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  1. Congratulations to all of the winners. Appreciate the event Gya.
  2. Nice to meet you man! Welcome to Redemption. If you have any questions so would highly recommend checking out the Wiki. It was a massive help to me when I rejoined a couple months back.
  3. Has already been suggested and declined multiple times now. The admin team wants to see guides on the wiki, but I would love for them to return to the forums. This'll allow players to show off unique ways to do different things around Redemption. Whether it be ingame, on the forums, or media related. Massive support.
  4. Welcome back. Glad to see another active forum member return. Looking forward to seeing you ingame!
  5. Update #2 Flame Pernix Completed. Also added the new Clue Scroll tabs to the main post.
  6. Unique style man! Would definitely consider getting some work done. You should definitely open up a GFX shop!
  7. Man what a rollercoaster of an introduction lol. Welcome to Redemption man, hoping to see you active on the forums!
  8. Update #1 Finally finished my first collection log slot of Flame Kings.
  9. Welcome back mans. Would definitely recommend staying active on the forums, they're going through a revival currently and you wouldn't want to miss it!
  10. Appreciate the event Gya! IGN - Squishy
  11. Welcome to the forums man! It’s a great time to be joining as they are going through a forum revamp currently, so be sure to keep coming back and checking everything out.
  12. Dude that’s actually insane. I haven’t been able to get online for a long period of time yet due to work, but I’m so excited to try Chambers if Xeric. Keep up the grind!!
  13. Hey man! Unfortunately this isn’t the place to be posting this. I’d highly recommend checking out the Redemption discord, or using the support link on the forums to resolve the issue. The administration team will be able to resolve it there. Discord - https://discord.gg/SQ5bXEcphs Forums Support - https://redemptionrsps.com/forum/index.php?/support/ I hope you’re able to figure out the issue and get back on soon!
  14. I would highly recommend making a support ticket through either the forums or Discord. The administration team will be able to assist you better that way, hopefully being able to resolve the issue that you’ve stated. Forums Support Ticket - https://redemptionrsps.com/forum/index.php?/support/ Redemption Discord - https://discord.gg/SQ5bXEcphs Hopefully your issue is resolved and doesn’t happen again!
  15. These are always absolutely insane, to bad I’m poor, would love that one $500 bundle.
  16. oh ma gawd it’s ss manny ss, no way. We gotta catch up man, been a long time. Welcome back.
  17. Absolutely amazing update. I’m very excited to see the addition of Descimator’s to a drop table besides boxes. Redemption is going in a direction that DreamScape never would’ve. Very happy to see the administration team has the players best interest in mind. Keep up the phenomenal work everyone!
  18. This makes me sad that my account is semi-nulled and I don’t receive clue scrolls. Looks awesome though, definitely going to explore this on a new account.
  19. #SuomiTank4YouTuber Should I spam all my old DreamScape videos that are horrible lol.
  20. Welcome to the server man! Glad to have you aboard. Feel free to message me ingame or on the forums if you have questions. Good luck!
  21. I honestly completely agree with this. Farming sponsor zone is pretty pointless, I would love to see a rework done to the sponsor zone to show a little more love towards players with sponsor rank. Better items or better rates in the shop, or changing the NPC's in the sponsor zone. Would love to see this implemented.
  22. Welcome! First time custom server, good luck man. Game can be very complicated, so be sure to ask for help or checkout the Redemption wiki for any help.
  23. So, like you said there's always those generic responses of how to make money, but they're all still correct. If you're struggling to make money in the early game, here's some things to do. Slayer. I know you said it's slow for you, but just keep at it. Sell all the keys and superior invites you get. Voting. Sell all your tickets and vote boxes, then be sure to go to all the Vote bosses. Spend some time at ::starterboss killing Mr. Krabs. It was recently nerfed, but if you're consistent with it you can definitely make some good starter cash here. Leech at raids, nightmare, or duo slayer. Find someone in mid/end game gear to help you out. A lot of players are very happy to help newer players get started, with either gear or boosting. Make sure you check out the event managers events on discord, they're free to join and can give some decent loot. Check out all the Donation Pete Drop parties. They happen every couple of hours and you can get some good loot. Just be sure to sell the goodieboxes that you get. Donate. I know it's not the best method, but if you have $30 to spend, I'd recommend doing that to get access to the Donation Boss that spawns every couple hours. The game is very grindy, but you definitely need to leech off of some things, and have a little bit of luck to get further into the game. I'd highly recommend saving for either Dream Range and BFG9000 main and off hand or Dream Mage and Infinity Gauntlet charged. When you have the money, slowly upgrade your misc. gear like cape, necklace, and ring. You'll slowly but surely get there, just need to put some time in. If you ever want someone to boost you in duo slayer or at a raid feel free to message me in game. Good luck man!
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