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  1. hi again

    1. Squishy
    2. Gya


      You know the more u u can can can that

    3. Jota
  2. What’s up smelly people

    1. Sinzzu


      Im doing good but i do smell like cats

  3. Hi Heph, I've got nothing to say about you. Keep up the work ❤️
  4. Just saw this now, them bundles looking juicy. It goes quick aswell, can't believe the $2500 bundle is already sold out.
  5. Absolute pog of a list! Can’t wait to get these goodies!
  6. Welcome Valor, to Redemption! I'm sure you would find your way around here, if not try out the wiki which has everything you ever need. And if that's not enough, you could always hit up anyone and we'd kindly assist you whatsoever.
  7. Can't believe I'm the first participant! I don't really have any fashionscape so I decided to yolo it all out, try my luck with some OG gear. IGN: Obstacle
  8. Guru

    Hi there

    Welcome back to Drea.. I mean, Redemption! 😄 Feel free to DM any of us if you require assistance!
  9. yall cute fr

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    2. Gya


      I already know that i am......

      But Look at you cutie pie 😩

    3. Squishy
    4. Hc chong

      Hc chong

      no u *insert uno reverse card meme*


  10. Woah, welcome back from two years ago. It has changed quite a bit, hope you can find your way around. If not, feel free to ask away!
  11. Welcome back to Redemption, hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. The badges system is fully automatic, the badges that you have right now are probably one of the only ones available. Over time they will for sure add in more badges.
  13. I can’t choose!!! I’m curious on to which event will be hosted first, keep up the work Gya!
  14. I really like this idea, it for sure very unique because your forum activity and behaviour can now be rewarding in-game. I have to agree with you there, the forums isn’t having the amount of attention it should be getting due to the big variety of things you can do with it. 90% of all forums go unused because majority of the stuff get moved to discord, we only really use the forums for introductions, update threads, applications and sometimes events really. I really hope this suggestion will get a lot of feedback and love, because this is an absolute beauty to let go.
  15. Finally this is back! I really missed MOTM! Good luck!
  16. A more variety of pets and cosmetics is always nice. What Sinzzu said above, the drop tables are already quite overpowered. I don’t think they should be untradeable if they do not have any stats.
  17. Not going to lie, I came back like over a day ago, have been constantly playing since then and sadly I have to agree with most of these opinions.
  18. Hi everyone, I have finally come back and fresh. I am sure that a large portion of the community shall recognize me, but however the other potion might not. So I think it's time to introduce myself once again. I might forget some things here and there, excuse me! My name is Guru, also known as Hi Its Guru originally. Currently in Redemption I go under the name of Obstacle because my other accounts were nulled, sadly. I am a long time Dreamscape / Redemption veteran, I joined Dreamscape's forum side on july 5th, 2016. But before that I have been playing for a way longer time, which I mean ofcourse the teamspeak experiences. At around the end of 2016 I was already pretty known and familiar within the community. Hence the reason why I have applied to become a Dreamscape staff member, after a week of reviewing I got the position. This was the first ever runescape private server I was a staff member on, and I do not regret one moment of it. In 2016 the Monthly Voting was founded, and proud to say that I got 3 prizes just that year alone. Mid 2017 I applied for the Forums Moderator position, because I felt like the forums was slacking a bit on the staff wise job. I have managed these forums as a solo Moderator for around a month, which then I got promoted to Forum Administrator / Manager. Sadly around the end of 2018 I had to temporarily resign as a Moderator to focus on my in real life job and my exams. In 2018, february I have also applied for Trusted Host and I got accepted by our lovely @Lil Bowwow, and I was one of the few hosts who got the chance to try the Legacy Host position out. I have also applied to be a part of the NewsTeam. Weeks later I got asked to be the manager of the NewsTeam, and take care of it's members and the threads. I have been doing a lot of interviewing, thinking of original gossips and riddles for all these Dreamers Monthly for around a year or so. In may I have applied to be a staff member once again, in not even two weeks I got promoted to Administrator, skipping Moderator. I immediately got trained to do donation deals and support tickets because I was the only Administrator back then. I still have all the guidelines and the guides lists to this day, haha. After that, time went by and it has escalated really quick after that. I moved up to Server Manager, but sadly it was not for long. And here we are, today, the day after I got invited back to Redemption and I am happy to see a lot of things have changed and improved. I have respects for the entire staff team for making Redemption the way it is as of right now. I just came back yesterday but I already like it. Just have to get used to it again. Can't wait to see everyone in-game, don't be afraid to say hi to me!
  19. In-game username: ObstacleJoined july 5, 2016.
  20. In-game username: Obstacle Joined july 5, 2016. My old in-game account got nulled so I had to start over. But I'm sure everyone recognizes me.
  21. How is my old family doing today, feels good to be back!

    1. Sinzzu
    2. Guru


      Me too man, glad to hear ❤️

    3. Gya
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