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  1. Wow, huge updates!! The coin system is going to help the economy so much, simply a fantastic idea!
  2. Hi 1Chef, welcome . Hope to see you around!!
  3. Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved
  4. Nice update!! Love seeing work continue to be done on the server 😄
  5. Congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting such a great event The Wiki is such an important part of the server and it's so awesome to see people contributing to its growth!
  6. Great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for doing this. As a somewhat new player myself, I feel the Gear page could use an overhaul. Because DreamScape has so many custom items and stats, it's overwhelming and confusing to come in as a new player. The gear page on the wiki should be expertly laid out to allow new players to understand and adjust to the server. Current issues with the gear page: 1. The categories are not as complete and clean looking as they could be. For example, capes has no information and there could be a shields/off-hand page. There are also some screenshots which include the armour slots, rather than just the image of the armour/weapon and its stats. This is unnecessary and makes the page seem more clunky and less fluid. Some screenshots are also blurry. 2. The long vertical scrolling required to look through all the armour and weapons makes them difficult to interpret. Firstly, if you're simply looking for weapons it's a pain to scroll down all the way to the bottom to find them. Secondly, if you're just interested in looking at (for example) armour, the format makes it hard to compare them all. Because the screenshots are so big, and you can only see one at a time, it's frustrating to new players to continuously scroll back and forth comparing unfamiliar items. 3. Although it's helpful to rank armours and weapons from best to worst, because DreamScape's stats are completely custom, new players have no concept of what is actually good or not. The issue is that while you can see the statistical progression of the weapons, that does not tell you how good something actually is. For example, if you're brand new, you see the ice katana is an upgrade over the royal sickle and you think that's a big deal. The statistics tell you its an upgrade, but what a new player does not realize is the ice katans is still very weak in relation to other melee weapons you can buy. ------------------------------ Solutions and suggestions: 1. This will simply require work to take more screenshots and construct the cape page and off-hand pages. Additionally, some of the items currently on the gear page should have new screenshots taken that all follow the same formatting (Image of weapon/armour + stats) and are not blurry. 2. First, weapons and armour could be split in two different tabs. There could possibly be a melee drop-down menu, and from there you can select armour or weapons. This could be the same for range/magic/melee. The second suggestion is a big point of mine. I believe a horizontal left-to-right format would benefit the page greatly. Here is an example of the set-up: -----> -----> The whole row could become a single image made in photoshop and arrow could be made more graphically appealing than just text symbols. The left-to-right setup would allow people to easily understand the progression of items, and quickly compare them. Preferably 3 or more items would be in each row, so scrolling up and down would not be required to compare them. 3. Due to the sheer number of items on DreamScape, multiple rows would certainly be required. However, the multiple rows allows for a way to address issue #3. Along with the images of item progression, the images could be labeled, which would indicate tiers of weaponry and armour. For example, a row showing the progression of Royal Sickle > Royal Sickle (u) > Ice Katana, could be labeled "Low Damage, Very Low Cost". While a row showing the progression of Scythe of Vitur > Long Claw > Ultimate Dream Katana, could be labeled "Extremely High Damage, Extremely High Cost". To summarize, not only would left-to-right progression images allow players to easily compare weapons statistically, but labeling the rows would help players understanding the concept how good something is, compared to all of the armour and weapons on the server. New players lack this concept. I believe these few changes would dramatically benefit new player's abilities to understand the progression of weapons and armour on DreamScape. Thanks for reading, feel free to ask any additional questions. -Raspberrys
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