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  1. Nice to have you back Pizzaexpress!
  2. Hey Gorgon, what a introduction! Really appreciate the kind words, and I must admit, it's been great talking to you in discord! Now all you need to do is stop working so much and spend more time with us! šŸ˜‡
  3. Hey Ale, I know you managed to get logged in already so just wanted to say Hi and ask how you've enjoyed the server so far?
  4. Welcome to the forums drainbamage great to see people branching out! Be sure to keep an eye out for the giveaways and enjoy some discussions with the community. There's also great information on new updates, redemptions delight and more here, so check those out too
  5. Hey there mnomno, I'm pretty sure you already managed to get in to the game but just to confirm - all you need to do is type a username and password into the login screen and hit login (if the name is free, it will create the account at login) Feel free to ask me directly or in help cc if you're unsure on anything in game - there's alot going on!
  6. Welcome Cruel On, glad you decides to check the server out and hope you have a great time here. Id be happy to do some bosses and raids with you, feel free to add me in game and ask for any assistance whenever I'm online
  7. Welcome Lord Blood! There's been so much progression since the moparscspe days and there's insane things going on on a daily basis in Redemption. Please feel free to PM me in game or join the Help CC and ask any questions if you're unsure!
  8. Hey Uvvr, nice to meet you (again) I've seen you joining a few events in game. How are you? Enjoying the server I hope? Remember you can always pm me direct or ask for assistance with anything in the help CC
  9. Hey, welcome back! Make sure you check out the new custom skills
  10. Welcome to the server Dep!
  11. Welcome Ivoe, I hope you've enjoyed the server so far. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and I'll do my best to assist
  12. Welcome back! Great to see lots of old players returning hope to see you around in game and in discord
  13. Damn congrats ziz, wish I had your luck šŸ˜…
  14. Hi Rvonly, hope you've enjoyed the server so far and good luck with the giveaway! Make sure you come back for more too Appreciate the kind words re: the pandemic - its been a strange one for everyone but i think we're all adapting to the new normal.. hope you're doing ok too!
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