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  1. Redemption FashioScape Winners I just want to take this time to thank everyone who participated in this event Without further ado Ladies and Gentlemen Here are the winners: 1st Place Goes To: @Littleman Winning the prize of : 5B Cash 2nd Place Goes To: @Blueoptic Winning the prize of : Box of Treasures 3rd Place Goes To: @Hephaistos Winning the prize of : 3 Boxes of Dreams Congratulations to the winners! To claim your prizes Please Pm In-game Or Discord message me at : Shisui#7563
  2. Gya

    FashionScape Event

    Thanks to all who participated in event! I'll announce the winners later on! Best of luck to everyone.
  3. Hello buddy, Welcome to Redemption if u need any kind of assistance hit me up! Enjoy your stay!.
  4. Gya

    It me

    Woah, Hello dude I've been waiting to meet you my entire life. I'm a big fan Aria!
  5. Hello Rob, Welcome back man glad having u back with us if u need any kind of assistance let me know. Enjoy your stay! Looking forward seeing you in-game.
  6. Hey man for this type of thing it requires support ticket on discord. Here's the discord link: https://discord.gg/MJhy9wPP Thread will be locked for further help contact me via discord: Shisui#7563
  7. These are really amazing! I'd love to get my self one of these!!🔥🔥
  8. Hey Korn, For starters i'd suggest start killing ::starterboss for some starter money, also voting is really good way to make money because the vote boxes have some good loot, also u may start doing slayer at some point cause once u complete the slayer task u were given u have a chance on recieving slayer key that key goes for 15-20m ds coins. also make sure to join the events that are hosted often by our lovely events managers. That's all i got to say good luck. Edit: (I forgot bout starterboss my bad it isnt a thing anymore)
  9. You are my fiiiireee 💅

    1. Jota


      You are my waaaaterrrr 💅

    2. Sinzzu


      🌫️and i am your wind

  10. Hey buddy welcome back, If u need any kind of assistance, Feel free to pm me.
  11. Gya


    Hello buddy welcome back Looking forward seeing you in game, If u need any kind of assistance let me know!
  12. Good luck to you aswell buddy.
  13. Hey buddy, For that kind of thing post it in wiki suggestions on discord. I'd personally say dm regis bout it
  14. Damn that's impressive, i've tried Cox With some friends and it took like 18 minutes to complete i died alot of times aswell, But you're out here doing it solo, *Psst* Mind carrying me ^_^
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