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  1. With a heavy heart, this is probably my final post for DS I have been inactive with DS due to my commitments in real life. due to my RL work, I am unable to work on DS which is probably why @Jladams was the one who posted the latest update thread he was taught well and he will continue on the legacy! I will probably pop around left and right to see what's been good -those who still wanna keep in contact with me, you personally know where to find me on discord pms Thank you everyone who have supported me from the bottom of my heart, from the day i started off as a helper, climbed my ranks up and only provided the best. #DSGANG Good bye
  2. Changed Player Own Shops to show full value of price instead Fixed Arcade being non multi Fixed a rare error of regular Arcade instances Fixed platinum boss attacking issue Fixed Platinum partner’s vortex prayer bug Fixed Platinum Zone’s groudon issue Fixed New platinum prayer, now giving the correct boost of stats Fixed Skilling Island Clipping isse Fixed multiple errors with daily task reward Fixed expert daily task reward Fixed Clue Scroll rewards giving incorrect items Fixed Raiden raid drop rate value Fixed skilling island - fishing pier Fixed challenge event issues Fixed Theatre of Blood point Fixed a MAJOR BUG with Theatre of Blood Shop Fixed Ghrazi Rapier’s area of Attack Fixed Grinder giving incorrect value with platinum dragon pet Fixed Hydra Pet Right Click only Fixed ::drops item name errors Fixed ::elo, all donator ranks across will have only 150 NPC kill counts per 24 hours instead of 1000 NPC kill count. Corrected Dream Range set bonuses, it should now have the proper stats instead Always wanted to AFK combat? Potion of Aggression is the Solution for you! This new item will only be available via the WEBSTORE Potion in action! Custom Donation Garfield USP Platinum Crate Smokey Emperor's Set
  3. Change logs -Increase the difficulty of DC universe Raid Updated Hp and difficulty of the raid -fix a bug with DC universe Box Removed Donator Tickets -Improved the rates of Grinder 20% to fail an item > 10% to fail an item
  4. In this week's update we will be addressing all community's input from suggestions, releasing some new content as well as new platinum partner's prayers! However with Everyone in the development team, working twice as hard, The update has become a MASSIVE UPDATE its packed full of content, revamps and many more A Brand New Box with much better rewards for players which includes a NEW Arrow slot item! A brand new executive totem goodiebox! New Skilling Island! Bosses adjustments!! Scroll down and find out all of them in full details! Progression Zones This is to help new comers with progression! Its a system where you will be placed at the start and grind till the end, climb up the zones by clearing each zone's requirements! These zones have a special change where the NPC in these zones have really good drop rate! averaging to 1 : 250 to get an item! This will help players who always are unsure on where to train, where to grind and etc. Where to start? Zone Manager is placed right outside of Home Bank! As mentioned above, If you manage to completed all zones, you will be awarded 100m DS coins! Each Zone will have a specific amount of Kill counts to be done there before you are able to progress to the next zone. This Kill count is not linked to your current kill count of that particular NPC, killing NPC outside of the ZONE will not award you with Zone's Kill count Good Luck Dreamers in progressing and obtaining the best loots there is for you all! A New Goodiebox has been added! Always wanted an Executive Totem? Try your luck with the NEW EXECUTIVE TOTEM Goodiebox! You can grab them over here Looking for the Best ODDS when opening a Box? try out our NEW and improved from previous Boxes DIAMOND BOX You can grab on over here! Stand a Chance to get the NEW BEST IN SLOT item for QUIVER SLOT The Power Fist The Power Arrow 10,000 Box opened! With the recent changes to soulsplit! We have improved the Hitpoint Interface and prayer interface for players to get a better view of their Hitpoints This will help players maintain their HP when it's low! Skilling Zone is here to be the first part of custom skilling! We have planned custom skilling to be released in the near future with new custom food tiers Custom agility courses! Custom Fishing, Custom Mining, Custom Smithing and many more! This release of Custom Skilling Zone is only part 1 ! This will allow players to get familiarize with the area and potentially be a nice hang out spot for players or skillers! This update for Skilling Zone is only the partial release, in the next update. We will be releasing Skilling Points and Reward system for various skills to earn Skilling outfits and various bonuses There are many things planned for Skilling in the future to make skilling a viable way of earning DS coins / rewards when you are bored from PVM-ing, so stay tuned for the next release of Skilling island! You can Visit Skilling Island via ::Skilling With the release of Skilling island We have improved some skilling items! Infernal Hatchet Infernal Harpoon Infernal Pickaxe You can purchase them here! Stay Tuned! Platinum Partners are receiving a new set of prayer which are unique and will probably be the best prayers! This New Prayer will have a unique mechanic where platinum partner will have to hunt for a new unique boss for the "torn prayer scroll" combining them to receive a random order of 1 of the new platinum prayer Image is for illustration purposes only final product may look different when in game 1. Protect from ALL Protects you from all combat style up to 99% 2. Sharp Eyes Boosts Range attack's damage by 35% 3. Infinity Boosts Mage attack's damage by 35% 4. Unmanaged Anger Boosts Melee attack's damage by 35% How to get to the boss? ::plat Head towards North WEST Boss information Name: Demonic Guardian Specs: Boss has effects of Various mechanics mixed into 1, Jad's Range attack, Jad's Mage Attack and toxic pool Boss drops Drop table of Demonic Guardians Always 50k - 250k ds coins Or Platinum Token 50 - 200 platinum tokens 1 in 75 Platinum Tenderiser Platinum Maul of Omens Platinum Spirit Shield Platinum Icon Platinum Party Hat 1 in 100 1 x Super Mystery Box 1 x Ultra Mystery Box 1 x Invictus Box 1 x Box of Wealth 2 x Pet Mystery Box 1 x Tactical Box 20 x Mystery Box 7 x Gold DS Coin 1 in 250 High-Grade Enchantment Stones 3 x Super Mystery Box 3 x Ultra Mystery Box 3 x Invictus Box 3 x Box of Wealth 5 x Pet Mystery Box 3 x Tactical Box 50 x Mystery Box 15 x Gold DS Coin 1 in 500 Torn Prayer Scroll part 1 ( UNTRADABLE ) Torn Prayer Scroll part 2 ( UNTRADABLE ) Torn Prayer Scroll part 3 ( UNTRADABLE ) 1 in 2000 Platinum Prayer Scroll ( UNTRADABLE ) Demonic Guardian Pet ( Cosmetic Pet )( UNTRADABLE) 1 in 3500 1 x 2k20 Box 1 in 3750 Perfect Enchantment stone 5 x Donator Ticket Once you have collected torn prayer scroll part 1, 2 and 3 you can use them on each other and receive a Platinum Prayer Scroll Learning the scroll will give you a Prayer on Random This will not learn an existing Prayer that you have. Good luck in Hunting for the Scroll! First Platinum Partner to get all 4 Prayers With a Screenshot and Timestamp sent on discord Will receive a NEW "Diamond Box" worth $100 Added a New Theatre of Blood Shop just outside of the Raid Have you been going dry in over hundred of runs in Theatre of Blood? Theatre of Blood will now give 1 ToB point per Completion on top of your drop! You can save up your points to purchase your desired items from Theatre of Blood Ghrazi Rapier's Addition Ghrazi Rapier has been given stats Attack Area of 3 x 3 Double hits Since Raids has been revamped, Players have been suggesting to fix Daily Task kill count for Raids We have greatly adjusted the kill count required and added a bunch of the recent release of bosses and etc Adjusted These list of bosses from 250kc -> 50 kc Vendura O.G Dragon Diablo Added this list of Bosses to Expert Task Shredder Alchemical Hydra Undead Lancelot Hanzou Masamune Riley Raid New Reward List for Daily Task Easy Tasks: COMMON Mystery Box (50) Crystal Key (100) Donator ticket Dynamic Box Spacejam (u) Scoped Rifle (u) Cash Reward (500K-1M) Tactical Box Invictus Box UNCOMMON Cash Reward (2M) American Boxing Gloves Super Mystery Box (5) Tactical Box Pet Mystery Box Ultra Mystery Box Xebos Invitation 1 x Mimic’s Entry Ticket RARE Minigun Oblivion Scythe Frostbite Staff Infinity Key (10) Intermediate Tasks: COMMON Frostbite Staff Blizzard Spirit Shield Super Mystery Box (5) Tactical Box (3) Pet Mystery Box (3) Ultra Mystery Box (3) Crystal Key (250) Tactical Box Donator Rank Ticket UNCOMMON Dynamic Box (3) Super Donator Ticket Blue Death Cape Soulflare (u) Infinity Scythe Collector’s Necklace Groudon Pet Infinity Key (10) RARE American Pernix Set American Torva Set American Virtus Set Golden Minigun Infinity Gauntlets Magegray Upgrade Totem Cash Reward (5M) Hard Tasks COMMON Dynamic Box (3) Tactical Box (3) Xebos Invitation (3) Mimic’s Entry (3) Cash Reward (5M) Infinity Key (20) Crystal Key+ Mystery Box (250) Super Mystery Box (10) Super Donator Ticket UNCOMMON Electronic Katana Mystic Gloves Anguish Gloves Berserker Gloves Box of Wisdom Extreme Donator Ticket Dream Mystery Box (5) RARE Cash Reward (10M) M4a4 Asiimov Avery Ring Necromancer Jr. Khione’s Staff Aqua Spirit Shield Seers Boots Archers Boots Berserker Boots Expert COMMON Dynamic Box (5) Tactical Box (5) Dream Mystery Box (5) Mimic’s Entry Ticket (3) Infinity Key (50) Xebo’s Invitation (10) 2x Damage Card Cash Reward (10M) Box of Wisdom UNCOMMON Cash Reward (15M) Extreme Donator Ticket Grand Lottery Book Avery Ring Aqua Spirit Shield Diablo Jr. Sword of the Protectorate RARE Devious Set Crystal Set AK-47 Asiimov Eternal Khione’s Staff Avery Incantation Cash Reward (25M) Getting your skills to level 150 has never been rewarding, but a personal goal or achievement. We have improved the 150 Milestone Cape You will require 150 in all skills (except for combat, construction, karma, gambling, scavenger) Its a cape intended to be something players can achieve if they can't clear arcade! Milestone can be found at ::shops A New Arcade Raid has finally arrive at Dreamscape! if you have been through Avengers Arcade, this is really similar You can find DC Universe Arcade at ::Arcade Compared to Avengers Arcade, This Raid is much shorter, however at a higher difficulty! Get to Fight Bosses like Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, The Joker and Flash! Each Boss have their own unique abilities similar to their Super Hero's ability There will be 5 Waves and you will earn yourself a UNIQUE drop from the DC Universe itself and Arcade Tokens! It is recommended you enter with a Mid Tier / End game tier setup Wave 1 Batman 1,500,000 Hp Ability: A very rare chance Batman will stun you with his battarang for 3 seconds Wave 2 The Joker 1,600,000 Hp Ability: Laughing Gas, Joker will poison the area around your player Wave 3 WonderWoman 1,700,000 Hp Ability: Taunt, Wonder woman will pull you towards her and stunning you for a few seconds Wave 4 Superman 1,800,000 Hp Ability: Super Strength, Just hits.. really really... hard.. Wave 5 Flash 3,000,000 Hp Ability: Super Speed, Randomly Runs around the map to "Dodge" your attacks Drop Table Always 10,000 - 15,000 x DS coins 1 in 35 1 x DC universe Box 1 in 65 2 x DC universe Box uncommon 1 in 100 20,000 - 30,000 x DS coins Arcade Token ( New item ) 10 x Rainbow Fish Rare 1 in 125 3 x DC universe Box Rare 1 in 200 4 x DC universe Box Very Rare 1 in 300 35,000 - 50,000 x DS coins - 5021 2 x Arcade Token ( New item ) 5 x DC universe Box Ultra Rare 1 in 750 Batman Mask Batman Body Batman Legs Superman Helmet Superman Body Superman Legs Flash Helmet Flash Body Flash Legs 5 x Arcade Token 10 x DC universe Box 3 x Donator Tickets DC Universe Box Always 100,000 - 300,000 DS coins - 5021 1 x Antique Lamp - 23189 Rare 1 in 150 Batman Mask Batman Body Batman Legs Superman Helmet Superman Body Superman Legs Universe Ring Rare 1 in 200 Flash Helmet Flash Body Flash Legs DC Equipment Showcase Universe Ring Bonus effect When equipped, You will deal 50% more damage to ALL ARCADES MODE Arcade Normal Arcade Extreme Arcade Hell Avengers Arcade Raid DC universe Raid Batman Set Superman Set Flash Set Need to fix CHEST PIECE TEXTURE ISSUE BEFORE SHOWCASE We have improved the rewards of clue scrolls, this will make clues viable again! Rewards of all difficulty has been improved! Easy Clue Rewards · Mystery box (50) · Crystal key (50) · Donator ticket · Scoped rifle (U) · 500k Cash · Super Mystery Box (5) · Frostbite Staff · Tactical Box · Dynamic Box · Infinity Key (10) Hard Clue Rewards · Frostbite Staff · Golden minigun · Infinity gauntlets · 5 Gold DScoins · Groudon pet · Infinity Key (20) · American Pernix Set · American Torva Set · American Virtus Set · Blue Death Cape · Soulflare (u) Elite Clue Rewards · Dynamic Box (3) · Tactical Box (3) · Xebos Invitation (3) · Mimic’s Entry (3) · Super Mystery Box (10) · 10 Gold DScoins · Super Donator Ticket · Electronic Katana · Box of Wisdom · Khione’s Staff · Avery’s ring Dream Clue Rewards · Devious Set · Khione’s Staff · 20 Gold DScons · Avery’s Ring · Extreme Donator Ticket · Avery Incantation · Diablo Jr · Eternal Khione’s Staff · Ak-47 Asiimov We have adjusted and improved some of the Old Bosses for the benefit of everyone! New players will find it much more enjoyable getting Old bosses as a slayer task which in turn will give you much better gears to progress! Vorago - increased spawn numbers, reduced respawn timer added Dream potions to drop table Raiden - Removed Crystal Armor Voldermort - Removed Elite Virtus, Added Crystal Pieces BarrelChest - Added Electronic Katana, increased hp to 15,000 DragonBone Protector - Added Invictus Staff Part 1 & 2, Hp increased to 5000 Forgotten Warrior - Added Invictus Sword Part 1 & 2 , increased hp to 3000 Sea Troll Queen - Added Invictus Crossbow Part 1 & 2, increased hp to 5000 Bork - Added Sword of Protectorate, increased hp to 10,000 Abyssal Sire - Removed Elite Pernix, American Pernix Phoenix - Added Inferno spirit shield, increased hp to 10,000, Added more spawn, Phoenix Bones made stackable MageGray - Added Blue Death Cape, Magegray Egg, increased hp to 15,000 Adjusted Daily ::ELO requirements from 1000 > 150 kills a day Added Surok Magis to ::shops Fixed Jail from being able to escape with certain teleport Removed ::mypos command due to abuse Chaos Elemental World Boss Fixed Fixed Dead Sea Scroll's examine, giving false information Fixed ::gearviewer, you will now be able to use it at Home Added a new option to Raid Shops Refined Resizable Client's Transparent Chat Box Fixed and Corrected Clue step for Ironman clue step Fixed issue with Abyssal Sire instance, you should be able to ::yell in there Added Hydra bones to give prayer exp, scales with account type Fixed Invisible Hydra pet issue Fixed Enraged Hades bug Fixed Hades bug Fixed Party Pete's Drop Party, Stackables drop issue Removed Reward Alerts from 2k19 box, 2k20 box, Black Diamond Box and Goodiebag Islands Improve Alerts Visuals with a new look! Removed Hidden 30% hidden range boost to Dream Range set Removed Hidden 30% hidden range boost to Devious Set Improve Slayer Shop Added Invictus Weapons to Slayer Shop, 4000 points each Improve Wilderness Shop Added Avery Incantation, 50,000 pk points Executive Raid Increased Damage Cap for executive raid, when using a executive cape 3500 > 140,000 Raid Shops Platinum Zone NPC adjustment Removed Penguins Added Groudon Added Instance area for Revenant Werewolves Entry Cost - 5,000,000 DS coins Click on the Vine Ladder in the area of Revenant Werewolves Located at North East of the Area the moment you enter the map Regular Lottery update Increased buy in entry from 250ds coins > 5,000,000 DS coins this will increase the prize pool Removed Gambling Restrictions from Non-Donator Ranks Anyone can Gamble now, However there is a 15 minutes to new characters, similar to trade limit Improved Raid Shops players can now sell Raid Shops items back to the shop for 30% value Added Trix Armor pieces to Black Market Dealer Trix helmet, body and legs can be sold to Black Market Dealer for 10,000 DS coins Raiden Raid ( ::joinraid5 ) Hp has been buffed and Drop Table has been improved Hp increased to 5,000,000 for first phas, 2nd phase increased to 3,000,000 Added NEW drops, Obsidian Virtus Helm, Obsidian Virtus Body, Obsidian Virtus Legs Adjusted Raids 1-4 Drop Table Fixed Raid Bosses dropping incorrect item Slightly Buff the drop rate of unique items by 5% Added more items to Grinder / Adjusted some existing items value Platinum Dragon Pet - 100m Vorki pet - 200m Ferocious Gloves - 100m Thumper - 550m Scythe of Vitur - 750m Yix Amulet - 2m Tam Amulet - 2m Nax Amulet - 2m Seers Boots - 4m Berserker Boots - 4m Archers Boots - 4m Ultron Pet - 350m Emperor Armor Set - 25m Thanos Pet - 100m Eternal Crystal Helm - 5m Eternal Crystal Body - 5m Eternal Crystal Legs - 5m Epic Rings has been buffed Epic Seers ring stats improved - 10% magic damage and 200 magic attack Epic Tribrid Ring - combine, Epic Archers Ring, Epic Warriors Ring, Epic Seers RIng Stats: 200 in all attack, 150 in all defence, 10% magic damage, 100 strength and 100 range strength Epic Tribrid Ring (i) - Use Upgrade Chest, Located at ::upgrade Success rate is 10% Stats: 400 in all attack, 200 in all defence, 15% magic damage, 150 strength, 150 range strength ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change logs -Increase the difficulty of DC universe Raid Updated Hp and difficulty of the raid -fix a bug with DC universe Box Removed Donator Tickets -Improved the rates of Grinder 20% to fail an item > 10% to fail an item Custom item notes / changes Fixed Sashimono Glow effect Fixed Muggle's Custom - trade-able and 50 x 50 aoe Stats upgrade on Sweaty's drip and drop Custom Order Notes If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! New Custom Donation Huntir's Offhand New Custom item Only Available via Bundles Look out for Lt Lime's Special Bundles! Deadpool set Wonderwoman set
  5. It has been a long while since we have released an update! However it is FINALLY HERE! This update we are focus on tackling 2 issues, Raids 1 - 5 and The all new boss, Alchemical Hydra plus a ton of Quality of Life improvements! Without further ado, lets get started by showcasing them all below ! Alchemical Hydra with a slight twist of custom HP and loots! Mechanics are close to 1:1 to the original which is what some players have always look for when dealing with Bosses, unique mechanics that will challenge your maneuverability and quick thinking! How to get there? ::bosses > Bottom of the list There is an NPC called " Death " you can claim your items from him in the event you have died in the instance. Hydra's Room is actually instanced! you will never have to worry about people snatching your kill! Note, Alchemical Hydra is capped at 30,000 Damage this is to protect the content from being abused by killing it in 7seconds. with the damage cap, players with the best gears 1minute 15seconds to 2minutes If you managed to get a Hydra Claw you can purchase a Dragon Hunter Lance here! Introducing the all new ROYAL MYSTERY BOX This Box will only be available on the WEBSTORE Just imagine everything you possibly want in a box! End game items! Cool Collectibles and many more! 10,000 Royal Mystery Box Opened There's a unique thing about this box! Thinking of trying your luck out? ever wanted to WIN MORE? you can attempt to UPGRADE your BOX! Upgrade them via the EMPEROR'S UPGRADE CHEST! 1 in 3 Chance to get it upgraded! Emperor's Necklace's Hour Glass effect can help you save some attempts! *picture is for illustration purposes only, end product visuals may look different" 10,000 Royal Luxe Mystery Box Opened Royal Luxe Mystery Box will only pull items from 1 in 80 and above Royal Mystery Box 1 in 25 Minigun Penguin Staff (u) 1 x Gold DS coin Blizzard Staff Blizzard Virtus Mask Blizzard Virtus Top Blizzard Virtus Bottom Blizard Spirit Shield Trix Helm Trix Body Trix Legs Collector’s necklace 1 in 50 Soulflare X Demon Minigun Golden Minigun Aqua Spirit Shield Space Spirit Shield Inferno Spirit Shield AWP Asiimov 5 x Gold DS coins Castiel Katana 1 in 65 Electronic Katana Ultimate Dream Katana Khione Staff Infinity Gauntlet Necromancer Jr Space Boxing Gloves 1 in 80 Devious Helmet Devious Body Devious Legs Crystal Helmet Crystal Body Crystal Legs 20 x Gold DS coins Diablo Jr 1 in 100 Eternal Crystal Helmet Eternal Crystal Body Eternal Crystal Legs AK-47 Asiimov 2 x Perfect Enchantment Stone Avery’s Ring Avery Ring (i) Crystal Set Devious Set Emperor’s Set Helicopter Pet 1 in 150 Fire Hazard AK Fortune lvl3 Lucky Stars lvl 3 Augury lvl3 Mystic Lvl3 Berserker lvl3 Trinity Lvl3 Godsend lvl3 Fortunate Favour lvl3 Eternal Khione Staff 1 in 250 Dream Helmet Dream Body Dream Legs Dream Helmet (Blood) Dream Body(Blood) Dream Legs(Blood) Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Thanos Pet 1 in 512 Dream Range Set Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set BFG9000 BFG9000 offhand Icy Sled Black Sled Inferno Sled Space Sled Lava Sled 100 x Gold DS coins Ultron Pet 1 in 1500 Infinity Gauntlets Charged 250 x Gold DS coins Scythe of Virtue Sanguinesti Staff Muskateer Hat Muskateer Body Muskateer Legs 1 in 2500 500 x Gold DS coins Emperor’s Ring Emperor’s Necklace Item Grinder is here to solve all your duplicates of item that just can't seem to sell! Item grinder will take majority of your unwanted items, Gambling wins ( that can't sell ) and many more! trade them in the Grinder for DS Coins! You stand a chance to win some GRINDER Coins from grinding your items Which you can use to attempt on the Vending Machine to win some COOL CUSTOMS, Cash and much much more! You don't feel like grinding your item? you can purchase a Grinder Coin directly from the Vending machine for 500m DS coins Vending Machine and Grinder is located at ::home Near the Giant Tree Entrance Players can use their items on the Grinder to receive their DS coins and a Chance to get a GRINDER Coin. If your item value is lower than 100m, you will not roll for a chance, to get a grinder coin Grinder List Emperor’s Ring --------------------------- 600m Emperor’s Necklace--------------------- 1000m Dream Range Set ------------------------ 150m Dream Melee Set ------------------------- 150m Dream Mage Set --------------------------- 150m Sponsor Ticket ------------------------- 150m Avery Ring ---------------------------------- 7m Avery’s Ring (i) ---------------------------- 50m Avery Incatation --------------------------- 30m Prod Cape ------------------------------------- 200m AK-47 Asiimov ---------------------------- 10m AWP Asiimov ----------------------------- 7m M4A4 Asiimov ---------------------------- 7m Necromancer Jr ------------------------- 5m Diablo Jr --------------------------------- 10m Thanos Pet ----------------------------- 120m Khione’s Staff -------------------------- 8m Eternal Khione Staff ----------------- 12m BFG9000 ------------------------------- 100m BFG9000 Offhand ------------------ 100m Helicopter Pet ----------------------- 45m Puffer Fish Pet ----------------------- 50m Devious Set ----------------------------10m Devious Helmet ----------------------- 2m Devious Body ------------------------- 2m Devious Legs -------------------------- 2m Crystal Set ----------------------------- 10m Crystal Helmet ----------------------- 2m Crystal Body -------------------------- 2m Crystal Legs --------------------------- 2m Infinity Gauntlets --------------------- 5m Infinity Gauntlets Charged -------- 200m Icy Glaive ------------------------------ 150m Customizable Icy Glaive ----------- 150m Mystic Lvl3 ---------------------------- 50m Berseker Lvl3 ------------------------ 50m Augury Lvl3 -------------------------- 50m Fortune Lvl3 -------------------------50m Fortunate Favor Lvl3 -------------- 50m Hades Cleaver ---------------------- 100m Hades Offhand --------------------- 100m Hades Cleaver (u) ----------------- 125m Hades Helmet ---------------------- 10m Hades Body ------------------------ 10m Hades Legs ------------------------ 10m Lava Minigun ---------------------- 250m Golden Minigun ------------------- 4m Minigun ----------------------------1m Space Virtus Helm -------------- 25m Space Virtus Body --------------- 25m Space Virtus Legs -------------- 25m Blizzard Staff ---------------------- 1m Blizzard Spirit Shield ----------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Helm -------------------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Body -------------------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Legs ------------------- 100k ds coins Aqua Spirit Shield -------------- 4m Space Spirit Shield -------------- 5m Thumper ------------------------- 200m Lava Groudon Pet -------------- 4m Arrav Helm ----------------------- 70m Arrav Body ------------------------ 70m Arrav Legs ------------------------- 45m Arrav Sword ----------------------- 60m Arrav Sword Offhand ------------ 50m Arrav Shield ------------------------ 35m Undead Helm ---------------------- 3m Undead Body ---------------------- 5m Undead Legs ---------------------- 5m Graceful Rapier ------------------- 15m Graceful Shield ------------------ 4m Bikini Hat --------------------------- 5m Bikini Body ------------------------- 8m Bikini Legs ------------------------- 8m Skotizo Cape ---------------------- 75m Skotizo Hat ----------------------- 100m Skotizo Body --------------------- 100m Skotizo Legs --------------------- 100m Skotizo Bow ---------------------- 100m Skotizo 2h Sword ---------------- 75m Grinder Coin and Vending Machine! VENDING MACHINE DROP TABLE 1 in 20 20 x Gold DS coins 20 x Rainbow Fish 2 x 2x Damage Card 2 x Antique Lamps 1 x Sled 1 in 50 30 x Gold DS coins 30 x Rainbow Fish 10 x Xebos Invitations 5 x 2x Damage Card 5 x Antique Lamps 1 x Infernal Primordals 1 x infernal pickaxe 1 x Black Sled 1 x Icy Sled 1 x Inferno Sled 1 x Space Sled 1 x Lava Sled 1 in 85 40 x Gold DS coins 40 x Rainbow Fish 20 x Xebos Invitations 1 x Stone of Power 1 x Stone of Redemption 1 x Stone of Vengeance 1 x Stone of Healing 1 x Stone of Resurrection 1 in 125 50 x Gold DS coins 50 x Rainbow Fish 1 x Hades Pet Dream Range Set Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set 1 in 200 75 x Gold DS coins 75 x Rainbow Fish Khione’s Helm Khione’s Body Khione’s Legs Muskateer Hat Muskateer Body Muskateer Legs 1 in 280 100 x Gold DS coins Prometheus Helmet - Cosmetic Custom Prometheus Body - Cosmetic Custom Prometheus Legs - Cosmetic Custom 1 in 350 120 x Gold DS coins 100 x Rainbow Fish 100 x Xebos Invitation 25 x 2x Damage Card 1 in 500 1 x Vorki Pet 1 x amban Sniper Rifle 1 x Beskargam Helm uncharged 1 x Beskargam Body uncharged 1 x Beskargam legs uncharged 1 in 1000 1 x Vending Machine Pet* 1 x Ultron Pet 1 x Baby Yoda Pet 1 in ????? 1000 x DS coins 1 x Shadow Pet 1 x Wing Zero Pet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vending machine pet Bonuses (untradable) 60% drop rate 40% double drop rate 10% luck Healing effect capped at 1 Prayer Restore Raids 1 - 4 has always been the favorites of the community! we have decided to add in a NEW Drop to this bosses Voldermort, Vendura, O.G Dragon and Diablo These Bosses have their Hitpoints buffed up significantly! Voldermort: 3,000,000 HP Vendura: 4,000,000 HP O.G Dragon: 5,000,000 HP Diablo: 5,000,000 HP Voldermort's Drop table has a new Drop Wand of Voldermort ( untradable ) 1 in 2500 drop rate This item can only be combined with a Eternal Khione Staff to create a new mage weapon Voldermort's Staff of Dream Vendura's Ring 1 in 2500 Drop rate from Vendura Additional Bonus not shown Healing Effect 2 Hit points per Attack DragonTooth Necklace 1 in 2500 Drop rate from O.G Dragon Diablo's Claw 1 in 2500 Drop Rate from Diablo You will require a BFG9000 and a Diablo Claw to combine them You will get a Diablolic Bow ( 1 Handed Bow ) Good luck Dreamers in hunting some of the new BEST in Slot Equips! Gambling Streaks are now in to make dice zone gambling even more rewarding! Ever wanted to show off your streak but you don't have screenshots to prove it? You can now with GAMBLING STREAKS overhead icons! Get a chance to win some juicy BOUNTIES! Streak Icons! Streaks as per follow 3 - 5 - 7 9 - 11- 13 15 - 17 - 20 Streak icon in action! Bounty for Streaks! This bounty will be awarded for players who have defeated them! Streak-Holders, they will not miss out on this as well, in the event they win the gamble, they will receive the bounty money! Bounty for Win Streak 3 : 4m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 5 : 8m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 7 : 12m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 9: 16m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 11 : 20m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 13 : 24m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 15 : 30m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 17 : 60m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 20 : 100m ds coins Soul Chest has always been a big part of Dreamscape back in 2017 It has been a long time since we have updated the chest to include new bosses soul and even update the rewards! We have added New Boss Souls and improved the overall drop table from the chest! We have added an additional function to open 1k Soul Keys at a time! The following Bosses now have Souls drop added to them Hades Riley Raid Vorkath Skotizo Hanzou You can visit Soul Chest at ::soulroom Stand a chance to win some of the NEW cosmetics that are only available in Soul Chest Have you upgraded something you felt like you have regretted? Enchantment Disassembly is your solution! Players can now disassemble their enchantments! However you will only receive 30% of the enchantment back E.G: Item has +10 enchantment, player salvages their enchanted item they will only get back 3 perfect enchantment stones ( untradable ) You can find the NPC at ::upgrades To start the disassembling, you will have to use your item that has a minimal of +10 and above on the dwarf once done, you will go through a dialogue whether you want to confirm. Once done, you will receive the stated amount of PERFECT ENCHANTMENT STONES (u) (untradable) Added more Revenant Werewolves spawn locations Frost Dragons are no longer aggressive BarrelChest are no longer Aggressive Vorago reworked -increased NPC hp to 750 > 40,000 -added drops Vorago Jr and Eternal Crystal Pieces Readjusted Super Donator Ticket to Exreme Donator Ticket upgrade chance Added Quality of Life SHORT CUT KEYS CTRL + X = ::bosses CTRL + H = ::home CTRL + B = ::bank CTRL + D = ::dicezone Muggle's Descimator Tradability and AOE corrected. Sashimono Cape Custom Donation Bamboozled Descimator Mainhand and Offhand Custom Donation NEW DONATION BUNDLE ITEM RAIJIN SET AND RAIJIN SCYTHE Do look out for the forum post that Lt Limes will post soon!
  6. In this Patch notes, we will be addressing all bugs and addressing concerns we have seen in Bug reports. Before the the notes, a little teaser and a few things to mention! The Hydra boss is still in the works of coding and getting it 100% fully function with a twist of our CUSTOM touch! We are looking into areas to improve as well Things that will be in discussion and set to work on in the future updates! 1. ::upgrade - this zone is in need of a rework as it looks outdated. 2. Custom Slayer - Slayer has always been a big part of RS, we will be adding our own twist and touch by updating the task list and even coming up with a custom slayer island where you will find majority of your task npc there. 3. Drop Table Review - in the next few days, i will be posting a drop table review, which we will show case majority of the NPC's drop table. I would like the community's input after reviewing the numbers! Stay tuned for the post coming up soon! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch notes Fixed Mac and Linux client users issues Reduced World Boss Hp, 100m > 50m Fixed World Boss, Enraged Chaos Elemental. NPC is no longer a Pet Fixed Text Error on Emperor's Necklace (i) options ( Reported by @I Willy I ) Fixed GPS Bug abuse with Xebos Invitation ( Reported by @Iron Lord ) Fixed Game Breaking exploit , being able to 1 shot any Boss ( Reported by @Gya ) Fixed Gambling Pet's Item Name in Trade menu Fixed Vorkath Daily Killcount resetting on Relog Fixed a Bug with Baby Yoda's Pet 1 in 15 to do 5 x damage not proc-ing ( Reported by @I am bambi) Fixed a Bug with Theatre of Blood, NPCs were attack-able in safe zone Improved Theatre of Blood's Drop Table Added Avernic Defender to ToB drop table -avernic defender gives 3 HP healing efftect per attack ( best healing item ) Removed Executive Cape and Executive Totem from Donator Bond Shop Nerf Trix Armor Set Added 10% DR ,DDR ,LUCK to Infinity Gauntlets (u) Following Boxes are made stack-able - Super Mystery Box - Dynamic Box - Ultra Mystery Box - Invictus Box - Box of Wealth - Mega Crate - Pet Mystery Box - Dream Mystery Box - Tactical Box - Double or nothing Box Ironlord's Lord's Executioner Stats increased Hickibilly's Hick's Staff Stats increased Spell Damage increased Huntir's Huntir's Glaive Stats increased I am Bambi's Planetary Devastator (i) Stats increased 808Raptor's Meet Idiot Stats increased Exodus's Just a Gun New custom item 50 x 50 AOE added Stakerz mainhand and offhand item made tradable
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  8. Suggestion implemented -----------thread closed -----------
  9. Suggestion in review - reason - Alpha Penguin spot is mainly used for Slayer, if players even do them. Lets hear what the community has to say first before we decide on anything
  10. A Small patch to address all current issues with World Boss, Bug Fixes, Customs and a little update on starter task. The starter task has been revamped to be 11 task instead of the tedious 17 task! rewards are still the same of 25% drop rate boost for 10hours. This New starter Task will educate New comers on the whereabouts on our Brand NEW and improved (Hopefully the final) HOME on a side note ( for new comers, we have an awesome wiki page for you to learn everything about the game! ) Click me for something amazing! We have added a new option to safe guard your items at 50% chance! We added an additional perk to the chest where if you DO NOT safe guard your items. In the event you fail, you will receive a 5% boost to your next attempt. This will reset upon Success. *Emperor's Necklace's Hour-Glass Effect works* In the event where your item fails the upgrade, there's a chance where the necklace will save your item. After selecting the item you wish to upgrade once or all. you will be given an option to select Pay 750m & protect the item in case of failure ( 100% ) Pay 400m & Add 50% chance protecting item in case of failure Continue without protecting Custom Donation Crow boy's set and Connor's Sheet Custom Donation Axe of Rhitta Custom Donation Dark Lord's Cape Custom Donation Otis Problem Solver & Otis's PeaceMaker Custom Donation Muggle 9000 & Muggle 9000 offhand Easter Event Removed Disabled 1 hit items on World Boss - wearing 1 hit items will only allow you to deal 50K damage Fixed World Boss weapon requirement error Reduced World Boss HP to 100m instead of 250m Fixed Dreamland's Wave 70+ ( world boss related NPCs) Fixed 0% on certain items at upgrade chest -corrected to 1% Increased Vorkath Daily Kill limit to 100 Added a Gambling pet which can be obtained from Gambling! Added Notification of Entries left for the day for Vorkath Added Option to purchase 1000 additional kill for the day for 50m DS coins for Vorkath Slightly Nerfed Trix Armor set due to it being too OP for the early stages of the game. Fixed ::starwars teleport command Fixed Enraged Hades Teleporting players to old home Fixed typo and correct Server's Boost drop rate and Server's Boost Damage
  11. Easter Event is finally here as it's a Dreamscape's tradition! Threatre of Blood has been updated as well to fit our current majority of player's damage output and of course improved rewards! Start Gearing up and recruiting parties! Because it's going to be worthwhile! Easter is a little late this year! However, better late than never am i right guys? You can start the easter event at our NEW home! look for Bouncy Guy Once you have went through the dialogue with him, he will ask you to collect some chocolate eggs for him! Collect 20 chocolate eggs from imps Head over to Castle Wars via teleports - Minigames - Castle Wars They are located just right outside castle wars ( they are pretty easy to kill ) Once you have collected the required amount, head back to Bouncy Guy to complete your quest! Players will receive 1 x Chocolate Egg launcher ( Cosmetic / 1 Hit weapon ) requires Chocolate Egg Ammunition which is limited 30 x Chocolate Eggs ( ammunition for Egg launcher ) ( 1 hit kills ) 1 x Easter Box 1 x Infernal Carrot ( cosmetic ) 500k exp in Scavenger 500k exp in Karma * Chocolate Egg launcher allows you to kill any Boss with 1 hit * Take your chances now to attempt raids / Bosses that you previously couldn't clear and test your luck! The raid has been kept the same, in the terms of mechanic skills and how to do it. The only changes are the Bosses HP and the possible rewards you can receive! Hp of various bosses increase substantially This is to cater towards our increase in player's overall power Whether you have customs, end game gear or even mid game gear. Theatre of Blood will now actually feel like a raid. We have improved the stats of equipment dropped by Theatre of Blood Giving players a goal to chase! We have added extra drops into the Raid's Common drop table! You will see things like, Dynamic Boxes, Code Keys, Ultra Mystery Box, Tactical Box,Scroll of Blood and even a BLACK DIAMOND BOX Stats of Various Equipment that received a Buff Sanguinesti Staff ( requires charges - charges with Gold DS coins ) 10 Gold DS coins = 5,000 Charges Bonuses DOUBLE HIT Speed : 0.6 9 x 9 area attack 10% drop rate boost 10% double drop rate boost 10% luck bonus Justiciar Set Set bonuses Set bonus when full set is worn 10% damage absorption 30% drop rate NEGATIVE 30% double drop rate 10% luck 20% Melee Damage Boost Scythe of Vitur ( requires charges - charges with Gold DS coins ) 10 Gold DS coins = 5,000 Charges Bonuses TRIPLE HIT attack speed : 0.6 3 x 3 area attack 10% drop rate boost 10% double drop rate boost 10% luck bonus A Revised home has been placed after numerous feedback from players! we have made everything much more compact and we have a very custom touch to Home! You can take plenty of nice screenshots to flaunt them on discord with scenery of a waterfall! New Home Spot / Bank / Various NPCs Shops Games Room Platinum Partner Statues Skilling Area ( still in development ) The World boss has received a revamp! If you have been to santa world boss before, that was a huge success which is why we have decided to integrate the system into our old world boss! Spawn Locations Varrock - Dark wizard area Falador - outside the front gates of Falador city Draynor Village - Besides the bank Al Kharid - Near the gates of Between Al kharid and Lumbridge Catherby - fishing spot East of bank Barbarian Village - West of the village You can check when the next boss spawns with World Boss Announcer Located at Home! Drops Top 10 players who did the most amount of damage to the boss will have a chance receive a drop from the unique drop table All players will receive a static drop Stand a chance to get the World Globe Pet! Ideal for Slaying World Bosses! World Globe pet Drop rate increase 35% DOUBLE DROP RATE : NEGATIVE 100% Luck: NEGATIVE -100% 25% damage Increase on WORLD BOSS Finally the 2k20 Box is here! Its a simplified version of the 2k19 box. You will guaranteed drops of.. 1 x Donation Point Book ( spend at roachey for cosmetics! ) 1 x Grand Lottery Book ( Points to claim to be used for Grand Lottery ) 1 x 2020 - 202000 Ds coins 1 x Mystery Item Best possible loots BFG9000 BFG9000 offhand Obsidian Virtus Pieces Skotizo Cape Fire Hazard AK Space Virtus Muskateer Equipment Loot from 300 Boxes! Mimic boss has invaded Dreamscape! In order for you to get an attempt to find him! You will have to hunt any NPCs in Dreamscape Entry works similar to Xebos invitation! Its set at 1 in 3000 drop rate to get an Mimic's Entry Ticket! Once you have acquired an entry ticket, get your gear and attempt the boss! Stand a chance to get the Mimic pet, Lottery boxes, Event Boxes! Stats of mimic pet Drop rate - 35% Double Drop rate - 35% Luck - 35% When pet is summoned, players get a flat rate of obtaining DS coins into their pouch. Same rate as emperor’s necklace’s way of obtaining cash. However donor rank does not benefit in increase. Gives 150 ds coins in a flat rate. Fixed Prayer Altar in Raid Hub Fix lag issues caused by Bank and Collection Chest Fixed Skotizo's Drops Fixed Dreamons becoming invisible Fixed POS bug with listing more than 28 items, causing the item to disappear Fixed Black Market Dealer sell 10 Added a sell X command to Black Market Trader Black Market Dealer will now send DS coins to your money pouch instead of your inventory - you can now key the amount you want to sell. Reduced Hade's Set Bonus Increased Healing cap for Emperor's Ring(i) to 2 Hit points per attack instead of 1 Special Bandage Cool down Reduced from 25 seconds to 12 seconds Made Skotizo Keys stackable Changed Upgrade Chest and Emperor's Chest upgrade's difficulty to Percentages instead of Easy/Medium/Hard. Added New items to be upgraded into Emperor's Upgrade Chest -infinity gauntlets -Thumper -Xebos Invitations -Descimators Added Killcounts to Various bosses -Skotizo -Theatre of Blood -Starwars Raid -Riley Raid -Undead lancelot -Vorkath Custom Upgrades Swags BFGs - added 50x50 Area of attack Fixed Huntir's Glaive Texture Name change for Swaggy's pink set Fixed Tolose's Hammer attack range Added stats to steroid's Bazooka Dreamz40's custom stats upgrades Pvm abuse's Bfgs stats upgrades connor's sceptre stats upgrade Custom Donation Stakerz Obliterator mainhand & offhand Custom Donation Garfield's Set
  12. The Long await and massively teased update is finally here! A whole new system for this very unique raid, players have always complained about the simplicity of our raid, we have made it so its difficult! complex! and mechanically challenged! put your PVM skills to the test and see how well are you ! Scroll down to find out more! Introducing the all new Starwars Raid! Popular characters of Mandalorian and StormTroopers! Collect the BEST IN SLOT armor and Craft your own Bes'kar Bars! An Unique Armor system that will keep you wanting to keep attempting the raid! Start by looking for StormTrooper to enter the raid You can use ::starwars to get to the NPC! Players who wish to attempt together will have to gather NEAR the NPC to enter together or you will be left out You can create your own CC to enter as a team of any amount! bare in mind, the more players there are in the raid, the more hp the boss will have! in future staff members may host massive RAID EVENT where everyone gather to clear it together! It is better to go in a duo or trio! Once you talk to StormTrooper, you will be asked to choose your difficulty of the Raid Difficulty are unlock able based on the amount of times you have ran the Raid Normal: unlocks at 100 easy runs 10% drop rate boost Hard: unlocks at 150 normal runs 15% drop rate boost Hell: unlocks at 200 hard runs 20% drop rate boost -note damage is capped based on difficulty- Welcome to the Start Area of the Raid In the event that you died in any part of the stages in the raid, you will be brought back to the start! There are 3 stages of boss fight -Mechanics will not be released, Players will have to figure it out- This creates a challenge for everyone Note that image / Gifs are for illustration purpose only, the raid is not easy as you think Stage 1 Stage 2 Last area, Chest / Reward Room
  13. This mini patch is focused on some minor fixes, Custom Upgrades, a NEW Raid Shop and a NEW RAID This is to keep players excited for the upcoming patch which will be teased at the end of the update thread! Stay Excited! Raid 7 Arrav Warrior Raid Accessible via ::joinraid7 Raid will only start if there are 3 players in the map. The boss has 2 phases Phase 1 Boss weapon: Sword and Shield Boss will randomly shout Absolute Defence 90% defence boost for 15secs Cool down 1 minute -secret mechanic- Only certain combat style can be used Phase 2 Boss Weapon: Dual Swords Hidden Mechanic Boss attack speed increase and will be “enraged” Dealing more damage to player but receives more damage in return Hidden Mechanic Only Certain combat style can be used Tired of trying to farm for a RAID item? never receiving the drop of your dreams over thousands and thousands of kill counts? Getting tired of raids being never rewarding? Introducing Raid points and Raid shop This is only applicable to Raid 1 - 7 Each Kill counts in any of the Raids in Raid Hub will give you 1 Raid point save up the points to purchase drops directly from the shop at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE! Never go dry over 3500 Kill counts ever again! You can spend your points at ::shops NPC - Raid Rewards Shop just beside the mini boss teleport NPC Swagaton's Gloves and Boots Custom Donation Swag's Side Hoe Custom Donation Swagaton's Cape Custom Donation Hick's Staff Custom Donation Sana's Aegyo Custom Donation Arrow Slot Equipment for BONUS -no preview- Notes Custom stats upgrade Ninfin's Execko - stats upgrade KFC cape - stats upgrade swagaton's BFGs - stats upgrade Spermdibber's Sperm9000 and Dibber9000 - Stats upgrade Irish Staff - 50x50 Multi Target Hit upgrade Bramox Finest Shiit - 9 x 9 Multi Target Hit and 1 in 5 to do max damage of his stats, Name Change as well If your custom is not on this list, it will be up on the next update. Please check with our Staff members ( ADMINS ) on your Progress / development of your custom! Fixed Dreamons being abused for Infinity Keys and Xebos Invitations Fixed Japanese Bosses being one hit - You are able to one hit the boss, However DS coins given will only be 10% Fixed a rare occurrence of items being sold for 0 DS coins on Black Market Raidhub ( ::raidhub ) Visual Changed - Modernized and cleaner look Added ANTI RAID BOTTING -failure to succeed in the check will result in a BAN Improved Lava Strykewyrm's Model Adjusted Skotizo's Keys droprate - Keys drop rate improved by 50% Skotizo Boss changes -when you killed the boss, you will be placed back in the room where revenant werewolves are Next Update Teaser and Preview COMING SOON TO DREAMSCAPE !
  14. suggestion accepted Dreamzone teleport command to be added Dreamzone teleport price reduced Dreamzone premium entry ( instanced and multi )
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