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  1. November 2022 Development Blog / Road Map for the year ahead CJ's comment It's been a rough time adjusting into the current Meta of Redemption as I was absent from the scene for a good year, However thing's are slowly piecing together and things are looking great moving forward. Big plans were discuss in various meetings I had with different Donator Ranks, mainly Plats and Diamonds. I would still thank everyone for their patience and understanding that you have with me Moving Forward #Roadmap for, Christmas 2022 and the Next year 2023 Christmas Update Plans for 2022 to end the year with a frosty bang~ We will be bringing back the Christmas Global Boss from last year. But we will be putting in a New Christmas Quest with new collectable cosmetics in plans Along with Christmas stuffs, Our new home will be arriving together with it along with our new donator maps, changes to diamond zone, Diamond Rank Slayer and more. We plan to crunch down our donator ranks. Honestly there's no actual benefits Regular Donator, Super Donator and Extreme donator Ideally Sponsor will be our new lowest rank. Donator Ranks Hierachy Sponsor ↓ Executive ↓ Supporter ( New Rank between Executive and Platinum ) ↓ Platinum ↓ Lapis ( New Rank between Platinum and Diamond ) ↓ Diamond New Obtainable ingame "F2P" ranks that will not have any ties with Donations These Ranks will be obtainable by claiming a new currency similarly to bonds Ranks obtained this way will stack along side with your Donator Ranks giving you even more incentives to chase after the highest rank obtainable Gain Benefits such as Additional DropRates, Additional Slayer Keys / Points, Daily Reward and more! Since the ranks are obtainable via F2P means, we will go crazy with the goals such as $100k ranks and more NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DONATION RANK Claiming these "F2P bonds will add to your total collected to track how far are you from the next rank, while claiming these "F2P Bonds" you will obtain a different type of point system which can be spent on the shop to obtain "Donatable Items" such as shadow pets and more This will heavily shift our "type of server" to be an extreme F2P server while players who choose to be P2P, they do still enjoy their actual donator ranks on top of this F2P ranks where the benefits will stack ontop giving them even more benefits Special Weapon Manager / Perk Manager With players always wanting to chase higher heights with their damage, we will be introducing Perks and Special attacks Main Plan for Special Attack is for ANY equippable weapon to be able to fit Special Attack, player then will design their own special attack perk. Perks mainly will give players a boost of damage, additional drop rates, extra yield from skilling Raid specific perks and more. As for how to obtain them, we are considering to link Special Attack to Salvaging Giving more benefits and reason to salvage items Player Owned Houses Yes, we know this has been teased many times and has not arrived, but believe me it's already in the game On our last discussion on how we should approach Player Own Houses Materials ( Planks, Nails and etc ) After much discussion with our balancing team, we have decided not to introduce them as filler drops as it was poorly received by the community. Look at herblore drops for example. Materials required for Construction will be in a AIO ( all in one ) Construction Shop where players can obtain the materials in exchange for CASH This will be a great cash sink while giving players their POH with Custom Portals ( Instanced, improved drop rate bosses ) Relics that can be activated to give players a TIMED boost such as damage or drop rate Their Personal Skilling Area for Herblore and more.. Main idea behind construction would be having the base osrs construction, then Custom Objects will come in after level 99 Legacy Bosses Rework 1 at a time With Content constantly coming into the game, we take a step back and viewed ALL of our content to realise, 90% of the old content becomes obselete. We will be reworking each bosses 1 update a time. Our goal is to rework each boss to give player a steady progression instead of just plainly doing slayer ( which is very boring ) As we attract more new players its quite depressing as new players only option to make big money or to even progress is by joining Staff Hosted MASS event or Slayer Old Bosses will be queued up to be reworked one at a time Starting with Abyssal Sire and Hades. The idea behind this, is to allow players to chase drops from these bosses to upgrade their armor, weapons and get cash Armors then can be upgraded by the next Boss's drop which can be used to upgrade. Example Abyssal Sire will drop a New armor set. This armor set will then be upgradable by a drop from Hades. Giving players a Steady Progression route outside of Slayer or Masses. Clue Scroll Accessbility We have plans to introduce a new farming map instead of ::mbox ( penguins ) This map will give players a better rate of obtaining Dream and Elite Clue scrolls We have already made the clue scroll ring easily obtainable from Vote Shop Now we will be focusing on introducing accessbility of clue scrolls Given how rare some of the collectables from clue drops it was a joke considering the difficulty it was to get a rare. We will be adjusting the reward rates and better cash per hour even if you do not hit a rare drop. This will give players a variety of choices to choose from when trying to get "rich" Raids and Legacy Raids Raids 1 - 6 are considered Legacy Raids with our very old system Nowadays when you mention raids you expect rooms, stages and etc. Legacy Raids feels more like a Boss fight. We will be removing Raids 1 - 6 Replacing them with newer Custom Raids League of Legend Raids 5 Stages, 1 Final Boss fight Blood Raids 4 Stages 1 Final Boss fight Images are for illustration purposes Final product may not be as detailed Illustrations / Preview of New Christmas theme items, Hades Teaser and more Icy Phoenix New Ice Armor Planned Hades Model Rework Hades Armor Set Hades Bident
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