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  1. Hope everyone is doing great<3

  2. How was everyone weekend?

    1. Sinzzu


      Very exhausting wbu

  3. How's everyone doing? ❤️

    1. Sinzzu


      Good, about to head to bed😎 wbu

    2. Jota


      gudaaa  how bout you 

  4. Where are these videos and pictures everyone =P Remember POTM AND VOTM, Get ranks and prizes 😃

    1. Sinzzu


      Ill post vid later😂

  5. Howdy Everyone 😃❤️ 

    1. Sinzzu


      Howdy,howdy how

  6. Hope Everyone has an amazing monday 😃

    1. Zulrak v2

      Zulrak v2

      very much so, hope yours is as amazing


    2. Sinzzu


      Was great, semi tired. Hope you had an good one aswell.

    3. Nala


      No you ❤️

  7. Good work news team, Keep up the amazing work.
  8. Congrats to all the winners 😃
  9. More amazing forums things to come 😃

    1. Zulrak v2

      Zulrak v2

      Am super excited for this :) 

    2. Sinzzu



  10. Today I will be introducing Voting for the VOTM (Aug) To Enter Post Your Video Skills in the Redemption Video Showcase Section of the Forums. At the end of the month, Staff will look over the Videos and Decide which three are the Best. We will then make a poll on the three selected Video for the community to Vote on. Winners of the Poll will get a new rank to Hold for the month Good luck everyone! Please note: * Do not ask others to vote for you, it will result in your votes being removed. Winners will be Posted By Me at the end of each month.
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