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  1. If I'm not mistaking in regular tasks (Low tier bosses/NPCS) Its not guaranteed to get slayer keys as a reward WIKI PAGE: https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Slayer Feel free to check the wiki page for more information on slayer
  2. Welcome to the game! Feel free to checkout our wiki page we have a lot of things that you might find useful WIKI PAGE : https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Redemption_RSPS_Wiki have fun!
  3. I would love to see a Forum game, It will probably make forums more active and fun in general. the question is, do you have anything in mind to be added as a Forum game? and how would it be implemented?
  4. Welcome to RDGANG, Feel free to checkout or forums for updates, giveaways ETC, We also have wiki that can assist you in many ways! WIKI: https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Redemption_RSPS_Wiki
  5. A lot of people need a hydra guide, ty for making one, and geoduck on the YT channel! Ain't that right @ktrips For future content I highly recommend turning off private or hiding it in settings(For obviously reasons) Otherwise 100% Gucci
  6. Finally! News team is back! Officially, I have been waiting for this moment for ages. To all the news team members, Thank you for the amazing job ❤️
  7. This idea is amazing to ironmen and the untradeables, I really love this idea. 100% vouch this.
  8. Welcome to dreamscape! And happy early birthday
  9. I 100% like this idea! I want to add something to this, More like (Streak), once u answer 3-4 trivia in a row you get better rewards. Or its like a ladder, each time u answer trivia better rewards are given, regardless if its in a row or not it will give you more valuable rewards each time you answer it correctly. Thats my idea!
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