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  1. Life is like a sandwhich. You put all the good stuff in it.

  2. Welcome to Dreamscape forums. Enjoy your stay
  3. until

  4. If this can be added onto your suggestion, Id want to see them fix item names so that they can be more accessible. For example, if you search for anything with Emperor armour, you have to type each piece in a certain way to find it or it doesnt show up at all. Emperors platelegs (it has an S at the end) Emperors helmet (it has an S at the end) Emperor platebody Emperor gloves Emperor boots
  5. Would it be effective if stats were reset for this change? That way players cant boost unfairly.
  6. Ive been playing the normal mode for my entire exeprience with Dreamscape. Before modes were even a thing. I think its very unfair having to pay real money for this change if I wanted to become Hardcore dont you think? And no its not like I can just create a new account, because I have Sponsor. I feel I am at such a disadvantage when it comes to PVM. I literally havent got a rare or better drop in over 1 year! Some people talk ways of removing money from eco, so theres been prompts already such as the market. I think this would help tremendously too. Suggestion 1: Have an opt
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  9. I agree the drops are pretty bad. Especially the ones you listed. Nobody wants to receive those lol! Maybe for the part you didnt answer such as type of new rewards, Id suggest: A type of shard drop unique to that raid boss. Each shard can be used for that specific raid bosses shop. Raid Boss Shop Random Ideas Dream Potions? Scrolls that help with x2 raid shards? Goes with the idea I made above.
  10. DreamZone location Change the DreamZone location to be more accessible then using the command ::altar. I never even knew this place existed. Change the price of DreamZone to be considerably less than 1M DS Coins. It is way too expensive to grind a location like this especially when it has a DROP CHANCE and you have to kill give-or- take (20,000) Dreamons in a SINGLE SITTING, unless you want to pay 1M DS Coins everytime you enter. Increadibly uneccessary. Killing Dreamons Make killing Dreamons AOE. This is a massive square location with lots of Dreamons. Killing
  11. If you choose the fixable/full screen option can you expand the way the bank looks. This would be an example. And even in the fixed screen this would be alot easier to organize our banks. The point of this suggestion is to show MORE of our bank in the interface. I also like the lines inbetween to seperate but up to yall. Small improvement to the game if this can be added. Thanks.
  12. Or just have the experience of the xp lamp buffed so you dont have to go through 1000. That also opens the discussion for different tiered xp lamps?
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