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  1. General Progression of Capes is, Penguin Quiver - > Glass wings until you have another way to retain or restore prayer -> Infernal Cape -> Infernal Mage Cape -> Tribrid Infernal Cape -> Skotizo Cape -> Tribrid Inferno -> Achievement cape (p1) -> (p2) -> (p3) -> Slayer Master Cape -> (p4) -> Purple Dragon -> (p5) Though yes this should be under Wiki Suggestions
  2. Super Unlucky and first image should be fixed
  3. 1500 Slayer Invites 750 keys later 21 potions of aggresion 1500 Keys 51 Potions of Aggression Keys Season Pass Exp TLDR Summary DR
  4. Emp neck I acquired after another 5 failed attempts
  5. I'm catching up in number of attempts don't worry. Main thread is updated. Bought Inf I Scroll
  6. Yep 10 failures in But first achievement prestige cape (p1) used skips for the high kill count achievements bought from the item grinder
  7. Emperor's Necklace from DP And Cheerhunter gloves
  8. it's been a long time coming but a rare update, Numbers have been updated Ironman Account is now staff (2 months away from Infinity Aura I) Ultimate stone acquired, all 6 stones from black diamond boxes (mainly from event goodie bags) Ultimate stone card bought with tabs
  9. You can Pin them to your favorites which is currently sufficient for that purpose, by right clicking the teleport e.g. Right click bomberman in the misc tab then add to favorites
  10. Havent been killing anything other than raids recently
  11. I know it's rare an update 15 bil/? to infinity aura on staff account and main thread will be updated to current values
  12. Time for an update finally. 2nd Emperor's ring out of a Donator boss Royals opened + 11 Emperor ring boxes(5) + 3 Emperor neck boxes(5) + 5 Thumper Boxes + 3 Elemental Fury staff from Elemental Fury Goodiebox 3rd box Seasonals opened + 4 seasonal(5) opened + 3 3000 KC of Vorkath
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