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  1. Half way throught the week already times goes fast allright.

    1. Mattie


      needs to go slower , more time for redemption

  2. Once again 🔥🔥🔥 super great job newsteam keep up the good work🥰!
  3. welcome to forums david! if you need any ingame assistance feel free to pm me, or catch me ingame! looking foward to see you at ::discord.
  4. Looks good,keep up the nice gfx. Would love to see some more "pixels" in the gfx art, like higher quality if thats possible🥰
  5. Gotta say this looks very nice towards this month👍 Hope every plat get to enjoy them goodies.
  6. congratz to all the winners ❤️
  7. Happy Weekend ❤️😎

    1. Jota


      you too bud happy weeked 😄



  8. thank you!! what should i do next? continue the series?
  9. Welcome to redemption ❤️ If you need any help with anythiny feel free to pm me. Looking foward to see you.
  10. welcome back towards redemption ❤️ only trusted host/legacy host we have atm are bookies.
  11. there isnt one atm since most guides are at wiki, i would love to see this implomented.
  12. best of luck on the forum raffle
  13. Looking good bud! Keep up the grind.
  14. The singature`s deffinetly look amazing ill be in touch!
  15. Welcome, and :: Starterboss command nolonger exist. I would suggest to look up ::info or wiki starting up page, but joining events,voting,masses, droparty s are pretty good money untill u can afford gear like space virtus+ Infinity gauntles charged. slayer is also good money. best of luck on your journey, if you need any assistance feel free to pm me and i hope you enjoy your stay with redemption ❤️
  16. +1 with squishy on that one, welcome towards the game and forums. hope you achieve your goal.
  17. welcome back, if you need any assistance i recomend to go to help cc ingame, to catch up basic stuff do ::info ingame (opens up wiki), then the basics do slayer for money etc
  18. welcome back if you need any assistance or need any catching up feel free to pm me
  19. Welcome to you aswell! Make sure to make introduction so the community can get to know you.
  20. Glad that it did! If you need any assistance feel free to pm me.
  21. Happy tuesday 🥰

    1. Jota


      Happy Tuesday braddah!


    2. Squishy
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