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  1. Hey there man, quite an interesting question... I joined RuneScape in 2003-2004 I think (age 6-7), because my brothers were playing it at that time. But I was playing on and off cuz I had other hobbies ofcourse... ? Then after having stopped quite some time, I rejoined when the EOC came out (worst decision ever), kept playing though... And found myself here at Redemption (with the previous name then) - in 2017 ? I just found out about it because a video was being made that one of the biggest RSPS got taken down by Jagex I believe, or I just found out about it on Google, I don't recall it correctly ? Kept playing and took a break of 1-1.5 years, then rejoined and here we are now Still enjoying the game every single day. It's just hard for me to get on every day, as I have a very intense job and I truly need my rest ? Greets, Heph.
  2. Ya'all didn't read it I guess, except for Dutch ? It was a question if you guys (the community) were interested in me making poems for you guys ? At a topic of your choice
  3. Hey there guys ! I was wondering if some of you were interested in some poetry being put out on a weekly or even almost daily base? I like making poetry but the problem is that I don't know if there are many people out there who are interested in reading it... If YOU are interested in reading something as mentioned above, feel free to reply down below. The first thing you'll need to do: add a topic in your response you'd like me to write a poem about. The second thing you can choose is whether it's with Rhyme, generic or both... Curious to the responses ! Greetings, Heph . (Willy's toy)
  4. Time to keep this updated now I guess I expect a 2-weekly update Good luck and I hope you'll conquer them all ! ~Heph~
  5. Continue the legacy Young padawan ! I'm looking forward to continue reading this I'm always available to you when in doubt ! ❤️ Much love ❤️
  6. WELCOME to the last post of this year ! Unless you have been living under a rock, let's talk about the BIGGEST NEWS that has happened during December ! YES, I am talking about Bowlcut becoming a Helper ! No, actually the update has come out ! Bringing a LOT of new content for everybody, it involves Skilling... PVMing... New features... Everything packed together ! Read all about it here Have any suggestions (Changes / Improvements), feel free to PM @Hephaistos We have a new addition to the team, you may have read it above already... But ! @bowlcut has joined the Helpers ! Good luck on your journey ! Again... Instead of having a This / That, we thought it might be interesting to read all about your favourite Staff Team ! Some questions I asked them were All the answers will be in order of "rank", so it's easier for you guys to track ! Willy What is my Redemption journey? I started as a player in June of 2018 and played everyday for about a year but ended up taking a break early in 2019. I came back in Early 2020 as a returning player and obtained Platinum Partner rank around May of 2020. I started on the staff team shortly after that in the Summer of 2020 and officially joined the Development team in July. By November I was managing the development team along with Adams until the end of Dreamscape. Co-Owner rank started when we left Dreamscape and started Redemption in May and the rest is history. It has been an absolute honor to be able to write the content and lead the development of this server and couldn't have done it without the endless support of the Redemption community! What are my hobbies?: My favorite activities outside of Redemption is sporting events and almost everything that comes with sports, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc. I love to travel although i do not travel frequently. My favorite place I have traveled is Bangkok, Thailand. Another favorite staff member + which reason: I do not have a favorite staff member but I do think we have the best team we could possibly have. We have so many dedicated members on our team that continue to go above and beyond and always put the community first. We are so lucky to have the team we have. Peripheral Hey there, I am Peri I fortunately like working with Apple Products and their Operating Systems. I unfortunately like working with Apple Products and their Operating Systems
. Willy is one of my favorite staff members because we go way back and he always goes out of his way to accommodate myself in areas that are needed
. My favourite event would be the PVM event - i’ve found a solid strategy that has led to a great amount of wins. I also like how it brings a lot of people together to an event that otherwise wouldn’t talk and they’re not really a scheduled event so you never know who to expect there .
 I believe Forums should be getting an increased activity, i know this is tough due to Discord taking over as the main form of communication along with more instant responses - but i have hope that the forums can be eventually revived. Certain things that need to get buffed / nerfed and why... I think my customs could use a buff so I can kill some bosses Dream cars/bikes/house Car - Aventador SVJ Bike - BMW S1000RR House Nice place on the beach My favorite celebrity would be the beautiful Heph. Jason Hello everyone, I am Jason. I’m 23 years old and I’m Canadian, I am currently studying pharmacology, but am taking a break at the moment to help the family. I’ve been at redemption for 3 years now, started as a helper, mod then admin. I love playing video games, I am 1678 in chess (I was 1704) but I’ve lost quite a bit in rating. I used to be a diamond 2 support in League Of Legends but now I play "Top Lane" and "Int" the whole time. I hope to learn more about all of you. And if any of you have any issues please pm me on discord Jason#2539. Can be personal or in-game issues. Irish I'm a very easy-going and a simple minded guy. I've been playing since 2014 and I'll never forget joining and realizing that I could create any of my dreams to become reality in a video game. It was just amazing, truly. And the people I've met over the years I love them all truly! I couldn't appreciate any more amazing people then the ones we got here with us. Some have left, but I still wait here for them to return. I'd love to hit the lottery one day and maybe fly to the moon. ? I gotta say I couldn't be any more proud to be back on the team! I love the whole team and truly do appreciate being back on the team! I love hosting & taking part in the Pvm events. Tt's always a good time to see people work for that first place. Currently I'm very happy with the Wiki, it's been kept up to date and very clean and I really do appreciate their hard work. Things that need to be buffed/nerfed.. umm nothing really. We are perfectly balanced currently. Dream vehicle.. Don't really have one.. I love my KX's for bikes tho. My dream house is a gaming mansion with the redemption team on an island. Rode Hey, wazzzup? I'm Rode not a rode bot! Currently, I am a Community Admin & Media Manager. I became a helper on April 1st, 2021 and it has been an amazing journey to get to where I am now. Some of my favorite things about Redemption are the community, Yu-Gi-Oh raid & our amazing staff team that I consider family. My favorite thing I own in-game would have to be my Executive rank as it is OP! Outside of Redemption, you can find me relaxing, hanging out with friends on discord or recently playing Dead by Daylight. I enjoy going to theme parks, on vacations and a nice boat ride on the river. I am so grateful every day to be a part of Redemption and I don't know what I'd do without y'all. Here's to many more years lets get it! Cloud Sup everyone, Name is Cloud! I am a Community Admin for redemption and part of the Creation Team. I Joined the team around August 2021 and have been enjoying my time as a staff member. Things I love to do is talk to people on discord, Work out and play random games with the community. Favorite event would be PVM Event and Battlegrounds, Love little competition and enjoy participating these events. My dream car would be the bumblebee car from Transformers, yellow camaro. So clean!! Favorite celebrity would be Keanu Reeves. Big fan of all his movies, especially John Wick series! Prosignia My name is Adam and I'm from the England. I'm 28 years old and currently employed as a Network Engineer. My favourite things in life are spending time with my 3 year old son (by far the best!), playing online games (Redemption & Apex legends mostly) and riding Motorbikes. If I could choose my dream bike, it would definitely be a Kawasaki Ninja H2r. I actually really enjoy playing Pest Control (I know... I'm weird, right?) and would love to see it get more love from the community & staff! And if there's 1 thing I'd like nerfed in game, it would be the spiders at TOB! Boo spiders! My favourite movie of all time is Saving Private Ryan - I love Tom Hanks and WW2 stuff Jonn Good points about myself I can say that it's been quite a decent year ha, got accepted to uni ( I guess that's it ) bad points it's not that i have any really. What I do in life? I started studying Computer science not too long ago, it's going great haha. Favorite staff member is Jason and Willy, the reason why is that they made me feel welcome as a player and also as a staff member that I am. They've been there for me every single time i need help with something so i appreciate that from them. ❤️ Favourite Redemption minigame / event is that where Redemption hosts Olympics where a enormous ammount of people join those and grind everything that our eyes see haha. It puts players more together and the best there is that we have fun. Wiki or forums are always on top with fixes / changes when there are updates and all that so I don't think there's something there to be changed. Certain thing that need to get buffed? Cough My custom Dream car i would say probably Corvette C2 Stingray. / or prob Ford Mustang Shelby Favorite celebrity Angelina Jolie. Denise My name is Denise, you can just call me Denden or qt. On my free time I love watching movies, play online games, or hang out with friends. I work in an interior design company and it's been really fun learning about new designers' pieces. Next year, I will be taking a licensure examination. I am really nervous for it but I know I can do it and I just have to pray and do my best to pass it. Kervangel Hi! I'm Kervie - always on the way! I live in an apartment with my dog named Angel. During leisure time, playing mobile games, dancing, and eating are some of the stuffs I love to do. Most of the people I've been with keeps on telling me I'm a social butterfly which makes me happy, it's that I think of myself an as easygoing person. And for that, I would really love to see you here in Redemption. Rand/Acee My name is Rand. I am a salesperson at Sweden, Gothenburg. I have a girlfriend and we are planning to live together. Always will be here to share my knowledge and help people in need. Dont have much hobbies except games, chilling with girlfriend & friends, smoking and driving my car. My favorite celebrity would be Violet Myers. Aruls Hi I'm Aruls, I've been an ironman main since I joined the server about 3 to 4 years ago, you might've not seen me on recently though. I'm currently busy from before the partial shutdown of the hospital and district health boards over Christmas. On the ironman experience over the years; it's changed for the better and which is what brought me to become helper almost a year ago. Though group iron and trade are much better choices for now. If you ever need someone to assist you with silly ironman pathing feel free to shoot me a pm. Chong Hey everybody ! I am Chong or Yammick I've been playing a lot of Rsps throughout the years but I've found my favourite one so far ! Lately, I've joined the Group Ironman Grind and so far I am enjoying it so much. The only difficult part would be getting upgrades, but I know that I'll get it by grinding I watch Netflix a lot and play games as a pass-time (how convenient). Bowlcut Hello beautiful people I am the one and only Lumb Ticket a.k.a Bowlcut, a.k.a Bowlshh.. One of the best points about me is loyalty and being a really funny guy. My mom told me so. About bad points, I don’t have any I’m perfect. As a profession I’m a video editor, also on my free time I loooove playing games, hit the swimming pool and good old movies. It is really hard to pick one or two favorite staff members, since every single one of them has his own place. Every member of the staff team is amazing, they work really hard, and do their best to make the game experience as pleasant as can be to the players. The favorite minigame is the Battleground, since I love pking and its not based all on luck. It requires a bit of skill, and uhmm I also win there a lot so that’s the biggest reason..yeah ! Only thing that I would like to see buffed would be donator, super donator and extreme donator rank, especially the zones since they are really outdated. My dream car is Chevrolet Camaro SS or a 69 Mustang Ford Mustang! I love American muscle cars! Favorite Celebrity would be Kevin Hart. The guy is funny, hard working, and a freaking legend. Also heph..he’s a beautiful soul. Thankyou for the best interview ever and you’re really welcome for this amazing read. Our very first interview with a celebrity ! Although, in the RSPS scenery ! Say hello to ... @Eggy - How long have you been an RSPS youtuber for? I've been making videos around the RSPS scene for 3.5 years! Full time for about 2.5 years - Have you made other videos prior instead of RSPS? A few skits \ tutorials as a kid but RSPS was my first real look into content creation. I'd love to continue this path as I continue my life, I genuinely have so much passion for content creation. - How did you get acquainted to RSPS ? Like most, With RuneScape adding updates we weren't fond of so a friend showed me some old servers and we started hopping around finding different (but similar) games to play. I first 'quit' Runescape on the first Dragon Scimitar Model change, After years I finally decided to complete Monkey Madness, Acquired my beautiful Dragon Scimitar after many hours. And one morning I wake up and it's shaped like a bent spoon.. How did I find myself creating videos for RSPS ? I actually no-lifed a server, multiple clients, Every game-mode, Day and Night. Binging this RSPS. I wanted to watch videos of the game I was playing; And seeing videos from those like "FPK Merk" with absolute zero game knowledge got under my skin. It was pointless to watch, So I created the "Eggy RS" channel. - How did you find out about Redemption? I always knew about Redemption \ Dreamscape, They've always been the biggest custom RSPS. I wasn't too into 'fully custom' servers at the time so often ignored messages from Chuck, Limes, Adams, Drax and others.. Little did I know, Day 1 on Redemption it became my home RSPS. - In life, is there anything that you'd like to do / accomplish ? (Certain job-hobby...) I want to move into PowerSports Vlogging, 95% of any 'spare' time I get, I find myself either watching these videos, Reading more on the hobbies our out there enjoying myself. Although a big step, RSPS has put me in a position where I have in a sense 'a feel' of what Content Creation is like. - How does your family feal about you being a Youtuber ? Nearly 3 full years full-time, and they're still skeptical. But they know I enjoy it, So fully support me. I'm very grateful to have such a supportive group behind me. He was not the only interviewee ! Read about the next one !... @Kzt -How did you find out about Redemption? Found out about Redemption in 2014 by the runelocus chatbox thats people used back in the days -What was your main reason for becoming a Platinum Player? The main reason was , help out the server cuz ive been playing for a long time , and get all the awesome features the platinum rank gives. -What has been the biggest update in your eyes so far? The slayer rework has been one of the best updates in my eyes. Cuz its much more enjoyable to do slayer since the update -Where do you think they should invest more attention towards?(Outdated Content) Not sure to be honest , they update stuff freqently -What's your current occupation + how long have you been doing it? Im working as a forklift driver xD and have been doing this for 7months , fucking love it. -If you would need to eat one meal every day, for the rest of your life... Which one would it be and why? Tacos and burritos , because its so freaking delicious -Are there any dreams you'd still like to accomplish? Feel free to explain Main goal with life at the moment is to work on myself as a person and make more gains in the gym ? -Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Hard question , but i see myself with atleast 1 kid a lovely family and still grinding hard on this lovely server Is Willy building a playground for us all ? After some months, we finally have some new GOALS to mention ! First up is none other than @Sports Following him would be our most favourite Simp ! Ofcourse we are talking about @huntir (Let's hope you'll accomplish your biggest goal, getting a baby with Hyoon !) -> 5th prestige What gets longer if pulled fits perfectly in holes chokes people when wrongly used works better when pulled What about instead of a picture, we add a gif ! News Team Manager - @Hephaistos Editor/Reporter - @Englog Gfx'er - @peripheral People who need a tag (Interview etc...) - @Willy, @Rode, @Prosignia, @Jason, @4 Real Irish, @Jonn, @Cloud, @Denise, @Acee, @Hc chong, @bowlcut, @AwfulIron
  7. Sadly you'll have to make a support ticket then sir. -> https://discord.gg/sp9g7k8DhG The admins will help you further with any issues there Greetings, Heph.
  8. Hey there @xans4sale, best way to get your Pin Code back, is by making a support ticket on Discord via the link provided below https://discord.gg/sp9g7k8DhG There is a wait-time of up to 48 Hours, but from personal experience it gets resolved faster Greetings, Heph.
  9. Welcome back to yet another post where we talk about everything that's been going on in and around the server *Redemption* This month's edition will be packing a bigger punch than usual ! Not only will there be more Interviews and This / Thats, but... There will be a HUGE Treasure Hunt (Check *Question Of The Month*) Have any suggestions (Changes / Improvements), feel free to PM @Hephaistos Our newest Helper would be... @Christopher Good luck on your journey as a fresh Staff Member ! Another new addition to the team is... A new Event Manager by the name of ... @Sheriane Welcome to the both of you ! First of all we'd like to welcome every new member of this community / OG's Starting it off we got @petergao96,Welcome to Redemption! We are greatful that you are enjoying the server so far! @REDFOE! Hello @LIVID Feel free to check out forums / wiki for beginner guides! You'll find more than a friend here @mass! Welcome ! An OG returning! possible gambler! Welcome @zon! Hello and welcome @My Paradise! We have a great staff time ready to guide you mister @kina dark5! Welcome @zenntaxx56! hopefully you are enjoying our community! Yet another OG joining us back! Welcome back @p3tr1s! These Og's do really be coming back! Welcome @Shiesty,sorry for you account, have fun! Hopefully a wonderful journy@basic! Welcome @Matsk Hopefully you win the giveaway @Zedsey! Hello @KingsBurger You should go and see our wiki pages! Lots of guides awaits you there! @hugh janus Hope that surgery went well @Mr Walker! Get well soon! Yet another OG returning ,welcome @bnakys! We sure do have a unique community! Welcome @Xj9! As mentioned above,wiki and pming a staff member will most certainly help you out! Welcome @Kirbz! And lastly,we have @Middleclass,We are happy and glad you are enjoying Redemption! Welcome! Our first interview will be with @hero159 1; Would you share with us a short introduction of yourself? I’m bad at introducing myself but I'll try my best. I’m 23, in a month 24, I love sports like football, volleyball. One more thing, my biggest fear is falling from high places. 2; What was your biggest reason to become one of the VIP's called *Platinum Players*? The benefits you get with the rank and been here since 2014, I felt the rank was needed. 3; Do you believe there is a certain aspect in the game that needs 'more attention', because it's "out-of-date" or bad? Ninja Turtle Raid (Shredder raid). 4; If you could change one thing about Redemptions Media (Forums / Discord / Wiki), which change would it be and why? Wouldn’t change anything because it’s constantly updated and looked after. 5; What do you do as job currently + how long have you been doing it so far? Just recently changed my job, I became a personal shopper which I’m not enjoying so far, I've been doing it for 3 months. 6; Is there a certain dream job you'd like to be doing? Which one + why? It would be gaming content creator, been playing games since I was 8 years old, I feel passionate about gaming. 7; Speaking of dreams... Is there a certain car you're aiming for to obtain? Mustang 1967. 8; Are there any last words from you towards the audience? Hi. Our 2nd interview will be with our newest Helper @Christopher 1; Would you share with us a short introduction of yourself? My name is Christopher, I’m a new helper with Redemption. I’ve been a player with the server since the release! Glad to be back with the community and loving every minute playing. I am in discord voice chat, most of the time I'm just chatting with players getting to know people. 2; What was your biggest reason to become one of the VIP's called *Platinum Players*? When I enjoy something I don't mind contributing my time and money into it. Enjoying the new content and updates and abilities that were unlocked for me becoming a platinum partner are incredible. 3; Do you believe there is a certain aspect in the game that needs 'more attention', because it's "out-of-date" or bad? I feel that the starting questline could be updated. Fairly glitchy and outdated. 4; If you could change one thing about Redemptions Media (Forums / Discord / Wiki), which change would it be and why? Could add a broadcast system from ingame rare drops into the discord. This could help people keep track of rare drops they or other people have obtained. Cool feature I think would be beneficial. 5; What do you do as job currently + how long have you been doing it so far? I am currently going to school while working as an arcade technician. I install arcade games into locations and then do maintenance on them. Have been there since April. Before that I had spent the last 6+ years in the Army. 6; Is there a certain dream job you'd like to be doing? Which one + why? Currently working on my dream job of being a Firefighter. I love to help people with everything I do in life. I put others ahead of myself and love to do whatever I can to make someone's day just a little bit better. 7; Speaking of dreams... Is there a certain car you're aiming for to obtain? I would love to have a new Chevy truck. But I’m currently in the process of restoring a 99 Jeep cherokee sport that has a 6.5 inch lift kit on it 8; Are there any last words from you towards the audience? If you don't know me, and would like to feel free to reach out to me on any platform. I’m very outgoing and am all open ears. Love to spend my time with people in voice or just chatting. Are these signs of some sort of traffic light or what? The fortune: (Yet again staff rng op) The most luckiest player of them all, the valuable drops! The goodiebag island picks! and box openings! Congratulations to all of you! Our first This / That is with @Sofa King Hc Gambling or PVMing? PVMing Winter or Summer? Winter Willy or Lt limes? Willy Coffee or Tea? Coffee Custom weapon or Apocalypse Bow? Custom weapon Range or Mage? Rangerino! Next this or that is with @uri304! the COX lucky guy COX or Zalcano? Zalcano Heat or Cold? Heat Coffee or Tea? Coffee Range or Mage? Range Gambling or PVMing? PVMing no doubt! Plague Doc or Elite Robin Hood set? Plague Doc And the last This or that is with @All Might Anime or Redemption? Redemption Gambling or PVMing? PVMing Shoto or All Might? All Might Cold or Hot? Always Cold Willy or Lt Limes? Willy(dam people do be hating on limes... ;( ) Off-record message to Limes Do not worry, we all love you Limes ! Without you, Redemption wouldn't have existed the way it currently is Much love ! (I hope I speak for everybody) ❤️ No new Goals nor achievements ? I float or fly, that depends on what you use me for I can go up or down, speed is also controllable Come inside me alone or with a group One promise, there will be a view. This edition of the Question of the Month will be a bit different... Let's play a game or 3 perhaps Below you will find 3 different "Game Types", good luck on finding the answers ! All these answers will explain 3 different items, you will need to have these items in your inventory (ONLY THEM). Then take a screenshot and send your answers to @Hephaistos via Discord - #Hephaistos#9068 Item # 1 Item #2 https://puzzel.org/nl/cryptogram/play?p=-Mprk5grH-jtSzmehqsI Item #3 — — / · — / · — — · / · — · · / · · — · · / — — — / — — · Good luck to all ! News Team Manager - @Hephaistos Editor/Reporter (GOAT) - @Englog Gfx'er - @peripheral
  10. Hey there Swifty ! Your name rings a bell to me ?... Did you happen to play any other RSPS before? (no need to answer here below - but in PM's always happy to get em) ? Anyway, welcome to the server ! Hope you're having fun so far, if you ever get stuck, feel free to reach out to any of the staff or me for that matter
  11. Hey there Zedsey ! Welcome to the game! If you'd ever run into trouble / have questions overall, feel free to let any of the staff team or me know See you ingame PS: I didn't see any issue Heph.
  12. Welcome Moatj As a fellow Belgium player, I'd say "Als je vragen hebt, laat maar weten " I'll be catching you ingame !
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