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UPDATE #5: TRICK OR TREAT?! Halloween Events are here! Halloween Arcade, Halloween Quest, Halloween Global Boss, and MORE!


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Trick or Treat?! It's that time of the year again for the best Halloween events in RSPS! This year we went all out to bring you an INSANE amount of Halloween content!  We are introducing over 40+ items to give players a buffet of seasonal items to collect over the month of October!  Let's dive into the new content!




All Halloween events will take place in our Halloweentown Hub! This is where you will be able to find and access this years Halloween activities!




You can find Father Aerick at the top of the stairs to begin this years Halloween Quest! 


Quest Guide & Rewards:


Start: To start the quest you will need to speak with Father Aerick at the top of the stairs in the Halloweentown Hub!  


Item Requirements (Pre-Quest): Eye of Newt, a Rake, and a tinderbox.


Part I: 

Father Aerick needs your help gathering supplies to help cure a demonic possession after a man accidentally sold his soul to the Devil in order to save his wife. 

Three Items Father Aerick Needs:

Holy Water

Sleeping Powder 

Holy Cloth



Part II: How to get Holy Water:


Items needed: Holy Flask (Given to you by Father Aerick)

Holy FIlter (Given to you by Father Willard)


Speak with Father Willard located in the shack next to the Slayer Tower, he will give you a Holy Filter which will be used later on at the water pump. 



Location of the pump:

Make sure to have both the Holy Filter and the Holy Flask or you will not receive the Holy Water.

Located East of Father Willard




Once you use the water pump, your Holy Flask will turn into Holy Water




Part III: How to get Holy Garment:


Items needed: None


Location: Run north of Falador and follow the path all the way north until you see an altar location. (Seen below)

Kill the Holy Priest and retrieve the Holy Garment





Part IV: How to get Sleeping Powder:


Items Needed: Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and a rake.


Go to Draynor Villiage and speak with the Witch who will instruct you to gather the items required for her to create the sleeping powder.

She will need an Eye of Newt, a Tinderbox, and some of her special weeds that she has planted, located in Canifis.


Location of the "Special Plants": 

You can find the mushroom patch just west of the Canifis town center. 




Rake the patch and you will get some Organic Dankweed.


Bring the Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and the newly acquired Organic Dankweed back to the Witch in Draynor Village and she will give you the Sleeping Powder!


Part V:

Once you have collected the Holy Water, Holy Garment, and the Sleeping Powder, head back to Father Aerick and turn in the items.



Part VI: Boss Fight:

Father Aerick will give you back the Holy Water and tells you will need it to take down the Ghost Rider, located at ::Ghostrider




Location: ::Ghostrider


Hitpoints: 500K

Damage Cap: 25K

Attack Style: Melee but throws flames that do 25 damage if players stand on them



Ghost Rider will spawn 6 minions named Ghost Rider Essence which have 50K HP and will all need to be killed before you may attack the Ghost Rider again


When the boss is at 50K HP, he will no longer be able to to take player damage and will need to be killed by using the Holy Water on the boss. 



Reward: Speak to Blaze and go through the dialogue and he will reward you with the Headless Head




Players may fight Ghost Rider after the quest has been completed as many times as they wish, they can access the fight again via the ::Ghostrider command


Post Quest Boss Fight:

HP: 1.5M HP

Damage Cap: 75K

Mechanic: When the boss is at 50% health, he will spawn his 6 minions, which now have 100K HP, that must be killed before being able to attack the Ghost Rider again.


You no longer require Holy Water to kill the boss.


Ghost Rider Boss Drop Table:


1 out of 1

1-10 Gold Coin 


1 out of 10

1-5 Candy Corn 


1 out of 100

10-25 Gold Coin

5-25x Candy Corn 


1 out of 250

Event Goodiebox 

Black Diamond Box (event) 

Diamond Bag (event) 

Royal Mystery Box (event) 

100 Gold Coins

25-75x Candy Corn 


1 out of 500

1-3 Halloween Keys







The Halloween Chest can be opened by Halloween Keys that can be purchased on our official store! You may also find these keys scattered around the Halloween content pieces like the Ghost Rider Boss, The Haunted House Raid, and the Jack-o-Kraken Global Boss!



15-75 Candy Corn

1-10 Gold Coins



25-50 Candy Corn

25 Gold Coin



100-250 Candy Corn

75 Gold Coins

Warlock Top

Warlock Legs

Warlock Cloak

Pumpkin Lantern



100-250 Candy Corn

Gravedigger Mask

Gravedigger Top

Gravedigger Leggings

Gravedigger Boots

Gravedigger Gloves



250-400 Candy Corn

250 Gold Coin

Ghost Face Mask

Ghost Face Top

Ghost Face Robe

Hunting Knife

Spider Cape



Upgrade Protection Card

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Platinum Coin

Flying Pumpkin Pet

Halloween Cape

Bow of Arachnia



Grimreaper Hood (cosmetic)

H'ween Boots (cosmetic)

H'ween Gloves (cosmetic)

H'ween Lantern (costmetic)

H'ween Hat (costmetic)

Chucky Pet 

Halloween Icon (cosmetic)

Halloween Scythe


Jack's Suit (cosmetic)

Jack's leggings (cosmetic)

Jack'o' Lantern Head (cosmetic)

Wolf Ears (cosmetic)

Wolf Top (cosmetic)

Wolf Legs(cosmetic)

Spooky Spider (cosmetic)

Eek (cosmetic)

Ghostly (Shadow Pet Stats)

Georgie Pet (Baby Yoda Stats

Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic)

Bow of Arachnia

Pumpkin Descimator (Untradeable)

Pumpkin Descimator Offhand (Untradeable)



Ghostly Pet: Shadow Pet stats (tradeable)


Georgie Pet: Baby Yoda Pet stats (tradeable)



Flying Pumpkin Pet: Thanos Pet stats (tradeable)




Spider Cape (cosmetic)



Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic)



Ghost Face Set: (Cosmetic)

Hunting Knife:

Scythe of Vitur stats




Halloween Cape:

2.5K tribrid stats (300% magic bonus)

10% DR, DDR, Luck






Grave Digger Set:


Warlock Set: (Cosmetic)



Bow of Arachnia: 



Pumpkin Descimators (Descimator Stats)







The population of Darkmeyer is decreasing rapidly and there is a Vampyre Merchant in town center selling corpses out of his cart in the Halloween Town, there must be a connection to this.....




There has been a small group of Halloween criminals that have escaped and our running a fake haunted house to trick tourists into entering! Stop them from supplying the Vampyre Merchant to help restore Darkmeyer before it's too late!





What is happening in the basement?!



Fear Meter:

Players will have a fear meter above their heads that measure the fear level of your player while in the Haunted House. When the bar fills up players will be paralyzed by their fear for 3 seconds. You can avoid filling up your meter by avoiding regular attacks from the monsters inside. Moving around while inside the raid will reduce the risk of a full meter and lower your total fear.


All damage will be capped at 250K damage per attack.



HP: 5M


You will be greeted by the Ghost Face killer, Scream, when you enter the haunted house!  He is eager to stab whoever enters the doors of the Haunted House! He will threaten players with stunning attacks that increase damage taken by 50%



HP: 5M


Dracula will heal for 100x damage dealt 



HP: 5M


Frankenstein has awoken and he is not in the mood for mortal souls entering his room.  Frankenstein will attack players with brute force and electrical attacks that can stun players and make them vulnerable to massive amounts of pain.


?Michael Myers?

HP: 5M


In the kitchen before you go down the basement, you will run into MIchael Myers and he is ready to end your life. 

When Michael Myers triggers his special attack, players will be dealt a bleeding effect and lose passive damage for the duration of 5 seconds. 

(Damage will reduce by 50% over 3 seconds)


Your player will turn red when you are impacted by bleed damage.


?Grim Reaper?

HP: 7.5M


The Grim Reaper will spawn demonic circles on the ground and if players stand on them they will take 20 damage per game tick! Make sure to move or death will be in your immediate future.


Grim Reaper also summons a tornado of souls that will surround the player and do 12 damage per game tick while the tornado is active, this cannot be dodged.



HP: 10M





The leader of all suffering, Pennywise has crawled his way out of the sewer and you have found his murderer's paradise, fresh bodies entering his house everyday supplying him with all the fear he needs to survive!



Drop Table:



1-10 Candy Corn

1-20 Gold Coins


Rare: 1:50

Antique Lamp

1-3 2x Damage Cards

10-50 Candy Corn

Mega Lottery Box

Ultra Pet Box

Event Goodiebox

Diamond Bag (Event)

Black Diamond Box (Event)

Royal Mystery Box (Event)


Ultra Rare: 1:500

10-25 Halloween Keys

Ghostface Mask

Ghostface Robe Top

Ghostface Robe Bottoms

Hunting Knife

Pennywise Mask

Georgie Pet 

Michael Myers Mask 

Michael Myers Jacket 

Michael Myers Pants

Grim Reaper Hood







? Don't be another body on the Corpse Cart. ?





The Halloween Global Boss is here! Jack-o-Kraken can be found in the Haunted Campground wreaking havoc on all the campers!


You can find spawn the Jack-O-Kraken by depositing 2500 Candy Corn, obtained from the other Halloween activities, into the Halloween basket located in Halloweentown.




Once the amount has been reached, players will be alerted that the boss will spawn in 3 minutes.

Type ::Halloween to teleport to the location of the boss, it will be found at the lake.


Mechanics: Jack-o-Kraken has the ability to boil the lake water and burn its victims no matter if they are in the water or not! Avoid the mist clouds that rise from the lake to prevent further damage!





Drop Table

No Double Drops

Damage minimum to qualify: 200K



2.0x Damage Card

Event Goodiebox



1-30 Gold Coins

5-10 Halloween Keys

1-3 Royal Mystery Box

1-3 Ultra Pet Box

1-3 Mega Lottery Box

Warlock Top

Warlock Legs

Warlock Cloak

Pumpkin Lantern



10-25 Halloween Keys

Diamond Bag (Event)

Black Diamond Box (Event)

Gravedigger Mask

Gravedigger Top

Gravedigger Leggings

Gravedigger Boots

Gravedigger Gloves



25-100 Halloween Keys

500 Gold Coins

Flying Pumpkin Pet



Upgrade Protection Card

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Platinum Coin

Spider Cape



Grimreaper Hood

H'ween Boots

H'ween Gloves

H'ween Lantern

H'ween Hat

Chucky Pet

Halloween Icon

Halloween Scythe


Jack's Suit

Jack's leggings

Jack o lantern head

Wolf Ears

Wolf Top

Wolf Legs

Spooky Spider


Pumpkin Descimator9000
Pumpkin Descimator9000 Offhand





Flower Poker rework brings a more engaging experience to the game! Players will now be able to manually plant in our automated gambling system! Players will have 10 seconds to click on their mithril seeds before they automatically plant.


During this 10 second window players will be able to do emotes or choose to plant their flowers. 




If players tie the flower poker, the game will be ruled a draw and the players will have their items returned to them.




These items are the newest additions to the Item Grinder:

Augury Lvl 4: 2,000 points
BFG9000 (u): 5,000 points
Baby Yoda Pet (b): 150,000 points
Berserker Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Chucky Doll (b): 1000 points
Diablo (b) - 150 points points
Executive Totem - 10,000 points
Fortunate Favor Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Fortune Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Godsend Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Hades (b): 7,500 points points
Hades pet: 5,000 points
Helicopter (b) - 1,500 points
Luck Stars Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Mystic Lvl 4: 2,000 points
Olmlet: 50,000 points
Quantum Boots:  750 points
Sexy Alexa (b): 500 points
Shadow Pet (b): 150,000 points
Skotos (b): 4,000 points
Space Boxing Gloves: 750 points

 Thanos to 4,000 points from 1,000 points
Thanos (b) - 5,000 points
Trinity Lvl 4: 2,000 points

Ultron to 15,000 points from 3,500 points
Ultron (b) -  20,000 points
Vorki (b): 3,000 points





?Prevent Donator Tickets from being used inside the Starter Quest

?Removed ::firstperson mode

?Buffed Heisenberg Hammer attack speed

? Changed Home map theme for Halloween

? Imported RS3 GFX 

? Fixed store title in Achievement Shop

? Fixed issue with Friends list not showing player after 200 have been added

? Added Ghost Rider Set

? Prevented an issue with Donator Potion benefits being allowed in areas not allowing boost

? Added a vote check to Vote Boss to make it so only players that voted are able to damage the boss

? Fixed the Icy Sled equip bug

? Changed the location of ::dropparty to ::DP

? Changed text color in the staff list for easier reading

? Removed Cerberus from the teleports and collection log

? Fixed toilet equip bug

? Disabled the ::treasurehunter command

?Added Slayer Key opening to Season Pass (15 points per Slayer Key opened)

? Added temporary map fix for Platinum Zone until new map is released

? Fixed issues with shadow scaling

? Added support for RS3 spot animations

? Make Miss Fortune rare drops announce

? Add support for RS3 NPCs

? Increased the size of the staff list 

? Fixed Lime Stream Boss zone mechanics

? Relocated Platinum Zone location to prevent future issues

? Increased rate of Avenger Arcade drops

? Added Paulinso Custom

? Added Karma custom

? Added Mr Glock custom

? Added Kodabug custom

? Add Christopher Custom

? Add Royal Clutch custom 

? Add Aggies77 Custom

 ? Added Kingsday custom

? Add Huntir custom

 ? Add War World custom 

 ? Add Laced Custom

? Changed values of coin tracking

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