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  1. Welcome to the community Alex!
  2. Slayer Master Hammer...10/10!

  3. Welcome Gorgon! Glad to have you in the redemption community!
  4. Killer! That's luck right there!
  5. Executive Request, Thank you
  6. Glad to be back! Vorkath and I have started a new relationship. I appreciate all the support

  7. Got Shadow Pet from Drop Party! Thank you @Gwakamoly @Willy  @LT LIMES for the DP!

    1. Willy
    2. bowlcut


      Congratz man! Lately your luck has been insane lmao. That vorkath grind accumulated huge RNG! :)

  8. can't wait to see what the next update will have!
  9. Vorkath and I have decided to part ways.. its been a good ride, but we both find it in our best interest to go on our own way. :)

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    2. Willy


      Would it be mean if I made this the next weekly boss?

    3. Kloudz
    4. Kloudz


      and only if it has a better drop table!


  10. Vorkath and I are in a serious relationship...send help

    1. 1atte


      Im just glad you found someone.

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