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  1. Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

    1. Jota


      you too homies ❤️

    2. Sinzzu


      Out its monday already jeez..

      Yeah had a wild weekend hope you had great one aswell😎

    3. Hephaistos


      Had a shit weekend honestly... Stomache ache for 3 days, pooping was like the Niagara Falls, headaches...

      Had 2 parties but didn't eat a thing and drank water purely...


      But I'm looking out for my "getting better" 😛 
      How was yours? :) 

  2. Nice to meet you aswell, and welcome to the forums! Hope your enjoying your stay, and don't forget to check out the discord, if you haven't already!
  3. Gl to all participants!
  4. Back from vacation bby

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    2. Jota


      Welcome back plebbbbb!


    3. Flae


      Fucking @Jota, wassup homie.

      Long time

    4. Jota


      Yikes homie long time no see ! Glad ur back.

  5. Always nice to play something like this with friends! Hope you'll enjoy your time ingame, and feel free to jump on discord, and interact with the community
  6. My opinions shared above.
  7. That's the good thing about games like these, almost everyone can run them ! Hope you get everything sorted, and meanwhile enjoy your stay here!
  8. You should also go ahead and check the discord. Here you can do everything from getting help on every aspect of the game, joining events, or even have a chat with fellow players. Hope you guys enjoy your stay!
  9. Hello there. To find people to play with, you should definitely check out the discord. Loads of friendly, and nice people on there!
  10. Flae


    Hello Ryuk. Think the staff team will be pleased to hear about your nice words! Check out the discord, and get to know the community better! - We dont bite
  11. Welcome to Redemption. Being more talkative is something that comes with time, i wasn't when i first joined either. Feel free to pop on discord for a chat !
  12. Flae


    Hello there Feel free to pop on discord, and enjoy your time ingame!
  13. Flae

    hoi folks

    Hello there Mihoru! Nice to see you here, and hopefully you enjoy your stay. The wiki is being updated, with all the power of the Wiki team, but sometimes things go missing, and they can't be everywhere at once. Maybe there's a little wiki editor hidden in you? - If so, check this out on how to apply:
  14. Congratulations on being done with school (For now)! Time to grind baby!
  15. Great to see you Jsea, I have seen you around ingame from time to time. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and feel free to hop on discord for a talk!
  16. I see your point, about wanting to "unbattle pet" the battle pet, so people would be able to sell them back to other players, when recieving better pets. Don't see a problem with this, so Vouch from here.
  17. Amazing goals! What about the emp necklace, did you achieve that yet? If not that's also an insane upgrade! Looking forward to seeing your update
  18. Love the turn around, else i wouldn't be here. Respect.
  19. That's was some of a read! Amazing to see you here again man, hopefully ill catch you online sometime
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