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  1. Platinum Partnership As part of the platinum partnership, you are eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019 Contents of December 2022 Platinum Crate Item 1 x1 Starfury Cosmetic Cape Value $1000 Item 2 Prestigious star Box x4 Value $600 Item 3 Bountiful Gem Box x 50 Value $500 Item 4 x50 Extreme Donation Potions Value $500 Item 5 SummerCocktail Damage x 10 Value - Item 6 SummerCocktail Drop Rate x 10 Value - Item 7 Owner's Box x 20 Value $200 Item 8 Plat Slot Tokens x 100 Value $100 Item 9 $100 Custom Credit Scroll x 2 Value $200 Item 10 Armory Crate x 30 Value - Total Value: $3,100 ++ Regards, Platinum Partnership Concierge team.
  2. November 2022 Development Blog / Road Map for the year ahead CJ's comment It's been a rough time adjusting into the current Meta of Redemption as I was absent from the scene for a good year, However thing's are slowly piecing together and things are looking great moving forward. Big plans were discuss in various meetings I had with different Donator Ranks, mainly Plats and Diamonds. I would still thank everyone for their patience and understanding that you have with me Moving Forward #Roadmap for, Christmas 2022 and the Next year 2023 Christmas Update Plans for 2022 to end the year with a frosty bang~ We will be bringing back the Christmas Global Boss from last year. But we will be putting in a New Christmas Quest with new collectable cosmetics in plans Along with Christmas stuffs, Our new home will be arriving together with it along with our new donator maps, changes to diamond zone, Diamond Rank Slayer and more. We plan to crunch down our donator ranks. Honestly there's no actual benefits Regular Donator, Super Donator and Extreme donator Ideally Sponsor will be our new lowest rank. Donator Ranks Hierachy Sponsor ↓ Executive ↓ Supporter ( New Rank between Executive and Platinum ) ↓ Platinum ↓ Lapis ( New Rank between Platinum and Diamond ) ↓ Diamond New Obtainable ingame "F2P" ranks that will not have any ties with Donations These Ranks will be obtainable by claiming a new currency similarly to bonds Ranks obtained this way will stack along side with your Donator Ranks giving you even more incentives to chase after the highest rank obtainable Gain Benefits such as Additional DropRates, Additional Slayer Keys / Points, Daily Reward and more! Since the ranks are obtainable via F2P means, we will go crazy with the goals such as $100k ranks and more NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DONATION RANK Claiming these "F2P bonds will add to your total collected to track how far are you from the next rank, while claiming these "F2P Bonds" you will obtain a different type of point system which can be spent on the shop to obtain "Donatable Items" such as shadow pets and more This will heavily shift our "type of server" to be an extreme F2P server while players who choose to be P2P, they do still enjoy their actual donator ranks on top of this F2P ranks where the benefits will stack ontop giving them even more benefits Special Weapon Manager / Perk Manager With players always wanting to chase higher heights with their damage, we will be introducing Perks and Special attacks Main Plan for Special Attack is for ANY equippable weapon to be able to fit Special Attack, player then will design their own special attack perk. Perks mainly will give players a boost of damage, additional drop rates, extra yield from skilling Raid specific perks and more. As for how to obtain them, we are considering to link Special Attack to Salvaging Giving more benefits and reason to salvage items Player Owned Houses Yes, we know this has been teased many times and has not arrived, but believe me it's already in the game On our last discussion on how we should approach Player Own Houses Materials ( Planks, Nails and etc ) After much discussion with our balancing team, we have decided not to introduce them as filler drops as it was poorly received by the community. Look at herblore drops for example. Materials required for Construction will be in a AIO ( all in one ) Construction Shop where players can obtain the materials in exchange for CASH This will be a great cash sink while giving players their POH with Custom Portals ( Instanced, improved drop rate bosses ) Relics that can be activated to give players a TIMED boost such as damage or drop rate Their Personal Skilling Area for Herblore and more.. Main idea behind construction would be having the base osrs construction, then Custom Objects will come in after level 99 Legacy Bosses Rework 1 at a time With Content constantly coming into the game, we take a step back and viewed ALL of our content to realise, 90% of the old content becomes obselete. We will be reworking each bosses 1 update a time. Our goal is to rework each boss to give player a steady progression instead of just plainly doing slayer ( which is very boring ) As we attract more new players its quite depressing as new players only option to make big money or to even progress is by joining Staff Hosted MASS event or Slayer Old Bosses will be queued up to be reworked one at a time Starting with Abyssal Sire and Hades. The idea behind this, is to allow players to chase drops from these bosses to upgrade their armor, weapons and get cash Armors then can be upgraded by the next Boss's drop which can be used to upgrade. Example Abyssal Sire will drop a New armor set. This armor set will then be upgradable by a drop from Hades. Giving players a Steady Progression route outside of Slayer or Masses. Clue Scroll Accessbility We have plans to introduce a new farming map instead of ::mbox ( penguins ) This map will give players a better rate of obtaining Dream and Elite Clue scrolls We have already made the clue scroll ring easily obtainable from Vote Shop Now we will be focusing on introducing accessbility of clue scrolls Given how rare some of the collectables from clue drops it was a joke considering the difficulty it was to get a rare. We will be adjusting the reward rates and better cash per hour even if you do not hit a rare drop. This will give players a variety of choices to choose from when trying to get "rich" Raids and Legacy Raids Raids 1 - 6 are considered Legacy Raids with our very old system Nowadays when you mention raids you expect rooms, stages and etc. Legacy Raids feels more like a Boss fight. We will be removing Raids 1 - 6 Replacing them with newer Custom Raids League of Legend Raids 5 Stages, 1 Final Boss fight Blood Raids 4 Stages 1 Final Boss fight Images are for illustration purposes Final product may not be as detailed Illustrations / Preview of New Christmas theme items, Hades Teaser and more Icy Phoenix New Ice Armor Planned Hades Model Rework Hades Armor Set Hades Bident
  3. Introducing our last planned instalment of RS3 inspired content before we move back into actual custom content Raskha will be accessable to all kind of players with no actual requirements This will content will test player's patience and mechanic dodging! There will be SOLO mode and DUO mode Duo mode, Raksha hp will be 1.75x Players with active ELITE MEMBERSHIP will have a streaking bonus. Streaking bonus - each kill you do without landing a RARE drop, your next kill will have enhanced drop rate This will continue on till you get a RARE drop Raksha's damage received is capped at 400k per hitsplat Raksha is a 4 Phase Boss Fight Brief explanation of Raksha's Mechanics Auto-attack (melee/ranged/magic attack) [ All phases 1 - 4 ] Raksha uses all three styles of combat lunging and biting the player with melee launching spikes with ranged discharging a shadow ball of energy with magic In melee distance Raksha will always alternate between auto-attacks in all three combat styles and will never perform attacks using the same style consecutively. If his target is out of melee range he will perform range and magic auto-attacks, sometimes using the same style consecutively. In duo encounters, the range and magic attacks are launched at both players. He will chase after his primary target if they are out of melee distance. Platinum partners+ can cheese this with their protect all prayer Reccommended to get more lifesteal / soulsplit items to outheal the damage done to you Tail sweep/trampling charge [ All phases 1 - 4 ] if the player is within melee range Raksha will perform a tail swipe with a large AoE. If the player out of melee range Raksha will charge towards the player's direction. Getting caught in the charge attack will disable protection prayers, stunning and the player for 3 seconds. GRAAAAH! or RRR... followed by ROAAARRRRR!!!. If struck by either of these attacks in phase 2 onwards Raksha will follow-up by yelling SUCH A FRAIL CREATURE. Shadow Anima [ Phase 1 - 3 only ] Raksha will spawn pools of shadow anima. These Shadow anima will heal raksha on certain phases and can be easily cleared with AoE weapons Shadow Bomb & Shadow Bombardment [ Phase 1 - 2 only ] Raksha will walk to the centre of the first arena and discharge five blasts of shadow energy that damages per hit. While this mechanic is active damage dealt to Raksha is reduced by 90%. During the phases it is used Raksha will also siphon from anima pools lingering in the oubliette. Shadow Anchor [ All phases 1 - 4 ] Raksha launches a shadow orb at player(s), applying a 6 second stun The attack will be a be fired on to player's last standing gametile, you can move away before the projectile hits to avoid this mechanic Make sure you are about 2 - 3 gametile away from impact tile Collosal stomp [ Phase 2 and 3 only ] Raksha will violently stomp the ground, causing the ceiling to collapse from above. small rocks will fall down as a warning indicator before a large rock falls down in a 3 tile from center (5x5 AoE) radius these rocks will also damage players next to them on impact, essentially making them cover a 4 tile from center (7x7) radius Rocks will continually fall around the player's position, with one of these always in a spot that will always hit the player if they do not move; there are four of these rocks per player during the transition Mind Flay [ Phase 2 and 3 only ] Players will become immobilised and between 2-5 orbs of shadow energy (2 by default, +1 for every 25% anima absorbed during the shadow anima pool mechanic) will appear around the player and will start dealing damage Raksha will stop using auto-attacks for 8 seconds during this time but at the end of the timeframe any shadow energy still remaining will deal damage towards player Shadow Detonation [ Phase 4 Only ] Raksha will stop performing auto-attacks for the duration of this attack while charging up shadow anima as a blue dome surrounds him. A bar will also appear above him; if it fills he will unleash a blast of shadow anima that causes instant death if not dealt with properly. The dome that surrounds him will de-spawn prior to the next instance of this attack as a warning that it is being used again. Deal enough damage to break the dome. The damage varies based on how much anima Raksha had absorbed in the previous phases If you are unable to clear this DPS check, you can hide behind any of the pillar surrounding raksha to avoid the instant death Only recommended if the dome cannot be breached in time. Phase 1 4 auto-attacks > Tail sweep/trampling charge > Shadow anima > 4 auto-attacks > 1 Shadow anchor > 4 auto-attacks > Tail sweep/trampling charge > Shadow anima > 4 auto-attacks > 1 Shadow anchor > 4 auto-attacks > Shadow bomb > Repeats cycle Phase 2 4 auto-attacks > Mind flay > 4 auto-attacks > Tail sweep/trampling charge > Shadow anima > 4 auto-attacks > 3 shadow anchor > 4 auto-attacks > Tail sweep/trampling charge > Shadow anima > 4 auto-attacks > Shadow bomb & shadow bombardment > Repeats cycle Phase 3 4 auto-attacks + shadow manifestation spawn > mind flay > 4 auto-attacks > 3 shadow anchors > 4 auto-attacks > Tail sweep/trampling charge > Shadow anima > Repeats cycle Phase 4 Regains life points > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Shadow detonation > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Shadow detonation > Repeats cycle Drop table preview Item name / Amount / Rates Gold Coin (1m) 20 - 100 always Perfect Enchantment stone 1 - 5 1/20 Chunk of Salvage 1 1/20 Black Diamond Box 1 1/20 Royal Mystery Box 1 1/20 Kismet Box 2 1/20 Mega Lottery Box 1 1/20 Gold Coin (1m) 100 - 250 1/50 Chunk of Salvage 2 1/50 Ultimate Armor Box 1 1/50 Hespori Seed 1 1/50 Herblore Supply Crate 1 1/50 Ultra Pet box 1 1/50 Cash Crate 1 - 2 1/100 Shadow Essence 1 1/200 Shadow Spike 1 1/1000 Shadow Crystal 1 1/1200 Raksha CrossBow Limbs 1 1/1500 Raksha Crossbow Stock 1 1/1500 Raksha Crossbow Mechanism 1 1/1500 Ice Dye 1 1/2000 Shadow Dye 1 1/2000 Blood Dye 1 1/2000 Holy Dye 1 1/2000 Electric Dye 1 1/2000 Broken Shackle 1 1/3000 Noteable New items Chunk of Salvage This item can be used at the savalge table to give you 100 Salvage Fragment per Chunk Shadow Essence Material used to upgrade Shadow Drake or Prestine (i) gloves / Boots Shadow Crystal Materials used to create Raksha CrossBow or Prestine (i) gloves / Boots Shadow Spike Materials used to upgrade Shadow Drake Raksha CrossBow Limbs Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow Raksha Crossbow Mechanism Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow Raksha CrossBow Stock Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow Ice Dye Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get the Icy Version Holy Dye Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Holy Version Shadow Dye Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Shadow Version Blood Dye Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Blood Version Electric Dye Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Electric Version Broken Shackle Summons Raklette Preview of items and stats Raklette 1 in 5 chance to deal 2x damage 50% tribrid Boost 50% drop rate 50% luck Prayer Restore Effect Soulsplit Effect Deals 10% of player's hitsplat as an additional hit ( similar to shadow Drake/ Shadow pet ) How to make Raksha Crossbow? You can gather the required materials and head over to draconic forge Raksha Crossbow Stats 1 Handed Crossbow Hit splats 3 Aoe ( 3 ) Blood Raksha Crossbow stats Obtained by Combing Blood Dye with Raksha Crossbow 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to heal player based off your damage dealt Icy Raksha Crossbow Obtained by combing Ice Dye with Raksha Crossbow 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to hit 2x Damage Shadow Raksha Crossbow Obtained by combing Shadow Dye with Raksha Crossbow 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to hit 1 additional hitsplat Electric Raksha Crossbow Obtained by combing Electric dye with Raksha Crossbow 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to "shock" target deals 30,000 damage per tick for 10 ticks Holy Raksha Crossbow Obtained by combing Holy Dye with Raksha Crossbow 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to restore prayer flat amount of 10 prayer point Ultimate Raksha Crossbow Obtained by Upgrading all various form of raksha crossbow on the draconic forge 1 Handed Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Aoe 3 1 in 10 chance to restore prayer flat amount of 10 prayer point 1 in 10 chance to "shock" target deals 30,000 damage per tick for 10 ticks 1 in 10 chance to hit 1 additional hitsplat 1 in 10 chance to hit 2x Damage 1 in 10 chance to heal player based off your damage dealt Shadow Drake (R) Obtained by Upgrading via Draconic Forge with Shadow Essence and Shadow Spike Shadow Drake (R) bonuses 1 in 5 chance to deal 3x damage 50% tribrid Boost 50% Drop rate 50% Luck Prayer Restore Effect SoulSplit Effect Deals 60% of owner's damage as an additional hit ( similar to Shadow Drake pet just better stats ) Prestine Boots (i) & Prestine Gloves (i) Obtained by Upgrading via Draconic Forge There will be a new set bonus when you equip both prestine boots and gloves (i) 1 in 10 chance to do double hit 1 in 10 chance to do 3x damage 30% tribrid bonus Really? ( this is the question i asked myself sometimes.... ) This new simple quest is just an errand task to round around redemption kill various NPC ( 3 step quest ) Dababy can be found located at Home area Speak to him to get started on the quest End of Quest reward 2 Weeks of ELITE MEMBERSHIP *if you have an exisitng running membership it will extend it's duration by 2 weeks *if you have an exisitng membershop lower than ELITE it will be overwritten regardless of your duration remaining After much anticipation, Welcome to CoD lobby cancer.. ( jk ) Jokes aside, This feature will only be avaliable for ELITE MEMBERS only You can tune your audio settings via " all setting -> Audio " You can mute yourself or deafen via this buttons below your chatbox If you have speaker overhead turned on, other players will know which character is the speaking or whether there's any input in Seasonpass has received an overhaul on the interface as well as how the entire system works Previously, a seasonpass was level 500 filled with random boxes and junks till you reached the end goal of the seasonal sets / items We have decided to change how you could easily complete the seasonpass if you are diligent enough to do the task! No more hassle of buying junk boxes to open for seasonpass exp Tasks now will be fixed on 10 task a day 10 Stars = 1 Level Seasonpass will now cap at level 60. Seasonpass will last for 60 days. Task Daily Reset So if a player has completed 6 out of the 10 task. They will lose their progress on reset and all 10 task will be reset They will have to complete all 10 task to gain that 1 level for the day and wait till reset. Your rewards are automatically sent to your bank / collection chest Note: if the player's seasonpass is already capped at 60. They will receive a static prize PER LEVEL from this pool below random roll and quantity of 1 Diamond Bag (Event) Black Diamond Box (Event) 2k19 Box Event 2K20 Box Event Kismet Box Event BFG9000 Goodiebox (10) Icy Glaive Goodiebox (10) Seasonal Goodiebox 2 Tactical Box Event 1 Box of Wisdom Event 3 Lottery Box 1 10% Drop Rate Booster 1 2x Damage Card 5 Event Boxes Miss out on your seasonpass task? want to progress faster? you can purchase Season Pass Level via HERE Season pass Levels when opened will give a random amount of level 1 - 5 per consume Should you play diligently for the full duration of 60days, you wouldn't need to get Levels Rewards shown here are for illustration purposes only You can preview your tasks by mousing over each star Here is the list of potential Task you can receive 10 random from this list everyday complete 10 slayer task complete 3 Arcade run, Any mode Gain 1000 Salvage Fragment Kill 250 Necromancer Kill 250 MageGray Kill 250 Icy Skeleton Kill 250 Penguin Kill 250 Date or Hanzou Kill 250 Riley Raid Kill 250 Olafs Kill 250 Shadow King Kill 250 Undead Lancelot Kill 250 Oblivion Dragon Kill 50 Vorkath Kill 50 Zulrah Normal Kill 50 Alchemical Hydra Kill 10 Nex Kill 10 Lodsmok Kill 10 Nightmare ( normal ) Kill 30 Raiden Kill 30 Diablo Kill 40 Vendura Kill 40 Voldermort Kill 40 O.G Dragon Mine 100 Coal Mine 100 Mithril Ore Mine 100 Adamantite Ore Mine 100 Runite Ore Mine 100 Tin Ore Mine 100 Copper Ore Mine 100 Iron Ore Smith 50 Adamant PlateBody Smith 100 Iron PlateBody Smith 75 Mithril PlateBody Smith 35 Rune Plate Body Smith 50 Rune Scimitar Smelt 50 Bronze bar Smelt 60 Iron Bar Smelt 70 Mithril Bar Smelt 80 Adamant Bar Smelt 75 Rune Bar Chop 100 Logs Chop 100 Magic Logs Chop 100 Yew Logs Chop 100 Oak Logs Steal from Magic Stall 100 times Steal from Food Stall 100 times Steal from General Stall 100 times Steal from Scimitar Stall 100 times Due to the impressive response from last year's halloween event, we have decided to relaunch the event again this year! If you have missed out on these cosmetics and awesome rewards this is your chance to get them again! You can access Halloween Area from a portal located at ::home You can find Father Aerick at the top of the stairs to begin this years Halloween Quest! Quest Guide & Rewards: Start: To start the quest you will need to speak with Father Aerick at the top of the stairs in the Halloweentown Hub! Item Requirements (Pre-Quest): Eye of Newt, a Rake, and a tinderbox. Part I: Father Aerick needs your help gathering supplies to help cure a demonic possession after a man accidentally sold his soul to the Devil in order to save his wife. Three Items Father Aerick Needs: Holy Water Sleeping Powder Holy Cloth Part II: How to get Holy Water: Items needed: Holy Flask (Given to you by Father Aerick) Holy FIlter (Given to you by Father Willard) Speak with Father Willard located in the shack next to the Slayer Tower, he will give you a Holy Filter which will be used later on at the water pump. Location of the pump: Make sure to have both the Holy Filter and the Holy Flask or you will not receive the Holy Water. Located East of Father Willard Once you use the water pump, your Holy Flask will turn into Holy Water Part III: How to get Holy Garment: Items needed: None Location: Run north of Falador and follow the path all the way north until you see an altar location. (Seen below) Kill the Holy Priest and retrieve the Holy Garment Part IV: How to get Sleeping Powder: Items Needed: Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and a rake. Go to Draynor Villiage and speak with the Witch who will instruct you to gather the items required for her to create the sleeping powder. She will need an Eye of Newt, a Tinderbox, and some of her special weeds that she has planted, located in Canifis. Location of the "Special Plants": You can find the mushroom patch just west of the Canifis town center. Rake the patch and you will get some Organic Dankweed. Bring the Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and the newly acquired Organic Dankweed back to the Witch in Draynor Village and she will give you the Sleeping Powder! Part V: Once you have collected the Holy Water, Holy Garment, and the Sleeping Powder, head back to Father Aerick and turn in the items. Part VI: Boss Fight: Father Aerick will give you back the Holy Water and tells you will need it to take down the Ghost Rider, located at ::Ghostrider Location: ::Ghostrider Hitpoints: 500K Damage Cap: 25K Attack Style: Melee but throws flames that do 25 damage if players stand on them Mechanics: Ghost Rider will spawn 6 minions named Ghost Rider Essence which have 50K HP and will all need to be killed before you may attack the Ghost Rider again When the boss is at 50K HP, he will no longer be able to to take player damage and will need to be killed by using the Holy Water on the boss. Reward: Speak to Blaze and go through the dialogue and he will reward you with the Headless Head Players may fight Ghost Rider after the quest has been completed as many times as they wish, they can access the fight again via the ::Ghostrider command Post Quest Boss Fight: HP: 1.5M HP Damage Cap: 75K Mechanic: When the boss is at 50% health, he will spawn his 6 minions, which now have 100K HP, that must be killed before being able to attack the Ghost Rider again. You no longer require Holy Water to kill the boss. Ghost Rider Boss Drop Table: 1 out of 1 1-10 Gold Coin 1 out of 10 1-5 Halloween Candy 1 out of 100 10-25 Gold Coin 5-25x Halloween Candy 1 out of 250 Event Goodiebox Black Diamond Box (event) Diamond Bag (event) Royal Mystery Box (event) 100 Gold Coins 25-75x Halloween Candy 1 out of 500 1-3 Halloween Keys The Halloween Chest can be opened by Halloween Keys that can be purchased on our official store! You may also find these keys scattered around the Halloween content pieces like the Ghost Rider Boss, The Haunted House Raid, and the Jack-o-Kraken Global Boss! Common: 15-75 Halloween Candy 1-10 Gold Coins 1:100 25-50 Halloween Candy 25 Gold Coin 1:200 100-250 Halloween Candy 75 Gold Coins Warlock Top Warlock Legs Warlock Cloak Pumpkin Lantern 1:300 100-250 Halloween Candy Gravedigger Mask Gravedigger Top Gravedigger Leggings Gravedigger Boots Gravedigger Gloves 1:500 250-400 Halloween Candy 250 Gold Coin Ghost Face Mask Ghost Face Top Ghost Face Robe Hunting Knife Spider Cape 1:1000 Upgrade Protection Card Perfect Enchantment Stone Platinum Coin Flying Pumpkin Pet Halloween Cape Bow of Arachnia 1:2500 Grimreaper Hood (cosmetic) H'ween Boots (cosmetic) H'ween Gloves (cosmetic) H'ween Lantern (costmetic) H'ween Hat (costmetic) Chucky Pet Halloween Icon (cosmetic) Halloween Scythe ChainSaw Jack's Suit (cosmetic) Jack's leggings (cosmetic) Jack'o' Lantern Head (cosmetic) Wolf Ears (cosmetic) Wolf Top (cosmetic) Wolf Legs(cosmetic) Spooky Spider (cosmetic) Eek (cosmetic) Ghostly (Shadow Pet Stats) Georgie Pet (Baby Yoda Stats Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic) Bow of Arachnia Pumpkin Descimator (Untradeable) Pumpkin Descimator Offhand (Untradeable) NEW ITEMS: Ghostly Pet: Shadow Pet stats (tradeable) Georgie Pet: Baby Yoda Pet stats (tradeable) Flying Pumpkin Pet: Thanos Pet stats (tradeable) Spider Cape (cosmetic) Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic) Ghost Face Set: (Cosmetic) Hunting Knife: Scythe of Vitur stats Halloween Cape: 2.5K tribrid stats (300% magic bonus) 10% DR, DDR, Luck Grave Digger Set: Warlock Set: (Cosmetic) Bow of Arachnia: Pumpkin Descimators (Descimator Stats) The population of Darkmeyer is decreasing rapidly and there is a Vampyre Merchant in town center selling corpses out of his cart in the Halloween Town, there must be a connection to this..... There has been a small group of Halloween criminals that have escaped and our running a fake haunted house to trick tourists into entering! Stop them from supplying the Vampyre Merchant to help restore Darkmeyer before it's too late! What is happening in the basement?! Fear Meter: Players will have a fear meter above their heads that measure the fear level of your player while in the Haunted House. When the bar fills up players will be paralyzed by their fear for 3 seconds. You can avoid filling up your meter by avoiding regular attacks from the monsters inside. Moving around while inside the raid will reduce the risk of a full meter and lower your total fear. All damage will be capped at 250K damage per attack. ?Scream? HP: 5M You will be greeted by the Ghost Face killer, Scream, when you enter the haunted house! He is eager to stab whoever enters the doors of the Haunted House! He will threaten players with stunning attacks that increase damage taken by 50% ?‍♂️Dracula?‍♂️ HP: 5M Dracula will heal for 100x damage dealt ?‍♂️Frankenstein?‍♂️ HP: 5M Frankenstein has awoken and he is not in the mood for mortal souls entering his room. Frankenstein will attack players with brute force and electrical attacks that can stun players and make them vulnerable to massive amounts of pain. ?Michael Myers? HP: 5M In the kitchen before you go down the basement, you will run into MIchael Myers and he is ready to end your life. When Michael Myers triggers his special attack, players will be dealt a bleeding effect and lose passive damage for the duration of 5 seconds. (Damage will reduce by 50% over 3 seconds) Your player will turn red when you are impacted by bleed damage. ?Grim Reaper? HP: 7.5M The Grim Reaper will spawn demonic circles on the ground and if players stand on them they will take 20 damage per game tick! Make sure to move or death will be in your immediate future. Grim Reaper also summons a tornado of souls that will surround the player and do 12 damage per game tick while the tornado is active, this cannot be dodged. ?Pennywise? HP: 10M GO DOWN THE STAIRS IN THE GRIM REAPER ROOM: The leader of all suffering, Pennywise has crawled his way out of the sewer and you have found his murderer's paradise, fresh bodies entering his house everyday supplying him with all the fear he needs to survive! Drop Table: Common: 1-10 Halloween Candy 1-20 Gold Coins Rare: 1:50 Antique Lamp 1-3 2x Damage Cards 10-50 Halloween Candy Mega Lottery Box Ultra Pet Box Event Goodiebox Diamond Bag (Event) Black Diamond Box (Event) Royal Mystery Box (Event) Ultra Rare: 1:500 10-25 Halloween Keys Ghostface Mask Ghostface Robe Top Ghostface Robe Bottoms Hunting Knife Pennywise Mask Georgie Pet Michael Myers Mask Michael Myers Jacket Michael Myers Pants Grim Reaper Hood ? Don't be another body on the Corpse Cart. ? Beware. The Halloween Global Boss is here! Jack-o-Kraken can be found in the Haunted Campground wreaking havoc on all the campers! You can find spawn the Jack-O-Kraken by depositing 2500 Halloween Candy, obtained from the other Halloween activities, into the Halloween basket located in Halloweentown. DO NOTE THAT CANDIES from the PREVIOUS EVENT will not be eligible. Once the amount has been reached, players will be alerted that the boss will spawn in 3 minutes. Type ::Halloween to teleport to the location of the boss, it will be found at the lake. Mechanics: Jack-o-Kraken has the ability to boil the lake water and burn its victims no matter if they are in the water or not! Avoid the mist clouds that rise from the lake to prevent further damage! Drop Table No Double Drops Damage minimum to qualify: 200K Common: 2.0x Damage Card Event Goodiebox 1:100 1-30 Gold Coins 5-10 Halloween Keys 1-3 Royal Mystery Box 1-3 Ultra Pet Box 1-3 Mega Lottery Box Warlock Top Warlock Legs Warlock Cloak Pumpkin Lantern 1:250 10-25 Halloween Keys Diamond Bag (Event) Black Diamond Box (Event) Gravedigger Mask Gravedigger Top Gravedigger Leggings Gravedigger Boots Gravedigger Gloves 1:500 25-100 Halloween Keys 500 Gold Coins Flying Pumpkin Pet 1:1200 Upgrade Protection Card Perfect Enchantment Stone Platinum Coin Spider Cape 1:2500 Grimreaper Hood H'ween Boots H'ween Gloves H'ween Lantern H'ween Hat Chucky Pet Halloween Icon Halloween Scythe ChainSaw Jack's Suit Jack's leggings Jack o lantern head Wolf Ears Wolf Top Wolf Legs Spooky Spider Eek Pumpkin Descimator9000 Pumpkin Descimator9000 Offhand Halloween Boxes are back now theme'd with bunch of halloween related cosmetics and some new weapons and armor to collect! You can purchase halloween boxes from here Halloween Box has a chance to give Halloween Coin If you collect 10 halloween coin, you are able to combine it in your inventory to get 1 halloween box! Top reward Showcase Halloween Crossbow Hitsplats 3 Speed 0.6 AOE 3 Venom set ( each piece drops seperately ) Middle Finger Sceptre Hitsplats 3 Speed 0.6 AOE 3 Scythe of Pumpkin Hitsplats 3 Speed 0.6 AOE 3 Spooky Raven Pet ( Identical to Shadow Drake Pet ) Deals 50% of the owner's damage as an additional hit(similar to Shadow Pet's 30% as an additional hit) 1/5 chance to deal 2.5x damage 35% Tribrid Boost 50% Drop Rate 50% Luck Prayer Restore Effect Soulsplit Effect The unique thing about this LIMITED Spooky Raven pet, you are able to upgrade it via Pet Master Pete allowing you to place totems on to the pet as you level it up, making it better than shadow drake! Spooky Raven Pet (B) stats Deals 50% of the owner's damage as an additional hit(similar to Shadow Pet's 30% as an additional hit) 1/5 chance to deal 3x damage 50% Tribrid Boost 60% Drop Rate 50% Luck Prayer Restore Effect Soulsplit Effect Sick of wasting your efforts on trying to get a top reward from star box, or Superstar Box ? Prestigious Star Box is now available over here Prestigious Star box will only roll the TOP rewards from Star Boxes series Whenever you open a prestigious star box, it will roll randomly to give 1 reward from this list below Item Such as Shadow Drake Pet $250 Custom Credit Scroll $100 Custom Credit scroll Shadow pet Baby Yoda pet Kaiser Ring Doomsblade Set Staff of awakening Bow of awakening Kaiser Fragment Executive Totem Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal $50 Custom Credit scroll Little Nightmare AFK Icon (RED) AFK Icon (Blue) AFK Icon (Purple) AFK Icon (Green) AFK Icon (White) Crimson Chin Pet Slayer Master Set 50 Platinum Coin 100 Platinum Coin 250 Platinum Coin ?️Fixed Nex Dash causing players to crash randomly ?️Fixed some issues with certain NPCs Healthbar remaining after kill ?️Fixed Certain bosses HealthBar not showing the percentage of health remaining ?️Added Timer overlay for muscle milk, mystic milk and archer's milk ?️Reduced respawn rate at ::train, npcs there will now respawn in 5 seconds ?️Added Shortcut command for Miss Fortune " ::mf "" ?️Made certain Event boxes stackable ?️Made a Starter Set box for staff members to handout for players who has issues with their starter set ?️Fixed certain issues with AdminBoss / EventBoss ?️Fixed Certain issues with Bank tabs not merging correctly ?️Fixed Placeholder issues with Bank tabs ?️Fixed some issues with Deals board timer issues ?️Changed Vote Boss Model to be Big Pepe ?️Added New drop to Voteboss " Lil pepe " i) if pet is summoned at voteboss Player will receive 1 in 30 chance to double roll on the droptable ?️Added New Diamond Coin (1T) ( 1000 x Platinum Coin (1B) ) ?️Added a New Slayer unlock i) Itsy Bitsy Spider... - unlocks ability to get araxxor as a slayer task ( Requires Boss Task ) - Slayer Points required 1250 ?️Fixed some issues with Nex, when you die, you will now respawn at the lobby ?️Fixed some weird camera zoom issues ?️Added 10X spin function on all slot machine ?️Nerfed Inquisitor Mace i) Reduced Hitsplats to 3 ii) Now has a 1 in 15 chance to deal an additonal hitsplat ?️Fountain of Fortune Changes i) Reduced the Cost to fill up the fountain by 40 - 50% ii) You can no longer get Custom Credit Scroll from Fountain iii) Every 25B cash sacrificed offers a 1 in 25 chance at rolling a chance for platinum coin - 25x 1B Coin if no other table is reached 50x 1B Coin 1/20 chance 100x 1B Coin 1/50 chance 250x 1B Coin 1/200 chance 500x 1B Coin 1/500 chance 1000x 1B Coin 1/8000 chance ii) Damage Boost values are now tripled Level 1 +15% damage Level 2 +30% damage Level 3 +45% damage Level 4 +60% damage Level 5 +75% damage ?️Grinder Shop Changes, Infinity Aura Upgrade Scroll cost reduced by 20% ?️Grinder changes * notice that the higher your custom credit scroll, the lesser points it gives, this is to discourage players to grind it and use it for their custom instead * i) Kaiser Ring Old value 100,000 Grinder Points New Value 600,000 Grinder Points ii) Kaiser Necklace Old value 150,000 Grinder Points New Value 1,200,000 Grinder Points iii) Stone of Power 3000 Grinder Points iv) Platinum Prayer Scroll 750 Grinder Points v) $50 Custom Credit Scroll 1,000,000 Grinder Points vi) $100 Custom Credit Scroll 1,250,000 Grinder Points vii) $250 Custom Credit Scroll 2,250,000 Grinder Points viii) $1 Custom Credit Scroll 30,000 Grinder Points ix) $5 Custom Credit Scroll 150,000 Grinder Points x) $10 Custom Credit Scroll 300,000 Grinder Points xi) $25 Custom Credit Scroll 750,000 Credit Scroll xii) Shadow Drake Pet 3,000,000 Grinder Points xiii) Prestine Gloves 1,500,000 Grinder Points xiv) Prestine Boots 1,500,000 Grinder Points xv) Demon Cape 2,250,000 Grinder Points xvi) Eye of Skadi Bow 2,250,000 Grinder Points ?Increased Paulinso BlackJack Table's Bet size, up to 30B ?Added Custom Eye of Skadi Bow - Apolo Toxic Bow ?Added 50 x 50 Aoe on Apolo Toxic Bow ?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Burger's Elemental Fury ?Added 10% Drop rate on Burger's Elemental Fury ?Added 4th Hitsplat for Bob's Blumpkin ?Added Custom Prestine Glove - Sharkie Gloves ?Added 1 in 10 chance to double hit on Sharkie Gloves ?Added 4th and 5th Hitsplat on Bad Decision's Custom weapon ?Corrected Technical Spectacle examine text to " Tucker did it - Michael J. Caboose " ?Added Custom Skull Descimator - Whip's Desci ?Added Custom Book of Hell(V)(u) - Recipe for Disaster ?Added Custom Baby Yoda Pet - Bruno ?Added Custom Prestine Boots - Bamboo Flip Flops ?Added Custom Prestine Gloves - Prostate Gloves ?Added 4th Hitsplat for RBZ's Nutcracker ?Added 5th Hitsplat for RBZ's Nutcracker ?Added 1 in 5 chance to 2x damage on RBZ's Nutcracker ?Added Custom Descimator - 19 Inch Pleasure Pumpkin ?Added Custom Descimator - Unkles Descimator ?Added 4th Hitsplat to RiceBalls ?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Mitch His Hayfork ?Added 50x50 and 10katk/str to Mitch His HayFork ?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Debra ?Added 50x50 and 10katk/str to Debra ?Added Custom Descimator - DEATHS REMAINS
  4. Platinum Partnership As part of the platinum partnership, you are eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019 Contents of October 2022 Platinum Crate Item 1 Cosmetic Aura equippable on Necklace slot Value: $1000 Item 2 50 Bountiful Gem Box Value: $500 Item 3 500 Slot Machine Tokens Value: $500 Item 4 20 SuperStar Box Value: $400 Item 5 10 Summer Cocktail Drop Rate Item 6 10 Summer Cocktail Damage Item 7 20 Sigil Box Value: $600 Item 8 30 Superior Slayer Invites Value: $300 Item 9 150 x Mystery Item Value: ???? Total Value: $3,400 ++ Regards, Platinum Partnership Concierge team.
  5. Combat Triangle Equalibrium Mage attack style has been considered as the strongest combat style in Redemption for a very long time It was due to the fact that Mage's attack formula was overly inflated and was calculated via a percentage base from a Spell damage set This will now change as we aim to shift magic calculation to be similar to Range and Melee. All Mage weapons in Redemption has been converted to follow this new system All Mage Weapons now will have actual Mage Strength similarly like Melee and Range Mage Weapons will no longer have a set spell damage on the weapon to calcuate. Overall, Mage users should feel a slight increase in their overall damage about 10% better than what they did previously As of right now 850% Mage Damage should be converted to 188755 Mage Strength Yes, We do know we should cap the stats at 75k. However, if we do do that, it will take probably another month to launch this patch Eventually we will refine the numbers and adjust it to fit our 75k stats cap. Melee and Range will receive no change - Elemental Ward Upgrade i) Players are now able to use Toxic Round (u), Beacon of Rage (u) and Artic Source (u) to make Elemental Ward -Elemental Ward Toxic i) Players are now able to use Elemental Ward and Toxic Rounds to make Elemental Ward Toxic ii) Same bonuses as Elemental Ward Just additional 15% Range damage increase -Elemental Ward Artic i) Players are now able to use Elemental Ward and Artic Source to make Elemental Ward Artic ii) Same Bonuses as Elemental Ward, with fixed 15% Mage damage increase -Elemental Ward Rage i) Players are now able to use Elemental Ward and Beacon of Rage to make Elemental Ward Rage ii) Same Bonuses as Elemental Ward, with fixed 15% Melee damage increase -Elemental Ward Fury i) Players are now able to use Elemental Ward Artic, Elemental Ward Toxic and Elemental Ward Rage to make Elemental Ward Fury ii) Same Bonuses as Elemental Ward, with fixed 15% Tribrid damage increase Karma Book ( Book of Hell , Book of Heaven ) ( all versions I - V ) Ultimate Stone can now be used on your Book of Hell or Book of Heaven New Possible Book of Heaven and Book of Hell addition Book of Hell / Book of Heaven ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 3x Damage Book of Hell I / Book of Heaven I ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 3x Damage Book of Hell II / Book of Heaven II ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 3x Damage Book of Hell III / Book of Heaven III ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 3x Damage Book of Hell IV / Book of Heaven IV ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 4x Damage Book of Hell V / Book of Heaven V ( u ) New additional stat 1 in 10 chance to 5x Damage to have OSRS looks and functioning tabs and actual placeholders DO NOTE THAT THE SEARCH FUNCTION HAS BEEN DISABLED. It will be fixed on the next update New Nightmare Keys+ obtainable from Nightmare Coin Shop for 200 Nightmare Coin i) Nightmare Keys+ will enable the drop of a Nightmare Bow from the Chest Nightmare Chest drops will now account towards your Collection Log on The Nightmare Removed Double Drop Rate Information on Player's Information Panel Replaced with Next Event Change information Added Admin+ Event Mass Boss for their own respective Events Added Event Girls Mass Boss for their own Respective Events Sponsor + Players are able to set their own customisable Yell Title and Yell name color! ::setcustomtitle New Unlocks Double me up! 1500 Slayer Points unlocking this perk will multiple all your slayer global drops by x2 regardless of prestige Slayer Superior 1500 Slayer Points Unlocks the Slayer Superiors while on task ( 1 : 500 ) More is Good 1000 Slayer Points increase slayer points given by 50% increase task size by 50% as well ( Round up if there's a decimal ) Telos is a thing here ? 1250 Slayer Points unlock ability to get Telos Tasks ( require Boss Task ) Superior Slayer Drop Table Slayer Boost Gem Have the item in your inventory to receive it's bonuses 20% Damage while on Task 10% Drop Rate while on Task 10% additional chance to encounter a Superior while on Task Master Attachment Use the Master Attachment on Slayer Master Pieces to get Slayer Master (i) There are 3 pieces required for the Armor set effect: The Helm, Body, and Legs. The Boots, Gloves, Cape, and Hammer are NOT required for the set effect. When the 3 pieces are worn, the player gains the following set effect: 25% increased damage vs your slayer assignment 25% increased chance to receive a slayer key upon task completion 40% chance to double slayer points Weekly Raffle is a F2P Raffle for players to participate in! How to Join weekly raffle? Global Drop rate from any NPC Hp above 100,000 will have Raffle Tickets drop from them. 1 : 1500 You are only Allowed to Hold 10 Tickets per player ( 10 on Hold, 10 Entered ) total of 20. Each player are allowed to only enter 10 entries per Week Simply collect the respective raffle tickets in your inventory and click on " Your Tickets " to add them to the Raffle ::raffle to open up the interface We will be looking to phase out grand lottery Donator Raffle Every $50 Donated you will earn yourself 1 Entry to the Donator Raffle There is no cap on the amount of entries for Donator Raffle Admins will change up the prize weekly or the standard prize will be Cash Teemo will be set to spawn every 30minutes ::teemo will be avaliable for platinum partners to tele to boss This annoying lil raccon dog will fling mushrooms at you and shoot blinding darts at you Damage cap for players is 500k per hitsplat Teemo hp is 200m Ideally you will want to get the Teemo pet from this boss Teemo pet will double your rewards from Teemo itself ! Always 50x Gold DS Coin 1 in 10 150 x Gold DS coins 3 x 2.5xDamage Card 2 x Box of Wisdom 2 x 10% Drop rate card 5 x High Grade Enchantment Stone 5 x Box of Totems 2 x Ultra Pet Box 1 in 30 10 x Kismet Box 500 x gold Ds coins 2 x Elemental Fury Goodiebox 2 x Descimator9000 Goodiebox 4 x Ultra Pet Box 10 x Mega Lottery Box 4 x Box of Testaments 15 x Box of Totems 3 x Perfect Enchantment Stone 1 in 150 1 x Teemo Pet 2 x Dream Enchantment Stone 1 x 1 Platinum Coin -Salvage Changes i) Daily Salvage Cap increase from 1600 to 3000 ii) Reduce the time needed per Savage item from 3 seconds to 0.6seconds per item iii) Added New items to Savalge list a) Axe of Revenge - 2000 Salvage Fragments b) Hammer of the God - 2000 Salvage Fragments c) Ultimate Slayer Helm - 250 Salvage Fragments d) Ultimate Slayer Master Helm - 350 Salvage Fragments e) Melee Slayer Helm - 75 Salvage Fragments f) Magic Slayer Helm - 75 Salvage Fragments g) Range Slayer Helm - 75 Salvage Fragments - Fixed ::hide issues -Fixed some Issues with Gearviewer -Removed Olaf's Vegenace from it's Mechanic ( Olaf will still vengenace but does 0 damage ) -Claiming Vote Auth Codes will always show a server notification, not only the first code -Vote Box Rework i) removed old drop table ii) Replaced loot from box to be a equal roll of 12 Items instead of a RATE to get something good iii) Table consist of 20,50,75,100 Gold Coin, Extreme Donator Ticket , 10% Drop rate Card, Thanos Pet, Scavanger Pet, Double Slayer XP potion Double Slayer Point potion and Donator Potion -Added a 12 Hourly notification for players to Vote -Fixed Silent Assassin Set Bonus only needing 3 parts, now you are required 5 parts to get the set bonus ( Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves and Boots -Fixed some issues with DonatorStamps -Extreme Donator Potion will never be overwritten by any potion that has similar effects i) consuming a potion prior to drinking a Extreme Donator Potion, ( e.g Double Slayer Point potion ) it will overwrite the Double Slayer Point Potion. -Fixed some issues with Telos's Hold still invader attack -Fixed some issues with Telos mechanic still going through when in a cut scene -Fix some issues with LimeStream Boss -Rework Limestream boss drops, if you die during that specific spawn you will not receive a drop -Fixed MageGray teleport still incorrect when using slayer teleport -Fixed jail issue where player cannot obtain a pickaxe -Fixed some issue with TreasureVault -Adjusted Cartoon Slayer Tower respawn rate to 5 seconds -Adjusted Slayer Tower Respawn rate to 5 seconds -PVMEVENT crash upon joining event fix -PVMEVENT, drops will now go to player's inventory instead. If your inventory is full. Item will be void -New Account Creation, Starter Sets will be locked behind player's IP and UI -Reduced Grotesque Guardian Hp by 50% -Fixed a bug with Boxing Ring Gamble -Drops from Grotesque Guardians will now be properly sent to your bank -Drops from Cerberus will now be properly sent to your bank -Fixed issues with Grotesque Guardian not spawning -Added a warning message when using potion of aggression -Added a warning message when using potion of aggression (e) -Removed Obliviion Dragon's old map -Replaced Oblivion Dragon's with a personal instanced map -Increased Oblivion Dragon's number of spawns -Stone of Power stats reduced, 1 in 10 chance to 5x damage > Now 1 in 10 Chance to 3x Damage -Ultimate Stone stats reduced , 1 in 10 chance to 5x damage > Now 1 in 10 Chance to 3x Damage -Vote Gem will now account for your donator rank i) Executive Rank - +1 Additional Vote Ticket ii) Platinum Rank - +3 Additional Vote Ticket iii) Diamond Rank - +4 Additional Vote Ticket -Removed announcement of players using drop party present fillers at drop party -Karma item " Tome of Angelic Recall " will no longer need to wear to operate the item, player can activate it from their inventory -Karma Item " Tome of Demonic Recall " will no longer need to wear to operate the item, player can activate it from their inventory -Karma Item " iphone " will no longer need to wear to operate the item, player can activate it from their inventory -Karma Item " Emergency GPS " will no longer need to wear to operate the item, player can activate it from their inventory -Karma Items that can be offered back to statue to gain back some kismets ( note they will NOT give EXP ) i) Iphone - 15m Kismet ii) Emergency GPS - 15m Kismet iii) Hammer of the Gods - 60m Kismets iv) Axe of Revenge - 60m Kismets -Disabled Daily Reward from Quest Tab, It was outdated -Zulrah Items can now be Dismantled for Zulrah Scales i) Toxic Blowpipe - 30,000 Zulrah Scale ii) Ultimate Slayer Helmet - 90,000 Zulrah Scale iii) Melee Slayer Helmet - 30,000 Zulrah Scale iv) Magic Slayer Helmet - 30,000 Zulrah Scale v) Range Slayer Helmet - 30,000 Zulrah Scale -Added a 10 Seconds Delay upon teleporting to Zulrah -Banking ( ::bank ) is now allowed at Sponsor Dragon -Adjusted Community Admin's Personal Blessing -Removed all announcement / Alerts from Shadow Drake GoodieBox -Updated Karma Offering List interface -Bracelet of Slaughter charges are now a stackable item -Expeditious Bracelet charges are now a stackable item -Reduced Lachyrm Respawn time to 15 seconds -Reduced Nightmare Respawn timer to 20 seconds -Removed Ultimate Slayer helm from Grinder -RemovedUltimate Slayer Master Helmet from grinder -Removed Melee Slayer Helmet from grinder -Removed Magic Slayer Helmet from grinder -Removed Range Slayer Helmt from grinder -Queen Black Dragon, Players will now be able to re-enter the fight without the tedious steps of teleing home Through the summoning Portal when u collect your reward i) Pass through = Go home ii) Quick Instanced Encounter = Fight Again -Drop Party Present, upgradable now at the Upgrade Chest into Special Drop Party Present i) This will only roll on the ultra rare rewards ( e.g - Emperor's necklace, 500m Cash and more ) -Added new command for all players, ::slayerdropinfo ( enable / disable ) i) this will notify you in your chatbox on your slayer drops which you previously couldn't see -Added new command for all players, ::checkvb ( short for ::checkvoteboss ) -Added new command for all players ::vb ( short for ::voteboss ) -Removed chatbox notification from Araxxor that it's enraged, it will now only show once. -Added Vorkath Armor Set Box -Fixed an issue with Eye of Skadi bow giving double count towards Slayer Task -Fixed an issue with Demon Cape giving double count towards Slayer Task -Fixed OpenGL crashes -Fixed some issues with Temporass, Where player are unable to Climb the ladder to board the ship to start the game -Diamond Rank Players New Benefit i) when Diamond Rank Player claims a platcrate, only Boxes will be increased by 20% -Added Open X option on Nightmare Chest and Lodsmok Chest -Removed announcement from upgrading Lodsmok Keys -Fixed some issues with Vote Gem's Cool down -Fixed some issues with Queen Black Dragon causing lag -Reduced these collection log rewards i) Chaos Elemental - 50m, Now 25m Cash ii) Guardian of Amorth - 125m, Now 50m Cash iii) Icy Skeleton - 150m, Now 50m iv) Shadow King - 250m, now 50m v) Undead Lancelot -250m, now 100m -Improved Collectiong log rewards for the follow - Lachrym i) Collapsed all 4 modes into 1 ii) Reward - Orb of Winter and 50B Cash -Queen Black Dragon i) Reward - 30B Cash and $100 Custom Credit Scroll -Araxxor i) Reward -250 Spider Keys Added Yas Marina Blue Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Deathkill's Demon Cape Custom Demon Cape Added Orby's Prestine Gloves Added Orby's Custom Raamiah Armour Set Added orby's Icy Wings New Cape Colors Added Jamesvarga's 3 Items, Demon's Grasp, Windripper and HateForge Added Armageddon Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Simp God Balls Holder Custom Staff of Awakening Added Hotdog Fork Custom Staff of Awakening Added American Bum Custom Cape Model Added Dutch's Pride Custom Cape Model Added Dutch's Karma Custom SoA Model Added Nigel's Donkey Custom Shadow Drake Pet Added Wooly's Bow Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Slime Flute Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Daddy's Whispering Eye Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Angelic Bow Custom Eye of Skadi Bow Added Carbolic Acid's Custom Demon Cape Added Slime Flute's 50 x 50 AOE Added 25 x 25 Aoe to Wooly's Bow Added 1 in 5 chance to 4x damage on Slime Flute Added 1 in 5 chance to 5x damage on Nigel's Donkey Added 1 in 5 chance to 3x damage on Carbolic Acid Added 1 in 5 chance to 5x Damage on Shark Attack Added 1 in 10 Chance to 2x damage on Pop's Desci Added 1 in 5 Chance to 5x Damage on God's Staff Added 1 in 10 Chance to 2x damage on Phenol Added 1 in 5 chance to 5x damage on Orby's Prestine gloves Fixed DeathKill's Shadow Drake Pet, it was giving less bonus than a regular shadow drake Fixed Bendy Pole's Custom Model issue Fixed Huntir's Weapon Texture 118 Fixed Hmarc Pet not doing 1 in 5 to 3.5x
  6. Platinum Partnership As part of the platinum partnership, you are eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019 Contents of September 2022 Platinum Crate Item 1 20 Owner's Box Value: $400 Item 2 100 Bountiful Gem Box Value: $1000 Item 3 100 Toxic Key Value: $1000 Item 4 40 Extreme Donator Potion (4) Value: $200 Item 5 250 Slot Machine Tokens Value: $250 Item 6 50 Platinum Coin (1B) Value: - Item 7 10 Summer Cocktail Drop Rate Item 8 10 Summer Cocktail Damage Item 9 10 OP Goodiebox Value: $300 Item 10 20 SuperStar Box Value: $400 Total Value: $3,300 Regards, Platinum Partnership Concierge team.
  7. Introducing Salvage, our new refined skill that will be taking over grinder Previously Grinder served no purpose other than to sink items in rewards for cash and other amenities Salvage will be linked towards Socketing your gears, giving you more stats and much more value as compared to what we previously had, grinder Salvaging table is located at ::upgrade Blacksmith to access your gear socketing is located just beside the Salvaging Table at ::upgrade Salvaging Items will always be expanded on, for now These are the list of items you can salvage Salvage List Salvage Table Function Salvaging items will take roughly 3 seconds per item You will be able to stop the process anytime if you plan to change your mind Salvage fragments are capped at 1600 per 24 hours. Salvage Fragments is a currency used for purchasing stuff from the Blacksmith's weekly rotating shop Each item on the shop is stocked and will never replenish, hence if you would like a specific item from the shop, you gotta be quick! Before it gets sold out! You can now socket any equip-able item up to 3 sockets, with the 3rd socketed being tied to your Elite Membership Non membership players can unlock up to 2 sockets per equip Each Socket Cost Salvage Fragments to unlock Socket 1 : 150 Salvage Fragment Socket 2 : 400 Fragment Socket 3 : 1000 Salvage, However it will only apply the Gem if you have Elite Membership How do you get Gems? You can get Gems from BlackSmith Shop Bountiful Gem Box Or you can purchase them through our store Bountiful Gem Box will give a minimal gem tier level of 4 up to Tier 13 How do you get higher tier gems? You would require 3 of the same tier / type of gem together with some Salvage Fragments Combining will be done through your inventory Success Rate Table Gem Level Success Rate Salvage Fragment Req Level 1 90% 25 Level 2 85% 50 Level 3 80% 75 Level 4 75% 100 Level 5 70% 125 Level 6 65% 150 Level 7 60% 175 Level 8 60% 200 Level 9 60% 225 Level 10 60% 250 Level 11 60% 275 Level 12 60% 300 GEM TIER STATS Tier 1 0.5% Damage Tier 2 1% damage Tier 3 1.5% damage Tier 4 2% damage Tier 5 2.5% damage Tier 6 3% damage Tier 7 3.5% damage Tier 8 4% damage Tier 9 4.5% damage Tier 10 5% damage Tier 11 5.5% damage Tier 12 6% damage Tier 13 7% damage Removing of Gems from sockets You will require a Gem Removal Chisel, which can be obtained from the Blacksmith's Weekly Rotating Shop Removing a Gem will be a 50/50 chance for it to be destoryed when removed Noteable New Additions from BlackSmith Shop Gem Removeal Chisel 2.8x Damage Cards ( 20 minutes ) Bountiful Gem Box Clean Slate Scroll Have you ever enchanted your weapon or specific gear and felt that you want to switch things up? Clean Slate Scroll will be your best solution to get back as much value of Dream Enchantment Stones It will always return 90% of your enchantment level ( rounded up ) back in Dream enchantment stones Just apply the scroll to your desired enchanted item! We have decided to simplfy starting out in redemption, not only that.. we have decided to give the starter set a fresh new look and better stats! Items you will receive when starting out on redemption Starter set, Starter Pistol, Stater Staff, Starter sword, enchanted gem ( slayer ), Starter gem, Royal mystery Box ( untradable ) and 1 collector's necklace No longer you would need to do long winded tutorials! If you do intend not to skip starter, you will be teleported around redemption for a very brief moment to showcase what are some of the useful areas and commands Its all dialogue based and its very quick and simple! Just by looking at the stats, you must be wondering... How do you have 25% bonuses in range. melee and mage? How do you have 35% Drop rate? My dear comrades.. Its because of this new STARTER GEM! It is a timed based gem that will be destroyed after 2 weeks ( 14 days ) Just by having it in your inventory will massive boost your character's stats and give a bunch of bonuses! this will 100% help new players ease their way into the game! Here's the list of effects! 2x Slayer Points gain 2x Damage increase 5 Health point per Hitsplat Healing effect 1 Slayer Key per task complete 15% Drop Rate 20% Luck Bonus Prayer Restore Perks 10% Tribrid damage boost A 1 in 5 chance of dealing 2.5x your max hit in damage to your main target New training dummies to showcase your damage at ::home ( behind shops ) The Dummy can be toggled between modes Cooking Island Introduced for New players or players of any kind, to make some decent cash on the side while cooking food! You can enter Cooking Island by clicking on Teleport - Minigames - Cooking Island You will need some cash to purchase Recipe Books from Ogre Merchant 5M per Recipes With each Recipes learnt, your next recipe book will cost 1.25x more You cannot / hold more than 1 Recipe Book You are required to learn the recipe before attempting to purchase another book Recipes learnt are at random and unique to your character, it will never duplicate a recipe learnt You can gather ingredients from 3 points on the Cooking Island Each Point is categorized into Vegetables, Meat & Seafood and Normal stuffs ( kekw) Here's the list of ingredients Meat & Seafood Shank Meat Chunks Ribs Shrimps Octopus Marlin Scallop Blowfish Lobster Vegetables Chilli Pepper Wild vegetable Tomato Potato Truffle Mushroom Radish Grape Coconut Apple Pineapple Pomegranate Normal Stuffs Cheese Honey Lemon Bay Leaf Dough Crab Bird Eggs You are allowed to AFK at these points by gathering ingredients ! You can attempt to cook your ingredients if you have the required ingredients per recipe at the Range The Treasure Vault Brand new activity to give players additional rewards for voting / donating! How does this function work? Treasure Vault will only open when the vote event happens 40/40 votes * or when an admin decides to open up * The map will be opened for 60minutes! After 60minutes, the map will be closed and remaining players inside will be forced out regardless of your time left Not just anyone can enter the map, you are required to earn your time to enter the map! You will gain 1minute for every vote you claim ( 3 codes - 3 minutes ) You will gain 20minutes for every $50 donated Player's time stored can be check via ::treasurevault *note that infinity is for admins only* Once the Vault is opened, Players can then teleport there with their stored time collected from the sources stated above Your Objective would be to pickpocket the Leprechaun! This green lil shit gives some of the best cash drops and potentailly rare top rewards of custom credit scrolls! Occassionally the Redemption Team will put up better rewards into the Leprechaun! Owner Box is our new addition of cool collectable and best box reward rates! Owner Box will introduce a new type of consumable made just to stack with our existing damage cards "Summer Cocktail Damage" this consumables are mainly common on the table and will boost your damage up towards the sky! Obtain some of the best items ingame personally chosen by the Owner, ourselves. We plan to make this box constantly updated with the best new collectable, such as for this season.. Shark theme equipments! Collect Weapons such as our Shark Fist, Shark pet and our new cape. Example Reward of 10,000 Owner Boxes ?️Removed the command ::maxhit ?️Removed Vendura from being assigned as a slayer task ?️Removed Voldermort from being assigned as a slayer task ?️Removed O.G Dragon from being assigned as a slayer task ?️Removed Raiden from being assigned as a slayer task ?️Removed Riley Raid's Stun mechanic ( it's just too annoying ) ?️Added ::boost for Diamond to be 1.7x damage ?️Adjusted all donor rank ::boost duration to be fixed at 20 minutes, with a downtime of 40minutes ?️Changed Shadow Pet's Inventory Model to not look like a black box ?️Added Legacy Damage Splat support ?️Added Hitsplat Shorten option, however this will show Legacy hitsplats only ?️Added Teleport option to Munition Keys ?️Added New Range Weapon " Eye of Skadi Bow " ?️Added Executive Package Crate ?️Added Owner's Package Crate ?️Fixed Sanguine Scythe of Vitur Issues ?️Fixed NPC Aggro Issues ?️Fixed Hydra's issues again..... ( hopefully this is the last time we see this ) ?️Removed the option to sell back items to Raid Point Shop ?️Increase Lodsmok Lobby Size to 15 ?️Fixed Issues with Grotesque Guardian bell misclick during fight ?️Arcade Shop Price revised, removed old junks ?️Fixed some issues with Karma Bosses ?️Fixed Demonic Guardian Aggro bug abuse ?️Fixed ::swapprayer bug abuse ?️Fixed Shadow Drake Goodiebox visual bug ?️Fixed MageGray's Teleport coords ?️Added Starter Gem ?️Added Vote Gem to Vote Shop ?️Vote gem is used to increase your damage, feed it 2 Vote Tickets every 12 hourly to gain more damage boost! ?️Added OSRS Skill tab interface, New Custom Icons for certain skills ?️Removed Grinder Skill, Replaced with Salvage ?️Grinder Points, Shop and etc will remain until we plan to phase out, do not panic....... ?️Engine work that now gives sharper color and much more vibrant colors of surroundings ?️Disabled Recycle Well ?️Added Staff members to be able to get Mr X event procs ?️Added Prestine Gloves, Prestine Boots and Demon Cape ?️Added Weapon Bundle items ?️Added Telos Streaking rewards, as you go up in streaks, you get a change to double / triple / quadruple your item ?️Added Battle Pet Preset unlocks ?️Added New Consumable, Summer Cocktails damage and drop rates ( damage stacks with damage cards ) enjoy your new high hits ?️Added ::updates command for players to use, this will open up their browser linked to wiki's version of update thread Eye of Skadi Bow stats AOE 3x3 Speed 1 Drop rate 20% Luck 20% 3 hit splat Prestine Gloves 10% Drop rate 10% luck 20% tribrid boost Prestine Boots 10% Drop rate 10% Luck 20% tribrid boost Demon Cape 30% drop rate 50% luck 50% tribrid boost ?Added Hansom Ransom Armour Set ?Added Dutch's (b) pet ?Added Paulinso BlackJack Table ?Added Riceball's 1 in 10 to 2x ?Added Apolo’s Toxic Gun. ?Added Taro Drape. ?Added Deathkill’s Dutch Pet ?Added Marc’s Pet’s 1 in 5 to 3.5x ?Added Roid’s Memory ?Added Shark Attack. ?Added Booty Cape ?Added Orby's Icy Dragon Kite Shield ?Added Jonn's Attitude Corrector ?Added Bamb's Cape ( man doesn't want people to know his cape name ) ?Added Sigi's lil offhand ?Added Bum's Awakening ?Added Bum's DrakeSlayer Shield ?Added American Bum ?Added A Dragon's bum ?Added Skull Descimator0 ?Added Dutch's Pride ?Added MK's Machine ?Added Mr Hotdog upgrades ?Added MIKE FOR THREEE ?Added Bonza's Bun ?Added Agnus Dei ?Added Wanking Glove's upgrades ?Added 1st / 2nd / 3rd Olympic Icons ?Added Blitzcrank9000's Upgrades ?Added Banger's Descimator ?Increased Ransom Casino Bet size ?Fixed Marc’s Pet Slayer bonuses issues ?Fixed Sofa King HC’s pet issues ?Fixed Pinne’s 1 in 5 to 2x issues ?Fixed Ketamine Cowboy's hit splat issues ?Fixed Hick's Staff again..... ?Fixed Sweaty's Drop ?Fixed Roid's Memory ?Fixed Huntir's offhand texture
  8. With a heavy heart, this is probably my final post for DS I have been inactive with DS due to my commitments in real life. due to my RL work, I am unable to work on DS which is probably why @Jladams was the one who posted the latest update thread he was taught well and he will continue on the legacy! I will probably pop around left and right to see what's been good -those who still wanna keep in contact with me, you personally know where to find me on discord pms Thank you everyone who have supported me from the bottom of my heart, from the day i started off as a helper, climbed my ranks up and only provided the best. #DSGANG Good bye
  9. Changed Player Own Shops to show full value of price instead Fixed Arcade being non multi Fixed a rare error of regular Arcade instances Fixed platinum boss attacking issue Fixed Platinum partner’s vortex prayer bug Fixed Platinum Zone’s groudon issue Fixed New platinum prayer, now giving the correct boost of stats Fixed Skilling Island Clipping isse Fixed multiple errors with daily task reward Fixed expert daily task reward Fixed Clue Scroll rewards giving incorrect items Fixed Raiden raid drop rate value Fixed skilling island - fishing pier Fixed challenge event issues Fixed Theatre of Blood point Fixed a MAJOR BUG with Theatre of Blood Shop Fixed Ghrazi Rapier’s area of Attack Fixed Grinder giving incorrect value with platinum dragon pet Fixed Hydra Pet Right Click only Fixed ::drops item name errors Fixed ::elo, all donator ranks across will have only 150 NPC kill counts per 24 hours instead of 1000 NPC kill count. Corrected Dream Range set bonuses, it should now have the proper stats instead Always wanted to AFK combat? Potion of Aggression is the Solution for you! This new item will only be available via the WEBSTORE Potion in action! Custom Donation Garfield USP Platinum Crate Smokey Emperor's Set
  10. Change logs -Increase the difficulty of DC universe Raid Updated Hp and difficulty of the raid -fix a bug with DC universe Box Removed Donator Tickets -Improved the rates of Grinder 20% to fail an item > 10% to fail an item
  11. In this week's update we will be addressing all community's input from suggestions, releasing some new content as well as new platinum partner's prayers! However with Everyone in the development team, working twice as hard, The update has become a MASSIVE UPDATE its packed full of content, revamps and many more A Brand New Box with much better rewards for players which includes a NEW Arrow slot item! A brand new executive totem goodiebox! New Skilling Island! Bosses adjustments!! Scroll down and find out all of them in full details! Progression Zones This is to help new comers with progression! Its a system where you will be placed at the start and grind till the end, climb up the zones by clearing each zone's requirements! These zones have a special change where the NPC in these zones have really good drop rate! averaging to 1 : 250 to get an item! This will help players who always are unsure on where to train, where to grind and etc. Where to start? Zone Manager is placed right outside of Home Bank! As mentioned above, If you manage to completed all zones, you will be awarded 100m DS coins! Each Zone will have a specific amount of Kill counts to be done there before you are able to progress to the next zone. This Kill count is not linked to your current kill count of that particular NPC, killing NPC outside of the ZONE will not award you with Zone's Kill count Good Luck Dreamers in progressing and obtaining the best loots there is for you all! A New Goodiebox has been added! Always wanted an Executive Totem? Try your luck with the NEW EXECUTIVE TOTEM Goodiebox! You can grab them over here Looking for the Best ODDS when opening a Box? try out our NEW and improved from previous Boxes DIAMOND BOX You can grab on over here! Stand a Chance to get the NEW BEST IN SLOT item for QUIVER SLOT The Power Fist The Power Arrow 10,000 Box opened! With the recent changes to soulsplit! We have improved the Hitpoint Interface and prayer interface for players to get a better view of their Hitpoints This will help players maintain their HP when it's low! Skilling Zone is here to be the first part of custom skilling! We have planned custom skilling to be released in the near future with new custom food tiers Custom agility courses! Custom Fishing, Custom Mining, Custom Smithing and many more! This release of Custom Skilling Zone is only part 1 ! This will allow players to get familiarize with the area and potentially be a nice hang out spot for players or skillers! This update for Skilling Zone is only the partial release, in the next update. We will be releasing Skilling Points and Reward system for various skills to earn Skilling outfits and various bonuses There are many things planned for Skilling in the future to make skilling a viable way of earning DS coins / rewards when you are bored from PVM-ing, so stay tuned for the next release of Skilling island! You can Visit Skilling Island via ::Skilling With the release of Skilling island We have improved some skilling items! Infernal Hatchet Infernal Harpoon Infernal Pickaxe You can purchase them here! Stay Tuned! Platinum Partners are receiving a new set of prayer which are unique and will probably be the best prayers! This New Prayer will have a unique mechanic where platinum partner will have to hunt for a new unique boss for the "torn prayer scroll" combining them to receive a random order of 1 of the new platinum prayer Image is for illustration purposes only final product may look different when in game 1. Protect from ALL Protects you from all combat style up to 99% 2. Sharp Eyes Boosts Range attack's damage by 35% 3. Infinity Boosts Mage attack's damage by 35% 4. Unmanaged Anger Boosts Melee attack's damage by 35% How to get to the boss? ::plat Head towards North WEST Boss information Name: Demonic Guardian Specs: Boss has effects of Various mechanics mixed into 1, Jad's Range attack, Jad's Mage Attack and toxic pool Boss drops Drop table of Demonic Guardians Always 50k - 250k ds coins Or Platinum Token 50 - 200 platinum tokens 1 in 75 Platinum Tenderiser Platinum Maul of Omens Platinum Spirit Shield Platinum Icon Platinum Party Hat 1 in 100 1 x Super Mystery Box 1 x Ultra Mystery Box 1 x Invictus Box 1 x Box of Wealth 2 x Pet Mystery Box 1 x Tactical Box 20 x Mystery Box 7 x Gold DS Coin 1 in 250 High-Grade Enchantment Stones 3 x Super Mystery Box 3 x Ultra Mystery Box 3 x Invictus Box 3 x Box of Wealth 5 x Pet Mystery Box 3 x Tactical Box 50 x Mystery Box 15 x Gold DS Coin 1 in 500 Torn Prayer Scroll part 1 ( UNTRADABLE ) Torn Prayer Scroll part 2 ( UNTRADABLE ) Torn Prayer Scroll part 3 ( UNTRADABLE ) 1 in 2000 Platinum Prayer Scroll ( UNTRADABLE ) Demonic Guardian Pet ( Cosmetic Pet )( UNTRADABLE) 1 in 3500 1 x 2k20 Box 1 in 3750 Perfect Enchantment stone 5 x Donator Ticket Once you have collected torn prayer scroll part 1, 2 and 3 you can use them on each other and receive a Platinum Prayer Scroll Learning the scroll will give you a Prayer on Random This will not learn an existing Prayer that you have. Good luck in Hunting for the Scroll! First Platinum Partner to get all 4 Prayers With a Screenshot and Timestamp sent on discord Will receive a NEW "Diamond Box" worth $100 Added a New Theatre of Blood Shop just outside of the Raid Have you been going dry in over hundred of runs in Theatre of Blood? Theatre of Blood will now give 1 ToB point per Completion on top of your drop! You can save up your points to purchase your desired items from Theatre of Blood Ghrazi Rapier's Addition Ghrazi Rapier has been given stats Attack Area of 3 x 3 Double hits Since Raids has been revamped, Players have been suggesting to fix Daily Task kill count for Raids We have greatly adjusted the kill count required and added a bunch of the recent release of bosses and etc Adjusted These list of bosses from 250kc -> 50 kc Vendura O.G Dragon Diablo Added this list of Bosses to Expert Task Shredder Alchemical Hydra Undead Lancelot Hanzou Masamune Riley Raid New Reward List for Daily Task Easy Tasks: COMMON Mystery Box (50) Crystal Key (100) Donator ticket Dynamic Box Spacejam (u) Scoped Rifle (u) Cash Reward (500K-1M) Tactical Box Invictus Box UNCOMMON Cash Reward (2M) American Boxing Gloves Super Mystery Box (5) Tactical Box Pet Mystery Box Ultra Mystery Box Xebos Invitation 1 x Mimic’s Entry Ticket RARE Minigun Oblivion Scythe Frostbite Staff Infinity Key (10) Intermediate Tasks: COMMON Frostbite Staff Blizzard Spirit Shield Super Mystery Box (5) Tactical Box (3) Pet Mystery Box (3) Ultra Mystery Box (3) Crystal Key (250) Tactical Box Donator Rank Ticket UNCOMMON Dynamic Box (3) Super Donator Ticket Blue Death Cape Soulflare (u) Infinity Scythe Collector’s Necklace Groudon Pet Infinity Key (10) RARE American Pernix Set American Torva Set American Virtus Set Golden Minigun Infinity Gauntlets Magegray Upgrade Totem Cash Reward (5M) Hard Tasks COMMON Dynamic Box (3) Tactical Box (3) Xebos Invitation (3) Mimic’s Entry (3) Cash Reward (5M) Infinity Key (20) Crystal Key+ Mystery Box (250) Super Mystery Box (10) Super Donator Ticket UNCOMMON Electronic Katana Mystic Gloves Anguish Gloves Berserker Gloves Box of Wisdom Extreme Donator Ticket Dream Mystery Box (5) RARE Cash Reward (10M) M4a4 Asiimov Avery Ring Necromancer Jr. Khione’s Staff Aqua Spirit Shield Seers Boots Archers Boots Berserker Boots Expert COMMON Dynamic Box (5) Tactical Box (5) Dream Mystery Box (5) Mimic’s Entry Ticket (3) Infinity Key (50) Xebo’s Invitation (10) 2x Damage Card Cash Reward (10M) Box of Wisdom UNCOMMON Cash Reward (15M) Extreme Donator Ticket Grand Lottery Book Avery Ring Aqua Spirit Shield Diablo Jr. Sword of the Protectorate RARE Devious Set Crystal Set AK-47 Asiimov Eternal Khione’s Staff Avery Incantation Cash Reward (25M) Getting your skills to level 150 has never been rewarding, but a personal goal or achievement. We have improved the 150 Milestone Cape You will require 150 in all skills (except for combat, construction, karma, gambling, scavenger) Its a cape intended to be something players can achieve if they can't clear arcade! Milestone can be found at ::shops A New Arcade Raid has finally arrive at Dreamscape! if you have been through Avengers Arcade, this is really similar You can find DC Universe Arcade at ::Arcade Compared to Avengers Arcade, This Raid is much shorter, however at a higher difficulty! Get to Fight Bosses like Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, The Joker and Flash! Each Boss have their own unique abilities similar to their Super Hero's ability There will be 5 Waves and you will earn yourself a UNIQUE drop from the DC Universe itself and Arcade Tokens! It is recommended you enter with a Mid Tier / End game tier setup Wave 1 Batman 1,500,000 Hp Ability: A very rare chance Batman will stun you with his battarang for 3 seconds Wave 2 The Joker 1,600,000 Hp Ability: Laughing Gas, Joker will poison the area around your player Wave 3 WonderWoman 1,700,000 Hp Ability: Taunt, Wonder woman will pull you towards her and stunning you for a few seconds Wave 4 Superman 1,800,000 Hp Ability: Super Strength, Just hits.. really really... hard.. Wave 5 Flash 3,000,000 Hp Ability: Super Speed, Randomly Runs around the map to "Dodge" your attacks Drop Table Always 10,000 - 15,000 x DS coins 1 in 35 1 x DC universe Box 1 in 65 2 x DC universe Box uncommon 1 in 100 20,000 - 30,000 x DS coins Arcade Token ( New item ) 10 x Rainbow Fish Rare 1 in 125 3 x DC universe Box Rare 1 in 200 4 x DC universe Box Very Rare 1 in 300 35,000 - 50,000 x DS coins - 5021 2 x Arcade Token ( New item ) 5 x DC universe Box Ultra Rare 1 in 750 Batman Mask Batman Body Batman Legs Superman Helmet Superman Body Superman Legs Flash Helmet Flash Body Flash Legs 5 x Arcade Token 10 x DC universe Box 3 x Donator Tickets DC Universe Box Always 100,000 - 300,000 DS coins - 5021 1 x Antique Lamp - 23189 Rare 1 in 150 Batman Mask Batman Body Batman Legs Superman Helmet Superman Body Superman Legs Universe Ring Rare 1 in 200 Flash Helmet Flash Body Flash Legs DC Equipment Showcase Universe Ring Bonus effect When equipped, You will deal 50% more damage to ALL ARCADES MODE Arcade Normal Arcade Extreme Arcade Hell Avengers Arcade Raid DC universe Raid Batman Set Superman Set Flash Set Need to fix CHEST PIECE TEXTURE ISSUE BEFORE SHOWCASE We have improved the rewards of clue scrolls, this will make clues viable again! Rewards of all difficulty has been improved! Easy Clue Rewards · Mystery box (50) · Crystal key (50) · Donator ticket · Scoped rifle (U) · 500k Cash · Super Mystery Box (5) · Frostbite Staff · Tactical Box · Dynamic Box · Infinity Key (10) Hard Clue Rewards · Frostbite Staff · Golden minigun · Infinity gauntlets · 5 Gold DScoins · Groudon pet · Infinity Key (20) · American Pernix Set · American Torva Set · American Virtus Set · Blue Death Cape · Soulflare (u) Elite Clue Rewards · Dynamic Box (3) · Tactical Box (3) · Xebos Invitation (3) · Mimic’s Entry (3) · Super Mystery Box (10) · 10 Gold DScoins · Super Donator Ticket · Electronic Katana · Box of Wisdom · Khione’s Staff · Avery’s ring Dream Clue Rewards · Devious Set · Khione’s Staff · 20 Gold DScons · Avery’s Ring · Extreme Donator Ticket · Avery Incantation · Diablo Jr · Eternal Khione’s Staff · Ak-47 Asiimov We have adjusted and improved some of the Old Bosses for the benefit of everyone! New players will find it much more enjoyable getting Old bosses as a slayer task which in turn will give you much better gears to progress! Vorago - increased spawn numbers, reduced respawn timer added Dream potions to drop table Raiden - Removed Crystal Armor Voldermort - Removed Elite Virtus, Added Crystal Pieces BarrelChest - Added Electronic Katana, increased hp to 15,000 DragonBone Protector - Added Invictus Staff Part 1 & 2, Hp increased to 5000 Forgotten Warrior - Added Invictus Sword Part 1 & 2 , increased hp to 3000 Sea Troll Queen - Added Invictus Crossbow Part 1 & 2, increased hp to 5000 Bork - Added Sword of Protectorate, increased hp to 10,000 Abyssal Sire - Removed Elite Pernix, American Pernix Phoenix - Added Inferno spirit shield, increased hp to 10,000, Added more spawn, Phoenix Bones made stackable MageGray - Added Blue Death Cape, Magegray Egg, increased hp to 15,000 Adjusted Daily ::ELO requirements from 1000 > 150 kills a day Added Surok Magis to ::shops Fixed Jail from being able to escape with certain teleport Removed ::mypos command due to abuse Chaos Elemental World Boss Fixed Fixed Dead Sea Scroll's examine, giving false information Fixed ::gearviewer, you will now be able to use it at Home Added a new option to Raid Shops Refined Resizable Client's Transparent Chat Box Fixed and Corrected Clue step for Ironman clue step Fixed issue with Abyssal Sire instance, you should be able to ::yell in there Added Hydra bones to give prayer exp, scales with account type Fixed Invisible Hydra pet issue Fixed Enraged Hades bug Fixed Hades bug Fixed Party Pete's Drop Party, Stackables drop issue Removed Reward Alerts from 2k19 box, 2k20 box, Black Diamond Box and Goodiebag Islands Improve Alerts Visuals with a new look! Removed Hidden 30% hidden range boost to Dream Range set Removed Hidden 30% hidden range boost to Devious Set Improve Slayer Shop Added Invictus Weapons to Slayer Shop, 4000 points each Improve Wilderness Shop Added Avery Incantation, 50,000 pk points Executive Raid Increased Damage Cap for executive raid, when using a executive cape 3500 > 140,000 Raid Shops Platinum Zone NPC adjustment Removed Penguins Added Groudon Added Instance area for Revenant Werewolves Entry Cost - 5,000,000 DS coins Click on the Vine Ladder in the area of Revenant Werewolves Located at North East of the Area the moment you enter the map Regular Lottery update Increased buy in entry from 250ds coins > 5,000,000 DS coins this will increase the prize pool Removed Gambling Restrictions from Non-Donator Ranks Anyone can Gamble now, However there is a 15 minutes to new characters, similar to trade limit Improved Raid Shops players can now sell Raid Shops items back to the shop for 30% value Added Trix Armor pieces to Black Market Dealer Trix helmet, body and legs can be sold to Black Market Dealer for 10,000 DS coins Raiden Raid ( ::joinraid5 ) Hp has been buffed and Drop Table has been improved Hp increased to 5,000,000 for first phas, 2nd phase increased to 3,000,000 Added NEW drops, Obsidian Virtus Helm, Obsidian Virtus Body, Obsidian Virtus Legs Adjusted Raids 1-4 Drop Table Fixed Raid Bosses dropping incorrect item Slightly Buff the drop rate of unique items by 5% Added more items to Grinder / Adjusted some existing items value Platinum Dragon Pet - 100m Vorki pet - 200m Ferocious Gloves - 100m Thumper - 550m Scythe of Vitur - 750m Yix Amulet - 2m Tam Amulet - 2m Nax Amulet - 2m Seers Boots - 4m Berserker Boots - 4m Archers Boots - 4m Ultron Pet - 350m Emperor Armor Set - 25m Thanos Pet - 100m Eternal Crystal Helm - 5m Eternal Crystal Body - 5m Eternal Crystal Legs - 5m Epic Rings has been buffed Epic Seers ring stats improved - 10% magic damage and 200 magic attack Epic Tribrid Ring - combine, Epic Archers Ring, Epic Warriors Ring, Epic Seers RIng Stats: 200 in all attack, 150 in all defence, 10% magic damage, 100 strength and 100 range strength Epic Tribrid Ring (i) - Use Upgrade Chest, Located at ::upgrade Success rate is 10% Stats: 400 in all attack, 200 in all defence, 15% magic damage, 150 strength, 150 range strength ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change logs -Increase the difficulty of DC universe Raid Updated Hp and difficulty of the raid -fix a bug with DC universe Box Removed Donator Tickets -Improved the rates of Grinder 20% to fail an item > 10% to fail an item Custom item notes / changes Fixed Sashimono Glow effect Fixed Muggle's Custom - trade-able and 50 x 50 aoe Stats upgrade on Sweaty's drip and drop Custom Order Notes If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! New Custom Donation Huntir's Offhand New Custom item Only Available via Bundles Look out for Lt Lime's Special Bundles! Deadpool set Wonderwoman set
  12. It has been a long while since we have released an update! However it is FINALLY HERE! This update we are focus on tackling 2 issues, Raids 1 - 5 and The all new boss, Alchemical Hydra plus a ton of Quality of Life improvements! Without further ado, lets get started by showcasing them all below ! Alchemical Hydra with a slight twist of custom HP and loots! Mechanics are close to 1:1 to the original which is what some players have always look for when dealing with Bosses, unique mechanics that will challenge your maneuverability and quick thinking! How to get there? ::bosses > Bottom of the list There is an NPC called " Death " you can claim your items from him in the event you have died in the instance. Hydra's Room is actually instanced! you will never have to worry about people snatching your kill! Note, Alchemical Hydra is capped at 30,000 Damage this is to protect the content from being abused by killing it in 7seconds. with the damage cap, players with the best gears 1minute 15seconds to 2minutes If you managed to get a Hydra Claw you can purchase a Dragon Hunter Lance here! Introducing the all new ROYAL MYSTERY BOX This Box will only be available on the WEBSTORE Just imagine everything you possibly want in a box! End game items! Cool Collectibles and many more! 10,000 Royal Mystery Box Opened There's a unique thing about this box! Thinking of trying your luck out? ever wanted to WIN MORE? you can attempt to UPGRADE your BOX! Upgrade them via the EMPEROR'S UPGRADE CHEST! 1 in 3 Chance to get it upgraded! Emperor's Necklace's Hour Glass effect can help you save some attempts! *picture is for illustration purposes only, end product visuals may look different" 10,000 Royal Luxe Mystery Box Opened Royal Luxe Mystery Box will only pull items from 1 in 80 and above Royal Mystery Box 1 in 25 Minigun Penguin Staff (u) 1 x Gold DS coin Blizzard Staff Blizzard Virtus Mask Blizzard Virtus Top Blizzard Virtus Bottom Blizard Spirit Shield Trix Helm Trix Body Trix Legs Collector’s necklace 1 in 50 Soulflare X Demon Minigun Golden Minigun Aqua Spirit Shield Space Spirit Shield Inferno Spirit Shield AWP Asiimov 5 x Gold DS coins Castiel Katana 1 in 65 Electronic Katana Ultimate Dream Katana Khione Staff Infinity Gauntlet Necromancer Jr Space Boxing Gloves 1 in 80 Devious Helmet Devious Body Devious Legs Crystal Helmet Crystal Body Crystal Legs 20 x Gold DS coins Diablo Jr 1 in 100 Eternal Crystal Helmet Eternal Crystal Body Eternal Crystal Legs AK-47 Asiimov 2 x Perfect Enchantment Stone Avery’s Ring Avery Ring (i) Crystal Set Devious Set Emperor’s Set Helicopter Pet 1 in 150 Fire Hazard AK Fortune lvl3 Lucky Stars lvl 3 Augury lvl3 Mystic Lvl3 Berserker lvl3 Trinity Lvl3 Godsend lvl3 Fortunate Favour lvl3 Eternal Khione Staff 1 in 250 Dream Helmet Dream Body Dream Legs Dream Helmet (Blood) Dream Body(Blood) Dream Legs(Blood) Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Thanos Pet 1 in 512 Dream Range Set Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set BFG9000 BFG9000 offhand Icy Sled Black Sled Inferno Sled Space Sled Lava Sled 100 x Gold DS coins Ultron Pet 1 in 1500 Infinity Gauntlets Charged 250 x Gold DS coins Scythe of Virtue Sanguinesti Staff Muskateer Hat Muskateer Body Muskateer Legs 1 in 2500 500 x Gold DS coins Emperor’s Ring Emperor’s Necklace Item Grinder is here to solve all your duplicates of item that just can't seem to sell! Item grinder will take majority of your unwanted items, Gambling wins ( that can't sell ) and many more! trade them in the Grinder for DS Coins! You stand a chance to win some GRINDER Coins from grinding your items Which you can use to attempt on the Vending Machine to win some COOL CUSTOMS, Cash and much much more! You don't feel like grinding your item? you can purchase a Grinder Coin directly from the Vending machine for 500m DS coins Vending Machine and Grinder is located at ::home Near the Giant Tree Entrance Players can use their items on the Grinder to receive their DS coins and a Chance to get a GRINDER Coin. If your item value is lower than 100m, you will not roll for a chance, to get a grinder coin Grinder List Emperor’s Ring --------------------------- 600m Emperor’s Necklace--------------------- 1000m Dream Range Set ------------------------ 150m Dream Melee Set ------------------------- 150m Dream Mage Set --------------------------- 150m Sponsor Ticket ------------------------- 150m Avery Ring ---------------------------------- 7m Avery’s Ring (i) ---------------------------- 50m Avery Incatation --------------------------- 30m Prod Cape ------------------------------------- 200m AK-47 Asiimov ---------------------------- 10m AWP Asiimov ----------------------------- 7m M4A4 Asiimov ---------------------------- 7m Necromancer Jr ------------------------- 5m Diablo Jr --------------------------------- 10m Thanos Pet ----------------------------- 120m Khione’s Staff -------------------------- 8m Eternal Khione Staff ----------------- 12m BFG9000 ------------------------------- 100m BFG9000 Offhand ------------------ 100m Helicopter Pet ----------------------- 45m Puffer Fish Pet ----------------------- 50m Devious Set ----------------------------10m Devious Helmet ----------------------- 2m Devious Body ------------------------- 2m Devious Legs -------------------------- 2m Crystal Set ----------------------------- 10m Crystal Helmet ----------------------- 2m Crystal Body -------------------------- 2m Crystal Legs --------------------------- 2m Infinity Gauntlets --------------------- 5m Infinity Gauntlets Charged -------- 200m Icy Glaive ------------------------------ 150m Customizable Icy Glaive ----------- 150m Mystic Lvl3 ---------------------------- 50m Berseker Lvl3 ------------------------ 50m Augury Lvl3 -------------------------- 50m Fortune Lvl3 -------------------------50m Fortunate Favor Lvl3 -------------- 50m Hades Cleaver ---------------------- 100m Hades Offhand --------------------- 100m Hades Cleaver (u) ----------------- 125m Hades Helmet ---------------------- 10m Hades Body ------------------------ 10m Hades Legs ------------------------ 10m Lava Minigun ---------------------- 250m Golden Minigun ------------------- 4m Minigun ----------------------------1m Space Virtus Helm -------------- 25m Space Virtus Body --------------- 25m Space Virtus Legs -------------- 25m Blizzard Staff ---------------------- 1m Blizzard Spirit Shield ----------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Helm -------------------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Body -------------------- 100k ds coins Blizzard Legs ------------------- 100k ds coins Aqua Spirit Shield -------------- 4m Space Spirit Shield -------------- 5m Thumper ------------------------- 200m Lava Groudon Pet -------------- 4m Arrav Helm ----------------------- 70m Arrav Body ------------------------ 70m Arrav Legs ------------------------- 45m Arrav Sword ----------------------- 60m Arrav Sword Offhand ------------ 50m Arrav Shield ------------------------ 35m Undead Helm ---------------------- 3m Undead Body ---------------------- 5m Undead Legs ---------------------- 5m Graceful Rapier ------------------- 15m Graceful Shield ------------------ 4m Bikini Hat --------------------------- 5m Bikini Body ------------------------- 8m Bikini Legs ------------------------- 8m Skotizo Cape ---------------------- 75m Skotizo Hat ----------------------- 100m Skotizo Body --------------------- 100m Skotizo Legs --------------------- 100m Skotizo Bow ---------------------- 100m Skotizo 2h Sword ---------------- 75m Grinder Coin and Vending Machine! VENDING MACHINE DROP TABLE 1 in 20 20 x Gold DS coins 20 x Rainbow Fish 2 x 2x Damage Card 2 x Antique Lamps 1 x Sled 1 in 50 30 x Gold DS coins 30 x Rainbow Fish 10 x Xebos Invitations 5 x 2x Damage Card 5 x Antique Lamps 1 x Infernal Primordals 1 x infernal pickaxe 1 x Black Sled 1 x Icy Sled 1 x Inferno Sled 1 x Space Sled 1 x Lava Sled 1 in 85 40 x Gold DS coins 40 x Rainbow Fish 20 x Xebos Invitations 1 x Stone of Power 1 x Stone of Redemption 1 x Stone of Vengeance 1 x Stone of Healing 1 x Stone of Resurrection 1 in 125 50 x Gold DS coins 50 x Rainbow Fish 1 x Hades Pet Dream Range Set Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set 1 in 200 75 x Gold DS coins 75 x Rainbow Fish Khione’s Helm Khione’s Body Khione’s Legs Muskateer Hat Muskateer Body Muskateer Legs 1 in 280 100 x Gold DS coins Prometheus Helmet - Cosmetic Custom Prometheus Body - Cosmetic Custom Prometheus Legs - Cosmetic Custom 1 in 350 120 x Gold DS coins 100 x Rainbow Fish 100 x Xebos Invitation 25 x 2x Damage Card 1 in 500 1 x Vorki Pet 1 x amban Sniper Rifle 1 x Beskargam Helm uncharged 1 x Beskargam Body uncharged 1 x Beskargam legs uncharged 1 in 1000 1 x Vending Machine Pet* 1 x Ultron Pet 1 x Baby Yoda Pet 1 in ????? 1000 x DS coins 1 x Shadow Pet 1 x Wing Zero Pet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vending machine pet Bonuses (untradable) 60% drop rate 40% double drop rate 10% luck Healing effect capped at 1 Prayer Restore Raids 1 - 4 has always been the favorites of the community! we have decided to add in a NEW Drop to this bosses Voldermort, Vendura, O.G Dragon and Diablo These Bosses have their Hitpoints buffed up significantly! Voldermort: 3,000,000 HP Vendura: 4,000,000 HP O.G Dragon: 5,000,000 HP Diablo: 5,000,000 HP Voldermort's Drop table has a new Drop Wand of Voldermort ( untradable ) 1 in 2500 drop rate This item can only be combined with a Eternal Khione Staff to create a new mage weapon Voldermort's Staff of Dream Vendura's Ring 1 in 2500 Drop rate from Vendura Additional Bonus not shown Healing Effect 2 Hit points per Attack DragonTooth Necklace 1 in 2500 Drop rate from O.G Dragon Diablo's Claw 1 in 2500 Drop Rate from Diablo You will require a BFG9000 and a Diablo Claw to combine them You will get a Diablolic Bow ( 1 Handed Bow ) Good luck Dreamers in hunting some of the new BEST in Slot Equips! Gambling Streaks are now in to make dice zone gambling even more rewarding! Ever wanted to show off your streak but you don't have screenshots to prove it? You can now with GAMBLING STREAKS overhead icons! Get a chance to win some juicy BOUNTIES! Streak Icons! Streaks as per follow 3 - 5 - 7 9 - 11- 13 15 - 17 - 20 Streak icon in action! Bounty for Streaks! This bounty will be awarded for players who have defeated them! Streak-Holders, they will not miss out on this as well, in the event they win the gamble, they will receive the bounty money! Bounty for Win Streak 3 : 4m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 5 : 8m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 7 : 12m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 9: 16m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 11 : 20m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 13 : 24m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 15 : 30m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 17 : 60m ds coins Bounty for Win Streak 20 : 100m ds coins Soul Chest has always been a big part of Dreamscape back in 2017 It has been a long time since we have updated the chest to include new bosses soul and even update the rewards! We have added New Boss Souls and improved the overall drop table from the chest! We have added an additional function to open 1k Soul Keys at a time! The following Bosses now have Souls drop added to them Hades Riley Raid Vorkath Skotizo Hanzou You can visit Soul Chest at ::soulroom Stand a chance to win some of the NEW cosmetics that are only available in Soul Chest Have you upgraded something you felt like you have regretted? Enchantment Disassembly is your solution! Players can now disassemble their enchantments! However you will only receive 30% of the enchantment back E.G: Item has +10 enchantment, player salvages their enchanted item they will only get back 3 perfect enchantment stones ( untradable ) You can find the NPC at ::upgrades To start the disassembling, you will have to use your item that has a minimal of +10 and above on the dwarf once done, you will go through a dialogue whether you want to confirm. Once done, you will receive the stated amount of PERFECT ENCHANTMENT STONES (u) (untradable) Added more Revenant Werewolves spawn locations Frost Dragons are no longer aggressive BarrelChest are no longer Aggressive Vorago reworked -increased NPC hp to 750 > 40,000 -added drops Vorago Jr and Eternal Crystal Pieces Readjusted Super Donator Ticket to Exreme Donator Ticket upgrade chance Added Quality of Life SHORT CUT KEYS CTRL + X = ::bosses CTRL + H = ::home CTRL + B = ::bank CTRL + D = ::dicezone Muggle's Descimator Tradability and AOE corrected. Sashimono Cape Custom Donation Bamboozled Descimator Mainhand and Offhand Custom Donation NEW DONATION BUNDLE ITEM RAIJIN SET AND RAIJIN SCYTHE Do look out for the forum post that Lt Limes will post soon!
  13. In this Patch notes, we will be addressing all bugs and addressing concerns we have seen in Bug reports. Before the the notes, a little teaser and a few things to mention! The Hydra boss is still in the works of coding and getting it 100% fully function with a twist of our CUSTOM touch! We are looking into areas to improve as well Things that will be in discussion and set to work on in the future updates! 1. ::upgrade - this zone is in need of a rework as it looks outdated. 2. Custom Slayer - Slayer has always been a big part of RS, we will be adding our own twist and touch by updating the task list and even coming up with a custom slayer island where you will find majority of your task npc there. 3. Drop Table Review - in the next few days, i will be posting a drop table review, which we will show case majority of the NPC's drop table. I would like the community's input after reviewing the numbers! Stay tuned for the post coming up soon! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patch notes Fixed Mac and Linux client users issues Reduced World Boss Hp, 100m > 50m Fixed World Boss, Enraged Chaos Elemental. NPC is no longer a Pet Fixed Text Error on Emperor's Necklace (i) options ( Reported by @I Willy I ) Fixed GPS Bug abuse with Xebos Invitation ( Reported by @Iron Lord ) Fixed Game Breaking exploit , being able to 1 shot any Boss ( Reported by @Gya ) Fixed Gambling Pet's Item Name in Trade menu Fixed Vorkath Daily Killcount resetting on Relog Fixed a Bug with Baby Yoda's Pet 1 in 15 to do 5 x damage not proc-ing ( Reported by @I am bambi) Fixed a Bug with Theatre of Blood, NPCs were attack-able in safe zone Improved Theatre of Blood's Drop Table Added Avernic Defender to ToB drop table -avernic defender gives 3 HP healing efftect per attack ( best healing item ) Removed Executive Cape and Executive Totem from Donator Bond Shop Nerf Trix Armor Set Added 10% DR ,DDR ,LUCK to Infinity Gauntlets (u) Following Boxes are made stack-able - Super Mystery Box - Dynamic Box - Ultra Mystery Box - Invictus Box - Box of Wealth - Mega Crate - Pet Mystery Box - Dream Mystery Box - Tactical Box - Double or nothing Box Ironlord's Lord's Executioner Stats increased Hickibilly's Hick's Staff Stats increased Spell Damage increased Huntir's Huntir's Glaive Stats increased I am Bambi's Planetary Devastator (i) Stats increased 808Raptor's Meet Idiot Stats increased Exodus's Just a Gun New custom item 50 x 50 AOE added Stakerz mainhand and offhand item made tradable
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