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  1. Excited for this!!! Lets goooooooooooooooooo!
  2. Sign up for the Redemption Olympics in ::discord!!!

    1. Sinzzu


      Nice rewards  included!

  3. Hope everyone's weekend is going amazing!

    1. Nala


      I hope you are bby 💜

    2. Sinzzu


      Doing better,wbu?

    3. Jota


      you toooooooooo

  4. Lime stream hype!!!!
    5 minutes till it starts!

    1. Sinzzu


      was an amazing stream!

    2. DS lucky

      DS lucky

      when is next live stream?

    3. Sinzzu


      sunday 11 am florida timezone.

  5. Weekend hype!

    1. Nala


      😄on my weekend now see you xo

  6. Judge, you yourself said you are drunk and were not following the rules even with multiple warnings from multiple staff members which resulted in the in game mute. Then while hosting a nightmare mass a player alerted me to your behavior in discord #general chat which resulted in the ban from discord which even Vaider is aware of. Both punishments are TEMPORARY until you sober up.
  7. It's Friday, Friday

    Gotta get down on Friday

    1. Nala
    2. Sinzzu
    3. koekblik89


      saturday, sunday WHAUT!


  8. Rode


    Welcome back and glad you're here! Feel free to reach out to any of the staff team as well as our amazing community with any questions!
  9. Hope everyone has been having a great week!

  10. Always amazing to see returning players! Feel free to reach out to myself or any other staff members for any questions or help.
  11. I hope everyone's weekend is going great! #DSGANG

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