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Spiderman Noir Body - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Spiderman Noir Legs - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Extra Rewards As well as receiving Arcade tokens for each wave that you complete (see above for reward breakdown) If you successfully complete the Avengers Arcade (complete wave 10) you have a chance of a rare drop If you don't get the drop your drop rate increases (using a new dynamic drop rate system we are beginning to implement Rare Drops Infinity Gauntlet Soul Stone Time Stone Space Stone Mind Stone Reality Stone Power Stone If you are powerful enough to collect all 6 infinity stones you can bind them to the Infinity Gauntlet to create a new Best in Slot Mage weapon with DPS that rivals the BFG9000 The infinity gauntlet also has: 9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000 1 in x chance of 2.5 x max hit 2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000 Thanos Pet This super OP Pet has the same stats and effects the helicopter pet with the additional bonus of having: 1 in 5 chance of doing 2.5 x max hit This effect stacks with other 2.5x max hit boosters. Thanos Pinata In order to celebrate the revamp of the avengers mini game we have added a thanks Piñata in game! These will be randomly dropped by administrators throughout the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled! We have continued to tweak the end of battlegrounds in line with our commitment to keep this mini-game the hottest PvP mini game around! The final battle is now single combat meaning that it is 1 v 1 fights in the end. We have also removed protections prayers meaning that fights with no longer be painfully long and increase the risk of death while in BG! In order to celebrate the introduction of the NEW currency - DS Coins - we have fully revamped the Quadron Box! The Quadron box, now nearly 2 and a half years old has become unrewarding and does not fit with our current economy! We have majorly buffed it! Previous rewards from the Quadron Box were: 1,500-2,000,000 Coins The new and improved box gives: 25,000 - 25,000,000 Coins! Common Rewards 50k - 150k Uncommon 150k - 250k Rare 250k - 1m Ultra Rare 1m-5m Legendary 10m - 25M Due to the changes in Dreamscape's Currency, we no longer feel that the name 'Quadron Box' is appropriate. We want you to chose the boxes' new name! CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite! INFINIY GAUNTLET (Charged) Reward from new avengers mini game Spidey's Sexy Cape Custom Donation Noir Spiderman Suit New Reward from Avengers Raid - We have fixed a bug that made upgrading items turn into nulls - We have fixed the platinum cape to function like the executive cape (Right Click -> Operate) - We removed the ticket dealer from the home shop - We have fixed a bug in he bank that prevented you moving items - We have fixed a bug that prevented you from dropping pets - We have made a small change to the beginner ring that made double drop rate stack meaning players could get 6x cash drops - We have fixed a bug that prevented iron men and comp accounts from picking up drops - We fixed a bug that made Revenant Ether appear as Chucks Head
  11. What's up Dreamers! Today's update focuses on some bug fixes, quality of life and of course a healthy handful of custom items! Battlegrounds Changes We have made some major changes to the end of battlegrounds game play! When 5 players are remaining a warning message is sent out informing you that you have 15 seconds before being teleported. You will then be teleported to a new location, a much smaller arena! The final arena contains 1 chest and you are given one final key. This final show down of sorts is designed to prevent games needlessly going on for longer then they should due to people running around, avoiding fighting and just farming keys. We have added it so you can use the viewing orb so that you can view the final battle! We have also placed a new viewing orb at ::monkeyhome for ease of use during BG events Finally we have made it so that the spectate option is a lot more user friendly! You will now have a free camera when spectating a game and can use a flying camera spectate by moving around as if you were in the game! Drop Rates We have now lowered the drop rates of Vendura and Diablo (::joinraid2 and ::joinraid4) to continue our mission to make drop rates on Dreamscape fairer! We will continue to monitor drop rates in the coming months and assess what changes need to be made! Textured Inventory Items We have updated the way that the client handles textures, this means that our textured items will animate fully while in the inventory, regardless of where you are and what you are wearing! This should bring a huge improvement to the appearance of these items! Arcade Leaderboard We have added an arcade leaderboard at home! This will display the users that have successfully completed the Arcade the most number of times! Please note: successful completions start tallying from today My Drops We have fixed a number of PVM locations that were not updating your ::mydrops This includes: Some Donator Zones Exec Raids Plat Raids Some Instanced Locations These drops will show up on ::mydrops if you get a drop from here! Kill Count We have added kill counts to the Executive Raids, Turtles Raids and Platinum Raids! We are trying to add kill counts to all major bosses and raids, so if you know of a boss or raid that does not currently have a kill counter please let us know! Raids Bug We have fixed a major and long term bug that made it so that if you received noted items directly into your bank they would go into a new slot. This would cause confusion and clutter in the bank. Before After My Deals We have fixed a bug that prevented players getting their ::mydeals when they donated! This is a juicy extra benefit of donating and we are glad that more players will be able to make the most of it! Number 1 Donator We have fixed a bug that prevented the Number 1 Donator from accessing Platinum Partner Content Trusted Hosts We have made it so that Trusted Hosts and Legacy Hosts can now use the commands ::pos and ::typos to access the player owned shops anywhere on the map. This should assist them when giving price advice and in the running of dice zone. Mikko's Cape Custom Donation Winter's Respite Offhand Custom Donation Good Ol' Middleman Ak-47 Awarded to TD of the month Sexy Spiderman Suit Custom Donation Spidey's Webshooter and Offhand Custom Donation DSgang Textured Torva Prize for an event coming soon DSgang Textured Emperor's Set Prize for an event coming soon DSgang Textured BFG and OFFHAND Prize for an event coming soon DSgang Textured Icon Prize for an event coming soon DSgang Minigun Prize for an event coming soon DSgang Helicopter Prize for an event coming soon
  12. What's up Dreamers! Today's update was made by you! We looked through your suggestions for major quality of life improvements and made them! We have also added the top elite Platinum Zone for our VIP Platinum Partners. We spent a lot of time over the last 2 weeks reviewing Drop Rates This is a very difficult area of the game to get right! If they are too low the drops become worthless due to too many items in the economy If they are too high the drops become too much of a grind! A lot of the drop rates have been unchanged since release... UNTIL NOW! We have lowered the drop rates for 7 popular bosses on Dreamscape! It wil now be easier to get a drop from: Magegray Olaf Necromancer Guardians of Am'orth Diablo Chaos Elemental Revenants This should make PVM more rewarding for you and while it will still be a grind (changes are between 5-25% easier) you will now receive a more rewarding time PVMing! We have also addressed the drop rates of add-on items, e.g. Xebos Invitations, Rare Soul drops, infinity keys and have lowered all of these on Hard bosses considerably making them easier to obtain if you are fighting a harder boss, keeping them the same for lower level/easier bosses! The review of our drop rates took a long time and we believe has been a worthwhile exercise in keeping the server up to date! It is something we will monitor and will raise / lower as necessary over the coming months! We have added a new feature! At certain times in the year we will run BONUS BONK WEEKENDS! This will allow you to get 1.5 x the usual rate of cash from ::afk This huge amount of hourly cash means you simply can't miss out on these bonus weekends! There will be announcements in game and on the forums when the next bonus weekends are! First Bonus BONK Weekend 3rd May 2019 - 6th May 2019 Estimated Rates at Bonus Bonk Weekends! Non-donator - 22.5t p/h Normal donator - 45t p/h Super Donator - 60t p/h Extreme donator - 75t p/h Sponsor - 112.5t p/h Executive - 150t p/h Platinum Partner - 375t p/h We decided to listen to your suggestions for quality of life fixes and have implemented a large number of small fixes that will make a big difference! We made Birds nests and eagles nests stackable We decreased the re-spawn time of Mini Bandos and Mini KBD at the Minibosses We have added a kill counter to: - Trinity Raid - Strykewyrm Minigame - Corporeal Beast - Zulrah We added a claim all rewards button to the achievement interface We buffed the Infinity Scythe We moved the Infinity Chest to ::soulroom Suggested By: Senpar We have removed Chest Key#1 from various areas of the game (e.g. extreme daily reward, super mystery box, infinity keys) Suggested By: Numerous People You may have noticed that we have reccently grown our player base a large amount! We are now having a regular 300-500 player base! This is of course amazing news, however as a result of this we have noticed some server lag spikes and instability recently and have upgraded a number of things to make the server run more smoothly. This should mean that game play is noticeably smoother and lag issues are greatly reduced. As Dreamscape grows we have made a commitment to keeping the same smooth server running and lag-free game play regardless of how many players are online! We have continued to meet our commitment to constant updates to the Emperor's ring! We have added a hidden 30% Range DMG bonus making it the most OP offensive ring in the game! We have added a new interface where we will store important announcements! Typing ::announcements in game will open up a new interface where we can share important information, forum threads and more! Today we are proud to be releasing the fully custom platinum partner zone! To access this zone you must be a Platinum Partner and type ::plat We've been working with the platinum partners to create a zone based on their suggestions! The zone itself features a brand new custom map and over 150 Custom Bosses to fight! 21 shops including the brand new custom Platinum Shop! 7 New Custom Items to get your hands on! Platinum Raids Portal with fully instanced versions of raids! Platinum Tokens! The brand new Platinum Partner only currency! The Platinum Dragon! a Platinum Partner only boss! It is fully instanced so you won't be disturbed while on the grind and it's also multi combat meaning that you can maximise your kills with AOE weaponry. Welcome Area When you teleport to the platinum partner zone (::plat) you will be welcomed by everyones favourite side girl... North East Shop Area North West Area Diglet / Vorago North Room This room contains a brand new VIP only boss... the Platinum Dragon This Mighty beast is a brand new Platinum Only boss! It has a whopping 1,000,000 Hp but can be 1 hit! It has a 30 second respawn so is designed to be something you kill on the side while coming something else! Drops: Always: 50 Platinum Tokens Uncommon Drops: Platinum Icon Platinum Maul of Omens Platinum Tenderiser Platinum Party Hat Platinum Spirit Shield South Room 135 Private Bosses, bosses and more bosses! These bosses are stacked tight so you can maximise your AOE Kills! 15 of: Guardians of Am'orth Olaf Necromancer Revernant Imp Revernant Hobgoblin Donator Boss Penguins 30 of: Magegray East Room 4 Corporeal Beast's Sponsor Instances West Room Platinum Shop Platinum Raids Portal Code Key - 100 Platinum Tokens Lamps - 5 Platinum Token Dream Luck Potion (24hr) - 1000 Platinum Tokens Dream Drop Rate Potion (24hr) - 1000 Platinum Tokens Dream Double Drop Rate Potion (24hr) - 1000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Icon - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Maul of Omens - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Plat Tenderiser - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Partyhat - - 50,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Range Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Range Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Range Legs - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Mage Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Mage Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Mage Legs - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Melee Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Melee Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Melee Legs - 100,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Tokens When you kill an NPC at Platinum Zone you will get 1 Platinum Token per kill (excluding Platinum dragon which drops 50 each time) These tokens can be used in the Platinum Store! You can also convert Bil Tickets into Platinum Tokens! The Exchange rate is: 1000B = 1 Platinum Token Platinum Glaive Introducing Dreamscape's First RAID-COMPATIBLE 1 hit item! The Platinum Glaive This item is made by combining: An Icy Glaive 1,000,000 Platinum Tokens Platinum Icon Platinum Maul of Omens Platinum Tenderiser Platinum Partyhat Platinum Spirit Shield For this weekend only the following items have been reduced! Soon to be removed after this weekend! Get them before they are removed from the store forever! Scroll of returning This scroll, when equipped in your arrow slot, has a chance of not using a donation box when opening! The higher your scavenger level, the higher the chance of you conserving your box! (up to 1 in 3 boxes conserved) Gants Magnet This magnet when equipped in your arrow slot has a chance of not using keys in Dreamscape! This Includes soul room keys, code keys, crystal keys, treasure chests, and world box keys! The higher your scavenger level the higher the chance of you conserving Upgrade Hourglass This hourglass, when equipped in your arrow slot, has a chance of not losing an item when unsuccessfully upgrading in Dreamscape! The higher your scavenger level the higher the chance of you conserving your item! (up to 1 in 3 chance) LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! Easter Box - 40$ (Was 50$) We will soon be adding a fully custom Treasure Hunter! Collect boxes through PVM (up to 4 at one time!) And open them using Treasure Gems (claim 20 free gems every 12 hours) Featuring 8 levels of boxes with incrementally better rewards this is something to get excited for! Platinum Icon Available from Plat Zone Platinum Maul of Omens Available from Plat Zone Platinum Tenderiser Available from Plat Zone Platinum Party Hat Available from Plat Zone Platinum Spirit Shield Available from Plat Zone Platinum Cape Available from Plat Zone Platinum Glaive PLATINUM RAIDS COMPATIBLE! Dream Purp' Set Custom Donation La Senpar's Cape Custom Donation Alpha01's BFG9000 and Offhand Custom Donation Spartan Cape Custom Donation Spartan BFG9000 + Offhand Custom Donation Spartan Set Custom Donation Sen Padre's Set Custom Donation World's and Drax's Big D's Custom Donation Ding Dong's Custom Custom Donation
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