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  1. Yo what's up gang, I've just come to the realization that their is a reward in the karma shop for the good side which gives x2 xp whilst offering to the statue and then the evil side has a item that gives x2 kismets when you offer to the statue. these items are both for level 110 on each side although the good side's item is about a million times better than the evil side. I feel like this is rather unfair as when most people start the karma skill they most likely do not read through all the rewards and every perk they all have. The reason I believe the good item is way better than the evil item is because getting to level 140 is aprox 750mil xp. Double xp whilst offering to the statue would majorly impact the pace you get it at for that sweet level 140 reward. whilst gaining double kismets isn't exactly useful because when your a main account you can just buy kismet boxes and gain the required kismets without much of a worry, and for ironmen the price is decreased so its also easily doable to get enough kismets for the rewards. but there is no way to gain double xp for the karma skill or at least the statue in any other way. This makes being on the good side the only logical choice. although as I said before, not many people would know this until they get further into the karma skill when it's too late. I feel like it would be too complicated to make it so you can switch sides or something and honestly I think I'd rather see that effort going into new updates but I do think that maybe at least for the level 110 karma item it could be both items in both shops, as you can only use one whilst you're offering to the statue anyways. This is kind of a suggestion and also just my opinion but please let me know what you think. Have a good day or night or whatever time zones you beasts live in. Pce.
  2. would love to see this be added to the game, as a player with 2 executive accounts, it would really be nice to see the rank be worth the money again that it used to be. executive dragon used to be about 5mil ds coins an hour when it was 1 hitable but now u cant 1 hit it and 5mil an hour isnt considered great anymore. also speaking as a ironman, the helicopter pet would be quicker to get with actual executive points than the executive dragon, it really has become dead content. not trying to be a douche but it simply would be nice to have it updated. 100% agree with this post, would love to see this. - Comp Loser / Hard Fais / Xavier
  3. thanks for the fixes, very saucy ,gracias
  4. Hello everyone, i’m not too sure if this fits under suggestions or just my opinion but i thought i should just put it out there. What's the current issue? i believe theres a rather large issue with rules, and how a lot of things are being run (i’d just like to say I’m not trying to just shit all over what the staff team is doing, i do really appreciate all of ur work from all of you i just believe theres somethings that could be improved) first of all, donations seems to be a bit messed up, donation deals and items that aren’t on the store seem to have a large inconsistency with the donation admin team. for example, one staff member will charge more money for a specific item than another staff member would, this seems rather unfair to people as they are essentially donating for the same thing but paying more money. secondly, if you read the ::rules, theres so many rules that are either outdated or nobody including staff even does or notices (for example, push to talk in discord, barely anyone in the DS discord uses that.) I’m not saying that all the rules should be more monitored like the discord push to talk one, but i feel like it shouldn’t be on the rules then if no one is going to be using them. some other rules on there that are outdated or not being respected is the “safe spotting bosses” ur unable to safe spot many of those bosses, and the bosses i know are safe spottable and would actually effect the eco aren’t on there. another rule is the loyalty point farming, many people just stay online or just turn off pm’s when they go to sleep, plenty of people don’t log out at these moments. I’m not saying it really matters as loyalty points doesn’t gain you much, but if the rule isn’t being enforced then i’d just take it off the list. another issue i’ve run into is that i recently tried to buy a donation to have a untradable item swapped from my friends account to my account for a 50$ donation, turns out this isn’t allowed (even after talking to many other staff members who didn’t know that it wasn’t allowed or even thought it was a good idea if i went for that goal”, either way its okay, fine i understand, but on the rules there isn’t anything stating these things, and I’m quite confident about the fact that i’ve heard other staff members having done this in the past, i spent many hours trying to make it so i could get this deal done, just to find out it wasn’t allowed. What's your suggested way of fixing it? to fix all these issues, i believe that the ::rules should be updated and made to fit how the actual server is being run. i also believe the staff doing donation deals, etc.. should have a document made with certain prices and what they are allowed to do and aren’t (I’m not sure if that already exists but if it does i think either it should be revamped or admins should need to read over it again and make sure they are accustom with what they are allowed to do and not. How will this benefit player/server? i believe this will help out just the entire server and how the server is being run. i think it would cause the server to have less issues and arguments if certain rules and regulations were set in stone for everyone to see. How could this be expanded in future? i think in the future, every time a rather large update is being released, the developers should spend at least half an hour just making sure the new updates don’t collide with anything in the ::rules, and if it does it should be updated to fit the new release. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i don’t really think this would have a negative impact on anything. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i’m sorry for this being such a dreary suggestion post but i just felt like it should be put our there, i love the server and everyone on it but i just think it would be great if sometime could be spent on fixing these issues as its made me and undoubtably many others quit the server by now. love you all - Comp / Fais
  5. i like the idea of being able to sell it back for half the points to the shop, although id say only make it available for ironman. but it sounds good to me! 😄
  6. Miss you all ❤️  2 weeks until i move, cant wait to start playing again

    - Comp Loser/Hard Fais

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      Did wonder why i hadnt seen you around papi. Miss you man

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    Didnt have much to work with since im a ironmen but thought id make a lil pink spas
  8. lets hope we can get a drop at TOB now willy lmfao
  9. until

    IGN: Comp Loser
  10. iSoulz and myself have thought of some suggestions that some players may like, hope some of these things could become a reality or at least help the staff team gain some ideas for future updates Suggestion 1: Make a price minimum and maximum on certain items on the pos so that items can’t be sold for a small amount by accident or so that certain rich players can’t crash prices of items. these pos caps should be changed per update to make sure their prices go along with the amount of that item going into the game. (for example Charged infinity gauntlets would have a price range in pos from 600m-700m) Suggestion 2: make the 3 gloves from the loyalty shop (anguish, mystic, berserker gloves) obtainable in the arcade store for 25k points each as the only way to obtain them is from loyalty points and donation-type boxes, obtaining them from the loyalty shop takes way too long Suggestion 3: make a instanced ::train zone, just like the instanced ::dreamzone where you pay 5mil and the monsters are able to be killed by aoe attacks and that its a private zone where only you can access it. Suggestion 4: at the skotizo boss, make it have more monsters to farm keys as at times the little room can be packed at times. Suggestion 5: The points tab on our player tab doesn’t include a few kinds of points like PKP and training points, just a small quality life update would be to add those to the the points tab. another solution would be updating ::commands and creating a new easier way to locate all the useful commands as its rather outdated. if you were to re create ::commands, it may be a good idea to create a automatic message info message telling players to check ::commands for useful commands, as not many players even know ::commands exists. Suggestion 6: another quality of life update would be to make the summoning orb underneath your running orb, prayer orb and health orb open a interface that lets you pick up your pet, and also summon any of the pets that are in your bank. Suggestion 7: make it so that you can combine 2 of the same kinds of infinity stones and you get to choose one of the other ones, this will help even out the prices of infinity stones and it’ll make it a bit less tedious for ironman when they have to grind avengers arcade (definitely not bias cause I’m a ironman hehe) Suggestion 8: i feel as if slayer could be improved, i like the idea of the prestige shops and that u need 135 slayer for abby sire but for the rest not too many people do slayer, i think if you create a slayer box as a rare drop whilst you do slayer that you can get some decent mid tier items from, people especially beginners would be more inclined to do slayer. sort of like the slayer keys although currently you basically only get common slayer keys, and well, i think anyone would rather get a block drop at ::mbox than that piece of junk
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