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  1. Sinzzu


    Welcome towards redemption.
  2. goodluck on the giveaway tho!
  3. Hey buddy,welcome to redemption if you do ever need any assistance with anything just contact me👍 Hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you ingame soon.
  4. glad to see im not the only one posting videos on forums, looking foward to see more content!
  5. welcome back! - seen you pop up on discord already looking to chitchat ingame aswell
  6. Wadup greg, welcome to forum side of things
  7. Welcome back to redemption 🥰 If ya need catching up to do pm me ingame/discord or here.
  8. Sinzzu


    Heya, this server is deffinetly a fine fit for rsps veterans whos looking for something new
  9. Sinzzu

    Hey guys

    Welcome to redemption ❤️ Family man my self aswell looking foward to see you ingame.
  10. welcome to redemption, hoping to see you ingame soon! if you need any assistance feel free to contact me.
  11. Good that the event girls get the feedback, they are rocking it!
  12. Nice goals buddy, looking foward to see you reach them
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