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  1. Hiyaaaa bud , I'm very sure we talked abit before and glad you enjoyed and wanna stay be part of our lovely community. Hope we can be sharing more in-game! Also good luck on your progress bud.
  2. Ngl one of the cleanest progress/achievement I've seen. Very details for me atleast. You're a frikin beast pvmer. Glad I've met you watching you getting stronger day by day is smh satisfying HAHAHA . Hello also I wanna tell you hor ur luck is insane should try some toto or 4D see if u get jackpot ahaha. Looking forward to ur new goals/achievement! Amazing work.
  3. Eyyyyy once again nice work done by the news team. I’d like to thanks those who voted me. 2nd MOTM achieved 🥰 lez gaw for 3rd one na jk 🤣
  4. Amazing work , the vote shop revamp n the olympics event is 🔥keep up the good work! Love to see more of these shops revamp due to outdated items etc
  5. Oh yess one of the veteran is back!!! I agree the server is actually alot better right now. Hope you can stay for long Hehe
  6. Hiiiiii , welcome to the server. I hope you enjoy your stay and the time u spend here. Ngl it will be fun especially hanging out with our discord mates.
  7. Eyyy welcome back bud , some quick cashie join event/drop party/masses/vote boss when they're up. Also grind some clue scrolls (dream/elite) as well as slayer if ur bored 😄 Might be abit less active these day due to my job lol Been working 16 days streak already...having rest day on next 2 days. Pm me in-game if u need any help will do my best.
  8. Jota


    HELLOOOO! Welcome to da servar hmu in game if u need some help with guide/money making etc
  9. Welcome back! bet we haven't met before ingame , hope to see you ingame ! GL
  10. Sheeesh the big rat is here! Welcome to the server and hope you enjoy your stay here!
  11. Always get clapped by Enraged Hades lol here is the Drops result for 100 Kc Enraged Hades. Enjoy farming it ! *I know its not alot of kc for all of u pvmer but for me its alot n enraged hades is annoying btw*
  12. How did you even manage to do this especially the screenshots one omagawd ! big respect for you!
  13. Congratulation to all dem winners! wooooop
  14. I'd agree with that too. You should make it a series or continue with it we will def keep sharing all these video to dem new players/starter.
  15. Welcome welcome welcome back ! 😄 hope you enjoy your stay .
  16. Hey Welcome Korn, As for me I'd recommend you to always keep an eyes on chat tab whether there's any event / drop party / vote boss / masses going on those are basically best money making one once you're lucky enough. Also second if you want to grind go with Clue scrolls If possible do the Elite & Dream Clue scrolls only. Always sell whatever u got in the ::market.
  17. Jota


    Look forward to see you in-game m8 😄
  18. Glad you still comeback to us after a huge long break! hope you would spend the rest of your time here hahahaha
  19. Jota


    Hey A hashimoto ! Nice to meet you as well . I hope you can stay with us for a long time.
  20. Hi Manny , wondering whats ur prev name was or u just had Manny all the while .
  21. Glad to see the server is getting better and better. Thanks to all the staff/dev and the support from all the players.

    1. Guru


      You're a complete simp, but it's true. Way better than 5+ years ago!

    2. Sinzzu


      The game is also way different that it was +5years ago feel like the community is stronger now then ever before.

  22. As an veteran I can really see the hard work from the dev. Creating all this awesome stuff and the update is sick . I wanna try them but it seems hard for me hahaha . Keep up the good work !
  23. Nice update , can't wait for it gonna grind dem hardddd . Keep up the good work!
  24. The Christmas Girl Christmas In July IGN: Jota
  25. Welcome welcome welcome! You won't regret joining redemption cause they won't let you down with their updates. Enjoy your time here . Have fun !
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