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  1. I Love @Denise💕

    1. Vaider


      Shes mine =P ill fight ya for her lol ha

    2. Jota


      woah vaider big bollls


  2. We all know my team will win
  3. Congratulations to all winner, sad I was not a participant :(. maybe next time Redemption Fam.
  4. Great Work Brother! very impressed from ur work... is this skill self taught or professionally learned?
  5. I will love checking back on this to see ur goals and accomplishments, Goodluck and enjoy the grind, hit me up in game or on discord if you need any help along ur grind!
  6. First off let me say its great to have you back, please never hesitate to hit up my self or any other either in game or on discord, also good luck with the event entry.
  7. Congratulations Brother!
  8. Welcome to redemption, If you need any help at all through out your journey here, please never hesitate to ask!
  9. I must admit, I a sad the 15k nightmare coins did not make the cut! 😞
  10. Welcome! and good luck to you on the giveaway!!
  11. Happy Thursday!

    1. Sinzzu


      its saturday already but happy weekend.

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