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  1. Suh dude, already spoke briefly in Discord. Welcome to the forums side
  2. So like, unfuse the battle pet? Like have a chance to get two back from it? Not sure what you mean, would like to see you elaborate more on the suggestion.
  3. Welcome to the server mans. Stay active on the forums, let's see this get active again
  4. suh dude. Idk you, but welcome back.
  5. Looks amazing, can't wait to invest time into Herblore and Farming. Awesome update guys, keep it up.
  6. IGN - Squishy Rank - Sponsor https://gyazo.com/320dd2c51ad31dc4297a34c78afb3d1d
  7. Welcome to Redemption mans. Pretty advanced private server, so be sure to use the wiki or ask questions in game. Have fun grinding mans.
  8. Great read, glad to see this being active still.
  9. Welcome back m8. Like Peripheral said, the wiki is super useful. I just came back as well and it helped me a ton in learning different gears and how to go about certain things. Use the Help clan chat as well for real time answers. Good luck mans.
  10. Honestly seeing a new endgame cape be introduced would be cool. Some more detail would need to be introduced, but maybe a multi wave raid featuring notorious mob bosses and or king pins would be really cool. Already a ton of items in the game that could be used as the common drops. So it'd just be the high tier loot that needs to be created. Interesting suggestion, try to fine tune it some.
  11. Recently came back from a 5 (technically 4) year break, the wiki was super useful in re-learning the game. Would highly recommend checking it out and using it for day to day activities. Biggest thing you need for Redemption is an aoe weapon, without one, you're not getting very far. Sitting in the Help clan chat is always useful as you can ask questions when needed. Good luck mate, and welcome.
  12. Oi bruv, haven't talked to you, but welcome to the forums side of things.
  13. Nice to see more OG's around. Welcome back m8.
  14. Squishy


    suh dood. Welcome back m8.
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