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  1. Below you can find a list of rules that players in the Redemption community are expected to follow when requesting your forum status. These rules are not optional and MUST be followed. 1. You may only post on a request thread if the following requirements are met: -You are the player requesting the Donator Rank, no one else. -You are ranked the following; Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Sponsor, Executive, Platinum Partner 2. The proof of your rank must meet the following requirement: Screenshots; must include the whole game client, and must show you yelling with no yell-tag, so that it shows your rank before your name. When requesting your forum status, you MUST use the following format: Username: Rank In-game: Proof (screenshot): Here's an example of a correct request: Username: Peripheral Rank In-game: Moderator Proof (screenshot): (Include full client where your name and rank can clearly be seen) Screenshots MUST include the full client. If you do not follow this format, your report will be automatically declined. Failure to follow the rules stated above may lead to punishment and/or automatic denial of your request.
  2. Incredible update, thank you so much to the development team for an incredible Christmas present!
  3. Always a fantastic job Heph and Engy, enjoyed the read!
  4. Heph and the news team back at it again with a great read! Thank you for putting in all the work that makes this possible each month!
  5. Hey Darthmaul, all of the clue scroll locations can be found here https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Clue_scrolls As for your specific one it is the npc at the cooking teleport
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