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  1. In the near future it will be P5 Achievement cape, and T10 WBP on my Skull Descimators. I have 120 Achievement task skips banked, and I'm half way done with my T10 WBP.
  2. New update on achievement. Made monthly achievement into a collapsible quote format. Please leave feedback here or pm in game if you have any. I'm so hyped not gonna lie.
  3. Update : 27/09/2021 Skull Descimator Mainhand achieved. Got lucky after opening about 50B worth of Box of Dreams. The long grind to T10 BP begins.
  4. Thank you Ace! Thank you for your kind words, I hope I am able to give an idea on how you can progress your gear. Thank you Daniel. On another note, I have updated the original post with slightly more detail on each step during my gear progression. Hope it will help whoever is using this for their own gear progression.
  5. Thank you so much for those kind words 😃 I'll be around for a long time that's for sure. Need to work on my Ranged and Melee gear next. Thank you, maybe not. I need to focus on my Ranged and Melee gear too. Thank you Sinzzu! Thank you bro. Yeah, I managed to evade two changes that would have made my progression insanely challenging. Very glad that I got this setup now, should be very helpful with future grinds.
  6. Future Goals : Level 99 Shadow BP (Currently 97) Full Slayer Master Set (Currently missing Gloves, Boots, and Legs so far) Descimator Mainhand, eventually upgrading into Skull Desci Mainhand, then BP10 if I am feeling the grind. Omen Set and The Power Arrow +10 Executive Rank (Either through Goodieboxes, or lucky Goodiebag Island Pick from in-game bought donations) Full Justiciar Set Full Twisted Ancestral Set Many things to aim for in the future, content for months. 😃
  7. I will occasionally update my gear progress here, when I get any noticeable achievement or item drops. July 2021 16/07/2021 - After grinding Dreamland like a madman.. Ultimate Tribrid Boots and Gloves achieved. What I did was get Ultimate Mage Gloves and Boots first. Then, I grinded for the other pieces and combined them for Ultimate Tribrid set. While grinding Dreamland, I made sure not to miss Bomberman (Sponsor Boss). I sold all the drops I got from it for money. You can use the money you get to buy other Ultimate pieces to make your progress faster, or save them for further upgrades. 17/07/2021 - Huge leap in gear progress. First I got the Poseidon set, and then sold off the boots and gloves since I already have Ultimate Tribrid set. Then, I purchased Sanguinesti Staff after saving enough money for it. As usual, I made sure I did not miss Bomberman when it spawned. 21/07/2021 - Started my Elite membership around this date if I remember correctly. Special thanks to @Bonger for letting me know about the Elite Membership. Having Elite Membership means you get 3 random boxes per day by using the ;;membership command, and access to Miss Fortune (Executive Boss) which is a very good and constant source of money. I was doing random slayer tasks in between Bomberman and Miss Fortune spawns, and selling off the keys from slayer, and drops from Bomberman and Miss Fortune for money. After saving enough money, I bought myself an Emperor's Ring, Ancient Wyvern Shield, and then farmed for a Ferocious gloves during weekly boss event. 23/07/2021 - Got myself a 'Stone of Power' from my first Black Diamond Box. You can either purchase this box, or get the (Event) version from Event Goodieboxes. You can also get this Stone of Power from Voteboss if you are lucky, so make sure to do Voteboss too. 26/07/2021 - Got an Eldritch orb drop, grinded it for points at Item Grinder and got 2B cash with those points. As usual, I continue to grind slayer, Bomberman, and Miss Fortune, trying my best not to miss it when it spawned. Sold off all the drops and managed to save enough for an Emperor's Necklace. August 2021 07/08/2021 - Completed my first Hell Arcade with the gear above. Doctor's Order, 2x Damage Cards, and ;;boost helps a lot. The faster they die, the less chance you will get hit, the less you get hit, the less chance you will die, the less chance you die, the higher chance you complete it first try. 08/08/2021 - Managed to buy a $100 donation in game. Got a Purple Dragon from Goodiebag Island. Another huge leap in gear progress. Be sure to PM a Donation Admin for the best deals! 09/08/2021 - Opened the 50 Munition Keys that came with an Elite Membership donation deal. Opened it, was super lucky and got a Ghrazi Rapier. Managed to sell that off for 30B, and got myself Infinity Aura. Honestly, I don't recommend opening the keys unless you are feeling very lucky, most of the time it's better off to sell them. 14/08/2021 - Level 140 Karma achieved, and got myself an Axe of Revenge. Special thanks to @Technicality for selling me those karma food pieces at a reasonable price. 16/08/2021 - Got myself an Elemental Fury Staff, and made it +10. Another huge jump in gear and DPS progress. As usual, all money made through grinding slayer in between Bomberman and Miss Fortune spawns. 20/08/2021 - Got insanely lucky at boosted Voteboss. Got an Infinity Aura Upgrade Scroll and I didn't even noticed it until yell told me and my PM was flooded. Saved myself 50B, and remember to vote and go do your voteboss guys! 25/08/2021 - I was buying bonds all these while when I had the money. Finally saved enough bonds for my first Shadow pet. The upgrade was insane going from Thanos to Shadow pet! You need 160 bonds for a Shadow Pet from the Donator Shop NPC, so check the prices of bonds at Black Market Dealer first to see how much money you need. September 2021 06/09/2021 - Got Prestige 3 in Slayer just three days after that. I grinded like a madman all these while locked down and working from home. Playing Redemption during working hours. On the same day too, I got enough Bonds for my second Shadow Pet, and got myself a Shadow Battle Pet. What a beautiful day. Be sure to use Upgrade Protection Cards while doing this! 10/09/2021 - Level 99 Shadow Battle Pet achieved. No idea how I got it up this quick, but I was using Miss Fortune Pistols at Miss Fortune. Hitting constant 400k seems to help level up Battle Pets quickly. 13/09/2021 - Slayer Master Set (Helm, Body, Legs) achieved. I got these first because of the set bonus given. 15% damage bonus and 25% chance to get double slayer points is better for me since my ELO is capped for my rank. Got myself Slayer Master Hammer for the instant hit and 10% chance to deal 2.5x damage to slayer task monsters. Invested in a 'The Power Fist' too for extra melee damage. In the screenshot below most of my gear is at +11 enchantment. With this set I can do decent damage during slayer and it speeds up tasks considerably. 19/09/2021 - Completed the grind to get all the pieces of the Slayer Master set. Also managed to get a Level 4 Melee totem to put on my Shadow Battlepet. Got lucky with a few tasks that helped a lot with points. Time to take the game at a more chilled pace. 27/09/2021 - Skull Descimator Mainhand achieved. Got lucky after opening about 50B worth of Box of Dreams. The long grind to T10 BP begins. October 2021 09/10/2021 - P5 Achievement cape acquired. Used exactly 120 Achievement Task Skips. Spent 60B total on them. Gained around 6K Ranged bonus, 600 Melee bonus, and 300% Mage Dmg bonus. Also the cape gives additional 5% Tribrid bonus, 5% DR, 5% DDR, and 5% Luck. Worth the money spent for BIS cape.
  8. Hello everyone, its me A Hashimoto. Played on and off for some time now, this is my 1st time making forums account. Nice to meet you all!
  9. Sick update to the clue scroll rewards. Hopefull I get something in the near future. Hahaha.
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