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  1. Come back to me my boy, let's get back into the swing of things on here

  2. Zeven

    Hello :)

    I like the former signature, welcome back...Gulag was a hard one for ya wasn't it. Happy to see veterans joining back, see you around.
  3. Zeven


    Welcome back.
  4. Its getting hot out here

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    2. Sinzzu


      Welcome Back, If you need any assistance just let me know

    3. Squishy


      zipper eye zeven is back whooo

    4. Bench Press
  5. Hey, you dont remember me, but thanks for the original comments on my first posts on the site back in 2015.

    1. Zeven


      No problem

  6. hey zeven i think that my acc is hacked or something couse i cant seem to log in to it...


    1. Nice Shot

      Nice Shot

      so if u see Nice Shot logged in thats not me..


    2. Bench Press

      Bench Press

      I suggest creating a support ticket here: http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/home

      Hopefully things can be solved very quickly, to prevent any bad things will happen.


      The support team will look at your ticket within 24-48 hours & sometimes faster. 

  7. In the last update we have already shown you a glance of this new feature. We now have available, a black jack table for who ever is interested. You can obtain the table by purchasing it from store, or in a later stage from players. Instructions on the black jack table : Owner places the table. up to 3 players can join the table. Once a player has joined the owner of the table can decide whether he waits for more players or "locks" the table. When the table is locked, the owner can then insert bet. If owner inserted bet, the players can insert their bets. The total pot of the table will be decided to the players. So if Owner of the table puts in 100T and there is 2 other players at the table, they can then put a MAX bet of 50T each. Otherwise the table can't pay out if they both win. * Keep in mind, we have tested the best we could but there might still be a risk of a bug. * If the bug occurs, please report it to one of the staff members. * We are able to disable the BJ tables if worst comes to worst. Shadow torva is now upgradeable. The rate is hard but the outcome is worth it ! The new shadow torva will have the same stats BUT full set will give you a 9% drop rate bonus. To make DreamScape more secure we have now 2 Step Authenticator available. Use ::2step to activate your 2step authenticator. If you are on your safe IP you don't have to fill in the Auth. You can enable 2step by typing ::2step In-Game. Skilling levels are now going up to 150. This brings more joy into the skilling. With this we also added achievements, each 150 skill will reward you with Achievement points. * Chaos Elemental drops have been re-added. * Slayer task Flame kings now gives XP & counts the kills * A bug with the bank tabs ( closing ) is now fixed. * Bug where you coudn't reply to anyone in PM with a too long of a name is fixed. * Improved rendering - fixed equipment interface previewing + Fire cape. * Clue Scroll bug costume shop now been patched. * Bug with Skilling achievement has been patched. * Magic logs has been fixed. * We have added new custom titles to the game. * Ownercapetwo is now working. * Replying to friends in full screen now works. * Wheel of Fortune link has been removed. * Total Level has been fixed. * NPC diagonal walk fixed + walk under fixed if you not attacking it. * Emperors set & Golden minigun now gives the right chance to double your rare / ultra rare drop. * Increased Network/server stabiliity with various fixes. * Improved interface checking by 80%. * A system that tracks the Ultra rares & rares from the soulchest has been implemented. This to see how much are dropped a day, if needed we are going to boost the drops. This week we've added some really special items. First of all the DSgang Torva. Ofcourse, as mentioned above... the Black Jack Table. Shadow Torva Elite Lava Spirit Shield DSgang Sword Bleach Mask
  8. I'm happy to see all the positive reactions. Thank you all ! Ready for the next update ?! Cya all in the new thread
  9. Oh--my--god. I love these stories. The imagination of some of our players is amazing ! This is going to be a hard one to choose Bench. Goodluck to you all and enjoy the stories.
  10. Guest

    hi bro can u help me a bit?


  11. Congratulations to the winners. and THANK YOU for all the nice replies you guys putted in. Really appriciated and i red them all !
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