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  1. Pretty excited to see how this places out! Lets gooo!
  2. Kloudz

    Hello all!

    Hello Zyl! Welcome to the community!
  3. Happy National Relaxation Day! Woot

    1. Sinzzu


      Im everything but relaxed🤔, maybe theres world wide stress Day out there.

    2. Jota


      Never heard of that before but Happy National Relaxation Day!

  4. Kloudz

    DPS Counter

    Just like heph said, can always try to use the dummies at ;;train There is also an ingame command to show DPS by typing ::dps, Idk how accurate it is. But I leave it on just so i can see what my dps is
  5. great read my dude! so much details and effort! Already wanna see august!
  6. 100%, make it a series! start with new game money guides, what to do...mid tier...and end game!
  7. Sinzzu my man! Great video! excited to let new players know to check out ;;thread 28682! Killin IT!
  8. Welcome back rob! Will see you in dicezone
  9. Welcome Back brother! Glad to see more and more people come back! can't wait to see you ingame!
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