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  1. Good evening DS gang 🤩

  2. good day Redemption gang :)

    1. Sinzzu


      good evening to you aswell :)

    2. Jota


      Good night to you as well !

  3. Hello my real name is Gianni. I will be playing more again on this game but i think alot of things changed ingame like best weapons, armor, ... If someone can help me out with a bit of information about the new updates from the last year. $Syos$
  4. Hello DS gang i´m back :D

    1. Sinzzu


      Welch me back to redemption gang😎

  5. have a nice day dreamers !  😄

    1. bowlcut


      Back to you Dreamer! K3

  6. Good day dreamers! 👽

  7. good to you dreamers!! 😀

    1. Gya


      Good to see you man

    2. Syos


      same for you bro 😀

  8. Happy 2020 DS Gang!!

  9. i can't play now 😞 

  10. Damm, gratz to all the developers and coders for this huge update ! Amazing server and staff here! Keep it up.
  11. Best of luck ik real life mate! Gonna miss ya the times we spend on ds!
  12. Thank you for the help yesterday with the drop party feeds! I did a hide &seek after it alot of people where happy
  13. Yeah thats the pount guru, every week there are a couple of new sponsors but they dont ad sponsorzones...
  14. hi staff, can it be possible to add all the bosses to ::ownercapetwo als like elementals , Phoenix , magegray, etc.... or for every oc owner a own personal zone for pvm?? kind regards SYOS$
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