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  1. It's been a while.. what's up everyone ✌️

    1. Gya
    2. Aieron


      Hey, it's been a long long time. What's up?    I just came back today, and I hope to recover my account once my ticket is resolved, and I can get back to playing again.

    3. Javier


      Welcome back Bench! Hope youve been well and plan on sticking around for a while ❤️

  2. round and round like a horse on a carousel

  3. hey bro, you're probably long gone ?

  4. Bench it seems everyone is long gone. I'm back from my 2 year mandatory hiatus

    1. akarev2


      two step you might as well just leave again lol 

  5. Benchy bb

    1. Bench Press

      Bench Press

      I'm sorry for the late reply potatoe, but true love homie 

  6. Lovely community, You may have noticed that i'm not around much and that's because i've got a lot of stuff going on in real life. And sadly that's just main priority. I've already made this post in the past and now i've got to do it again because my activity is lacking. I was kinda scared taking up a staff position again and being active again. Because life is just around the corner. I'm going to keep this thread the same as the title, short and strong. Once again i've enjoyed my time a lot within this community. People have been really kind,
  7. My excuses for the inactivity. I've been working too much and i've got take some time off soon..

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    2. Strox



    3. Emperor Nick

      Emperor Nick

      I feel you on that m8m, ive been working 80 hrs a week

    4. Tyrant
  8. Welcome to the Dreamscape Forums, This is the place to be for every member. You can find everything you need on here! And if there's something missing, then let me know! I hope that you enjoy your time around. It's always interesting to see new introduction threads being made, and especially when they throw in pictures. Goodluck on your further process! Kind Regards,
  9. Hey man, it's a shame to see you leaving the server, but real life goes first. I really enjoyed your uploads, and hopefully within in the future we can see more of you! Thankyou for the kind shoutout, it was a pleasure to help out a fellow Youtuber! I want to wish you the best, and i'm here when you come back! That's going to be even more awesome then that it already was. We're gonna produce some fire in the future!
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