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  1. aight yall, lets get a thread going for any achievements that you are working towards in game! i myself am going for 5m souls atm. going to be doing daily updates if i can! drop your achievements or what your working towards so everyone can see your progress!

    1. bowlcut


      Good idea dude! Myself im going for 150 karma and slayer prestige 3 on my gim account. Slayer will be a bit of a grind but looking forward to it :)

  2. Hey Beal, just shoot me a message in game if you see me on at some point i'm always happy to take donations to make the giveaway bigger!! the more new people we help out and bring in the better
  3. Update on the giveaway guys, 10K kc is taking a very long time, so I am changing the giveaway to 5K Kc instead!! So far this is the giveaway tab, and there will be more great items added!!!
  4. Thanks man!! it means a lot!! going to help out a lot of new players!!
  5. Hey there dreamers!!!! I am working towards 10k Shadowking KC, after my goal is achieved I will be doing a giveaway of all loot obtained!!! (plus a a few other items that will be added as they are obtained ;) so keep updated!!) My current kc is just over 1k, I will be doing an update post at every 1k milestone until it is achieved!! keep watch for updates!!
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