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  2. Another beautiful set of content additions from the DS team K3 Can't wait to geek out on the yugioh raids Love you guys K3 Keep up the great work!
  3. IN THIS EXAMPLE I'VE USED "Sotetseg" as the boss but that would obviously be changed to suit the server. For example, you join a "Lobby" or "Waiting Room" for the boss, when joining you can choose either "Attacker" role or "Helper" role, when there's ATLEAST 2 but max 3 of both roles in the waiting room (cant have more than 3 attackers and cant have more than 3 helpers) you go into the boss, the the helpers have to fish for food, cut down logs & and cook food to stock a chest for the "Attackers" since they are not allowed to bring supplies into the fight but overloads. (so the fight should take a bit) and at certain HP percentages the boss will spawn some sort of NPC that is directed towards the "Attackers", which the "Helpers" have to freeze and kill the npcs with ice barrage (brings a use for the ancient magiks) or they do immense damage to the "Attackers". Requirements: 138 Combat - Attackers 99 Fishing/Cooking/Woodcutting/Firemaking - Helpers (Gives more of a use to grind skills for pvm) Make the "Helper" able to bring Barrage Runes, A hatchet & tinderbox Make the "Attacker" unable to bring anything but armour & overloads (So they have to rely on the helpers for the food so theres no afking)
  4. Hey, I'm shade but you gus can call me Trevor, I'm 21 from Canada, ON. I brought half my family online with me when I came cause the server was enjoyable, Mo Tempest, EU Server. Danny9 are my cousins & Sirjohnmars is my brother hahah Just wanted to tell you a bit about myself & say that dutch is the tru mvp K3
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