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  1. Welcome to Redemption, Dep! I hope you enjoy your time here
  2. Thank you for taking the team to provide feedback! That is something we have been in the process of doing over the past few updates, there is a lot of content in the server over our 6 year span. You may post this feedback in either our feedback section or our suggestion section if you have some ideas.
  3. Runecrafting has been reborn with a new purpose! How to get there? The teleport is located under the miscellaneous tab on your teleportation dashboard! Quick Tip: Click the runecrafting skill on your skill tab to open up the direct teleport! How to train Runecrafting? You can either mine Rune/Pure Essence right at the Runecrafting Hub in the Northern most room or you can get some noted drops from the following drop tables: 150x noted ess on TOB Common drop table 150x noted ess on global slayer drops (1:300) 250
  4. Platinum Partnership As part of the platinum partnership, you are eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019 Contents of June Plat Crate 2021 Item 1 10x Superstar Box Value: $250 Item 2 10x Perfect Enchantment Stone Value: $100 Item 3 10x 2K21 Box Value: $300 Item 4 15x Box of Totems
  5. Willy


    Welcome! We have a lot in store for you! Hope you enjoy your time
  6. Welcome to Redemption! I hope you enjoy your time here
  7. It's not actually frozen, it just lacks a progress bar. If you give it some time, it will unzip everything and progress.
  8. Slayer Global Drops: We have added a global drop table to slayer tasks to add more value to the daily slayer grind! 1:25 10,000-100,000 Ds Coins 1:300 Antique Lamp Dream Potion of Range Dream Strength Potion Dream Magic Potion 1:1200 Archer's Blessing Berserkers Blessing Berserkers Blessing Wizards Blessing Box of Wisdom Slayer Key 1:1750 Level 1 Pet totems Box of Totems Bracelet charges for Expeditious and Slaughter 2x Slayer Keys
  9. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot
  10. Season 3 is NOW LIVE! You can find the brand new Cyber Void Set If you surpass tier 500, every additional 10 tiers will grant you 10 free spins on the Dreamscape slot machines! Dreamscape's long awaited custom Slayer is now here! ALL SLAYER LEVELS AND SLAYER POINTS HAVE BEEN RESET OVER 25 BRAND NEW MONSTERS AND CUSTOM SLAYER TOWER! The Rewards: NEW ITEMS: Expeditious Bracelet: 300 points Provides a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill to count as two kills towards the players slayer
  11. It has been long awaited.... but Dreamscape HD is OFFICIALLY HERE! Before: After: Mac users with integrated GPU will see performance issues with OpenGL. (you may want to disable this option in settings) Upon launch we may see some performance issues arise as we have only been able to test on our own personal software that may vary from yours, we will continue to work at a rapid pace to work through all OpenGL related bugs if they occur. It was finally time to launch our ne
  12. Check out the starter guide by typing ::info in-game Welcome to DS!
  13. Willy


    Welcome Cheetah! I hope you enjoy your time here on DS
  14. Willy


    Welcome to Dreamscape I hope you enjoy your time here and have some fun with all of the custom content you can find here. If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out
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