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  1. i like this man. 😃 very kind of you. just for next posts, try to do a extra spelling check. some mistakes here and there. would make it more clean. ❤️
  2. I am not a big fan of maffia/drugs related Npc for new content. But also i won't be heavily against this. Keep up those good/creative ideas = )
  3. Lost a pizza give-away today.
    sad times 😝🤣

  4. Congratz to Krat0s for winning the event point raffle! 🎉

  5. Oof nice one! And you reminded me i have to update my forums page Lmao. thanks!
  6. We hope you feel better soon Cherie!



    Much love,
    The event community !

    1. Cherie Lee

      Cherie Lee

      Thank you soooo much, Koek! 🤒❤️

  7. My Journey on DS so far 😃 Hello guys! welcome to my Achievement & Goals Page. I started a bit late with this... so to start this i will put a time-line below here to catch up. Time-line before starting this page December 2020: I returned to dreamscape after 5 years. January 2021: Joined close to 150 events this month! i really appreciate the event community! February 2021: Obtained platinum rank together with twisted ran
  8. Shooting for #1 weeklyboss (Alchemical Hydra)
    This was my biggest grind-session on Dreamscape so far!
    50+ hours of killing hydra in 5 days.
    Contest ending in 13 hours from now 😃 
    Going to take a good night sleep tonight 💤💤💤💭

    Was a great race for top 3 together with Bob and Kingdom!


  9. yeah man! you wont regret comming to this server. its the best out there
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