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  1. Another Custom Pet for the platinum members! Always love to see it! ❤️
  2. Already broke this time too. This man is insane
  3. We are so glad you decided to stop by and join our server! If you need anything my discord is open! (in signature) If you are looking for general server information on how to start, check out this guide! https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started
  4. Hey Genosz! So sorry to hear about the computer issues but glad youre stopping by to enjoy our game! If you need any advice, my discord is open! If you need general information, I suggest this guide below https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started
  5. Hey Udder! I highly suggest reading our getting started guide! It breaks down most of the basics for you! https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started If you have any questions you can also reach out to me on discord (in my signature)
  6. Hey Sie Hiest! I highly suggest reading the following article. It breaks down a lot of the basics of our server for you! https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started
  7. Brand new box featuring Dreamscape's BEST items! Don't wait too long or your opportunity shall pass to get some of the best items for just $30! Contents: Common: 3 out of 5 Trix Amulet+ Avery (i) Ultra Pet Box Royal Mystery Box Mega Lottery Box Kismet Box Cyan Anniversary Stone Blue Anniversary Stone Green Anniversary Stone Yellow Anniversary Stone Pink Anniversary Stone Purple Anniversary Stone Tactical Box Christmas Box 2020 Box of Wisdom Star Box $5 Bond Daily Task Reset Perfect Enchantment Stone Potion of Aggression Descimator9000 Goodiebox Shadow Pet Goodiebox Baby Yoda Goodiebox Seasonal Goodiebox Executive Totem Goodiebox Thumper Goodiebox Emperor’s Necklace Goodiebox Executive Totem Goodiebox Ultra Pet Box x3 Royal Mystery Box x3 Mega Lottery Box x3 Christmas Box 2020 x2 Star Box x3 Infernal Hatchet Infernal Pickaxe Upgrade Protection Scroll Weapon battle pass skip: $5 Bond x3: Perfect Enchantment Stone x3 Potion of Aggression x3 Super Star Box x2 Ultra Pet Mystery Box x5 Dream Mage Set Dream Range Set 3 Out of 10 BFG9000 BFG9000 Offhand Infinity Gauntlets Charged: Cosmetic Pet Override $5 Bond x 10 Perfect Enchantment Stone x5 Potion of Aggression x5 Royal Mystery Box x5 Diamond Bag x2 Black Diamond Box x2 Upgrade Protection Card x2 Descimator9000 Goodiebox x5 Shadow Pet Goodiebox x5 Baby Yoda Goodiebox x5 Seasonal Goodiebox x5 Executive Totem Goodiebox x5 1 out of 15 Weapon Battlepass Weapon Battlepass Skip x5 Owner Cape Stone of Power Sponsor Ticket Perfect Enchantment Stone x10 $5 Bonds x20 1 out of 30 Poseidon Set Mandalorian Set Descimator9000 Descimator9000 Off-hand Thumper Emperor’s RIng Emperor’s Necklace 1 out of 150 Skull Descimator9000 Skull Descimator9000 Offhand Baby Yoda Pet Shadow Pet Infinity Aura Executive Totem Always 1-5x Vorkath Soul Uncommon 1 in 250 10-25 x Gold DScoin 1-3 x Vorkath Key Rare 1 in 500 25-50 x Gold DScoin Ultra Rare 1 in 2500 50-100 x Gold DScoin DragonFire ward Odium Ward Ancient Wyvern Shield Vorkath Pet Vorkath Helm Vorkath Bod Vorkath Legs Vorkath Glove Vorkath Boots Vorkath Set: 10,000 Defense Bonus 5 Piece set bonus: 20% drop rate 20% double drop rate 20% Luck 30% Damage Reduction at Vorkath Common rewards 1-5 Gold DS Coins Tactical box Lottery Box Enchantment Stone AK-47 Asiimov Khione's Staff Golden Minigun Uncommon Reward 1 in 200 Box of Wisdom Kismet Box Avery's Ring (i) Ultra Pet Box Mega Lottery Box High Grade Enchantment stone 20-40 x Gold DS Coin Rare drops 1 in 400 Black diamond box Diamond Bag BFG9000 BFG9000 Offhand Perfect Enchantment Stone Scroll of blood 50-100 Gold DS Coins Lil zik Ultra rare drops 1 in 1300 Scythe of Vitur Justiciar faceguard Justiciar body Justiciar Legguards Sanguinesti Staff Avernic Defender Getting a Task from the Platinum Zone Task Manager will grant one of the following tasks. Kill 100 Platinum Dragons Kill 100 Demonic Guardians Kill 5,000 NPCs Kill 1,000 Olaf Kill 1,000 Necromancer Kill 1,000 Guardian of Am'orth Kill 1000 Magegray Kill 1,000 Shadow Kings Kill 500 Chaos Elemental Kill 1000 Icy Skeleton Kill 500 Groudon Kill 150 Hades Kill 500 Diablo Kill 500 Raiden Kill 500 Vendura Kill 500 OG Dragon Kill 500 Voldemort Kill 200 Vorago (players may chose to pay 15m to skip a task) Reward: 15,000 platinum tokens Superior Platinum Armor T2 Changes Platinum Partners may now chose to charge the T2 set with time rather than charges. Timed Charges: 150K Tokens = 6 hours Full Charge = 24 hours The Platinum Partner Slot Machine has amazing chances at custom credit to buff those customs! Dream Land Map Battle NPCs among the clouds in our new Dream Land map! 🔥Fixed errors with Daily Tasks 🔥Train points will be only given when completing tasks 🔥Lowered frequency of pet removal, weapon removal, and prayer disabling at Lachrym 🔥Lowered the total HP of Yugioh raid on Normal Mode 🔥Fixed examine info on battle pet totems 🔥Fixed issue with boxing ring 🔥Added hotdrop support to raids 🔥Removed daily cap on Hell arcade 🔥Fixed error on Platinum Teddy bear 🔥Added gambling experience to boxing and slot machines 🔥Damage cap of 200K added to Sotetsgeg to prevent bugging 🔥Add Platinum raids to ::mydrops 🔥Lowered All Nightmare Staff attack speeds to 1.2 and total hits to 3 as intended. 🔥Prevented stackable items to be all worn at once 🔥Lowered 2x Damage Cards in Executive Shop to 7.5K points 🔥Added additional support for live stat editor for more usability on custom orders. 🔥Addressed an issue with equipping stacked items 🔥Addressed issue with pets default left click options 🔥Addressed an issue with Trinity Aura not giving correct bonuses 🔥Removed chat spam when attacking Alchemical Hydra 🔥Allowed Battlpets to be Shift+Clicked 🔥Fixed an issue with battlepets and instances 🔥Addressed an issue with Donator Tabs appearing as Donator Tickets 🔥Fixed a bug with bonds being bulk sold to the Black Market Dealer 🔥Allowed Platinum Partners to purchase Platinum Tokens from shop directly from pouch 🔥Fixed an error regarding the Sponsor Instance 🔥Christmas Event removed 🔥Anniversary Event removed 🔥Added Platinum Partner exclusive yell color 🔥Added quick open feature to Ultra Mystery boxes 🔥Added Vorago to Platinum zone 🔥Addressed freezing issue with moving camera in certain areas 🔥Added in framework for HD client 🔥Updated Donator Shop Stat increase to Icefire's PewPew Stat increase to Night's Pimp Gloves and Boots Model change for Act I's Divine Cloak\ Stat increase to Act I's Plasma Cutter Increased hits on Swag's Gun Addressed Issue with Will's Gunbai If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.please reassure your customs are not forgotten! Nocturnal Umbral New Zones Coming soon!
  8. Limit 500 1 in 25 Minigun Penguin Staff (u) Blizzard Staff Blizzard Virtus Mask Blizzard Virtus Top Blizzard Virtus Bottom Blizard Spirit Shield Collector’s necklace 1 in 50 Soulflare X Demon Minigun Golden Minigun Aqua Spirit Shield Space Spirit Shield Inferno Spirit Shield AWP Asiimov Electronic Katana Ultimate Dream Katana Khione Staff Infinity Gauntlet Necromancer Jr Space Boxing Gloves 1 in 80 Devious Helmet Devious Body Devious Legs Crystal Helmet Crystal Body Crystal Legs Diablo Jr Eternal Crystal Helmet Eternal Crystal Body Eternal Crystal Legs AK-47 Asiimov Avery’s Ring 1:125 Perfect Enchantment Stone Dream Helm Dream Body Dream Legs Dream Range Helm Dream Range Body Dream Range Legs Dream Mage Helm Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs 10 x Free Spins 1:150 Dream Mage Set Dream Melee Set Dream Range Set Fallen Love Ranger Helm Fallen Love Ranger Body Fallen Love Ranger Legs Fallen Love Ranger Gloves Fallen Love Ranger Boots Fallen Love Ranger Wings 1:250 Cupid's Crossbow Cupid's Lucky Arrow Luck: 25% Upgrade Success: 5% (similar to Emperor's Neck) Chance to save item upon failing an upgrade (similar to Emperor's Ring) We updated the daily task system so that we can incorporate prizes for all tiers of players from starters to OGs alike. This new system has tier sets. Upon completing a tier, you can roll for some amazing prizes ❤️ Introducing Boxing Matches! You can now settle those disputes and gambles by punching each other in the face, just as it was intended. This will work just as a tradition duel arena fight. Dreamscape boxing will place two players against each other on either red or blue side. Each will be given a set a Boxing Gloves Red Gambling Boxing Gloves OR Blue Gambling Boxing Gloves These boxing gloves will have the following stats: Attack Bonuses: Stab: + 75 Slash: + 75 Crush: + 75 Magic: +0 Range: +0 Defense Bonuses: Stab: +0 Slash: +0 Crush: +0 Magic: +0 Range: +0 Other Bonuses: Melee Strength: + 75 Ranged Strength: +0 Magic Damage: +0 Prayer: +0 No bonuses or elo will count while in a boxing match. On top of being able to bet against the player you are boxing against, players can also bet on who they thing will win! How Player Betting Works: Right click on ring->Place Bet chat dialogue opens Option 1: Place Bet Pick a Winner: Red or Blue Player clicks the color they think will win How much would you like to Bet? (Currency is Gold DS Coins from money pouch) Player types in 1-1000 (gold DScoins) Option 2: Last 5 winners Example: (Red, Red, Blue, Red, Blue) To add a little more value to our events, we have added the event goodiebox so we can hand out these instead of a variety of different boxes as before! Name: Event Goodiebox Top reward: $5 Bond 2 Legendary: Diamond Bag (Event) Black Diamond Box (Event) 5 Ultimate Owner Cape goodiebox Descimator9000 Goodiebox Emperor's Ring Goodiebox (10) Emperor's Necklace Goodiebox (10) Royal Mystery Box (Event) 6 Great 2k19 Box Event 2K20 Box Event Kismet Box Event BFG9000 Goodiebox (10) Icy Glaive Goodiebox (10) Seasonal Goodiebox 6 Good 2 Tactical Box Event 1 Box of Wisdom Event 3 Lottery Box 1 10% Drop Rate Booster 1 2x Damage Card 5 Event Boxes We have added an additional confirmation when listing items on the PoS to prevent selling items for unintended values. We have taken the step so we can make some of the black market and item grinder items stackable! This should really speed up that process of selling or grinding some of these items. If you have suggestions on more items to be made stackable, send the request to Adams or Willy. We have added a live Stat editor! This means we can now perform stat changes for customs in real time! No more needing to wait on an update to get some extra dps on that amazing custom item of yours! ❤️ We have taken some time to completely restock the shop located at ::Train as well as adding some train zone tasks to help grind those train points! Tasks: Completion of Task will give players 5 additional Train Points Random # between 10-50 kills for the NPCs located in the Train Zone We added the DSGANG and a lovely ❤️ so you can show your love more efficiently. [ds] = DSGANG [k3] = ❤️ 🔥 Removed completion requirements from Starwars (Easy, Med, and Hard) 🔥Added an option to buy Hell mode in StarWars for 1B or unlock via 50 hard runs 🔥Addressed issue with Event Helper rank 🔥Addressed an issue with Ultimate Stone 🔥Lowered portal health for Pest Control 🔥Increased points for pest control completion 🔥Added new rewards and lowered point requirements for pest control rewards 🔥Update gear viewer quick links 🔥Add Iron Man guide to Guide List 🔥Add Superior Platinum T2 boots and gloves to Advanced Platinum shop 🔥 Added Executive+ Pinatas 🔥 Moved Custom prayers to their own area 🔥 Fixed Wonder Woman model 🔥Added Omen Set to Box Set Trader 🔥Moved Preferred FlowerPoker lane closer to bank/PoS manager 🔥Fixed point discrepancies in the Pet Point shop 🔥Added Bundle Scrolls in the store to eliminate confusion 🔥Added range/animation to S+ and S++ battle pet tiers 🔥Added new items to the Item Grinder and updated some prices. Sperm9000 Stat increase Staker's Obliterator Set Stat increase Centurion Cape Stat increase KFC Cape Stat Increase Tribrid Effect added to Irish's Eternal Khione If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! Reaper Set Littleman set NightCap's Pimp Set Zebra's Journey IceFire's Pew Pew Irish's Glory The Irish Power Syrup Blaster Cookie Blaster Set Armageddon Set Trojan Desci Set Nocturn's Nightmare Irish's Boots and Gloves Platinum Teddy Bear We understand that this update is a little smaller for content than usual, and that is because we are working day and night to bring some amazing content that has not yet been completed! We are working on a full construction skill with custom rooms, items, and features! What could this map be used for? We have a hoard of new npcs that are ready to fight! (Please ignore Tinky Winky falling, he is a little clumsy)
  9. This update is one of the most content packed updates we have had in a long time! With new boxes, new minigames, slot machines, updated gambling, new boss, new point systems, new event zone, referral point system, game frame update, and more! It's finally 2021 which means we survived 2020! Time to celebrate with the brand new 2k21 box! (insert picture here) Drop Table: Always Drop Sponsor: 2x Damage Card Exec: 2.5x Damage Card Platinum: 10% Drop Rate Booster Drop Table: Normal Drops Eternal Crystal Helm Eternal Crystal Body Eternal Crystal Platelegs Devious Helm Devious Body Devious Legs Ak-47 Asiimov Avery's Ring (i) Diablo Jr. 1:150 Fortune Lvl 3 Fortunate Favour Lvl 3 Augury Lvl 3 Mystic Lvl 3 Berserker Lvl 3 Platinum Skin Helicopter Pet Fire Hazard AK Devious Set Crystal Set 1:250 Dream Helm Dream Body Dream Legs Dream Range Helm Dream Range Body Dream Range Legs Dream Mage Helm Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Space Virtus Helm Space Virtus Body Space Virtus Legs 1:400 Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set Dream Range Set Thanos Pet BFG9000 BFG900 Offhand Gold DS Coin x 250 1:1000 Emperor's Ring Ultron Pet Scythe of Vitur Batman Helm Batman Body Batman Legs Gold DS Coin x 500 1:2000 Emperor's Necklace Platinum DS Coin Poseidon Set Sanguinesti Staff Justiciar Helm Justiciar Body Justiciar Legs 1:4000 Infinity Aura Baby Yoda Pet Poseidon Set Shield of Fortune One of the only items in game with drop rate on the offhand! Pest Control is back with a twist! We all know and love the traditional Pest Control but wouldn't you much rather kill a dangerous, giant demon instead of a boring portal? Players will receive 1 point upon completion. Sponsor rank+ will be given an additional point upon completion totaling to 2 points. Players also have a rare chance of receiving a $5 bond upon completion. Space Virtus Helm 100 points Space Virtus Body 100 points Space Virtus Bottoms 100 points Space Pernix Helm 100 points Space Pernix Body 100 points Space Pernix Legs 100 points Space Boxing Gloves 50 points Quantum Boots 50 points Space Spirit Shield 50 points Infinity Gauntlets 10 points Power Stone 50 points Mind Stone50 points Space Stone 50 points Time Stone 50 points Reality Stone 50 points Soul Stone 50 points Helicopter Pet 150 points BFG9000 200 points BFG9000 Offhand 200 points Diamond Bag 200 points Black Diamond Box 200 points Lacrhym the Undying has risen from the grave once again and it seeking vengeance against the human race. I think its time we teach him a lesson. To start your grind against Lachrym the Undying, talk to Grizzle the Merchant. Grizzle will allow you to purchase the ranks, buy more entries and exchange your points for rewards! 4 Tiers of the boss. Tier 1 - Easy - available to all players for free 2.5m health 1 Lachrym Points per kill Tier 2 - Medium - Available only to Sponsor+ if they pay the 1b unlock fee 50m health 2 Lachrym Points per kill Tier 3 - Hard - Available only to Executive+ if they pay the 5b unlock fee 250m health 4 Lachrym Points per kill Tier 4 - Expert - available to platinum+ if they pay the 10b unlock fee. 1b Health 8 Lachrym Points per kill All Players get 25 Kills per day. Sponsor Players get 35 kills per day. Executive player+ get 50 kills per day. To purchase more kills a player can talk to grizzle the merchant and purchase additional kills Easy entry for 2m DScoins Medium Entry for 4m DScoins Hard entry for 8m DScoins Expert Entry for 16m DScoins The Fight Stage One The first stage will be Ice Stage. After 33% of the bosses health is gone this will trigger a shield that can only be broken by using a fire spell or using the 6th anniversary rifle (fire) or sword (fire) to melt the ice. This shield will have 20% of bosses max health as the health of the shield if a player did not use a fire spell or fire weapon. (example on easy the shield will be 250k as 10% of max health 2.5m) This stage will freeze the player every 10 seconds for 1 second at a time. Using a melee weapon on this stage will deal 5% extra damage. Stage Two The second stage will trigger the Fire stage once the ice shield is broken. This stage will spawn fire randomly around the room that deals 15 damage per tick if stood on. Once 66% total health is gone (34% health remaining) it will trigger a shield that must be damaged by a water spell to be broken or by the 6th Anniversary rifle (ice) or sword (ice). This shield will have 20% of bosses max health as the health of the shield unless the player used a water spell or ice weapon. Using a mage weapon on this stage will deal 5% extra damage. Stage Three The third stage will trigger the Acid Stage. This stage will be the remainder of the health on the NPC. This stage will spawn poison acid pools under the player every 4 seconds. Using a range weapon on this stage will deal 5% extra damage. Mechanics shared on all three stages: Player must have 4 empty inventory spaces to enter the boss fight The boss will randomly remove the players weapon and force it into their inventory. (this can happen randomly at intervals between 5 seconds and 30 seconds) The boss will randomly teleport around the room once every 30 seconds The boss will scream at random intervals between 15 seconds and 45 seconds which will stun the player for 1 second The boss will disable overhead prayers every 8 seconds. The boss will randomly force the players pet into inventory every 10 seconds. The boss will halve all healing effects while in the boss fight. (example, soulsplit heals half normal effect during fight) Medicinal Herb - Eating this item will allow the player to take 10% less damage for 15 minutes. (add a timer on screen) (1-time use) This item will cost 50 Lachrym Points Rune Engraving - Deal 10% more damage to Lachrym boss for 10 minutes. (1-time use) This item will cost 50 Lachrym Points Toxic Barrel - When this Item is used on the boss this will poison the hp boss throughout the fight. When used on the boss, this item will add a static ability to poison the boss that will hit the boss for 2.5x of players max hit once every 10 seconds. (1-time use but last the whole boss fight) This item will cost 50 Lachrym Points Void Fragment - This item when used on the boss will immediately deal 33% of the bosses health as a damage. Only 1 may be used per boss fight. (1-time use) This item will cost 100 Lachrym Points Void Ticket - this item can be used on a player in the lobby area of Lachrym so they the player will join you when you teleport into the boss. This item will cost 100 Lachrym Points Lava Warrior Helmet- 5000 Lachrym Points Lava Warrior Platebody - 5000 Lachrym Points Lava Warrior Platelegs - 5000 Lachrym Points Posion Lotus Crossbow - 8000 Lachrym Points Poison Lotus Offhand Crossbow - 8000 Lachrym Points Blood Rush Sword - 8000 Lachrym Points Staff of Winter - 8000 Lachrym Points Orb of Winter - 8000 Lachrym Points Drops Each difficulty will have its own, unique drop table. Easy Drops Always 1 x Gold DS coin Common 1 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 400 1 x Tactical Box - 1 in 400 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 400 10 x Crystal Key (+) - 1 in 400 Uncommon 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 1000 Rare 5 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 2500 5 x Tactical Box - 1 in 2500 20 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 2500 5 x 2x damage card - 1 in 2500 5 x Donator Tab - 1 in 2500 Very Rare Medicinal Herb - 1 in 10000 Rune Engraving - 1 in 10000 Toxic Barrel - 1 in 10000 Void Ticket - 1 in 10000 Void Fragment - 1 in 12500 Lava Warrior Helmet - 1 in 15000 Lava Warrior Platebody - 1 in 15000 Lava Warrior Platelegs - 1 in 15000 Posion Lotus Crossbow - 1 in 15000 Poison Lotus Offhand Crossbow - 1 in 15000 Blood Rush Sword - 1 in 15000 Staff of Winter - 1 in 15000 Orb of Winter - 1 in 15000 Medium Drops Always 2 x Gold DS coin Common 1 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 300 1 x Tactical Box - 1 in 300 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 300 10 x Crystal Key (+) - 1 in 300 Uncommon 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 750 Rare 5 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 2,000 5 x Tactical Box - 1 in 2,000 20 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 2,000 5 x 2x damage card - 1 in 2,000 5 x Donator Tab - 1 in 2,000 Very Rare Medicinal Herb - 1 in 3,000 Rune Engraving - 1 in 3,000 Toxic Barrel - 1 in 3,000 Void Ticket - 1 in 4,000 Void Fragment - 1 in 5,000 Lava Warrior Helmet - 1 in 10,000 Lava Warrior Platebody - 1 in 10,000 Lava Warrior Platelegs - 1 in 10,000 Posion Lotus Crossbow - 1 in 10,000 Poison Lotus Offhand Crossbow - 1 in 10,000 Blood Rush Sword - 1 in 10,000 Staff of Winter - 1 in 10,000 Orb of Winter - 1 in 10,000 Hard Drops Always 3 x Gold DS coin Common 1 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 200 1 x Tactical Box - 1 in 200 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 200 10 x Crystal Key (+) - 1 in 200 Uncommon 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 600 Rare 5 x Ultra Mystery Box 1 in 1,500 5 x Tactical Box 1 in 1,500 20 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 1,500 5 x 2x damage card - 1 in 1,500 5 x Donator Tab - 1 in 1,500 Very Rare Medicinal Herb - 1 in 2000 Rune Engraving - 1 in 2000 Toxic Barrel - 1 in 2000 Void Ticket - 1 in 3000 Void Fragment - 1 in 4000 Lava Warrior Helmet 1 in 7500 Lava Warrior Platebody 1 in 7500 Lava Warrior Platelegs 1 in 7500 Posion Lotus Crossbow - 1 in 7500 Poison Lotus Offhand Crossbow - 1 in 7500 Blood Rush Sword - 1 in 7500 Staff of Winter - 1 in 7500 Orb of Winter - 1 in 7500 Expert Drops Always 5 x Gold DS coin Common 1 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 100 1 x Tactical Box - 1 in 100 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 100 10 x Crystal Key (+) - 1 in 100 Uncommon 10 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 500 Rare 5 x Ultra Mystery Box - 1 in 1,000 5 x Tactical Box - 1 in 1,000 20 x Gold Ds Coins - 1 in 1,000 5 x 2x damage card - 1 in 1,000 5 x Donator Tab - 1 in 1,000 Very Rare Medicinal Herb - 1 in 1000 Rune Engraving - 1 in 1000 Toxic Barrel - 1 in 1000 Void Ticket - 1 in 1500 Void Fragment - 1 in 2500 Lava Warrior Helmet - 1 in 5000 Lava Warrior Platebody - 1 in 5000 Lava Warrior Platelegs - 1 in 5000 Posion Lotus Crossbow - 1 in 5000 Poison Lotus Offhand Crossbow - 1 in 5000 Blood Rush Sword - 1 in 5000 Staff of Winter - 1 in 5000 Orb of Winter - 1 in 5000 Want to take a break from things and have some fun with slots? Introducing DreamScape Slots! A new form of gambling! With 4 different tiers of slots ranging from a 2m entry fee all the way up to a 75m entry fees, there is something for all players to enjoy! All players will have access to the DreamScape Cash Slots and the High Roller Slots. Sponsor+ can use the Sponsor version with a 50m spin fee and higher rewards! Ecexutive+ can use the Executive version with a 50m spin fee and higher rewards! These rewards are ever changing and range from 500k (on the 2m spin fee) all the way up to 20b in cash or even 30b+ valued items! Which will you win? We have increased the max bet on the Lava Black Jack table all the way up to 6b! We have reworked the betting system on the Roulette table to now take Gold DScoins and allow for a maximum bet of 5b! Let's go make some cash! you can now save all of your favorite gears sets and load them instantly without painstakingly going through each bank tab to find the last item to complete your loadout. Save your gear, prayer, mage book and inventory and load it and get to playing! Opening Ultra Pet Boxes now grants points to be used in the Pet Point Shop! Plenty of pets to chose from! As events are a huge part of our server, we decided to have an event overhaul with new interfaces, events and a new zone! When you teleport to the new ::event area you will see a new interface that shows the type of event, current prizes, general rules for our events, and some quick links to get you setup to join our events! The new event area has a lovely line for us all to stand on to keep things orderly and features a nice DSGANG! We added some bank booths and flower girls to either side of the area to make things run a little more smoothly! If you need to bank or get more seeds, just step to the side and take care of business! After much consideration of how much our ELO system impacts players damage, we have decided to change how the elo system works. Players will now experience an elo decay system rather than abruptly losing elo upon missing a day of play. Player will not only lose a certain amount of elo for each day based on their in-game rank as shown below: Non-Donator/Donator/Super/Extreme: -7 for every day missed Sponsors: -4 for every day missed Executives: -3 for every day missed Platinum Partners: -2 for every day missed Introducing the Ultra Rare Drop table for raids and bosses! This drop table can be activated by right clicking an Emperor Ring (50m per hour) or Emperor Ring (i) (25m per hour). These will be additional drops on top of whatever you obtain from the boss/raid you kill. Ultra Rare Drop Table: 1 in 300 Tactical Box Dream Drop Rate Potion Dream Luck Potion Dream Double Drop Potion 1 in 500 Perfect Enchantment Stone Upgrade Protection Card 2x Damage Card 10% Drop Rate Scroll +5% Upgrade Boost Sctoll Potion of Aggression 1 Day Elo Card 3 Day Elo Card 1 in 1000 Secret Cosmetic Set Pieces 😜 You can now refer your friends and gain referral points to be used in our new Referral Shop! Invite those friends and earn some lovely prizes! Players can now type ::refer-playername (replace playername with the player that referred you) We have created a short list of guides to make it easier for new players to learn about our lovely server! The Elemental Fury Goodiebox adds a new way to obtain the amazing new Staff! Try out your luck now! We have updated our gameframe to look more appealing and be a bit more efficient! We slightly adjusted some tabs, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new layout. We removed the unnecessary summoning tab for the time being. We also merged the friends lists and the ignore list. You can toggle between the friends list and the ignore list at the top left of the friends list tab. 🔥Addressed issue where Axe of Revenge was not showing up in Evil Karma Shop 🔥Addressed issue where battle pets would interfere with raid damage interface 🔥Changed web redirect when making a new account 🔥Removed upgrade alert on 2.0 x Damage Cards 🔥Addressed pinata priority 🔥Removed outdated minigame content 🔥Addressed inaccurate tasks on season pass 🔥Added temporary event helper rank to aid with events 🔥Addressed an issue with totem targeting in nightmare 🔥Increased time between use on special bandage 🔥Addressed issue with tasks not working on daily tasks 🔥Addressed issue with Zulrah becoming invincible 🔥Added check charges to Sanguinesti Staff 🔥Addressed issue with text wrapping 🔥Increased number of people per raid to 5 🔥 🔥 Dreamz40 Set Stat increase Ricecake Stat Increased Lilahoff Sword added effects If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! Reaper Custom Set Reaper Custom Icon Sweaty Drip Stat changes Omen Range Set - Store item Nightcap Desci Offhand Act I Plasma Cutter MadMexx Descimator
  10. A strange man near the home center needs your help! Swing by and see if you're up for the job! It turns out Santa is the one that needs your help! He gives you his Magical Aether Key so you can go help one of his best Elf spies! The Elf Spy has lost her Aether key and needs your help locating it! Maybe it's somewhere in the Elven kingdom? Once you recover the Elf's Aether Key, return to her and use the key to bypass the magic barrier! After fighting the impostor, take the remains back to the Undercover Santa to receive your reward ❤️ Scavenger XP Christmas Box 2020 Christmas Icon This Quest is limited time only so act fast! Christmas Box! Drop table: 1 x 10-50 gold ds coin 1 x Random Dream Potion 1 x GrandLottery Book 1 x Random Item from Drop Table 1 x Random Box Item Drop Table (NOTE: There are common rewards, this is only showing the rare drop table) 1 in 150 Cheer Hunter Helm Cheer Hunter Body Cheer Hunter Legs Cheer Hunter Gloves Cheer Hunter Boots Cheer Hunter Cape Perfect Enchantment Stone Upgrade Protection Card Potion of Aggression Christmas Sled To dive into your own Yu-Gi-Oh battles talk to Yusie Fudo, east of the home teleport. He will take you and those in your clan chat to the arena to duel against some of the finest Trainers! Battle your way through Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardener, Seta Kaiba, Weevil Underwood, and Yugi Moto along with their collection of NPCs! Completing the Yu-Gi-Oh raid grants access to Millennium Keys which can be used on the Yu-Gi-Oh box found at home. Yu-Gi-Oh Box Loot 1 gold DScoin Common 2x damage card 1 in 15 Millennium Scale 1 in 50 100,000 Karmic Kismets1 in 75 50 gold DScoin 1 in 300 Black Diamond Box 1 in 400 Diamond Bag 1 in 400 Barrel Dragon Pet (1 in 750 Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet 1 in 750 Time Wizard Pet 1 in 750 Millennium Circle 1 in 750 Millennium Eye 1 in 750 Millennium Puzzle 1 in 750 Wing Kuriboh Pet 1 in 1000 Dark Magician Girl Pet 1 in 2500 Blue Eyes White Dragon Pet 1 in 2500 Millennium Rod 1 in 3000 Millennium Hat 1 in 3000 Millennium Robe Top 1 in 3000 Millennium Robe Bottom 1 in 3000 Drop Table: Easy Difficulty Always: 10-100k DS Coins (5021) 1 in 10: 1 x Millennium Key 1 in 3000: 10 - 50 Gold DS Coins Dream Range Helmet Dream Range Body Dream Range Legs Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Dream Helm Dream Body Dream Legs Berserker Lvl3 Augury lvl 3 Mystic Lvl 3 Platinum Skin lvl 3 Fortune lvl 3 Fortunate Favour lvl 3 1 in 15,000 Winged Kuriboh Pet Barrel Dragon Pet Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet Time Wizard Pet Medium Difficulty Always: 1 key 100-500k DS Coins 1:20 2 Millenium keys 1:1000 10 - 50 Gold DS Coins Dream Range Helmet Dream Range Body Dream Range Legs Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Dream Helm Dream Body Dream Legs Berserker Lvl3 Augury lvl 3 Mystic Lvl 3 Platinum Skin lvl 3 Fortune lvl 3 Fortunate Favour lvl 3 1 in 8,000 Winged Kuriboh Pet Barrel Dragon Pet Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet Time Wizard Pet Hard Difficulty: Always: 3x Millennium Keys 1 x Gold DScoin 1:25 5x Millennium keys 1:500 10 - 50 Gold DS Coins Dream Range Helmet Dream Range Body Dream Range Legs Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs Dream Helm Dream Body Dream Legs Berserker Lvl3 Augury lvl 3 Mystic Lvl 3 Platinum Skin lvl 3 Fortune lvl 3 Fortunate Favour lvl 3 1:5000 Dark Magician Girl Pet Blue Eyes White Dragon Pet Winged Kuriboh Pet Barrel Dragon Pet Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet Time Wizard Pet Millenium Hat Millenium Robe Top Millenium Robe Bottom Millenium Rod Millennium Rod The Millennium Armor Set Millennium Circle The Millennium Circle Necklace is created by combining the Millennium Eye, Millennium Puzzle and a Gold Chain. This necklace offers a large damage bonus when in Yu-Gi-Oh Raid! Are you short on cash and want a little boost? Check out the Mega Lottery Box! Drop Table: 1:50 150K DS Coins - 1M DS Coins 1:250 1M DS Coins - 10M DS Coins 1:1500 50M DS Coins - 150M DS Coins 1:6750 500M DS Coins 1:8000 1B - 2.5B DS Coins 1:10000 5B DS Coins With 500 new Tiers in Season II, this season is packed full of rewards! Including a brand new Dragon Armor Set! You can earn points from opening boxes, killing npcs, grinding items and more! Keep an eye out for the wiki page explaining all the ways to earn points! The Season Pass Ticket can be used to unlock additional rewards and tiers! You can also obtain Tier Skips or even a Double Point Card to speed up that season progress! You may now auto grind a full inventory of items instead of painfully going one by one. The Ultimate Stone combines all the effects of the Black Diamond Box Stones! By combining the following items you can create the Ultimate Stone: Stone of Redemption Stone of Healing Stone of Vengeance Stone of Resurrection Stone of Power Ultimate Stone Card The Ultimate Stone: Soulsplit effect (1 hp per attack) Prayer restore effect Resurrection effect Vengeance effect 1 in 10 chance at dealing 5x damage 10% Tribrid damage boost Introducing the new Karma Pocket Slot Items! We decided we needed to wrap up and add an overall addition to Karma leading us to create Hammer of the gods Axe of Revenge These items will do the following: 50% damage as an extra hit Increased drop rate on Xebos tickets, mimic entry, pet totems 15% drop rate static 15% Tribrid Boost These items can be found in the Karma store and are unlocked at 140 Karma! We have added the ability to enter hex codes to the items that have the color wheel! Level 4 Totems will only be able to be added to Baby Yoda (b) and Shadow Pet (b) Level 4 Totems will be created by using 2 of the same level 3 totem on each other and will have a 25% chance to be successfully upgraded. Totem of Luck (Level 4) Will give 20% Drop rate, Double Drop Rate, and Luck. Totem of Magic (Level 4) will give 15% Magic Bonus Totem of Range (Level 4) will give 15% Range Bonus Totem of Strength (Level 4) will give 15% Melee Bonus Totem of Fighter (Level 4) will boost damage of battle pet by 20% We have added a host of items to the Black Market as well as making the items static so you can always see what can be sold! If you have ideas for more items to be added, make a suggestion and we will be glad to take it into consideration! We have introduced designated planting areas! You and the person you are flower poker gambling against will be given a set lane to dice in! 🔥Animation removed from opening many boxes 🔥Addressed issue with ::stuck command 🔥Added item stacking to many items 🔥Made weapon battle pass cumulative 🔥Added Drygore offhand to Sarah's General Store 🔥Addressed an issue where players could be muted for 5oak 🔥Added new NPCs to the ::mydrops list 🔥Changed NPC model for Donation boss 🔥Players that kill the world boss will now be granted a temporary Drop Rate Boost. 🔥Added Countdown for Donation Boss 🔥Addressed an ID issue with an item in Ultra Pet Box 🔥Addressed an issue with Daily reward manager 🔥Addressed an issue with requirements for Donation Boss 🔥Added a number of NPCs to My Drops 🔥Addressed an issue with Pinatas 🔥Addressed an issue with Event Commands 🔥Repositioned over 100 Inventory Icons Fire Twist Decimator Stat increase Sana's Aegyo Stat increase Will's Gunbai - 1 handed If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! Custom items that are in progress: Reaper Set 🔥Hercules 🔥 🔥Duel Twisted Bow 🔥 🔥Potato Cannon 🔥 🔥Nightcap Skull Descimator🔥 🔥Beaver Cleaver & Brimfrost 🔥 Sneak Peaks
  11. This new box has a cycling drop table! Who knows what can be found in this box! These boxes will only ever be obtained from the store so we can have no limits on what we can add! Players can use ::checkstarbox to see what exclusive rewards are added at the time! At the time of this update you will find some juicy prizes in the box ranging from 6th Anniversary items to High-End store items! Will you be the first to obtain the 6th Anniversary Bow? Maybe you will get your hands on a Baby Yoda Pet? For those magnificent people that want a little more, you can take a look at the SuperStar Box! This box takes everything you love about the Star Box and makes it that much better! 🔥3 Rolls from the Star Box Drop table🔥 1-50 Gold DScoins 1 2.5x Damage Card 1 x Grand Lottery Book 1 x 10% Drop Rate Card The 10% Drop Rate Card will boost a players drop rate by an additional 10% for 60 minutes! Have you ever loved the way a pet looks but didn't want to give up the stats of the amazing pet you already have? No need to worry with our new Pet Cosmetic Override System! Using the Cosmetic Pet Override Unlock Book will allow the player to use the visual of a pet while retaining the stats of your battle pet! Now you can use all the beautiful pets and still keep your top damage, drop rate and more! Once you have used the Cosmetic Pet Override Book you will notice a new right click option on your battle pet. This will allow you to select the new override option then select a pet in your inventory you wish to use as the visual override. (You will notice a * beside players pets that are using a cosmetic override.) We noticed the Pet Mystery Box was a little outdated so we decided to upgrade it with the new Ultra Pet Box! ⭐Common ⭐ Pikachu Charmander Space Invader Pet Pet Mystery Box Groudon Pet Knuckles Pet Grimlock Pet Optimus Prime Pet ⭐1 in 150⭐ Necromancer JR Phoenix Egg Pacman JR Pet Diablo JR ⭐1 in 500⭐ Helicopter Pet Rick Pet Morty Pet Turkey Pet Bikini Pet Yoda Pet Camel Pet ⭐1 in 1000⭐ Thanos Pet Mimic Pet World's Globe Pet Puffer Fish Pet ⭐1 in 2000⭐ Ultron Pet Hades Pet Skotos Pet Vorki Pet Ikkle Hydra Pet Kangaroo Pet Gumby Pet ⭐1 in 3000⭐ Among Us Pets (12 colors) Nutella Pet Pepper Pet Nightmare Pet GC-11 Pet Dark Magician Girl Pet Chucky Pet ⭐1 in 5000⭐ Baby Yoda Pet Shadow Pet Vending Machine Pet We all love the thrill of opening boxes and of gambling, so why not combine the two? Introducing a new type of Goodiebox gambling: Battle Box! You will now notice a new option when you go to gamble! When you select this option you can put up goodieboxes of the same type and the player with the higher reward gets to keep both prizes! Players can now sell items over 20b in Player Owned Shop system! This should open up the market for some of those high end items to begin to trade hands a little more often ❤️ (P.S. the lottery box is not worth 200b) Have you ever looked at a box and wondered what was inside? We took the time to sort out some of our higher end boxes and allow players the ability to right click a box and view all the possible rewards! (Note: If there is a box you would like added, please send the suggestion to Adams) In order to make the 6th Anniversary Items a little more common, we have made the drops from the 6th Anniversary Box slightly more common as well as giving two rewards at once! We have lowered the drop rates on the 6th anniversary items to 1 in 750 with double chances in every box! We have decided to add an additional thank you for all of our donators with the new Donation Boss! This system works similarly to the Donation Drop Party as the boss will spawn after a certain amount has been donated. There are two tiers to this boss! Tier 1 - Uncle Pennybags (Temporarily Santa Clause) - will spawn after $1000 has been donated and all players that are Sponsor Rank+ are free to teleport to this boss when it spawns! This boss has a range of drops all the way up to Shadow Pet! Tier 2 - Scrooge McDuck - will spawn after $500 has been donated and will be available only to players that have donated $30 within the current week or $100 within the current month! This is an added thank you for donating and contains most store related rewards including infinity aura, shadow pet and more! No spoilers can be found in this update thread, ::Vote to find out who our new Vote bosses are! (They each have pets too) We will continue to keep the Vote boss fresh and fun for the community as we do appreciate you all continuing to make Dreamscape the #1 Custom server. ⭐Fixed an issue with 6th Anniversary Rifle's not working. ⭐Addressed a command issue in instances. ⭐Added a new ::donocaps command to ensure players have easy access to our donation caps. ⭐Addressed an issue when players purchased more items than the inventory could hold from platinum shop. ⭐Addressed an issue where players would not teleport out of skotizo. ⭐Added a ::stuck command to help players that are stuck or frozen. ⭐Corrected the right click drop option on Sanguinesti Staff. ⭐Reorganized a few npcs in the ::shops. ⭐Renamed Surok Magic to Clue Scroll Item Shop. ⭐Added a ::bis command to help players stay on top of what to get in-game. ⭐Fixed an issue with Vending machine pet not working as intended. ⭐Addressed an issue where players could freeze and glitch out Sotetseg in ToB ⭐Addressed and issue with collection chests ⭐Removed the revenant ether from revenant drops ⭐Added in a Box Set Maker npc at home and added in new Box Sets Skotizo Set Space Virtus Set Muskateer Set Obsidian Virtus Set Eternal Crystal Set Mandalorian Set ⭐Removed the popup for treasure hunter upon login ⭐Removed Black and White flowers from Flower Poker to create a more fluid system Fixed Exotic Robe Hood Stat changes on Will's Gunbai Stat increase on Just a Gun Changed Fire Descimator9000 name to Flamethrower Brain Drain Stat Correction Stat changes to Poon's Slayer If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON. please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 🔥Ashbringer🔥 🔥Evil Elf Descimator Set🔥 🔥Riceballs🔥 🔥Engulfing Siren's Set - Bundle Set🔥 🔥Christmas Guard Set🔥 🔥Rice Cooker🔥 🔥Meow's Descimator 🔥 🔥Lilahoff's Boots🔥 🔥Gwakamoly's Custom Prayer🔥 Below you will see some small sneak peaks as to what we already have began to implement! We have a full, custom raid system bigger than Theatre of Blood in the works, a new boss with special perks and mechanics, a special way to say thank you to our lovely donators, rebuilding slayer from the ground up and even a new quest that we are looking to release after some more testing. ❤️ Many of these tasks are already completed and in testing or currently in the works.
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