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  1. Couldn't agree with you more, giveaways are always nice 🙂
  2. Just saw this now, them bundles looking juicy. It goes quick aswell, can't believe the $2500 bundle is already sold out.
  3. Yes, I agree with you there. Luckily for you, a fresh forum giveaway started. Make sure to join that as well!
  4. Absolute pog of a list! Can’t wait to get these goodies!
  5. Welcome Valor, to Redemption! I'm sure you would find your way around here, if not try out the wiki which has everything you ever need. And if that's not enough, you could always hit up anyone and we'd kindly assist you whatsoever.
  6. Can't believe I'm the first participant! I don't really have any fashionscape so I decided to yolo it all out, try my luck with some OG gear. IGN: Obstacle
  7. Guru

    Hi there

    Welcome back to Drea.. I mean, Redemption! 😄 Feel free to DM any of us if you require assistance!
  8. Don’t think I have to comment any more advice, but your best friend is the wiki for sure! If something is confusing feel free to DM staff or any of us!
  9. Woah, welcome back from two years ago. It has changed quite a bit, hope you can find your way around. If not, feel free to ask away!
  10. Welcome back to Redemption, hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Big congratulations to the winner, lets hope you actually claim it on time!
  12. The badges system is fully automatic, the badges that you have right now are probably one of the only ones available. Over time they will for sure add in more badges.
  13. I can’t choose!!! I’m curious on to which event will be hosted first, keep up the work Gya!
  14. I fully agree with the suggestion and the part what Bowwow added to the suggestion. But then to this I still think dicezone will be divided if we make seperate rooms or areas for them. I’m sure there can be discussed more for this idea to expand out even further. Also, adding in Trusted Dicers and Legacy Hosts will indeed expand in a more variety of games that they are only allowed to host such as black jack, 55x2 and those kind of games.
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