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  1. At the boss fight on the 3rd phase, you can attack the main boss for a short period (2 seconds) Just 1bang it jesus 😛
  2. What a update Dsgang! Such a juicy reward for a fun grind playing DS as most would. 10/10!
  3. I do agree, these days its usually picking between DPS and DR/DDR/LUCK.
  4. Hope your staying safe brother ❤️ 

  5. Ooof Joez dont be doing this too me! We had some awesome times at dicezone patrolling like the local plod out catching the big crooks with personal use haha. I'm sure you will be back at some point too say hello so ill be looking forward too that 😄 Take care my man and goodluck too your future endeavours ❤️
  6. Welcome too the gang buddy 😄
  7. oooof i like this style of event! Goodluck everyone can't wait to see these outfits
  8. Ayy welcome back too the gang my man
  9. Welcome too the ds fourms bud
  10. Skotizo is currently broken from my experience, I cant say for everyone so just make sure when you kill the boss you get a npc kill for it because currently i don't, resulting in no drops.
  11. Oh yes new raid looks dope! And ofcourse all the patches are much needed 😄
  12. Ayy welcome back too DS !
  13. Having too take a few weeks off Ds ill be back soon as I can. Take care yall! k3k3



    aka Dibstain

    1. Vaider


      Hope all is well. 

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