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  1. Hello! Welcome to Redemption, Here is some useful links you should look at to get you started. https://redemptionrsps.wikia.com/wiki/Money_Making https://redemptionrsps.wikia.com/wiki/Gear Regards, Ace123.
  2. True + I would still be banned if he was still in the picture.
  3. Hello everyone, I am finally back from not playing in over two years. The time I have been back I have seen some old faces, but a lot of new faces. So why not introduce myself again. I'm Rand, known as Ace123 in-game and I am an old staff member. I am 19 years old that lives in Sweden. I just came back home from my dream vacation in Spain with my girlfriend. I'm currently working as IT support for a phone company. I started my staff journey at the beginning of October. I was in love with the community and helped people for a minimum of 6 hours every day. In 2019 September's Monthly voting I got nominated the following "Most kind", "Best newcomer" & "Most Potential Shown". After some months of being Staff, I had strong opinions of how Chuck handled stuff behind the scenes. I was complaining to the other staff members about how there was a lack of communication around the staff team because of him and he didn't like it so he banned me. At first, I was very angry at Chuck & Dreamscape and had an attitude towards some people. However, here we are, today I got invited by Limes to Redemption and I am happy to see that a lot of things have improved and changed. I'm happy to be back here! Regards, Ace123.
  4. Funny that it took Bodhi 5 days after he left again as forum mod and went to another server and become helper there..

    1. Willy


      He didn't even leave before doing so.


    2. Hephaistos


      Funny thing is, that's one side of the story. 

      Check both before drawing your conclusions next time...

  5. You left as a staff member @Feeds?


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