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  1. Hi friends! Been a while, wanted to share with you on what I been working on in my spare time :)  




    1. bowlcut


      The legend himself is back!!!! ???????

    2. Hc Good
    3. Clawwreckage


      Thank you @bowlcut and @Hc Good!!!!!! Started playing the game again today too!!! im soo lost with all these new updates and additions, but honestly soo happy!!!

  2. https://imgur.com/a/8JXylhu


    Hey everyone this is my other piece I finished that i totally forgot to send out to you guys to enjoy!!!! Hope you like it~~~

    1. Willy


      Awesome stuff.

      About 100x better than I could ever do lol

    2. bowlcut


      Try 1000x... this is insane! The details are out of this world.

    3. Clawwreckage


      Thank you soo much guys!@@!@!


  3. https://imgur.com/a/XfnfUWG    


    Hey everyone, its been a longgggg time since my last upload. School getting the best of me! A new piece has been completed though! This piece was a nice mix of reds/ blues/ charcoal and whites to create this piece! It was a lenghtly process but definitely came out to being a nice outcome in my eyes. I hope you all like the piece as much as I liked creating it!

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    2. Clawwreckage


      Thank you soo much!!! I been away from it for a good three months because of nursing. Its been tough to find time to balance this and school out. But I will always be posting something sooner than later ? And im super happy to hear that! Leagues amazing hahaha. Be on the lookout for the new yasuo skin im working on ?

    3. Christopher


      That's honestly amazing. Love to see stuff like this. keep up the hard work. And please keep posting future projects

    4. Clawwreckage


      Tank you!!! I definitely will!!!!! 


  4. image0.jpeg.5015c4ad1585af44a96ff0ec39519ce3.jpeg




    New piece for you guys, I will be doing Lady Dimitrescu from RE Village next :)

  5. https://imgur.com/a/m4crhTt



    My newest piece completion for League. Sorry for the longggg wait!

    image0 (2).jpeg

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