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  1. Welcome back and hope you enjoy redemption!🤗
  2. Welcome back to the server! Lots of new content and things to do than two years ago so hope you enjoy it here
  3. New Week . New Start 🤗🍁

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    2. Christopher


      Oh Lmaoo I didn’t know with the this username in here🤣 my bad

    3. Sinzzu


      What color is your hair now 😄 still black cuz of work or?

    4. Nala


      I'm going to my natural hair color blonde so its black and blonde

      and its okey chris my name in game used to be Nala i got it changed to Aria 😂

  4. Great job on this! I always look forward to reading redemptions delight 😄
  5. Happy Spoopy Week🎃

  6. Welcome to redemption! Hope you enjoy we have lots of good staff willing to help if needed as well as players Wiki is also a good place to look for starting!
  7. Welcome to the server! Hope you conitnue to enjoy your journey on here
  8. Welcome to Redemption 🤗 I hope you enjoy it here we have a pretty nice community!
  9. Nala


    Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy it here, as pro said we have a pretty cool community as well as lots of people who are willing to give pointers if you have any questions 😄
  10. Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy redemption
  11. Pretty heckin wack but ok

  12. Welcome Redemption, can't wait to see some of the content you bring and see your jouney, I hope you enjoy the game
  13. This months delight is niceee, keep up the good work can't wait to read next months
  14. Good luck and have fun to those participating
  15. Nala


    Welcome backkkkkk🤗
  16. Nala

    I R O N E

    Welcome here, glad you are enjoying the game 😄 Good luck on the giveaway!
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