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Redemption Update #2 : Chambers of Xeric, Mr X, Redemption Membership, Clue Scroll Overhaul, and MORE!


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The Great Olm Awaits! Chambers of Xeric is our newest end-game raid that will be challenging and engaging to players that wish to take it on!




How to Start:

Players can get to Chambers of Xeric via the Teleportation Dashboard (Located in Raids tab)

Party Size: 1-10

Suggested Party Size: 2-4


The Bosses:





12M HP

Attack Style: Melee

Can only be damaged with melee

Be sure not to attack him when he is at his anvil!



Ice Demon

4.5M HP
Weak to magic and melee attacks

To begin this fight, players must chop the trees in the hall way and deposit them in the brazier! Once you crack the shield, the fight will begin! (Bronze Axe and Tinderbox can be found in the hallway near the trees.)




3x Lizardman Shamans:

Attack Style: Melee / Range

8M HP Each (24M total)

Weak to range attacks



3x Vanguards

Attack Style: All

7.5M HP Each

Need Magic, Range, and Melee weapons to complete this room



To harm the Vanguards, damage must be spread equally to all three Vanguards. If just one of the Vanguard is heavily damaged while the others have much higher health (a difference of 40% )  all the Vanguards will heal themselves back to full health upon shuffling; players will be able to tell when they've dealt too much damage via a swirling mass around them




Attack Stlye: Melee/Ranged

10M HP

Once Vespula has reached 20% health, it can only be attacked by melee.

Kill the abyssal portal in the back of the room to advance



Vasa Nistirio

Attack Style: Magic / Range

12M HP

Weakness: Crush / Range



Vasa Nistirio will walk towards one of the 4 glowing crystals and cannot be damaged when recharging. Players must destroy the crystals (2M HP) to stop Vasa Nistirio from healing 100K hp per game tick.




Skeletal Mystics

Attack Style:  Melee / Magic

10M HP Each

Weakness: None





Small Mutadile:

10M HP

Attack Style: Melee/Range

Weakness: Melee


Underwater Mutadile

15M HP

Attack Style: Magic / Melee

Weakness: Magic/Range


Chop down the meat tree to prevent healing of the Underwater Mutadile






The Great Olm


1st and 2nd phase: 12M HP per hand

Final Phase: 12.5M per hand and 50M HP on The Great Olm

Magic and Melee REQUIRED 



If this is the first time fighting The Great Olm, a general guide video can be found here: OSRS - Short guide on The Great Olm

(This guide was made for OSRS so it's not entirely fitting to Redemption, but gives you a general idea on how the boss works!)




Puzzle Rooms:






Jeweled Crab Room


Jewelled Crabs are found in the crab puzzle room within the Chambers of Xeric. These crabs cannot be killed by conventional combat, however the crystals which are on the crabs can be attacked in order to change their colur.


Attacking with melee (or smashing it with a hammer) will cause a crab to change Red, magic for Blue, and ranged for Green.


For solo players, they can use a standard hammer, or any blunt weapon with crush bonuses, and use the right-click "Smash" option on the crab. This will stun the crab in place for a while.


Each crystal requires the following orbs:

Crystal - Orb Color - Style

Black - White - None

Yellow - Blue - Magic

Cyan - Red - Melee

Magenta - Green - Range


A quick guide on how to complete this puzzle room can be found here:  OSRS Raid Guides - Gem Crabs



It is suggested to bring single target weapons so you don't have every crab become aggressive towards you.






Thieving Room



A corrupted scavenger blocks the path and must be fed cavern grubs until it becomes full and tired. Cavern grubs can be found by opening many of the chests located in the room. The scavenger's hunger level can be tracked with the bar above its head.


The chests have a chance of containing the cavern grubs required, though it may instead contain unhatched cocoons. These odds and the maximum amount of grubs received are dependent on the player's Thieving level. Thieving is required to open the chests, though experience is only gained when grubs are collected. 


One of these chests always contains a one-time loot of five psykk bats. (Heals 23 HP)


A few chests may contain poison which is released when opened, dealing 1-3 damage to anyone next to the chest. This does not inflict poison on the player (nor will poison immunity prevent it). Remember which chests contain poison, as the poison chests will automatically lock itself like the grub ones.


When players have at least 10 grubs collected, start feeding the scavenger, then continue collecting more. The scavenger's health bar will start regenerating if it hasn't been fed for at least one minute after it stopped eating.







The Keystone Room


One party member must cross the tightrope and grab the key stone on the other side and bring it back to unlock the next door to advance. 
Kill the Deathly Rangers and Deathly Mages and then cross the tightrope for easy completion.


3M HP Each

50x50 Weapons are extremely useful in this room.




The Guardian Room

This room is very simple, grab the pickaxe off the floor and attack the two guardians. They cannot be killed with regular combat.





Herblore Potions:


The Bosses and Scavenger Beasts throughout Chambers of Xeric will drop herblore supplies for players to make potions inside the raid if they wish to. These potions will help some of the weaker players survive the raid while minimalizing the risk of death penalties.




Herblore Level Requirements:

Overload(+): Level 99 Herblore

Xeric's Aid(+): Level 85 Herblore

Revitlisation (+): Level 75 Herblore

Elder (+): Level 70 Herblore

Twisted (+): Level 70 Herblore

Kodai (+): Level 70 Herblore


Potion Effects:

y9uEsP6.pngOverload (+): Boosts all the player's combat stats by 6 + 16%, while damaging them for 50 HP.

wStZuHU.pngXeric's Aid (+): Works as Saradomin Brew

8bYpV4a.png Revitalisation (+): Restores your stats and prayer

S9Mmfos.pngElder (+): Increases players Attack, Strength, and Defense levels by 6 + 16% of their base level

eomuvUG.pngTwisted (+): Increases players range level by 6 + 16% of their base level

BdXHCO3.pngKodai (+): Increase players magic level by 6 + 16% of their base level


How to make potions:

All used w/ Water-Filled Gourd Vial 



Primary: Noxifer

Secondary: Elder (+), Twisted (+), Kodai (+)

XP: 25,000



Primary: Golpar

Secondary: Stinkhorn Mushroom

XP: 2500



Primary: Golpar

Secondary: Cicely

XP: 2500



Primary: Golpar

Secondary: Endarkened Juice

XP: 2500



Xeric's Aid(+): 85

Primary: Buchu Leaf

Secondary: Endarkened Juice

XP: 4,000


Revitlisation (+): 78

Primary: Buchu Leaf

Secondary: Stinkhorn Mushroom

XP: 3250



Gaining Points:

The best way to gain points is by simply killing the bosses inside of the raid but beware, you will lose 40% of your current points every time you die! So make sure to bring plenty food, potions, and the rest of your healing items ready!


If a unique drop is rolled on the drop table, the player with the most points will have the highest chance of receiving the drop. 
Example of a 5-Man Team:
Player A: 600M - 60% chance of receiving the unique
Player B: 200M - 20% chance of receiving the unique
Player C : 25M - 2.5% chance of receiving the unique
Player D : 10M - 1.0% chance of receiving the unique
Player E: 150M - 15% chance of receiving the unique




General Loot Table:

Herbs and Secondaries

Pure Essence

Rainbow FIsh

Super Magic Compost

Magic Compost

Herblore Supply Crates

Black Diamond Box

Diamond Bag

Royal Luxe Mystery Box

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Upgrade Protection Card

2k21 Box

Box of Testaments

Box of Totems
Mega Lottery Boxes

Ultra Pet Boxes


Unique Loot Table:

qlJEQoc.png5B Cash

p8l2P5j.pngInfinity Aura

UuuvQm2.pngDragon Hunter Crossbow: 1 Hits Vorkath

Vgd5fX2.pngTwisted Buckler: 10K Range Attack Bonus 16K Range Str

Rk1W92L.pngTwisted Hat (T1): Part of the Twisted Relic  Set

IfWuRdt.pngTwisted Coat (T1): Part of the Twisted Relic Set

P3m8Rg9.pngTwisted Trousers (T1): Twisted Relic Set

ezH2D6Z.pngTwisted Boots (T1): Twisted Relic Set

1wME3lk.pngTwisted Ancestral Hat: BIS Mage

mUI0YGO.pngTwisted Ancestral Robe: BIS Mage

KtfeKMk.pngTwisted Ancestral Robe Bottom: BIS Mage:

IgVjWbG.pngTwisted Bow: Consumable 50x50 Bow (20,000 attacks)
dOStYkG.pngKodai's Insignia: Attachment to the Elemental Fury Staff to make the Twisted Elemental Staff

iAuHhhH.pngOlmlet: 10% Increase in points while in Chambers of Xeric


Twisted Relic Set (T1):


4 piece set bonus:

5K Melee/Range/Mage stats (725% mage dmg)

30% Drop rate

30% Double Drop Rate

30% Luck Bonus
10% Tribrid Bonus


Twisted Relic Set (T2):

5K Melee/Range/Mage stats (725% mage dmg)

30% Drop rate

30% Double Drop Rate

30% Luck Bonus
10% Tribrid Bonus


Twisted Relic Set (T3):

5K Melee/Range/Mage stats (725% mage dmg)

50% Drop rate

50% Double Drop Rate

50% Luck Bonus
20% Tribrid Bonus


How To Charge Twisted Relic Set:

In order to upgrade a base item into a T2 version, players will need to use 500 Sire crystals (6653) on each piece (2,000 total for T2 set)

In order to upgrade a base item into a T3 version, players will need to use 1000 Sire crystals (6653) on each piece (4,000 total for T3)



Twisted Ancestral Set:


Stats & Perks:

7200 Magic Stats (600% Mage Dmg)
10% Drop Rate

10% DDR

10% Luck


Twisted Bow:


Stats & Perks:

27,000 Range Attack
32,125 Range Strength

2H Bow
50x50 AoE
Fastest Attack Speed

20,000 Attacks before it degrades


Can be recharged with Stone of Rebirth for $100 in the Redemption Store

Twisted Bow can be used in the Item Grinder: Granted 150,000 points

Twisted Bow (Deg) can be used in the Item Grinder: Granted 100,000 points.




Twisted Elemental Staff:



Stats & Perks:

17,500 Magic Attack
1500% Mage Damage

15% Drop Rate

15% Double Drop Rate

15% Luck

3 Hits

Fastest Attack Speed

9x9 AoE



How To Create The Twisted Elemental Staff:

Use a Kodai Insignia on a Elemental Fury Staff 

Players can remove (destroy) the Kodai Insignia to turn the staff back to an Elemental Fury Staff


How To Charge:

Charged with Sire Crystals:

1 Sire Crystal = 5 Attacks (Maximum of 5,000 Charges)

Players can remove charges at any time and receive 50% of the remaining Sire Crystals Back





Now introducing Redemption Membership! These Redemption Membership option perks will be in addition to all donor ranks and will last 30 days from the time the membership scroll is claimed. 


Players will be able to use higher tiered memberships at any given time and it will refresh their 30 days of membership. 
(You cannot claim a lower ranked membership while you have an active membership:

Example: A Pro Member will not be able to claim a Base membership scroll)


Claiming a second membership scroll of the same tier will add 30 additional days to your membership!

All membership scrolls will be untradeable.



Base Membership: $15

5% drop rate

5% tribrid boost

5% luck

5% double drop rate

::membership once per day to redeem a random box (Listed below)


Pro Membership: $35

15% drop rate

15% tribrid boost

15% luck

15% double drop rate

::membership once per day to redeem a random box (Listed below)

Access to ::bomberman


Premium Membership: $50

20% drop rate

25% tribrid boost

20% luck

20% double drop rate

::membership once per day for 2 random boxes (Listed below)

Access to ::db2

Access to ::bomberman


ELITE Membership: $100

25% drop rate

25% Double drop rate

20% Luck

30% Tribrid Boost

10% BONUS exp to all skills

::membership once per day for 3 random boxes

Access to ELITE Membership shop

Access to ::db2

Access to ::bomberman

Access to ::missfortune

Access to ::pos

Access to Executive Rank prayers

Access to Exectutive Zone

2x ELO gained per day

Stacks with donator ranks



Random Box List:

Diamond Bag

Black Diamond Box

Box of Dreams

Mega Lottery Box

Ultra Pet Box

Royal Luxe Box

Star Box

Super Star Box

Kismet Box

2k21 Box

Box of Totems

Box of Treasure

Box of Testaments

6th Anniversary Box

Anniversary Stones

Assortment of Goodieboxes


ELITE Members will have access to an EXCLUSIVE in-game store located at ::home next to the Item Grinder




Contents of the store are as follows:

(Only a certain amount can be purchased each day)


2x Damage Card - 20M (Max 5 per day)

Antique Lamp - 10M (Max 15 per day)

Achievement Task Skip- 600M (Max 3 per day)

Sire Crystals- 250K (250 per day)

Royal Mystery Box - 150M (5 per day)

Box of Totems - 250M (3 per day)

Herblore Supply Crate - 120M (5 per day)

Super Magic Compost - 15M (15 per day)

Super Drop Rate Potion-25M (3 per day)

Super Double Drop Rate Potion-25M (3 per day)

Super Luck Potion-25M (3 per day)

Karmic Kismet- 750 (500K per day)





We have now done a massive overhaul to our clue scrolls and rewards!


What has changed:

Tons of new clue scroll rewards! 

Added more value to base rewards

Added more rewards per clue scroll

Created tradeable clue scroll caskets so players can sell the caskets if they do not wish to open them

Added Challenge Scrolls to Elite/Dream clue scroll steps


In addtion to the listings above, we have also increased the amount of steps slightly to match the value given for each clue scroll:

Easy clue scrolls: 3 --> 5

Hard Clue Scrolls: 5 --> 8

Elite Clue Scrolls: 8 --> 12



What are Challenge Scrolls?:

Challenge scrolls are  "new' addition to clue scrolls that provide a more engaging experience when completing clues.


Current Challenge Scrolls (More to be added to this in the future)


Combat Challenges

Kill Skotizo with a Skotizo Toxic Bow

Kill Oblivion Dragon with an Oblivion Scythe

Kill Vorkath while wearing full Vorkath Set

 Kill Nightmare while wearing full Obsidian Virtus set

 Complete the Star Wars Raid while wearing full Mandalorian (Any Difficulty)

Complete Theatre of Blood

 Complete a Hard Difficulty Slayer Task

 Kill Raiden with Infinity Gauntlets (charged)

 Kill Diablo with a Diabolic Bow

 Kill OG dragon while wearing a Dragontooth necklace

 Kill Voldemort while wearing Voldemort's Dream Staff

Kill Vendura while wearing Vendura's ring

Complete the Arcade

 Complete the Ninja Turtles Raid while wearing full space virtus

Kill Batman in DC Universe Raid while wearing full batman set

Kill Hades while wearing full Hades set and Hades Cleaver

Complete Strykewyrm Minigame

Kill the Crimson Chin


Skilling Challenges:


Craft Dex Rune with pure essence

 Craft Auspice Rune with pure essence

 Craft Mystic Rune with pure essence

 Harvest Argway Herb

 Harvest Dwarf Weed Herbs

 Harvest Torstol Herbs

 Harvest Arbuck Herbs

 Create a Farming Potion

Create an Attack Milk

 Create a Doctor's Order

 Use Hydra Bones on Gilded Altar

 Chop Dream Logs

Chop Lava Logs

 Catch a Rainbow Fish




NEW Rewards:

The complete breakdown of the clue scroll rewards can be found HERE in addition to the official Redemption Wiki!



Easy Caskets:Easy clues generate a minimum of 2 rewards and a maximum of 4 rewards.

Hard Caskets: Hard clues generate a minimum of 2 rewards and a maximum of 5 rewards.

Elite Caskets: Elite clues generate a minimum of 4 rewards and a maximum of 6 rewards.
Dream CasketsDream clues generate a minimum of 4 rewards and a maximum of 7 rewards.

Unique table for Easy Caskets:

Blacksmith Mask1/750

Blue Checkered Shirt (241989) 1/1500

Green Checkered shirt(241991) 1/1500

Purple Checkered Shirt(241993)1/1500


Unique table for Hard Caskets:

Rain Bow  1/1750

Cape of Skulls  1/2500

Ankou Mask 1/1500

Ankou Top 1/1500

Ankou Leggings 1/1500

Ankou Socks 1/1500

Ankou Gloves  1/1500

Mummy's Head 1/1500

Mummy's Body  1/1500

Mummy's Legs 1/1500

Mummy's Hands  1/1500

Mummy's Feet 1/1500

Obsidian Cape (r) 1/1500

Pufferfish Balloon 1/2500


Unique table for Elite Caskets:

Backstab cape 1/4000

Sack of effigies  1/3000

Explosive Barrel 1/4000

Orlando Smith's hat 1/3000

Briefcase 1/1500

Off-hand briefcase  1/1500

Pyjama Top  1/1500

Pyjama Bottoms  1/1500

Pyjama Slippers 1/1500

Elite Robin Hood Hat 1/5000

Elite Robin Hood tunic 1/5000

Elite Robin Hood tights  1/5000



Unique table for Dream Caskets:

Backstab cape 1/3500

Sack of effigies  1/2500

Explosive Barrel 1/3500

Orlando Smith's hat  1/2500

Briefcase  1/1250

Off-hand briefcase 1/1250

Pyjama Top  1/1250

Pyjama Bottoms 1/1250

Pyjama Slippers  1/1250

Elite Robin Hood Hat 1/4500

Elite Robin Hood tunic 1/4500

Elite Robin Hood tights  1/4500

Blood Hound  1/5000

Superior Death Lotus Hood  1/3750

Superior Death Lotus Chestplate  1/3750

Superior Death Lotus Chaps  1/3750

Superior Death Lotus Tabi 1/3750

Superior Death Lotus Tekoh 1/3750

Globetrotter Arm Guards  1/3000

Globetrotter Boots 1/3000

Globetrotter Jacket  1/3000

Globetrotter Shorts  1/3000

Globetrotter Backpack 1/3000

Bag of Clues  1/1250

Gilded Cavalier 1/1500

Tuxedo Jacket  1/3500

Tuxedo Trousers 1/3500

Tuxedo Boots 1/3500

Tuxedo Cravat 1/3500




Elite Robin Hood Set


Stats and Perks:
BIS Range Set

8250 Range Attack Bonus

9000 Range Strength Bonus

10% Drop Rate

10% Double Drop Rate

10% Luck







Now introducing Redemptions NEWEST "Global" Boss, Mr. X!


How does Mr X work?

Players will be randomly selected every 20 minutes by Mr X and be summoned to fight him.

Requirements to be selected:

You must not be AFK

You must not be in an instance

You must not be morphed into an NPC

You must not be in the wilderness

You cannot be in a raid
You must not be in jail


Increased selection odds to these donator ranks:

Due to this only randomly selecting one user at a time only we're going to apply rank benefits to help increase a users chance of being picked.

Sponsor: +3% chance

Executive: +5% chance

ELITE Membership: 5% Chance

Platinum Partner: +10% chance







10x 2.5 damage cards

5x Mega Lottery Box


1 in 40

25x Herblore Supply Crate

25x Super Magic Compost

150 x Gold coins 

3x 2x Damage Card

3x Box of Wisdom 

1x 2K21 Box 

1 x Kismet Box 


1 in 75

500 x gold coins 

1x Executive Totem Goodiebox

1x Descimator9000 Goodiebox

1x Elemental Fury Goodiebox

5x Ultra Pet Box 

5x Mega Lottery Box 

1x Box of Testaments

3x Box of Totems 

1x Perfect Enchantment Stone

5x Royal Mystery Boxes 



1 in 200

3x Box of Testaments

3x Perfect Enchantment Stone 

1x Platinum Coin

3x Executive Totem Goodiebox 

3x Elemental Fury Goodiebox 

3x Descimator9000 Goodiebox 



1 in 1000

10x Platinum Coin

1x Linear Launcher

1x P.R.L. 412

1x Heisenburg Hammer

1x Nemisis Pet






Linear Launcher

: This item will be able to 1 Hit/Skip Phases of TOB, Yugioh, Starwars, Alchemical Hydra, Nightmare, and Lachrym




2H Weapon

40K Range Attack Bonus
40K Range Strength

3 Hit

Fastest Attack Speed

9x9 AoE




Heisenburg's Hammer

20K Stab/Slash/Crush bonus

45K Strength Bonus

10% Drop Rate

10% Double Drop Rate

10% Luck Rate

1.2 attack speed

2 hits per attack

9x9 AoE



Special Perk: Players will deal 35% additional damage as an extra hit as poison damage



Nemesis Pet

Shadow Pet Stats


No battlepet option








The Box of Munitions is here! 
The Box of Munitions is similar to the Call of Duty Mystery Box filled with Redemption's BEST weapons!


How to open the Box of Munitions?


Currently the only way to open the Box of Munitions is the purchase Munition Keys from the Redemption Store! 

(SPOILER: We will be adding a new Zombies in the future which will have munition keys as a reward)


Common rewards:

Eternal Khione Staff

AK47 Asiimov

Infinity Gauntlet

Arrav Sword

Frostbite Staff

Khione Staff

M4A4 Asiimov

AWP Asiimov

Golden Minigun

Sword of the Protectorate


Soulflare (x)

Infinity Scythe

1-5 Slayer Grenade



Uncommon: 1:125

Hades Cleaver

Skotizo Toxic Bow

Skotizo 2H Sword

Blaster Laser Rifle

25-75x Slayer Grenades

Infinity Gauntlet Charged


BFG9000 Offhand

BFG9000 (i)

BFG9000 Offhand (i)

Diabolic Bow

Scythe of Vitur

Voldemort Dream Staff


Rare: 1:500

Infinity Gauntlets (u)

Infinity Gauntlets (i)

Hades Cleaver (u)

Dragon Hunter Lance

200-500 Slayer Grenades


Amban Sniper Rifle

Poison Lotus Cross Bow

Poison Lotus Crossbow Offhand

6th Anniversary Sword (fire)

6th Anniversary Sword Offhand

6th anniversary swore ice

6th anniversary sword ice offhand

6th anniversary Rifle (Fire)

6th anniversary rifle (Ice)

6th Anniversary Bow

Ghrazi Rapier

Sanguinesti Staff

Nightmare Staff

BFG9000 (x)

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Icy Glaive

Lava Minigun

Lava Scythe


Ultra Rare: 1:7500

Ice Soul Taker

Slayer Master Hammer

Elemental Fury Staff


Descimator9000 Offhand

Volatile Nightmare Staff

Harmonised Nightmare Staff

Eldritch Nightmare Staff

1250 Slayer Grenades

Inquisitor Mace

Millennium Rod

Heisenburg Hammer

Linear Launcher

P.R.L. 412

Kodai Insignia



What's a Slayer Grenade?


Slayer Grenades can be used to ONE HIT the NPCs located in Slayer Tower/Cartoon Tower!






We have added a few new items to Runecrafting to help assist players gain Pure Essence by adding in the brand new Essence Grinder.

Players will now be able to AFK mine Pure Essence at the Runecrafting Hub!



BPUmnWN.png: Essence Grinder: 25,000 charges 

bR89Ppo.png: Essence Charge: Recharges Essence Grinder to full charges


Players can purchase the Essence Grinder in the Runecrafting shop for 2B

Essence Charges can be purchased as well for 100M each



The Essence Grinder will be able to mine up to 25,000 shards before it need to be recharged. To recharge the Essence Grinder, players will need to use an Essence Charge



15 Essence Shards can be combined to make a Pure Essence.







We have updated the Karma Slayer task list and added additional tasks to allow variety to training Karma! This will coincide with training slayer so training normal Slayer will open up opportunities for higher Karma exp tasks.



Buzz Lightyear-1200



Tinky Winky-1200 Teletubbies task

Poe-1200 Teletubbies Task

Lala-1200 Teletubbies task

Dipsy-1200 Teletubbies task

Perry Platypus-2000













Ed Big Head-1500




Carl Wheezer-3000

Jimmy Neutron-3000

Tommy Pickles-2500







Kim Possible-2500

Undead War General- 3000


Demon Conjurer-3500

Tainted Warmaster-3750

Helwyr Elf-1-7500

Ancient Guardian-9000

Ancient Wizard-9000

Ancient Crusader--9000

Corrupted Priest-15000

Demonic Spellcaster-17500

Abyssal Sire - 7500



Kismet Reward for task completion:

20,000 kismets

1:100 to get a Kismet Box





Item List - Grinder Points


Volatile Orb - 100,000 points

Harmonized Orb  - 80,000 points

Eldritch Orb  - 10,000 points

Nightmare Staff  - 50,000 points

Weapon Battlepass - 10,000 points

Weapon Battlepass Skip - 3,000 points

Ultimate Stone - 50,000 points

Power Fist - 30,000 points

Power Arrow  75,000 points

The Power Stone - 2,000 points

Poseidon Box - 40,000 points

Omen Set - 75,000 points

Mandalorian Set - 10,000 points

Elemental Fury Staff - 300,000 points

Slayer Master Helm  - 50,000 points

Slayer Master Body - 50,000 points

Slayer Master Platelegs - 50,000 points

Slayer Master Gloves - 50,000 points

Slayer Master Boots - 50,000 points

Slayer Master Hammer  - 50,000 points

Miss Fortune Helm  - 5,000 points

Miss Fortune Body  - 5,000 points

Miss Fortune Legs  - 5,000 points

Miss Fortunate Boots - 5,000 points

Miss Fortune Gloves  5,000 points

Miss Fortune Pistol  - 5,000 points

Miss Fortune Offhand  - 5,000 points

Lava Warrior Helm  - 25,000 points

Lava Warrior Body  - 25,000 points

Lava Warrior Legs  - 25,000 points

Poison Lotus Crossbow  - 50,000 points

Poison Lotus Crossbow Offhand - 50,000 points

Blood Rush Sword  - 30,000 points

Staff of Winter - 50,000 points

Orb of Winter  - 50,000 points

Millennium Hat - 30,000 points

Millennium Robe Top - 30,000 points

Millennium Robe Bottom  - 30,000 points

Pumba Pet  - 2,500 points

Timon Pet  - 2,500 points

Reptar Pet  - 2,500 points

Rocco Pet - 2,500 points

Perry the Platypus Pet  - 2,500 points

Mike Wazowski  - 10,000 points

Barrel Dragon Pet  - 10,000 points

Winged Kuriboh Pet  - 10,000 points

Time Wizard Pet - 10,000 points

Dark Magician Girl  - 20,000 points







? Lowered Slayer HP for all NPCs in Slayer Tower and Cartoon Tower by about 40%

? Increased XP given to farming

? Vote Boss rewards will be given to 25 random people instead of Top 25 Damage

? Added a message in chat box that tells players how many slayer points were given upon task completion

? Fixed an issue with Superior Platinum Set (T2) losing charges while in the bank

? Added quick prayers to custom prayers

? Fixed a memory leak when having multiple clients open

? Lowered HP of bosses in TOB to enhance mid-game playability

? Allowed players to skip the starter mini-quest if they have completed it before

? Made Magic Compost and Super Magic Compost stackable

? Removed the ability to purchase Sponsor Zone instance and made the zone instances for all

? Fixed issue with Infinity Aura runecrafting boosts

? Fixed a Karma skill visual bug

? Reworked our live stat editor to allow us to live edit AOE

? Fixed bug with Irit growth time being 10x longer than intended

? Fixed iron man bug that prevented them from dropping empty vials

? Added noted items for bulk drops (Infernal, Elemental, Shadow, Olaf, etc.)

? Allow noted items above to be sold to Black Market and Resource Trader (Scav Shop)

? Added Obsidian Pernix 

? Updated trivia questions

? Allowed noted herblore supplies and pure essence to be searched in POS

? Removed Platinum Partner statues from home to boost client performance

? Fixed ::youtube command so it only opens the Redemption Youtube channel

? Fixed ::rules command so it doesn't open up two windows

? Fixed Lava Strykewyrm Pet inventory icon

? Removed chat announcements from opening Mega Crates

? Fixed Antisanta mask equip issue

? Removed ::ticket command

? Fixed issue with the "Walk here" button being click through

? Added a Lachrym QOL that allows you purchase entries in bulk instead of each time

? Enhanced the starter miniquest experience with more direction and removed junk starter items

? Added ability to destroy bulk items in the bank interface

? Changed the examine feature on NPC to "View Drops" for quick access to drop table

? Removed Competitive gamemode

? Allow players to edit their POS listings without cancelling

? Added an exemption for new players being targetted by AFK Patrol

? Made the iPhone have the same function as the Emergency GPS

? Allow players to shift+left click to empty runecrafting pouches

? Removed the 120% melee bonus from Justiciar Set (Was not intended to be there)

? Disabled ::starterboss command

? Remove Chest Key #1 from drop tables

? Added more items to item grinder

? Removed junk items from the Donator Shop

? Removed chat announcements from scratch cards

? Removed ::skull command

? Fixed vote redeem bonuses so you don't lose the boost when you log out

? Removed Squeel of Fortune

? Added chat notification to allow players to know if they have claimed a referral reward before

? Added OSRS statting to new NPCs

? Allowed players to disable their Battlepet from attacking (::disablebpattack/::enablebpattack)

? Fixed bug with battlepets preventing loot/xp if the battlepet got the last hit

? Changed text on Sponsor Ticket so it says "Claim" instead of "Look At"

? Removed chat announcement when players purchase Nightmare Keys

? Improved drop chance of mystery set from Ultra Rare drop table

? Fixed issue with Karma Slayer giving the wrong XP

? Added new Redemption Coins

? Added Entity Hider so players can hide pets, npc's, players, to increase performance

? Added Crimson Chin drop log

? Added Miss Fortune drop log

? Added Bomberman drop log

? Fixed a list of pets that weren't able to be used with cosmetic override

? Fixed glove animations for RS3 models

? Fixed body animations for RS3 models

? Fixed missing maps for Mimic and TOB map






LIlahoff's God Slayer



Lilahoff God Cloak



Lilahoff God Arrow


Reaper Set



Littleman Set



Rada Set




Plank Pet






Act I's Plasma Cutter


Act I's Divine Cloak


Dark and Light Shattered




Diceking's 50 Lives



Me So Horny



Taro's Bubble Tea







Senpais Hentai



Ketamine Cowboy



Inkay's Ink Blaster




Bow of Karma









Coming soon: Full RS3 support! We have began the process of being able to fully support RS3 maps/models to expand our horizons on what we can provide in future updates!








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