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  1. KFC lord is back
  2. Welcome back to yet another post where we talk about everything that's been going on in and around the server *Redemption* Have any suggestions (Changes / Improvements), feel free to PM @Englog For promotions we have our newest member of the Staff Team @VV1ll, Congratulations and welcome to the Staff Team! @bowlcut and @Christopher got promoted towards In-Game Moderators Congratulations on these promotions ! Last but definitely not least ! We have "new" Staff Managers A HUGE congratulations towards @Cloud and @Jason Good luck on your journeys ! In this month we don't have a lot of Introduction of new players, nonetheless welcome ! Welcome @zoaics to server! hope you enjoy it! Hello and welcome@Dakillah! We are glad that you are enjoying the server so far, welcome @trynabeahero! Interview with @A Hashimoto! How long have you played Redemption? Like 1 year ago? came back fairly recently during the pandemic What do you enjoy the most about this server? Mostly pvming, and enjoying my time socializing around people, and I love the constant pvming updates, although I haven't had the time to do them. Do you think that the server is missing something you like? if so elaborate. to be honest, I don't think so, I don't think its missing anything. Any shout outs or words of Advice for the Redemption community? For those who have been around, keep being awesome, you know who you are. Interview with @Acee Our moderator! How did you discovered Redemption and what were your first thoughts on the server? I first played this server when it was named something else and when they changed the server's name it was a lot better, I loved the server and its unique content form day 1. What do you like most in Redemption, and how do you find moderation in it? There is so much outstanding content on the server but if I have to choose one thing it would be custom skills on this server. Sadly, I haven't been able to play that much as moderator since some days after. I got promoted Unfortunately I had to go on a vacation with my family, but overall its very fun to moderate on this server. You've been part of Redemption for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on RD? The community, the staff team and the good teams(Creative team and developing team) we have here, love you all ❤️ What is your favourite moment on Redemption and why? I have so many moments, but if I have to choose one, its limes and his chicken livestreams. I would like to give a shoutout to Jason because he is amazing work for the staff team and the community! A new box? better get away from the mines! The luckiest players of this month! this or that with Dookyman! IOS or android? Android Which is better experience for you in the game, Rich or Poor? Rich 5km run or 15k cycle? 15km cycle Cold or hot? Hot tea or coffee? coffee this or that with phenolic! merching or pvming? pvming Nightmare bow or twisted bow? Nightmare bow seems cooler! Coffee or tea? Coffee all day Spring or fall? Fall, the leaves changing are the best Work hard or play hard? Work hard,reap the rewards and play easy later You guess it, none this month What is one question that will get different answers at different times and yet would still be correct? (Ex-) News Team Manager - @Hephaistos-You will be missed 😞 (New) News Team Manager - @Englog Gfx'er - @peripheral
  3. I can certainly agree with you that donations take a very long time to come by, its a decent idea to have a "POS" for donations, however, I think that you need to elaborate on how this can't be abused by rich players, It would need a lot more details, feel free to edit it to add. Again I'm not hating on the idea, its very nice to be implemented, as it works both for the seller/buyer (Timezone difference, ETC) Suggestion Outline:
  4. Welcome to the game! Feel free to checkout our wiki page we have a lot of things that you might find useful WIKI PAGE : https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Redemption_RSPS_Wiki have fun!
  5. I would love to see a Forum game, It will probably make forums more active and fun in general. the question is, do you have anything in mind to be added as a Forum game? and how would it be implemented?
  6. Welcome to RDGANG, Feel free to checkout or forums for updates, giveaways ETC, We also have wiki that can assist you in many ways! WIKI: https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Redemption_RSPS_Wiki
  7. A lot of people need a hydra guide, ty for making one, and geoduck on the YT channel! Ain't that right @ktrips For future content I highly recommend turning off private or hiding it in settings(For obviously reasons) Otherwise 100% Gucci
  8. Finally! News team is back! Officially, I have been waiting for this moment for ages. To all the news team members, Thank you for the amazing job ❤️
  9. This idea is amazing to ironmen and the untradeables, I really love this idea. 100% vouch this.
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