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  1. havn't been able to take advantage of the limestream boss since I work sunday mornings but amazing stuff and great new content, can't wait for halloween content!
  2. I have a few valid reasons for why the infinity scythe deserves a buff feel free to correct me on my reasoning as a spicy debate would be delectable. 1. Infinity scythe is an untradeable item and therefor can only be achieved through ::upgrade . The upgrade has a medium chance from an item that costs 3-5q the prices are slightly towards 5q since update but that is to be expected. 2. The upgrade chance is medium and although it is based from RNG the chances of a medium upgrade is roughly 1/10 in my personal experience. 3. The scythe then costs roughly 30-50q and is again untradeable meaning the only way it will affect the economy is through fewer people buying eternal Khiones Staff, or an increase desire for oblivion scythes which isn't exactly a bad thing. 4. the damage difference from oblivion scythe and infinity scythe is an upgrade of 22.6% damage for a cost of 30-50q. Then with my gear that I'm using that difference drops to a mere 13.2% damage increase which seems underpowered when you consider the fact that it is untradeable and costs roughly 30-50q I understand that this issue doesn't affect many members of the #DSgang because the weapon is new and not many players have it but for those people who do I think the weapon should have a buff. The Eternal Khiones Staff has 4x the magic dmg buff of infinity scythe (+100 magic dmg) and infinity scythe has (+25 magic dmg). Yet the pricing of the weapons are similar only EKS is tradable where as infinity scythe is not. For how the buff would affect the server it would make the weapon somewhat desirable, as the weapon has been out for a while now and only a few people have gotten it. It would make the weapon something to strive for as apposed to being simply not worth trying to attain. As it stands currently the weapon simply isn't worth getting because of its difficulty to attain. I have also included images below showing the damage difference between oblivion scythe and infinity scythe. the first two is with gear where the 13.2% calculation was made, (1430/1263 = 13.22). Then the third and fourth images show the damage differences with no other gear just my current elo of 35% and dream magic potion. (607/495 = 22.6%) Cheers, Hairyranger
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