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  1. Brand new box featuring Dreamscape's BEST items! Don't wait too long or your opportunity shall pass to get some of the best items for just $30! Contents: Common: 3 out of 5 Trix Amulet+ Avery (i) Ultra Pet Box Royal Mystery Box Mega Lottery Box Kismet Box Cyan Anniversary Stone Blue Anniversary Stone Green Anniversary Stone Yellow Anniversary Stone Pink Anniversary Stone Purple Anniversary Stone Tactical Box Christmas Box 2020 Box of Wisdom Star Box $5 Bond Daily Task Rese
  2. Limit 500 1 in 25 Minigun Penguin Staff (u) Blizzard Staff Blizzard Virtus Mask Blizzard Virtus Top Blizzard Virtus Bottom Blizard Spirit Shield Collector’s necklace 1 in 50 Soulflare X Demon Minigun Golden Minigun Aqua Spirit Shield Space Spirit Shield Inferno Spirit Shield AWP Asiimov Electronic Katana Ultimate Dream Katana Khione Staff Infinity Gauntlet Necromancer Jr Space Boxing Gloves 1 in 80 Devious Helmet Devious Body Deviou
  3. This update is one of the most content packed updates we have had in a long time! With new boxes, new minigames, slot machines, updated gambling, new boss, new point systems, new event zone, referral point system, game frame update, and more! It's finally 2021 which means we survived 2020! Time to celebrate with the brand new 2k21 box! (insert picture here) Drop Table: Always Drop Sponsor: 2x Damage Card Exec: 2.5x Damage Card Platinum: 10% Drop Rate Booster Drop Table: Normal Drops Eternal Crystal Helm Etern
  4. A strange man near the home center needs your help! Swing by and see if you're up for the job! It turns out Santa is the one that needs your help! He gives you his Magical Aether Key so you can go help one of his best Elf spies! The Elf Spy has lost her Aether key and needs your help locating it! Maybe it's somewhere in the Elven kingdom? Once you recover the Elf's Aether Key, return to her and use the key to bypass the magic barrier! After fighting the impostor, take the remains back to the Undercover Santa to receive your reward ❤️ Scav
  5. This new box has a cycling drop table! Who knows what can be found in this box! These boxes will only ever be obtained from the store so we can have no limits on what we can add! Players can use ::checkstarbox to see what exclusive rewards are added at the time! At the time of this update you will find some juicy prizes in the box ranging from 6th Anniversary items to High-End store items! Will you be the first to obtain the 6th Anniversary Bow? Maybe you will get your hands on a Baby Yoda Pet? For those magnificent people that
  6. We have added a drop rate bonus to this item when the player is in avengers or dc universe arcade.
  7. Dude to supply and demand, prices often fluctuate. You can check common prices on items by going to the Market Manager in the home bank or at ::market. You can then search for the desired item and see what other users have listed the same item as.
  8. We can't have a celebration without cake!?! Head on over to the cooking hut on ::skilling island and talk to the Master Chef! There is a rumor that he is the best cake maker in Gielinor! Master Chef is going to need some supplies before he can help. He will explain to you where they are all located. When you have all the required materials, take them back to the Master Chef for the lovely cake! It doesn't stop here, the Master Chef offers another idea to take the cake to his friend in Draynor Village! Once you
  9. 🎃Achievement System🎃 Everyone loves having a sense of accomplishment and our achievement system was outdated. We decided to start from the ground up, write 62 brand new achievement tasks, create a brand new prestige system and rework the shop rewards! The new system involves farming these tasks to prestige; each time you prestige you get a new cape with better stats! You can also add perks to your capes after you prestige. New Achievement Tasks: 🧛 Easy Tasks: Arcade novice - Reach wave 25 in normal arcade Beginner Dancer - Use the dance emote I vot
  10. We have some amazing things on the way! ❤️ 



    1. Kingdom Come

      Kingdom Come

      Heavily Anticipating what's to come!

    2. Scionfrozen
    3. ACT I
  11. Willy is by far one of my favorites! I may be a little biased considering I work with him more than most people and he puts up with all my of crazy antics lol
  12. we are adding more boxed sets and making them tradeable
  13. Creating early game content that cannot be abused by end game players is very difficult. We have taken multiple strides at making the early/midgame content more feasible. For instance: clue scrolls, daily rewards, daily tasks, zulrah revamp, progression zones (realms) and the future new starter zone. We are always open to new ideas that also take into consideration that end game players will likely attempt to do the same tasks you are trying to cater to new players.
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