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  1. Welcome to Redemption 🤗 I hope you enjoy it here we have a pretty nice community!
  2. Nala


    Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy it here, as pro said we have a pretty cool community as well as lots of people who are willing to give pointers if you have any questions 😄
  3. Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy redemption
  4. Pretty heckin wack but ok

  5. Welcome Redemption, can't wait to see some of the content you bring and see your jouney, I hope you enjoy the game
  6. Happy Mondayyy

    1. Sinzzu


      Almost missed it

  7. This months delight is niceee, keep up the good work can't wait to read next months
  8. Good luck and have fun to those participating
  9. Welcome to redemption and as stated above wiki is a great place to look and learn some of the ropes as well as asking staff and players questions in game, I hope you enjoy it here and don't be a stranger!
  10. Nala


    Welcome backkkkkk🤗
  11. Goodluck to all the nominees🤗
  12. Nala

    I R O N E

    Welcome here, glad you are enjoying the game 😄 Good luck on the giveaway!
  13. Happy monday, hope everyone has a good week.💜

    1. Jota


      You too Nala !! ❤️

    2. Sinzzu


      ahaa its already monday :S i forgot hope you have a good one aswell :)

    3. Vaider


      I wish lol 

  14. Welcome back, I pretty much took a break for the same reason and came back when it was under new ownership It's so much better in my opinon, I hope you like it a lot more and stick around!
  15. Good progess Aruls b can't wait to see updates and achieve your grinds! Good luck
  16. Welcome back, a lot has changed but it is so much better! They are def adding things to appease to all sorts of players We have a lot of amazing Staff and players and people willing to help, hope to see you around and hope you enjoy the changes and everything
  17. Welcome to the server. Hope to see you around, Wiki is a great place for starters as well as asking any staff or even players where to start a lot of people are willing to answer and help
  18. Nala

    Hello Guys!

    Hey there and welcome!, I hope you enjoy Redemption. Squishy has pretty much summed up good starting tips! and mentioned Wiki, wiki is also really good for looking at what gear is good and what to upgrade to as well when you can 😄Hope to see you around
  19. Welcome to redemption, Gya pretty much summed up good ways to start as well as you can check out the ::wiki for other things such as gear and other helpful tips, if you have any questions we have amazing staff and players who are always willing to answer questions and help where they can! I hope you enjoy Redemption 😄
  20. Happy Thursday everyone hope everyone has had a good week so far🥰

    1. Sinzzu


      deffinetly doing good! hope your feeling better aswell, havent seen you ingame in a while everything ok?

    2. Nala


      I'm doing better than I was the 1st week of august still been out of work and sick no one has been able to figure out 100% what I have but i finally got prescribed something ! but I'm okay other than that

  21. Nala

    Hello all!

    Welcome to redemption! For starter and other tips Wiki is a good place to start as well as we have some amazing staff and players in game who are willing to help with pointers I hope you enjoy it here!
  22. Hi Heph! Keep up the good work on everything you do b xo
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