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  1. Another great Job Heph and thanks to everyone who kept up with the loot drops!
  2. Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

  3. Welcome to the community! We got a lot of new things coming into the game and hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome welcome! Hope to see you in game and I hope you enjoy all the new content coming out!
  5. A lot of work put into this by the team! Good job and thank you @Willy for keeping it all rolling!
  6. Good Luck Everyone!! Let's See you guys win some great Prizes!!
  7. This update is bringing some good things back and some more a lot more fun into the game.
  8. Hchy

    It me

    Came for the post Got a thicc Nala "I tried to figure out if Nala was thicc, now I'm an alcoholic." - Dutch -2021
  9. Hope you all have a good Thrusday!

    1. Sinzzu


      Hope your having a good one aswell 👍

    2. Nala
    3. Jota


      you too sir!

  10. Hchy


    Welcome to the server there is a lot to experience here, also make sure to join discord and talk with everyone! I hope to see you around in game!
  11. Always putting out great updates. I'm mad excited to see what's in store for the future!
  12. Love the Update and Congrats to DS for it's 6 years! Lets get at least 6 more!
  13. Hchy


    I'm glad Willy is on the DS Team he's very knowledgeable and is always willing to help people!
  14. They are great and try their best to be accessible. Big Shout Outs to them!
  15. Enjoying the hell out of the update can't wait to stream more! 😄
  16. Love all the boys as Devs now keep up the great work guys!
  17. Hchy


    Welcome to the server if you ever need help feel free to message me in game!
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