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  1. Welcome mate,if you have any questions feel free to pm me via forums/ing/discord Best of luck on your journey in redemption
  2. Goodluck to everyone who entered the 1h gp challenge.

  3. We Have a Button under The minimap, that should do The trick
  4. Amazing feedback hope The staff sees this❤️
  5. Welcome Back Be sure to hop on The new discord aswell
  6. Goodnight Redemption 💖

    hope every one feeling well.

  7. Welcome to redemption,If you need any help or assistance feel free to PM me or join help CC ingame Be sure to Tune on discord we sometimes Have our karaoke nights
  8. Sinzzu


    Welcome to The server Make sure to check out discord For some ::events
  9. Welcome Back mr gambling manager, Time to Make #trusteddicer relevant again, let me know of you need any assistance on catching up to The game.
  10. Welcome Back both of you, If you boys need any assistance feel free to PM me
  11. looks like some sweet ironman rng right there congratz 😃
  12. Sinzzu


    Welcome mate,If you need any assistance feel free to PM me
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