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  1. A lot of people need a hydra guide, ty for making one, and geoduck on the YT channel! Ain't that right @ktrips For future content I highly recommend turning off private or hiding it in settings(For obviously reasons) Otherwise 100% Gucci
  2. Finally! News team is back! Officially, I have been waiting for this moment for ages. To all the news team members, Thank you for the amazing job ❤️
  3. This idea is amazing to ironmen and the untradeables, I really love this idea. 100% vouch this.
  4. Welcome to dreamscape! And happy early birthday
  5. I 100% like this idea! I want to add something to this, More like (Streak), once u answer 3-4 trivia in a row you get better rewards. Or its like a ladder, each time u answer trivia better rewards are given, regardless if its in a row or not it will give you more valuable rewards each time you answer it correctly. Thats my idea!
  6. I kinda like the like and dislike the idea simultaneously, the pricing of the items will definitely be a bit off. Untradeable items do not really have a set price let's say perhaps Ferocious gloves they are BIS and their pricing is going to be high. Back when dream sets (meele/range and mage)were untradeable it was really a grind to get them and it definitely worth the grind. However, now its tradeable and its pricing range from 100-150mISH which is basically nothing. Personally, I would rather having these items to stay the way they are, as to feel achieved upon obtaining one of them. Again, that is my personally opinion its a very nice idea but imo its just kills the fun of obtaining a great item.
  7. In my opinion, you can Toggle the pms to be in the chat itself, But I presume it make you almost lose the chance on the ::type Event. It is harmless to add, but I think its not necessary.
  8. I like this one, as cake boss is defo a hard one and it is hard to get a drop now. Do not think anyone got the armor set, so that's another way, most certainly worth having it in the drop table.
  9. Imo, the first idea is good and definitely helps a lot in the elo system. the second idea I didn't really enjoy, If i hit 20ks constantly I'd would be broken... and some pets along side with ss does that job pretty well eventho ss got nerfed but having a healing pet, ring and ss on ur good to go..
  10. Another unfortunate resignation, I wish you the best of luck irl. hope to see you back in game and have everything sorted, good luck
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