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  1. Yep 10 failures in But first achievement prestige cape (p1) used skips for the high kill count achievements bought from the item grinder
  2. The strat would be to work towards Thanos pet from avenger arcade while slowly farming infinity gauntlets charged from pest control (dont spend the points until you can afford all 6 stones) ::raidhub, OG dragon for dragontooth necklace (2nd/3rd best damage necklace) Vendura for vendura ring (4th best ring in terms of damage, has heal on hit) And when you have the patience farm ultimate gloves of the style you are mainly using, then boots from dreamland. Farm tribrid boots then special bandage. Then you farm vorkath for armor set and etc. (this will be your main money maker sadly for grinder points) Hydra for Ferocious gauntlets And do slayer all the way whenever you have the patience. Other stuff to do when their up would include Nightmare masses (long term guaranteed mage weapon) Pest Control you will basically always want to do this as this is a possible source of bonds Theatre of blood if you can get lucky or eventually get sang staff or melee gear Weekly boss for karma slot items such as stone of power. Discord events for utility items such as perfect enchantment stones, damage cards, drop rate cards and chance for emperor items
  3. Emperor's Necklace from DP And Cheerhunter gloves
  4. it's been a long time coming but a rare update, Numbers have been updated Ironman Account is now staff (2 months away from Infinity Aura I) Ultimate stone acquired, all 6 stones from black diamond boxes (mainly from event goodie bags) Ultimate stone card bought with tabs
  5. You can Pin them to your favorites which is currently sufficient for that purpose, by right clicking the teleport e.g. Right click bomberman in the misc tab then add to favorites
  6. Havent been killing anything other than raids recently
  7. I know it's rare an update 15 bil/? to infinity aura on staff account and main thread will be updated to current values
  8. Time for an update finally. 2nd Emperor's ring out of a Donator boss Royals opened + 11 Emperor ring boxes(5) + 3 Emperor neck boxes(5) + 5 Thumper Boxes + 3 Elemental Fury staff from Elemental Fury Goodiebox 3rd box Seasonals opened + 4 seasonal(5) opened + 3 3000 KC of Vorkath
  9. Yikes, And The power stone from Black Diamond box(event) +2 royals opened
  10. I know think you fell asleep and another one
  11. (color will be added later and other features added back) To Do: Vorkath: 3647 (Ancient Wyvern/ Helm x 2, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Vorki) ToB: 80 (Sang staff 27 CC, Ghrazi rapier, Justicar set) Points: 140 Nightmare: 2909 Coins:13684 Strykewyrm: Lava strykewyrm set Donator Tabs Count = 23 bonds + 27 tabs Staff Tabs = 100 tabs Joke To Do: Ownercape, 13762/500,000 Vendura Ring, 944/944 Diablo Claw, 500/? Bikini Set, 837/? (Helm Body, Legs Pet) Avenger Arcade. Dragon Hunter Lance 196/? DC Arcade (Ring, Batman Helm, Body, Legs) Latest Grind Completed: 5298 KC for Helm Approx 2000 KC for Robe Approx 500 KC for Chest Latest Notable: Elemental Fury Staff from Elemental fury Goodiebox from Drop Party. Shadow Pet 27/2/21 From Drop party Completed Grinds: Voldermort about 600 KC OG dragon 2038 KC Raiden Dreamland Tribrid boots, Bandage, Mage Glove Hydra (Ferocious gloves, Brimstone ring, 157 KC) Rares: Vending machine pet (vending machine) Power Arrow (diamond bag) x2 Stone of Power (black diamond box) Sponsor Ticket (200 Tabs, 36 from nightmare, 15 own money, rest from buying donations) Ultron Pet (island pick from buying donations) Shadow Pet Emp Ring (2k21) Emp Ring(Donator Boss) Salt Section: Seasonals 145 Opened 3 (5s) opened Royals Tracker Starting 28/2/21 22 Opened Emp Neck counter: 5 (5s) opened Thumper opened: 3 (5s) opened Vending Machine 4.7 Bil Slot Machine Starting 28/2/21 None BECAUSE I'm broke
  12. The main issue with instance manager is that none of it is relevant but so is majority of the bosses on the server at this time. The only relevant monster in the instance manager is tank boss, and it is barely relevant. As of the black market update. But there's also a very limited list of bosses even worth doing at this time. (Though tank boss could be buffed up to be a viable farm for tactical or event boxes. to upgrade into BFG but doesn't matter) Hydra, Skotizo, Nightmare, (all of which don't make sense to be in the manager) Very limited use Hades, Undead Lancelot, Date & Masamune, Riley Raid, Guardian of Amorth (Possible additions) You are already not allowed to de iron anymore. Since years ago. I would Rather suggest increasing kc in zone manager for Ironman aka 2x the limit for each boss, but same requirements to move onto the next one
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