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  1. Telos, the Warden is an anima construct created by the Elder Gods that resides in the Heart of Redemption. Due to the fighting above, Telos is slowly beginning to awaken. However, Telos is only interested in protecting the Heart, and not Redemption as a whole. The player standing in Stream: It causes the player to take and deal 20% less damage Telos standing in Stream: Quickly heals Telos at the rate of 2% of its current HP per tick and fills up its anima bar. Player standing in Stream: Quickly drains prayer points at the rate of 30 prayer points per tick. Telos standing in Stream: Increase Telos attack speed to once every 3 ticks and fill up its anima bar. Players standing in Stream: Standing in this stream will cause you to deal 30% less damage Telos standing in Stream: Telos stands in the stream, its special bar moves to the right, and its attacks deal 30% more damage. Enraged System on Telos Every 1% enrage = 1% increased HP Every 1% enrage= 0.01 damage reduction Maximum = 4000% enrage Drop chance not affected by Enrage. Enrage only affects Tier level dropped. Sigil of Bounties Tier 1: 0-500% Enrage Tier 2: 501-2000% Enrage Tier 3: 2001-4000% Enrage Sigil of Power: Tier 1: 0-500% Enrage Tier 2: 501-2000% Enrage Tier 3: 2001-4000% Enrage Sigil of Knowledge: Tier 1: 0-500% Enrage Tier 2: 501-2000% Enrage Tier 3: 2001-4000% Enrage Sigil of Extortion: Tier 1: 0-500% Enrage Tier 2: 501-2000% Enrage Tier 3: 2001-4000% Enrage Telos Entrance Requirement 0-500 enraged - required prestige 1 slayer or elite membership 501-1000 enraged - required prestige 3 slayer or elite membership 1001+ enraged - required prestige 5 slayer or elite membership 🧿 Drop Table: 🧿 🧿Common Drops:🧿 1-100 Gold Coins 1-10 Sigil charges 🧿Uncommon Drops:🧿 2x perfect enchantment stones Augury Level 3 Berserker Level 3 100-250 gold coin 25-50 Sigil charges Dream Melee set Dream Mage Set 250-500 Gold Coin 1-3 Extreme Boost Potion 1-4 Potion of suffering= 1 Potion of Aggression (E) 1 Dream Enchantment Stone 75-150 Sigil charges 3-5x Herblore Supply Crate 🧿Rare Drops:🧿 Platinum Coin Ancient Primal Effigy Potion of Aggression Perfect Enchantment Stone Mystic Level 4 Augury Level 4 Berserker Level 4 Diamond Skin Fortune Level 4 Purple Haze Seed 🧿Ultra Rare Drops:🧿 Thumper 5-10 Platinum Coins 🧿Unique Drops:🧿 Zaros Godsword (Dormant) Staff of Sliske (Dormant) Orb of Corrupted Anima Orb of Volcanic Anima Orb of Pure Anima Tess ZAROS GODSWORD: Special attack - Berserk, Costs 50% of the spec bar, For 15 seconds the player will hit 1 additional hit each attack. STAFF OF SLISKE: Special attack - Armor shatter, Costs 100% of the spec bar, lowers current bosses damage reduction by 25%. TESS: 1 in 5 chance to do 3.0x damage Prayer restore effect Healing effect (soulsplit) 20% drop rate 20% luck 20% tribrid damage boost Extra 10 enraged per kill Common: 2x Telos Enrage Bonus +5 2x Telos Enrage Booster 2x Telos Death Penalty Skip 100x Sigil Charge 5x Platinum Coin (1B) Uncommon: 5x Telos Enrage Bonus +5 5x Telos Enrage Booster 5x Telos Death Penalty Skip 250x Sigil Charge 15x Platinum Coin (1B) Rare: 8x Telos Enrage Bonus +5 8x Telos Enrage Booster 8x Telos Death Penalty Skip 400x Sigil Charge 20x Platinum Coin (1B) 1x Sigil of Bounties T1 ( inactive) 1x Sigil of Power T1 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Extortion T1 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Knowledge T1 (inactive) 750x Sigil Charge Ultra Rare: 1x Sigil of Bounties T2 ( inactive) 1x Sigil of Power T2 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Extortion T2 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Knowledge T2 (inactive) 1000x Sigil Charge 1x Sigil of Bounties T3 ( inactive) 1x Sigil of Power T3 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Extortion T3 (inactive) 1x Sigil of Knowledge T3 (inactive) 2000x Sigil Charge Telos Loot Interface SIGILS EXPLAINED Sigil of Bounties: Tier 1: 10% Damage Reduction 15% Drop Rate Bonus 15% Luck Bonus Tier 2: 20% Damage Reduction 25% Drop Rate Bonus 25% Luck Bonus Tier 3: 35% Damage Reduction 35% Drop Rate Bonus 35% Luck Bonus Sigil of Power: Tier 1: 10% Tribrid Boost 1 in 100 to hit 2x Damage Tier 2: 20% Tribrid Boost 1 in 75 to hit 2.5x Damage Tier 3: 30% Tribrid Boost 1 in 50 to hit 3x Damage Sigil of knowledge: Tier 1: 10% Experience boost in all skills 1 in 50 to save Herblore secondary's Doubles all runes created through Runecrafting Tier 2: 20% Experience boost in all skills 1 in 25 to save Herblore secondary's Triples all runes created through Runecrafting Tier 3: 30% Experience boost in all skills 1 in 12 to save Herblore secondary's Quadruples all runes created through Runecrafting Sigil of Extortion: Tier 1: . 50% chance to Double all Consumable drops from bosses (I.E. draconic remains, infernal ashes, Granite dust, Zulrah scales) Tier 2: . 100% chance to Double all Consumable drops from bosses (I.E. draconic remains, infernal ashes, Granite dust, Zulrah scales Tier 3: . 100 % chance to Double all Consumable drops from bosses (I.E. draconic remains, infernal ashes, Granite dust, Zulrah scales . 25% chance to Triple all consumable drops instead of doubling them Sigils will be tradable when dropped. Once a sigil is activated it will become its untradeable version. Sigils are activated by using 500 Sigil Charges on a Inactive Sigil. A warning message will popup informing the player when equipping a tradable sigil stating "Equipping this sigil will turn it into it's untradable version. Do you wish to continue?" Each Sigil will have a 4 hour charge time before full depletion and will be destroyed. Telos Boosters: Per Consume it will raise your enrage for Telos by 5% It will be a one time usage. Per consume, it will save your death penalty for loot and u get another chance to redo that enrage %. Item will be a one time usage until it has been used. Per consume. It will Double your Enrage % gain by 5% This multiplier will last for 1 hour Tired of searching for a certain shop? From now on you will find them in one spot! Introducing our first Sigils in-game that will be taking place on our new Belt Slot!! The first Sigils will be dropped by Telos! Sigil of Extortion Sigil of Bounties Sigil of knowledge Sigil of Power 🛠️Fixed issue with Samaden potion 🛠️Add diamond rank overhead icons 🛠️Toggle slayer unlocks - will not require points to turn it on again 🛠️Platinum guardian logs - fix for diamonds 🛠️Fix karma requirement swapped in battlefield 🛠️Stalagmite outside Nex instance (fix) 🛠️Platinum exchange XL boxes from 2 to 10 at a time 🛠️Make battle fiend minions use intelligent path finder fix 🛠️Fix spawn time for Fallen Sammael and Armaros 🛠️Change Vespula hitpoints and damage cap 🛠️Remove Lucky Stars aura effect 🛠️Fix ::boost to work inside cerberus 🛠️Araxyte pet and Tainted crossbow icons fix 🛠️Mimic fix 🛠️Strykewyrm Minigame fix 🛠️ RuneLite text is now rendered correctly. 🛠️ RuneLite overlay boundaries is now calculated correctly. 🛠️Engine: - Spot animations (graphics) are no longer invisible when played on a player or an npc 🛠️ All animations are now tweened, should no longer look choppy and jumpy 🛠️The player will now adjust properly to terrain when walking around tiles 🛠️Rs3 decoration is now placed in the correct place on the ground (no longer in the air) 🛠️Overheads and hitmarks on large npcs are now fixed (no longer invisible) 🛠️Text field inputs no longer cancel randomly 🛠️Tooltips are now displayed in all interfaces 🛠️Makeover mage now works as expected 🛠️Character models are now displayed on all interfaces correctly 🛠️Some timers were invisible due to no setting option available, now that is no longer the case. 🛠️When in crowded areas, spot animation (graphics) will now not display, should improve performance in masses. 🔥Bamboozled Custom Order 🔥Add stance animation to Bamboozled Custom 🔥Bamboozled Custom weapon animation fix 🔥Hc Marc Custom Pet fix 🔥Hc marc Custom Order 🔥Nightcrawler Custom Order 🔥Deathkill Custom Order 🔥Technicality Custom Order 🔥Zull Custom Order 🔥Zull Custom Pet Order 🔥Eventonly Custom Order 🔥Ethereum Custom Order 🔥Bonzaplays Custom Order 🔥Kevin's Custom Order 🔥Hickabilly Custom Order Fix 🆕Blood essence exp issue 🆕Add Dc Arcade Rewards to collection log 🆕Party Pete Prizes buffed 🆕Added items for loyalty titles 🆕Combined upgrade chests & add search box 🆕Add ::swapprayer{1,2,3} sponsor+ commands 🆕New items to item grinder 🆕Noted items support to item grinder and upgrade 🆕Add slayer chest (+) 🆕Upon 30 seconds to vote boss spawn make it system announce with a 10 second countdown 🆕Diamond new benefit: Mr x spawn in there zone every 4 hours 🆕Make Devious Set and Timon pet notable 🆕Damage Multiplier Notification 🆕Add battle pet totem presets 🆕Added a search bar on Friends List tab
  2. 🕷️Drop Table:🕷️ 🕷️ Always Drops:🕷️ 25-100 gold coins 5-15 Rax Eggs 🕷️Common Drops: 🕷️ 5-25 Rax Eggs 1-2 Rax Eyes 2-4 Mega Lottery boxes 2-3 Royal Mystery Boxes 100-250 gold coin 🕷️Uncommon Drops🕷️ 1:150 50-80 Rax Eggs 2-6 Rax Eyes 1-3 Perfect Enchantment Stones 15 Crystal Key (+) 200-400 Gold Coin 🕷1:500🕷 125-175 Rax Eggs 10-20 Rax Eyes 1-2 Extreme Boost Potion 1-3 Potion of suffering 1-2 Potion of Aggression 300-600 Gold Coin 🕷Rare Drops: 1:1250🕷 Leg of Araxxor (Minion Path only) Fang of Araxxor (Dark Path only) Ancient Primal Effigy 250 Rax Eggs 1 Dream Enchantment Stones 🕷Ultra Rare Drops: 1:2500🕷 Araxxor Web Araxxor Abdomen Perfect Upgrade Ward 5-10 Platinum Coins 🕷1:3000🕷 Araxyte pet . 30% Drop Rate . 20% Luck Bonus . Healing . Prayer Restore Perks . Increase egg drops by 50% . Boosts enrage % on next roll Drops Explained: Rax Eggs Works similar to Draconic remains & nightmare coins. 100 will be able to be converted into keys to be used on the new Spider chest. Spider Chest Drop Table: Common Drops: 1-2 Rax Eyes 5 Mega Lottery boxes 1 Royal Mystery Boxes 100-250 gold coin Uncommon Drops: 2-6 Rax Eyes 1-3 Perfect Enchantment Stones 200-400 Gold Coin Rare Drops: Ancient Primal Effigy 1 Dream Enchantment Stones 1 Platinum Coin Ultra Rare Drops: 5-10 Platinum Coins Araxyte pet Noxious Crossbow Noxious Off-hand Rax Eyes: New herblore secondary. Adding it to existing potions will double their active duration per dose or create an overload effect on others. Can be used on the following potions: Potion of suffering > Extended potion of suffering Slayer damage potion > Extended slayer damage potion Extreme Boost Potion > Extended Extreme Boost Potion Herb level required = Herb level needed to make Initial potion + 5 levels New Main hand & Offhand Items: Main hand (Tainted Crossbow) - Created by combining the leg, fang & web of araxxor in the draconic forge. Base upgrade chance to be 5% Offhand (Tainted Off-hand) - Created by combining the leg, fang & abdomen of araxxor in the draconic forge. Base upgrade chance to be 5% All Araxxor parts are tradable. The Main hand & off-hand are not. 🗡️ Welcome to Season Pass 7! 🗡️ 🧊 This season will introduce the Season 7 Ice & Fire set! ‍🔥 Core System Changes Optimized for loading times Automates native backend plugins allow you to always be on latest software Optimize OpenGL render settings to automate toggle if using an non-integrated GPU Switched JS5 loading to SQLLITE allowing easier editing of files Fancy background and loading screen 🔥(QOL) Added Hespori Timer 🔥Changed Zulrah Pet Perks 🔥Platinum Slots x10 Roll Feature Button 🔥Convert slayer chest to hot drops 🔥Collection Log grinder issue 🔥KZT Custom order (FIX) 🔥Fear Custom Order (FIX) 🔥Lodsmok graphic issues 🔥Berrymccaulk Custom Order (FIX) 🔥D4rkbl1tz Custom Order 🔥Fixed MR X teleport issue 🔥Damage reduction on grotesque guardians 🔥Royalclutch Custom Cape (FIX) 🔥 Added more tekashi's castle paths 🔥Lodsmok animation fix 🔥Alert beta testers whenever server is online 🔥God'smain hand released with OP Goodiebox https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/OP_Goodiebox 🔥Reworked click award interface to give rewards based on being a recent donator 🔥Max bet changed on roulette table to 30b 🔥Community admins can now reset two factor auth requests 🔥Admins can use stats editor for custom order requests 🔥Youtubers now have a proper command to their channels 🔥Prevent staff from being checked for spam messages
  3. Amazing update like always!! Happy easter to everybody with this insane update! ❤️
  4. INSANEEEEE UPDATE! Merry Xmas everybody and hope you enjoy the biggest update on Redemption YET!! 🔥
  5. Happy FRIDAY Everybody!!! 💣💥🤘

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      Give us another forum raffle

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      It will be here real soon :)


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      Peri slackin for sure

  6. How is everybody doing on this lovely day? What video would you guys want next on our youtube channel? 

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      older content? maybe starwars raid

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      @Sinzzu Will definitely put it on the list. Thankyou for the reply.

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  7. This is amazing work! The ammount of time and dedication to make sure we don't miss anything is marvelous. Thankyou for putting this together each and every month!
  8. This is huge. Beautiful update!!! Amazing work by the staff members and the developer team. ❤️
  9. This update was worth 4 updates lmao. It is incredible. Beautiful work by devs and staff members ❤️
  10. How's everybody doing this lovely Friday? #DSGANG

  11. This update is amazing as usuals. I mean you always DELIVER! Beautiful work by everyone. 💯
  12. Wow. I couldnt even imagine the courage you have to write something like that. This was one of the most powerful things i've read in a while and im So glad you saw that launcher and joined Dreamscape. Cannot imagine what you're going through but would be my honor to guide you through dreamscape. If you ever need anything in dreamscape, or you just wanna have a nice chat my pm's are always open in dreamscape aswell in discord and in forums. Looking forward to have a really great time with you and lets break that wall and make an insane progress ingame. Hit me up whenever you need anything. Mad Respect, Bowlcut a.k.a Lumb ticket!
  13. Glad to see Dreamer's Monthy back. This is an amazing work. Just beautiful ❤️
  14. This update is Huge as always!!! Amazing work by the best Development team ! Lets get this PARTY STARTED!
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