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  1. Its heart warming to see appreciation's towards Event's team! They deserve it the most for their hard work.
  2. This is huge. Beautiful update!!! Amazing work by the staff members and the developer team. ❤️
  3. This update was worth 4 updates lmao. It is incredible. Beautiful work by devs and staff members ❤️
  4. How's everybody doing this lovely Friday? #DSGANG

  5. This update is amazing as usuals. I mean you always DELIVER! Beautiful work by everyone. 💯
  6. Wow. I couldnt even imagine the courage you have to write something like that. This was one of the most powerful things i've read in a while and im So glad you saw that launcher and joined Dreamscape. Cannot imagine what you're going through but would be my honor to guide you through dreamscape. If you ever need anything in dreamscape, or you just wanna have a nice chat my pm's are always open in dreamscape aswell in discord and in forums. Looking forward to have a really great time with you and lets break that wall and make an insane progress ingame. Hit me up whenever you need anything. Mad Respect, Bowlcut a.k.a Lumb ticket!
  7. Glad to see Dreamer's Monthy back. This is an amazing work. Just beautiful ❤️
  8. This update is Huge as always!!! Amazing work by the best Development team ! Lets get this PARTY STARTED!
  9. That sounds like a good idea man but can you please follow the format and post in the suggestions tab: https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/78-suggestions/
  10. Amazing content as always! This update is huge and im sure everybody will love this.
  11. Happy monday everybody ! Hope you guys have an amazing week! K3

  12. You guys are making me hungry.
  13. Welcome to Dreamscape Camulod. I hope you enjoy your time here and if u have any questions related to the server or you just wanna hang out and chat feel free to contact me on discord or pm me in game. Im glad you gave Dreamscape a chance and i will guarantee you will have an amazing time with our beloved community.
  14. Whats up Kat. Welcome to Dreamscape. If you want to chat or need help of anykind feel free to pm me ingame or in discord. I believe you will have a great time with the best community that we have in Dreamscape.
  15. Dreamscape always makes it fun!! Woot wooooot indeeed #HYPE!
  16. I'll just say this.. It will be INSANE!
  17. I vouch for the idea. Especially Englog idea is pretty great.
  18. As far as making untradeable items tradeable the only thing i would vouch for is that it would increase the variety on the weapons/gear. In other hand untradeable items are usually really hard to get yet most of them are not (bis) so the prices would be really high but not worth paying that much for the item because of the stats. In your case about the power arrow and fist, they are unique items available only on diamond bags, while the power stone (pocket slot) is slightly older and available on 3 different boxes. But overall the idea is good but we dont have as much untradeables that would really impact the gameplay.
  19. How is everybodys weekend going ? #DSGANG

    1. Giggle Bush

      Giggle Bush

      Pretty meh, but hanging in there. How about yourself?

    2. bowlcut


      Same lmao been working the whole weekend 😕

  20. Degenerate we hear you guys, so if you come with a suggestion you or anybody else please make it so we can make your DS experience better. There is a suggestion format that you should follow and if its doable and wont affect the eco we are more than willing to do it.
  21. Welcome back Mason. Im glad you like it here and if you need anything or have anything unclear feel free to pm me so we'll try to make your time here as pleasent as possible.
  22. Sup Mark! Welcome back to Dreamscape and im happy you like spending time with us. If you need/want to talk about anything or pvm together feel free to pm me ingame or on discord! #DSGANG!
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