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  1. Kavraka, I did see you around the server and first of all Welcome back to Redemption. I was on the same boat when I first returned to the server with many changes and different contents! If you need help feel free to send me a private message in game or join our awesome help cc where all the knowledgeable players are lurking ready to answer your question! Happy grind and welcome back once again!
  2. West, Thats what im talking about! win that forums give away! Welcome to Redemption and good luck brother!
  3. Blank, Welcome to the forums side of the Redemption. We have a great community, and I know how confusing it is to come into Custom server but, always feel free to reach out to the community for help and utilize our ::wiki! Good luck on your journey in Redemption.
  4. Welcome to the forums, You should put your twitch also, some players on this community likes to watch you play in-game! Good luck on forums gives away and welcome once again.
  5. I see lots of cool fashionscape in here! Good luck to all the participants !!
  6. Holy cow, this is one of a kind introduction lol. Welcome to the server, as well as welcome to the forums. Not going to lie, I can already see that you are going to be one of a kind interesting person! cheers
  7. First of all, Great work on listening to the community and upgrading the clue rewards. I do truly believe that this update was well needed not for majority of the players but for the community. Majority of these clues are easy to complete and great rewards helps those are f2p. Great rework, and I myself will be doing all the clues that I get from the game! Cheers and can't wait for players to get fat loot from these clues!
  8. Easy clap my man, I know for sure all the grinds will pay off. I bet you within 1 month you will conquer majority of those logs! best of luck and cant wait to see the update post!
  9. My man @Joxx has been giving his blood, sweat and tears to update the wiki, if you check up on it in few days, should be updated with most utmost information! Good luck on MULA MAKING
  10. Flame Bars, I see another player who often spends time at the Dicezone lol. Hopefully, you have been making BANK 3oaking fools! Welcome to the forums!
  11. Hashimoto, nice Japanese name brotha! I have already seen you around the game, so no need to say much. Hopefully you are enjoying the server as well as the newest update redemption has brought to our community!
  12. Hell yes, I have taken break as well after 2018, but after coming but, it is a amazing feeling to be back with the community and all the new content in game. Community in redemption is always willing to help out if you ever have a in-game question! Cheers mate
  13. Welcome back! There has been amazing updates throughout the game so I know for sure you have lots to catch up and many confusion. if so, you can always reach out to other members in-game and help cc! Best of luck and happy grinding!!
  14. TEACH me your ways master! Not going to lie, I though doing it 12:00 was fast but you are the true def of "FAST"
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