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  3. Hello and welcome my fellow dreamers! to the second ever "Ironman Happy Hour!" so what is Ironman Happy Hour you may ask? Ironman happy hour is when you are given an aloted time of 1 hour starting on a fresh ironman account to try and get as much progress as possible. After you have hit the 1 hour time on your playtime you stop playing and send screenshots of your playtime and everything aquired during that time. The best loot/achievements made within the given 1 hour will win the Ironman Happy Hour event! You will post these said screenshots down below on this thread and I will choose the winner. YOU CAN NOT DONATE TO THE FRESH IRONMAN YOU ARE USING TO ENTER IN THE EVENT. DOING SO WILL DISQUALIFY YOU. REWARDS! 1st PLACE REWARD! - OBLIVION SYTHE! 2ND PLACE REWARD! - MINIGUN! 3RD PLACE REWARD! - SOULFLARE (U) Cancellation prize for entering if you do not win! ULTRA MYSTERY BOX! BEST OF LUCK!!! THREAD WILL CLOSE 1 WEEK FROM NOW UNLESS THERE ISNT ATLEAST 3 ENTRIES My Video - - Took the thread and inspiration from DylanRSPS so ty!! 😄 excited to see what progress you guys make!! #dsgang
  4. Battlegrounds shop rework Right now the reward system for the mini game but there but here are some suggestions on what to add. The items in the BG shop take a Long time to achieve. Which is good because if they didn't the prices of these items would go down in price BUT I think if you guys added some different items in there which would make BG a relatively good fun money maker it'd be a lot more active. If you are wanting to keep the store related to the mini game this probably wouldn't work but adding some items like donation mystery boxes to the store or maybe even 100b tickets in there that you can spend your points on I think this would encourage new players to play. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few items I think could be added: Cheapest item being 100b ticket, people can save up their points and buy bulk All Elite armour pieces. (Torva, Pernix, Virtus) All american Armour pieces. (Torva, Pernix, Virtus) Golden AK47 All of the donation mystery boxes & Scratch cards. Maybe a brand new mystery box called the BG box? Have a really rare chance of getting the really good amours from the shop and mix it up with some junkier ones. Brand new custom BG pet? - Not sure on what this could look like or the bonus's it'd give off but I think it'd be a really cool. If you have any suggestions be sure to leave them as a reply to this thread. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. https://imgur.com/a/PFLgL1v Right now there is only one and its a slayer task, can get frustrating when you have to wait because somebody is killing it
  6. WHATTTTTTTT! This update is CRAZY!, Great work to everyone that worked on this!!! New content is amazing ? can't wait to play!! Keep it up #dsgang
  7. Yoooooooooo 3 wins Thanks all that voted for me, appreciate it ❤️ Congrats to everyone guys keep smashing it! #dsgang
  8. Maybe add something custom such as the outfit changing colors or give him a DS cape, something like that ? I know the DS team are looking for ways to add in content for the new luck system so here's one ? #dsgang
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