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  1. I'd agree with that too. You should make it a series or continue with it we will def keep sharing all these video to dem new players/starter.
  2. Welcome welcome welcome back ! 😄 hope you enjoy your stay .
  3. Hey Welcome Korn, As for me I'd recommend you to always keep an eyes on chat tab whether there's any event / drop party / vote boss / masses going on those are basically best money making one once you're lucky enough. Also second if you want to grind go with Clue scrolls If possible do the Elite & Dream Clue scrolls only. Always sell whatever u got in the ::market.
  4. Jota


    Look forward to see you in-game m8 😄
  5. Glad you still comeback to us after a huge long break! hope you would spend the rest of your time here hahahaha
  6. Jota


    Hey A hashimoto ! Nice to meet you as well . I hope you can stay with us for a long time.
  7. Hi Manny , wondering whats ur prev name was or u just had Manny all the while .
  8. Glad to see the server is getting better and better. Thanks to all the staff/dev and the support from all the players.

    1. Guru


      You're a complete simp, but it's true. Way better than 5+ years ago!

    2. Sinzzu


      The game is also way different that it was +5years ago feel like the community is stronger now then ever before.

  9. As an veteran I can really see the hard work from the dev. Creating all this awesome stuff and the update is sick . I wanna try them but it seems hard for me hahaha . Keep up the good work !
  10. Nice update , can't wait for it gonna grind dem hardddd . Keep up the good work!
  11. The Christmas Girl Christmas In July IGN: Jota
  12. Welcome welcome welcome! You won't regret joining redemption cause they won't let you down with their updates. Enjoy your time here . Have fun !
  13. you guys are potatoes


    1. Sinzzu


      Nah just that we like em vegies

    2. Hc chong

      Hc chong

      are you assuming we are all vegetables? im offended

    3. Gya


      Sorry i still have my v card


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