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  1. Rip my nightmare pet from chest BEFORE this update ? Updates look good though otherwise lol
  2. Too bad I gotta pay bills instead ??
  3. All accounts are required to enter a pin to play (even when creating the account), make a ticket in the Discord & the staff should be able to help you! https://discord.gg/SQ5bXEcphs
  4. 100% agree, best server out there
  5. I just got back, but welcome to the forums!
  6. Finally back to dreamscape ❤️ I missed y'all! Obviously a lot of people I knew are gone but still excited to be back

  7. Nice to meet you, CJBear I'm more chatty on the forums than I am in-game, I'm a bit awkward like that lol
  8. Thanks HC Canada! & Congrats to all the winners ❤️
  9. That's a fun idea. I may attempt this, hmm..
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